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A girl who loved a boy from far

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Chapter 1

42 Days!

I saw you sitting all by yourself across the café on a table in a secluded corner. Your soft brown hair covering half of your forehead as you sipped on your coffee. You looked ethereal as I couldn’t take my eyes off you. This was the second day when I saw you, and it already started making my heartbeat.

You came again, this time with your friends

. You ordered the same thing that you ordered for the past week. It was so nice to see you with your friends, smiling and being happy. It made me feel warm from inside. But why? I don’t even know you and neither do you know who I am.

Today you introduced yourself to me and we shook hands. I felt ecstatic. You befriended me, a small employee of the café. You invited me for coffee, how can I reject that.

We talked and soon we became good friends.

You would always come to the café. Order the same thing. Sit in the same secluded area. But now you would look at me and smile. The same smile that I fell in love with when even I don’t know.

We became the closest of friends. You shared your secrets with me.

I did mine with you.

Trust and friendship were what we had between us.

People say when you do something regularly for 21 days it becomes a habit.

Maybe seeing you for the past 21 days, it became my habit to see you smile and talk to you.

It was the 22nd day but you didn’t come. I waited. Your presence was nowhere.

That day I felt sad after a long time. The next day it was the same. It went on for a week. I stopped expecting.

But then you came back. You said you were busy, you apologized, I forgave you.

Now you would rarely come.

I saw you on social media that day. You looked happy.

You were getting married.

My heart broke.

My mind blank.

My existence fiddling.

I realized I fell in love!

It’s the 42 nd day my love! If it takes 21 days for a thing to become a habit. Then what is your effect on me after 42 days! Will I ever love someone again? No, I cannot.

Because my heart belonged to you! Only you

~The girl who adored you from far

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