Saving William (Gay!)

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2. Try

Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame
Someone's bound to get burned
But just because it burns
Doesn't mean you're gonna die
You've gotta get up and try, and try, and try

- Try by Pink



I listened to Abby chatter on and on about how amazing Homecoming was last week. I had gone, of course, but it wasn't exactly thrilling like my parties usually are. What's the point of a dance when you can't exactly.. dance like you want to against your partner. Or drink alcohol. Or do anything fun.

"Elijah what are you thinking about darling?" I took my eyes off the road and looked at her as she said, "You haven't listened to a thing I've said have you?"

I smiled and turned my head back to the road. We're going to a party, a sort of last beach party type of thing. All the upper classman were invited but it's the beginning of November, it's getting cold. I doubt very many people will actually be there. Though the bonfires sound amazing right about now.

Abby's eyes were narrowing farther and farther and shit, I forgot to reply to her question. "I hope this party isn't as boring as I think it will be. I could be home picking out my outfit for Monday or buying more glitter at the store or something. Who's all going to be there?"

She snorted and opened up her phone typing on the keyboard, probably texting all her friends.

She giggled and looked at me, "Well most of the seniors. A few juniors I know. I think Scott Drayson is bringing Isabelle Drayson. She's a sophmore I know but she is really cool."

I nodded. Scott Drayson, a sophmore, was probably almost or maybe more popular than I am. He's on the football team, and a very good player at that. All the girls follow him around like little puppy dogs trying to get attention from him.

Isabelle Drayson, his sister, was a sophmore as well even though she was a year younger than him. She was whip smart, gorgeous, and very popular as well.

Abby sighed, "Izzy just texted me. She, Scott, and Will are on their way to the party."

I knew what the sigh was about. Will Drayson.

He's Scott and Isabelle's older brother. He's a junior, just a year below Abby and myself. And to say he's unpopular is putting it mildly. He's one of those nerdy emo boys no one really talks to. His hair's always falling into his face, and he's very small under those baggy clothes he wears.

No fashion sense. I mean it, none. Zip. Nada.

It made me shiver just thinking about it. I've never talked to him. But I do know Abby and all our other friends frequently talk down to him. I used to try and get them to stop, but Will doesn't fight back. Just takes it. So I let it happen.

I know that makes me sound like a bit of a jerk. Maybe I am, oh well I have way to many things to think about then that boy. Like my ex for example.

Jamie was my boyfriend up until Homecoming night. We got back to my place and when I laid him in my bed, drunk, he confessed he'd been with some other guy. I saw red and pulled him outside and shut the door on him.

God I need a girlfriend, or boyfriend, who can be faithful. I mean look at me, I'm Elijah freaking Bane. I'm gorgeous, it can't be that hard to find someone right?

I turned onto the street leading down to the lake where the beach party would be held. I realized Abby was quiet. I turned to her and she narrowed her eyes again, "What the hell are you thinking about?"

I cleared my throat and looked sheepish, "Uh, William, and Jamie."

She waved her hand in a dismissive way, "Don't think about that dirtbag Jamie. And don't think about Will Drayson. No one's thinking about him right now. He's just there to drive Scott and Isabelle home if they get drunk."

I nodded and made the final turn. There were a bunch of cars already there. My hope for something small was destroyed in one moment. Damn why are there all these people in the cold?

Abby jumped out of the car as soon as I put it in park and I got out at a much slower, calmer pace.

Her eyes lit up, "Peter's over there by the big fire. Come on Eli." And without turning back to look at me she rushed over to our friend Peter.

I chuckled and shut the door. a few parking spaces away another car pulled in and before it even stopped Isabelle Drayson was rushing out of the car and into Brian Lewis' arms. Of course, Brian's her boyfriend.

The drivers door remained closed for a minute before it opened and Scott got out, looking confused. Why?

The back door opened next and William got out of the car. Black hair over his eyes, and of course he was wearing a black jacket, black shirt, black pants... all that black... how does he do it.

I simply must have color in my life. I looked down at my rainbow pants and purple velvety jacket.

His door shut and he seemed to scan the beach. Grimacing at the sight of all the people. What did you expect Will? It's a party. His eyes drifted over the cars and didn't stop at me but kept scanning.

My breath hitched. I've only ever seen those eyes a few times but when I did... a shiver went up my back.

Those eyes are totally gorgeous. Black hair and blue eyes are my favorite combination. They seemed to pierce into your soul. What the hell am I on?

He walked around the side of the car and I noticed he had his bookbag in his hand.

What the hell? Why would you bring a bookbag to a party? He walked away from the comotion of the party and down towards the tree line. He was probably going to hang out and wait for Scott and Isabelle to take them home. I've seen him at plenty of parties, but never participating in the fun.

Oh well why am I thinking of him so much?

I took one last glance over at Will before I moved towards the big bonfire where Abby and Peter were.

Some people were dancing to the music and some were just drinking their beer and hanging out with their boyfriends or girlfriends or friends.

I stood next to Abby and istened to them talk for awhile, looking at all the other seniors and juniors who decided to attend.

Some sophmores were in the mix but only a couple that were invited by junors or seniors. Oh well doesn't matter.

I was moving to the music slowly when someone sighed rather loudly next to me and I turned. Isabelle and Brian were a few feet away.

I perked my ears to hear her over the music, she looked... angry and worried at the same time.

"Will isn't staying. He wants you to drive me and Scott home. He's probably walking home the dumbass."

Will's walking home? We're 14 miles from town. It's pretty chilly and his outfit isn't enough to protect him from the cold. I guess I should go stop him and take him home.

I turned towards the treeline and noticed a few of my classmates were down there next to Will.

It was a few of my friends. Friend's who weren't exactly fond of Will... I shoud take care of this.

I told Abby what I was doing and she didn't look she just nodded her head and waved in my direction.

I turned and walked down towards the tree's and the closer I got the more confused I probably looked. Why was he wearing his backpack? Why was he standing him the water? I don't get it, it's probably freezing right now.

One guy, Marcus, had his hand on Will's shoulder and shoved him. Will fell and I started walking faster. I watched him hit the water and groan loudly.

I was almost right behind Marcus, Jackson, and Ben when one of Marcus' legs kicked out and struck Will in the ribs.

I grabbed Marcus and pulled him away from Will. "Hey what was that for?" He turned and looked me in the eye then looked down. I let him go and he backed away with Jackson and Ben right on his heels. "Eli... Elijah, he uh... he wasn't invited and I was teaching him a lesson."

I glared at him, "It's not right to attack someone who can't fight back Marcus. If you touch him again I'll make sure you never hurt anyone again."

I don't know why I was defending Will. I didn't really care about him. I just didn't like to see Marcus take advantage of someone who couldn't defend themself.

I turned back to Will and lowered my hand to pull him up. I narrowed my eyes, why is he so heavy? He's so skinny.

My eyes went to his backpack and he started stammering nonsense. I looked up at him and he looked like he was shaking, from the cold? His cheeks were bright red and he kept saying sorry. Why is he sorry?

I laughed softly and rested my hand on his shoulder, "I'll make sure they leave you alone Blue Eyes."

He flinched away from me and looked down, "I can handle myself."

I know one of my eyebrows rose into my hairline. "Yeah, looked like it. Come on I'm taking you home."

He sighed and looked back at the water before looking back at me, "I can walk."

I laughed, "Oh no. It's miles away, it's cold, you're soaking wet, and I would feel really bad if I walked away and you froze to death on the way home."

He let his backpack lower off his back and he pulled it into his arms, "Fine... let's go."

I giggled and grabbed for his bag, lifting it out of his arms. What... the hell... It's so heavy! His bag must be stuffed with all his books from school plus a bunch of other stuff.

Abby was right. He's such a nerd. Carrying around all these books. Like he has that much homework.

Unless it's something else. Will won't meet my eyes. What is going on?
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