Saving William (Gay!)

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20. Savin' me

These city walls ain't got no love for me
I'm on the ledge of the eighteenth story
And all I scream for you
Come please I'm callin'
And all I need from you
Hurry I'm fallin', I'm fallin'
Hurry I'm fallin'
And all I need is you
Come please I'm callin'
And all I scream for you
Hurry I'm fallin', I'm fallin', I'm fallin'
Hurry I'm fallin'
Say it for me
Say it to me
And I'll leave this life behind me
Say it if it's worth saving me

- Savin' me Nickelback



My toes curl in the sand and I lean back against the muscles of the man behind me. My eyes are shut and his lips are running up and down my neck slowly.

His arms tighten around me and I let my fingers caress his soft skin. My eyes peel open and I stare at the water in front of me. We're at the spot that truly started it for us.

Where I held and kissed my best friend as she died.

You can say we started when he saved me from his jerk friends, but I was almost broken than. I had to break first before he could save me. We're sitting mere feet from where Allie died.

I know there's a cross colored blue in the spot exactly. I know she's looking down on us and smiling right now.

The water is inching towards us and I can feel the water touching the tips of my toes. My head leans back and lands on his shoulder. His lips meet my cheek and I can feel his smile.

It's been six months since I attempted suicide, six months since I lost Allie, and six months since I fell in love with Elijah.

We've had some troubles, some sleepless nights, and I can't lie and say we'll never have troubles again. But as long as we're together I know we can make it. I know we can.

His arms slide around to my waist and he locks his hands together. My lips immediately form a smile and I turn my head to look in his eyes. He smiles back lightly before he opens his lips, "You ready?"

I nod and we stand together, almost as if we're one body and hands locked, we walk into the water together and swim together slowly.

Those months ago, I entered a lake intending to hurt myself. On that day Elijah didn't know what he did for me. He saved me.

I have been in love with exactly one person my whole life, and it is and will always be Elijah.

Elijah saved my life.


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