Saving William (Gay!)

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12. Bring me to life

Frozen inside without your touch
Without your love, darling
Only you are the life among the dead

All this time I can't believe I couldn't see
Kept in the dark but you were there in front of me
I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems
Got to open my eyes to everything
Without a thought, without a voice, without a soul
Don't let me die here
There must be something more
Bring me to life

Bring me to life Evanescence



I knew it couldn't have been this easy. As soon as Marcus opened up his mouth I could feel myself pulling away from Elijah without even thinking about it. My hand slipping from his grasp.

He didn't look at me, he looked towards Marcus and Ben and his eyes narrowed. My eyes just fell to the floor. I need to get out of here.

How could I have possibly thought that this was a good idea? Of course someone would be here. That's just my luck. I don't deserve to be here with Elijah.

Marcus approached with Ben until they were right in front of us. Marcus gave me a look of disgust before he looked towards Elijah, "Charity huh Elijah? Why do you keep spending time with this freak? Did someone put you up to this?"

Elijah sighed and looked at me before back at them, "We're just friends. Hanging out."

Marcus' eyes narrowed. "You're friends with him? Come on. I heard what happened at the mall and yeah I know that probably wasn't a good thing that happened but still, why do you want to be friends with him? He's a suicidal head case."

That was enough. How could they possibly know!? Unless they don't know but are just guessing? I don't know, but I've had enough. "Elijah I'm uh I'm just gonna go home."

He reached out his hand for me but I pulled back. "I'm just going to walk home alone. Have a good time with your friends."

I turn around and walk away from the dance floor, but more importantly, away from Elijah.

How could I have possibly thought he and I would be good for each other? He made me happy for a few days, okay that's enough. I would just bring him in closer to tear him down when I die.

Unless this is charity unless he really does think I'm a suicidal head case. He could really be "friends" with me because he knows I have problems and without him I'd possibly be dead.

No, without Allie. Even if I have Elijah, when Allie dies, so will I.

I walk out of the VIP area down to the main area and out the door. There are so many people I almost forget how to breathe. This is too much.

My feet move on their own accord, I'm walking in the general area of my home. I should have told Izzy and Scott I needed the car tonight but they wanted to go to a party. The only reason I didn't go was because of this failed date.

My very first date and it was ruined.

"Will please wait."

My feet keep moving, faster this time; it probably looks like he's chasing me. Look at that, twice in one lifetime. He's chasing me again. And I can't believe I'm running from him.

"I don't care how many bathrooms you hide from me in I will just keep following you until you talk to me."

I can hear the desperation in his voice, so I slow and walk into a side alley. I keep my back to him, and he walks close enough I can just barely feel his chest to my back. His breath on the back of my neck.

"Will turn around. Look at me please"

My phone buzzes in my pocket but I don't pull it out. I can feel myself turning but I still have my face towards the ground. But he's not okay with that, he tilts my face up. "William what they said, it wasn't okay. I'm sorry."

I nod but don't open my mouth. I just let myself look into his eyes. His beautiful green-yellow eyes. In this light they look more golden.

Not hard, cold gold like Scott's. But warm, I feel like if I just kept looking in them I would burn up, I would be safe for once in my life. Safe from those people, safe from myself.

His fingers slide down to one of my wrists and he pulls it up so it's in-between our chests.

He slides down the sleeve and presses his lips against my wrist, right over one of my scars. "Promise me baby; promise me you won't cut because of this. They're jerks. That's all they are. I told them you're just my friend, I told them to leave you alone for good."

I can't help the smile that crosses my lips, he called me baby! I nod again. "Thank you Elijah. I won't do anything; I just needed to get away from them."

To be honest, I was planning on going home to cut. But I think I won't now just for you Elijah.

His other hand drifts up to my cheek and slides his fingers along my cheekbone into my hair.

He leans forward and I don't pull away, I let him, and I lean up towards him. Our lips meet and I feel like I'm in heaven. You know those old movies where when the guy kisses the girl and there are fireworks all around them and they see stars, this isn't like that. But it is so much better.

It's fire and ice, it's everything. He opens my lips and explores expertly, his tongue rubbing against mine. The hand not in my hair wraps around my waist and pulls me closer. One of my hands is pressed against his back, the other running up into his hair. This is my first kiss, I didn't know how absolutely amazing it would be.

My phone buzzes again and we pull apart. I reach into my pocket and pull it out, it's Allie. "Hold on I have to answer this."

He nods and I click the answer call button and put it against my ear, "Hey Allie, what's up?"


I can hear the tears in her voice. "Allie what is it?"

"I got my test results today"

Her tests, from last week. "What are they? Do you need me to come to your house? Allie what is it?"

Her voice strains and I can almost hear her tears falling. "Will just please come to my house. I need to see you. Now."

She didn't let me say anything, the phone clicks and she's gone. My fingers are shaking and I drop my phone. It's bad. It's really bad. Nearly a year ago, they gave her a year to live. The cancer's worse. Or something.

Elijah picks up my phone and slips it back into my pocket, his eyes are worried. "Will, what is it?"

"Elijah can we use your car? Isabelle and Jace have mine. We need to go somewhere."

He nods and we head off in the direction of his home, to get his car. Oh Allie please be okay.
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