Saving William (Gay!)

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8. Do you think about me

Do you think about me
Like I think about you?
Do you think about me
Like I think about you?
Oh, yeah

Sometimes I wonder if you wonder
What it could have been like
When you're sitting there drinking coffee
Are you thinking of me
When it's thundering and raining outside?

Do you think about me Carrie Underwood



I dropped off Will and immediately went home.

It didn't matter that I didn't get to shop or do anything with my friends in the store, besides feeling like complete shit because of what they were saying.

I'm for sure not going to speak to Britney or Rachel again unless it's to yell at them some more. I think they got off easy. I called them and Abby asshole's for being so rude to Will and Allie.

I told them they were despicable for being so hurtful to two people who didn't deserve it.

I wanted to say more but I was afraid I'd lose Will. I had to follow him. I had to explain and say sorry.

Granted I probably looked insane, chasing the poor boy through the mall. And I wasn't helping myself calling out to him.

He wasn't being very sneaky, dashing into Books and Co. I personally have never been in there but I saw him run for the bathroom. It was just my luck it was a solo bathroom and not one that had multiple stalls.

I felt like an idiot, leaning against the door, trying to talk to him through it. I was so sure he wouldn't open it but I was determined to wait for him, even if I had to wait a couple hours for Isabelle to get there to pick him up.

Will finally opened the door and I just wanted to yank him into my arms. He had tears in his eyes, and was barely keeping them in. I wanted to caress his face, and never let him go.

What? I just want to make him feel better not rub his face and hold him. Okay, maybe you do Elijah, but just as a friend right?

Sitting across from him was awkward. He didn't really talk except to stutter and say sorry. You're sorry? I kept thinking how stupid you were being.

Will didn't need to be sorry. He hadn't done the wrong, stupid things. Britney, Rachel, even Abby were being monsters.

I offered, well, ordered that he would ride with me back to his house.

And the next thing I know I had his arms gripped in my hands and I was pulling him towards me. He stiffened but I had my hands on his back, keeping him pressed against me.

He is only a couple inches shorter than me, and it was perfect. Our bodies were molded together perfectly, I didn't want to let go of him.

I could feel every part of his chest pressed against me, it was faint but I could feel his heart beat slamming against his chest, pressed against mine.

He was nervous and it was cute, I just wanted to keep him pressed against myself forever.

He pulled away and his face was so deliciously red. I just wanted to press my lips against his cheeks, those beautiful rosy hues.

Possibly slide my lips down his neck, and finding out if that blush reaches down to his chest instead of just his cheeks, neck, and ears.

I shut the door to door to my house and leaned against it, sliding down to the ground.

Vodka padded over to me and mewed softly, pressing himself against my side.

For once I didn't cuddle him or hold him; I just wanted to think about that beautiful boy. He was truly, oh, so, beautiful.

Screw Abby and everyone else, I want that blue eyed, black haired boy. Want him more than I've ever wanted anyone else, and I could have anyone in the world if I wanted.

But I don't I want that boy.

The hug in the car was more awkward but I could still feel him pressed against me, I wanted to do that again. I need to feel him in my arms again; it just felt so right

So perfect.

I pushed myself up off the floor and dashed upstairs. I was going to find the perfect outfit for Monday! I had to wear something that William would enjoy, I am going to woo that boy if it was the last thing I would do!

On Monday, I dressed in black skinny jeans and a black and white long sleeved checked shirt. I was hoping it would impress him.

I tapped my fingers impatiently against the steering wheel. Isabelle, Scott, and Will were cutting it really close to be at school on time.

Isabelle and Scott don't really care about being tardy but I know that Will probably thinks it's a sin to be late for school.

For the first time in quite awhile I'm actually early. I wanted to walk in beside him, possibly hold his hand, or something damnit!

Finally their car pulls into the parking lot and slides into a spot a few spaces down from me.

They pulled in crooked and Izzy jumps out of the driver's seat. I should have expected that, it's pretty much known at school that you should never ride in a car while Isabelle Drayson is driving. She just wasn't good at it. Scott and Will must really trust or her must really be stupid and brave.

Scott and Will climb out of the backseat and I rip the keys out of the ignition and I feel like I'm flying to be at his side in a heartbeat.

Scott's eyebrows raise and he looks me up and down, "Hey sparkles, what's up?"

My eyes narrow at him; he's called me sparkles ever since he's gotten to the school. Ass.

"Just here to walk William to class."

His eyebrows rose impossibly higher and he looked at Will to confirm this. Will looked at me and back at Scott, his face red, "It's okay Scott, we kind of got along at the party and at the mall."

Scott didn't seem to care really; he just nodded and headed up to the school front building.

Will tried to walk away but I grabbed his arm and pulled him back to me, he looked up and I saw that former fire in his eyes, "You don't have to walk me to class. I have my own two feet and I'm going to use them."

Whoa, feisty. I smirked at him, "Nothing wrong with me walking next to you? We do have the same first period class you know."

He sighed and visibly stiffened. He seemed to be having a war going on in his brain, and happily the side that likes me won out. "Okay Elijah let's get to class before we get in trouble."

The warning bell had just rung and I followed him towards the school, I opened the doors for him which made him blush. I was happy about that.

We were awkwardly quiet again but at least he was letting me walk with him. My fingers were brushing along his back as we continued towards the art room, I was happy to say the first period of the day is my favorite. We could also pick where we wanted to sit.

I made sure to drag him over to my usual table, and didn't listen to his protests. He usually sat next to Alice, well if she wanted to sit with him she could come over here.

Unfortunately, she did and sat across from us too, and kept giving me glares as she leaned towards Will whispering to him as the teacher talked about some new kind of project we were going to work on.

We had to make a painting about the person or thing that inspired us the most.

We had to turn in rough sketches of it, and then a full drawing, and lastly the painting.

I had a feeling that I knew a certain blue eyed boy would be the subject of my project

Will steadily ignored me but I knew he could feel my eyes on him, his back was getting straighter and straighter but he kept his eyes on Alice.

I let my fingers slide over his hand and he looked up at me, blushing again.

I let my fingers slide in-between his and laced them together. It just felt so right. His hand in mine.

I picked up his hand and laid it gently down on my thigh, keeping our hands firmly laced together so he couldn't pull away.

He sat to the left of me so I had his right hand cradled in mine, sliding my thumb across the skin over his knuckles. He wasn't reacting more than a light blush but I knew he liked it.

I turned our hands so I could have easier access to run my thumb down to his wrist, just wanting to feel his heartbeat against my thumb.

My finger grazed some material that I knew wasn't an undershirt or one of those hideous wrist bands. It was gauze, his wrist was bandaged.

Will jerked his arm away from me and I could see his eyes widen. I reached for his hand again under the table but he pulled it away again.

I flipped open my art sketch book and tore out one of the pages. Alice was deep in thought and was busy drawing so I knew it would be safe for at least a couple minutes. I wrote a note and pushed it towards him.

What happened? Are you okay?

He sighed and wrote back, I'm fine, why wouldn't I be? Just cut myself by accident at home.

I narrowed my eyes at the note. No way, he freaked out when I touched the bandage. Was it was it on purpose? Does he cut himself?

I pulled the paper back towards myself and scribbled a quick note, I know we only have a few more minutes in class; you can talk to me about anything. What did you do?

He paled when he read it and pushed it back to me without writing an answer. I knew it, he's cutting himself. All my friends, back then, were right.

But it hurts It hurts me to think of what kind of pain he is in. What could possibly be happening to make him maul his beautiful flesh?

The bell rang and he jumped up and sped walked for the door.

I had a few seconds to decide follow him and confront him or not?

I stood and walked in the direction I knew he would be going.

I'm following him; I'm going to save him from himself.
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