Saving William (Gay!)

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6. Crush Crush Crush

I got a lot to say to you
Yeah, I got a lot to say
I noticed your eyes are always glued to me
Keeping them here
And it makes no sense at all

Nothing compares to a quiet evening alone
Just the one-two of us, who's counting on
That never happens
I guess I'm dreaming again
Let's be more than this

Crushcrushcrush Paramore



Tap, tap, and tap.

My fingers drummed against the steering wheel as I sat impatiently outside of Abby's house. I had next to no sleep over the night. I don't know why, I couldn't get those blue eyes out of my brain.

I needed to figure out what was going on with him, because something is obviously going on to make him look at me with those side ocean eyes.

I still couldn't get over why he had his book bag with him. What sane person would take their homework to a high school party?

Nothing about the boy is sane. I mean look at him then look at me.

I know I used up way more makeup than usual to cover up the bags under my eyes. My hair is spiked up like usual and I'm wearing new rainbow pants, a black shirt, and white jacket with buckles on it.

Thinking of him right now I'm positive he's wearing black. All black. I need to try and get him to wear more color when I talk to him next

Wait, what Elijah? You're not going to talk to him. You don't care about him, remember?

My fingers curled around the wheel. I glanced back up at the house and smiled when Abby finally opened the door and stepped out. She sent me a cheerful grin and opened the car door and got in. "You ready to shop Eli?"

I couldn't help the return grin. Oh, shopping! I love shopping. I can only imagine what I'll be getting today. I could spend hours picking out things from stores. I spend hour's everyday getting ready for school.

I nodded and restarted the car, pulling away.

I should have known it was coming, what she said next. "So was the ride taking Will home as horrifying as I thought it would be?"

I don't know why it bugged me, I had a pleasant time. Well, pleasant as in he mostly ignored me till he finally placed those gorgeous blues on me when he got out of the car. God, get out of my head!

"It was alright. I tried to talk to him but he wouldn't talk back. It was so weird; he brought his book bag down to the lake. Jackson and Marcus and Ben were bullying him when I walked up."

Abby nodded at me. "Yeah, they have always messed with him since he got here his freshman year. I remember the first time I saw him, I thought he looked weird."

That's just like you Abby. Thinking anyone without a fashion sense is off your radar. I thought he looked adorable the first time I saw him.

I'm never actually going to forget the day I saw him for the first time. We'd just got back from summer vacation in-between freshman and sophomore year.

Abby had already begun teasing the new freshmen; we were waiting for the bell to ring.

This boy walked by in front of us next to the secretary, she was telling him where to go I expect. I figured he was new, or one of the freshmen who was coming in from middle school.

His hair was in his eyes, and he was looking down at his class schedule while he listened to the secretary talk.

I completely droned out Abby, at that moment I needed to know that boys name. We were standing in the doorway leading down to the gym and the music rooms.

The secretary had her hand on his arm and she pulled him right up next to us and pointed down towards the music rooms. "That's where the Chorus room is. The first door. You don't need to worry about any of the others past that. The big doors go to the gym and the smaller doors on the left side of the hallway are the locker rooms. I'm sure you know what you do there."

The boy nodded and smiled shyly. I could see the rose tint of his cheeks.

I could feel more than see his eyes drifting over to Abby and I, then move on to the other students littered about the hallway before coming back to us.

That was the first time I saw his eyes. They were so blue. So gorgeous. At that point in time I would have done anything to get him to be mine.

But the moment was gone and he was following the secretary away from us. I couldn't forget those rosy cheeks. He was blushing when his eyes met mine.

I told Abby instantly I thought he was the most adorable angel I'd ever seen and she was disappointed she missed seeing him.

Later in the lunch room I was so happy he was in our lunch period. I wanted to go sit by him but Abby dragged me over to Peter. I noticed that no one sat next to Will; he didn't look like he wanted anyone near him really. I remember even then thinking that he looked so somber in his black clothes. Some things never change.

I never really got up the courage to speak to him much more than hello's and how are you's while walking near him in the hall. I know it's weird, I'm probably the most popular guy in the school and I couldn't talk to the social reject boy.

Then subtly I noticed people weren't going near him at all. He didn't make any friends, and was slowly making enemies though I doubt he knew it. Everyone was talking about the new boy, the freak boy.

Initially I supported him. When I saw people near him that I knew were messing with him I would rescue him. I hated seeing anyone hurting him in any way.

But he'd just nod and walk off. Occasionally saying thank you. Once he told me he could handle himself. That day was one I would never forget. I could practically see those eyes swirl in anger and shame? I remember smiling and telling him I knew. I remember reaching my hand out to his face to brush the hair away but he pulled away.

Then towards the end of the year he'd stop saying anything. He wouldn't acknowledge me, like I wasn't doing him a favor. So I let everything happen.

Some people thought that he was emo. Some guys thought it was funny to draw red on their wrists. I remember once some guy shoved him up against a locker and I I stood by in the crowd. I wanted to slam them against the lockers and make them realize no one that perfect could do all that.

I remember when Isabelle and Scott finally got to the school, my junior year. Will was a sophomore and they were freshmen.

The bullying stopped for awhile; Isabelle was very protective of her brother. Then they both got higher up in their popularity status, Isabelle becoming a cheerleader and Scott becoming the star of the sports teams, leaving Will behind as the reject kid in the family.

I felt so awful for him, but I could never show it. He didn't appreciate it. He didn't want it. And most importantly, he didn't want me.

So yeah at one point I wanted him to be my boyfriend and all that stuff but he didn't really care what I was doing for him. I have no official ties to the blue eyed boy. But now

"Elijah Bane are you listening to a word I'm saying right now?!"

My fingers clenched around the wheel. "Sorry Abby. I was thinking about William."

I could see her eyes narrow at me from the passenger seat. "Will you stop thinking about him? He's not really important right now. Are at all really."

I wanted to yell at her. He's important to me right now. Though I'm not entirely sure why after all this time.

I pulled into the drive thru entrance of the mall, it was jam packed! Worst day to come here. "Is Peter going to be here?"

She nodded, staring at her phone. "Yeah, Tessa can't come. But Peter is here and that leaves me and you and the girls."

I rolled my eyes. The "girls" were Abby friends Rachel and Britney. They gossiped more than Abby did. And that is a mean feat to do. Their not my friends but Abby is close to them so Peter, Tessa, and I usually just shut our mouths about them.

It's like Marcus, Jackson, and Ben. They were friends of mine but really only school friends. Well, now they're not really friends.

We got out of the car and made our way through the first level of the store, looking for Taki's, our favorite place to stop and eat. We walked inside and I immediately noticed our friends.

Peter and Rachel were already at our usual booth and Abby squealed and rushed over to them. Which was weird, Abby's really not a squealing type of a person but oh well.

I sat across from Rachel and tapped my foot against the ground. Abby and Rachel were talking a mile a minute and Peter and I kept glancing at each other but not saying anything.

Surprisingly to me there weren't many people over by us at Taki's. A couple booths were filled, closer to the back, but most of the people were shopping at the various stores in the huge building.

I couldn't wait till I was doing it too. I love shopping. I'm an addict and I probably need shopping rehab but I love it!

Britney finally walked up and sat next to me and put her hand on my arm. I had a hard time not pulling it away from her. She's had a crush on me for the longest time, and lovely, lovely Abby is always trying to get me to see her in a different light. Yuck.

Britney leaned forward towards Abby and Rachel and giggled lightly, setting my teeth on edge. "Guys you will never guess who is here right now."

I rolled my eyes at her even though she couldn't see and Peter shook his head smiling, "William Drayson! He's here with a girl!"

My head has never whipped around so fast in my life. I was scanning the entire room outside the restaurant, though I knew it was probably futile. I couldn't find him anymore.

I leaned towards Britney, "Where did you see him?"

She smirked, "The girl he's with said they had to meet her parents at Taki's in half an hour. You guys want to shop or think we should stay? You guys have to see this girl."

I was nodding, smiling. I was going to corner that boy and ask him what the deal was with his bag and why he was being so antisocial after I rescued him from freezing to death.

Abby's eyebrow hiked up at the smile on my face but shrugged, "We can stay." The others nodded. The waitress popped up out of nowhere and asked for our orders; we each got some kind of shake and got a big bowl of fries to share.

I was so excited. I needed to see this boy again, you know, before school where I probably wouldn't be seeing him much.

We only have a couple classes together, but in both classes we're allowed to pick our own seats, I'd be making sure to sit next to him.

I shut my eyes for a second, what is with me right now I don't care about him. I don't. I just want to figure out why he's so sad all the time. That's all I want, right Elijah?

Abby kept giving me looks as she and the other girls and Peter talked. I didn't want to tell her that I'm really worried about what's going on with Will. I don't want to tell her that I've been thinking about those ocean blues. And I most definitely don't want her to know I've been periodically calling him Angel in my mind.

That would only make it a little bit awkward. Just a bit, a smidge.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and groaned softly. We still had 20 minutes till they'd be here! Hopefully Will's friend wants to come a little early

And that made chills run down my spine. Brittney seems to think they're here, together, as a couple. That's why she's so giggly. That for some reason put a sick feeling in my stomach. Please don't let it be true.

I was so certain that William is gay. He's never had a girlfriend, ever! I do want him to have friends, but for some reason the idea of him having a boyfriend or girlfriend made me sick.

My eyes shut and I ran my hand through my hair, probably messing up all the glitter when Britney's hand came down like a vice on my arm. "They're here, they're here!"

I opened my eyes and turned towards the windows of Taki's, looking out on the mall floor. I could see Will, wearing all black, of course. And next to him was a short girl, no more than 5 feet tall and she was so skinny it couldn't possibly be healthy.

She was wearing a black and white stripped long sleeved shirt, a black leather jacket over it, and white and black plaid pants. I shook my head at her appearance, she looked good, and she should give Will some tips on fashion.

But my eyes were drawn to his face as he opened the door for her. He looked so happy. I've never seen a smile that big on his face before. I know it sounds selfish but I want to put that smile on his face. I wanted to make him that happy.

She was looking up at him with the same look, happy. Did she love him? Are they together? I need to find this out!

I looked pass her face to her head and realized she had a black beanie on completely covering her hair. She must have really short hair, bad hair cut or something maybe.

He linked his arm through hers and practically dragged her to the counter. I looked over at my friends; Peter didn't seem the least bit interested.

His eyes were on his phone, playing a game. Abby was still staring at me with a knowing look and I shrugged at her. Rachel and Britney had their eyes glued on the couple at the counter. Abby dragged her eyes from me and looked back towards the counter. Smirking softly.

They sell a lot of snack food at Taki's, and some kinds of meal food so I wasn't surprised when Will ordered some kind of salad for them to share and a shake for them to share as well. This really wasn't helping my theory on them not being a couple.

There are only a couple booths in Taki's, and a row of stools at the counter and we were at the booth closest to the door so they had to walk by us to go to one of the booths.

Will's eyes met mine as he walked by and I let a smirk cross my lips, despite looking like he didn't own any clothes in different colors, he looked nice.

He lowered his head and I thought I could see that beautiful rosy tint again. I enjoyed knowing that I could make him blush like that. It made me happy. I don't know why he's affecting me like this

They sat at the booth behind us and unfortunately my back was to them. I didn't want to turn around, I felt like they probably wouldn't appreciate my spying. Abby, Peter, and Rachel were on the opposite side though so they could get a good look.

Though Peter was still immersed in his game and Abby seemed more interested in me. Why's she still staring at me? I raised my eyebrow at her and she smirked. What?

Rachel of course wasn't being subtle. Staring at them, she pulled out her phone and typed a message on it before passing it over to Britney and myself.

They r sitting next 2 each other not across!

My heart kept dropping a little more with each word I read. They're friends, please be friends.

What's the matter with me? My lips firmed and I probably looked angry. I don't like the idea of them together right now. She seems like a nice young girl but come on I don't want anyone to have him.

Even though Britney and I were closest to them we still couldn't hear much of their conversation. They were talking so softly.

Britney suddenly had her head on my shoulder, turning so her left ear was open to Will and the mystery girl. I wanted to push her off. But the big part of me wanted to know what was going on so I let her stay there.

It felt like someone was staring at me, besides Abby at least. I wanted so desperately for it to be Will.

I could hear soft laughter coming from the booth behind us and realized it was Will. I don't think I've ever heard a laugh come from him it was beautiful.

He laughed again and said the word, "Allie!"

Allie must be the girl's name.

Our waitress came by and slapped the bill on the table and moved on to the couple behind us. She walked back next to us and I realized she had both dishes in her hand from Will and Allie's table. We'd been here for awhile just sitting here.

The bell dinged over the door and a let's just say surly man and woman walked in. Allie and Will were both immediately up and standing next to our table, right in front of Allie's mom and dad I'm guessing.

The man smiled at the couple, "Allie, it's time to go. Will, you said Isabelle's picking you up? We can drop you off, it's really no trouble."

Will nodded and smiled sadly at the man, "Isabelle and Scott are coming here in an hour after their game is over. I can walk around, and I know my house is on the opposite side of town than yours."

Allie's mother nodded, she looked grateful. "Allie, say bye to Will and let's go. We'll pick him up to go with us in a few days."

My friends and I were all staring at each other, trying really hard to talk lightly and look like we weren't spying on them. It was hard with Rachel and Britney and Abby pointedly staring up at Will every few seconds.

Will reached down to put an arm around Allie's waist and she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek lightly.

"Bye, pretty girl." His voice was so sad. Do they really not see each other much or something? They seem close. I've certainly never seen that smile of his.

She nodded and kissed his cheek again, "See you in a few days handsome man."

We all watched her and her mom and dad leave. Will moved towards the door a couple feet and watched her leave before he pulled out his phone. I watched him text someone, probably Izzy.

Rachel and Britney started to giggle. Britney looked up at Will, "Your girlfriend is so hideous it isn't even funny. And where does she shop? Goodwill?" Rachel was nodding laughing.

Abby just looked at me, smirking.

I didn't agree. I thought she was cute.

And how dare they say this stuff to my Will?

My Will? What

Next thing I know Will's hand slammed down on the table and his eyes drifted over to me. I could practically feel the hatred burning in his eyes.

I've never been on the brunt of that kind of hatred, besides from my father. I didn't say those things Will I'm sorry.

His eyes stayed on me for a few seconds before he turned his gaze on Britney, "You people disgust me. Real nice, making fun of a cancer patient."
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