Saving William (Gay!)

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3. My name (wearing me out)

My name is revenge and I'm here to save my name
You're fuckin' wearing me out!
You're always dragging me down!
You're the fake, fallen, force of nature, sick mind
I don't need a gun to take back what's mine
(You're fuckin' wearing me out)
It's over
(You're always dragging me down)
It's over

"My Name (Wearing Me Out)" Shinedown



I've never been so angry in my life. My chance to finally be free. My chance to finally end my life. It was all for nothing.

I should have expected something to happen. I had no idea Marcus and his jackass friends would approach me. And I definitely had no idea that Elijah Bane would defend me against them.

That might have been the most surprising part of the night actually. But I don't know if I actually deserved what he did for me.

I was glancing down at my feet. His car is so warm... It's nice to get out of the cold air. It isn't so nice being sopping wet though and bruised ribs at that. Shivering, I ran my fingertips against my ribs and winced lightly.

Elijah must have noticed me shivering because he reached forward and turned the heater up, and pointed the vents at me.

I felt so cherished in that moment. I quickly banished that thought. He just doesn't want me to freeze to death.

I could feel his eyes on me again but I refused to look at him. He tried to talk down at the water; I could still feel his fingertips against my back when he walked me back up to his car. He tried to talk the first couple minutes of the car ride but I still refused to talk back.

Thankfully he got the hint. I don't want to talk. There is no point in talking to me.

What am I supposed to say to him? 'Hey, thanks, you saved me from suicide.' That would go over swell. I thought I'd been found out when he grabbed my bag out of my arms.

His eyes widening in surprise. I thought he put two and two together. I was sure of it. But he didn't say anything about it.

My secret is safe with me.

Elijah pulled off the highway and he looked over at me again, "Five or six minutes. I bet you can't wait to get out of those wet clothes."

I grunted softly before I shut my eyes. Way to go Alec. Very considerate. In most cases you would be so thankful and nice and stuff. "I uh thank you. For driving me home. I could have walked though."

I noticed him smile out of the corner of my eye. "No need to thank me William. Least I could do. I saw my friends assault you. What were you doing in the water anyways?"

I knew my face was beet red. What to do "I didn't walk out very far. I was just thinking and wasn't paying attention to what I was doing." Lame Will. Really lame.

I noticed his eyebrow raise and I knew he wanted to say something back. He doesn't believe me.

He turned onto my street and pulled into my driveway. I watched him put the car in park.

"Thank you Elijah." I reached for the handle, desperate to get into the house so I could find my blade.

I stopped when he grabbed my other hand and I turned to look him in the eye. My breath hitched slightly looking into those golden green eyes.

"Will are you okay? I know we never talk or anything like that but I'm here if you need to talk to someone."

I smiled at him, hoping it didn't look fake. "I'm okay. Thank you again." When I reached for the door this time he didn't stop me.

I picked up my bag and slung it over my shoulder. I went to shut the door.


I looked at him; my breath hitching again when I looked into his eyes again, "What?"

He smirked, "See you Monday darling."

My cheeks pinked and I slammed the door. I walked up the steps leading to my doorway. My fingers shook as I opened my door, before I took a step inside I turned back and waved at him.

I walked inside and laid my head against the door for a second. No. You will not see me on Monday.

I ran up to my room, out of breath thanks to my bag. God, how could this plan have gotten any worse!

But now it will end. I shut my door and flung my bag onto my bed. I pulled my jacket off and threw it onto the floor before I grabbed my pocket knife off of my table.

I pressed it against my already scarred wrist and slid it across the skin. I moaned from the pleasure and pain and slid it across my skin again.

The beautiful red liquid was sliding down my hand onto my bed.

Before I did it again I heard his voice in my head, 'Darling'.

How I wished someone could really care that much for me.

How I wish someone could love me.

Elijah saved me from some bullies. I wish he knew what he had really saved me from.

I slid the knife against my skin again, please let me be free.

God, please let me be free.
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