Saving William (Gay!)

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4. Safe and sound

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe and sound

Safe and Sound Taylor Swift



I couldn't help thinking about those blue eyes as I fit the key into the door of my house. I don't know why, I've seen him before. I've looked into his eyes before.

He's always so sad. No matter why, he always looks like he's about to burst open and cry. Of course, me, being my usual self, never really cared.

I don't care now.

Do I?

This is so confusing. I don't know how to help him. Wait what Elijah? Since when have you wanted to help him with something? William is one of those people everyone tries to avoid.

He's so shy, he barely speaks. The only time I've ever heard him talk at school was in the three classes he's in with me. And he only ever talks to the teachers.

But it's always with such relish. He is happiest in school, even though his happiness is layered in sadness.

I don't know why he's affecting me so much. All he cares about is school. That's why everyone thinks he's just a nerdy boy.

That bag explained it more than anything. I swear, I think his whole locker was in that bag!

As soon as my door opened the Vodka (my cat) was rubbing against my leg. I swooped down and pulled him into my arms and nuzzled my face into his fur.

I ran my fingers over his ears and looked into his slitted eyes. "You hungry Vodka?"

His meow was pitiful. I stroked his fur lightly and laid him down on the ground and walked towards the kitchen. He was pattering after me, meowing louder.

Thank God I didn't stay at the party longer. He would have given me hell for making him wait this long for food.

The house was so quiet. The staff must have already gone, and they usually make as little noise as possible.

Ever since my grandmother died and left me the family house they've been working for me.

She adopted me after my mother's suicide and father's death. But she died a year ago. Now all I ever do is have parties here.

That's what I love. Parties. Drinking. Having fun with hundreds of people dancing against each other.

My phone chimed as I poured food into a bowl for the Vodka and I fished it out of my pocket. It was Abby.

R u coming back to the party!? We r having fun!

I rolled my eyes and quickly texted back.

No. I took William home and came back to my house. Have fun. See you tomorrow.

That is something I could really look forward to.

Abby, Peter, and a couple of our other friends were going to the mall. Ahhh all the delight in that. New clothes! New makeup! How could I not enjoy it?

I set the bowl on the floor and he started eating. I pulled my jacket off and laid it on the back of one of the kitchen chairs, watching Vodka.

Again, my mind drifted to Will. In the car he was so cold. Physically and emotionally.

When he shivered I turned up the heater and pointed it towards him. It was way to hot for me but he seemed to relax more.

But when he touched his ribs and winced I wanted to turn the car around and drive back to the party.

I didn't hit Marcus, but at that moment I really wanted to go back and make him feel as much pain as humanly possible.

It wasn't right. Something was wrong with Will and Marcus attacked him! Ben and Jackson didn't do anything but they could have stopped it too.

I knew on Monday I'd be having a talk with all three of them. And I'd make sure no one ever messed with Will again.

Gah. Why do I care? I don't get it.

I've never cared about him. But one run in with some of my friends makes me act like this. Wanting to beat up my now former friends over him.

I'm going crazy.

I walked slowly up the stairs and laid down on my bed. Within minutes Vodka jumped up and laid down next to my head, hogging the pillow.

I smiled lightly before it disappeared.

There was something wrong with Will besides being assaulted by Marcus.

He barely spoke at all on the car ride which was normal for him. But there was something off about him beyond that. The little he did speak it was like he was holding something back.

When I told him we were close to his house and he could get out of those wet clothes he just grunted at me. I mean he responded right after saying thank you but still.

He was acting kind of like I wasn't doing him a favor.

Like I was doing the opposite of what he wanted.

He said I didn't need to take him home, he could have walked. Yes, let's just walk 14 miles! In the cold. In wet clothes. William is insane.

I would have gone to school on Monday and the principal would have said Will died from freezing to death walking home after a party.

I couldn't let that happen. My phone chimed again, it was Abby again.

Izzy want 2 no if Wills ok. He is not texting her back.

My head turned lightly, confused. Maybe his phone got in the water. I mean he was soaked. It might not work anymore.

But I texted back.

Tell her he's fine. His phone might have gotten wet cause he fell in the water. I left him at home safely lol.

I tapped my fingers against my chin. Will did glance at his phone once or twice in the car.

Maybe he's just ignoring his sister. Not the first time someone's ignored their siblings.

I pushed the thought out of my mind. He's fine, he's probably asleep. I looked at the clock next to my bed and read that it was a littler after 10 pm. What!?

I wasn't at the party long. The car ride only took 20 minutes or so. I rubbed my face lightly. I need to stop zoning out, thinking about Will.


I could still feel his back tensed up underneath my fingers. How can someone be that tense?

And then again when I grabbed his hand in the car before he got out.

That time he just looked at me. I heard his breath rise when he looked into my eyes. I think I could lose myself in those eyes.

Those tortured, pain filled ocean depths.

I shut mine and rubbed my face. Why am I thinking about him like this?

It's not like I really care about him. I don't.

When he went up the steps to his door I waited in the driveway. Wanting to see him get inside safely.

He turned and looked at me for a second before giving me a wave and went inside.

I've been thinking about it ever since. Something is really off about him right now. He's on edge.

And incredibly sad about something but I don't know what it is.

It could be anything.

He failed a class, ha! He got into a fight with a friend. He's having trouble at home. I have no idea.

And why do I care?

I told myself I don't care what's going on with him, I was just trying to help him out, make him feel better after my friends hurt him.

And it only started out with me going to offer to give him a ride home.

Vodka was purring into my ear loudly and I couldn't help smiling again.

The thing I don't get the most is though; the part that made my heart hurt the most, why did he give me that stupid fake smile? That concerned me the most.

I, Elijah Bane, was giving him a ride home. I was trying to make him better. And I couldn't get a happy smile? He was thankful and courteous, after a few minutes, but he wasn't happy at all in the slightest.

Something is off about this boy.

And I am going to find out what it is.

I am going to help him.

I just don't know what I am helping him from exactly.

But I will find out. And I'll befriend him. And I'll help him figure out that there are things to smile about in this world. In my world.
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