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Chapter 9

Groaning, I shuffle to the side as the bright sunlight burns my eyelids.

It’s morning already... I mentally whine.

Upon turning to the left my nose scrunches as I get a whiff of a foul scent. I lazily open my eyes to find a funky foot in my field of vision. Groaning as my head beings to pulse, I turn right only to find a big ass positioned directly in my face.

That thing could go off any minute... I reason, deciding its best to get up.

I huff sitting up while rubbing the sleep from my eyes as the headache lessens a bit. Yawning, I look at the space around me and smile lazily.

Edina is to my left snuggled into Adrianna’s side who’s foot is where my head was a few seconds ago. Shea lies on her side to my right, her back facing me. We’re all sandwiched on my old bed at Mom and Dad’s.

I guess we couldn’t decide where to go so decided to use mutual ground. They look trashed, hair all over the place, makeup smudged and clothes position haggardly on their bodies. We had some fun last night...

Dylan... The kiss... I slapped him...

“Fuck!” I hiss as pain pulsed through my head.

All the memories from last night come forth and I sigh. Dylan kissed me and I reacted... What’s wrong with me? Haven’t I been hurt enough?

I slowly climb off the bed, deciding to forget the kiss as I make my way to the bathroom. Wasting no time, I grab the painkillers in the cabinet and take two, swallowing them dry. I wash my face and brush my hair and teeth before taking a quick shower.

Pulling on a robe, I secure it before returning to my bedroom with pain killers in hand. The girls are still out cold so I place the pain killers on the nightstand and decide to go downstairs to make some coffee.

I don’t have any clothes over here but I’m sure I can grab something from mom after breakfast... or brunch judging by the positioning of the sun in the sky.

I exit my room readying to go downstairs when I hear a door opening. I look behind me and raise a brow as someone emerges from Joanna’s room.

“Edward?” I ask puzzled.

He freezes in his tracks before smiling and exiting the room, mindful not to close the door too loudly.

“Indie, it’s nice to see you. How are you?” he asks as he places his jacket over his right arm.

He’s in a midnight blue dress shirt, black suit pants and his hair is dishevelled.

Narrowing my hazel eyes at his blue ones, I reply. “I’m great. Why are you sneaking out of Joanna’s room?”

Smiling nervously, he runs a hand through his hair before sighing. “She found out Gerald was cheating on her last night.”

My eyes widen in disbelief. That pompous asshole cheated on Joanna? She loved his sorry ass so much it could’ve almost be counted as an unhealthy obsession and he cheated on her...?

I mean don’t get me wrong she’s not the clingy type... She just loved him too much.

“She went to a bar and got wasted. She called me drunk, crying her eyes out and I found her and brought her home,” he states his mouth in a grim line.

“That asshole,” I mutter with clenched fists. “When I see him, I’m going to knock him on his ass.”

“Get in line,” Edward states with a clenched jaw. “That piece of shit never deserved her.”

I look up at him and give him a sympathetic smile. Eddie has always had a thing for Joanna but he never acted on it. I never understood why especially when I know Joanna likes him.

They’ve always been best friends since Joanna was able to walk and talk. I guess he doesn’t want to blur the lines.

I’m about to reply to him when Joanna’s door is flung open and my sister appears with her hair dishevelled, face red and puffy and her shell-pink sheet wrapped around her body.

“Edward! So first you fuck me and then yo—!” she says angrily before her eyes land on me. Her mouth falls open and her cheeks tint in embarrassment.

“Indie...” she mumbles while looking between me and Edward. She squeals before running back into her room and slamming the door.

I look at Edward who refuses to look at me and I finally let it rip. I laugh my ass off and Edward looks at me like I’ve grown a second head.

“Can you believe she squealed?” I ask between laughs.

Edward looks uncomfortable shuffling from foot to foot and I calm down before smiling at him.

“I’m going to go get something to eat... You better go before she starts overthinking and you lose your chance,” I say before walking away.

I hear him sigh before opening the door and I pause, calling out to him. He looks up and I give him my best big sister stare down. “I’m happy you’ve finally acknowledged your feelings but if you hurt her I will make your life a living hell.”

“I will never hurt her,” he says confidently and I nod.

“You better not.”


“So you won’t believe what’s going on upstairs!” Edina whisper yells as she enters the kitchen.

I turn to look as the girls enter the kitchen in three of my robes. I turn off the stove before placing a serving of scrambled eggs on the four plates on the counter.

They each take a plate and move to sit at the island.

“Good afternoon girls, how do you like your coffee?”

They place their orders and I get to mixing.

“So, guess what’s happening upstairs?!” Edina repeats as I serve the coffee.

“Edina... We’ve told you it’s none of your business,” Shea states rolling her eyes as she takes the coffee I hold out for her.

“Well, I think she wants to hear this,” Edina says before refocusing her attention on me. “So we’re leaving your room when all of a sudden we hear moaning! At first, we think it may be your mom and dad getting it on but then I remember they took Diana out to Disneyland and won’t be back until tonight... So, the only other person who it could be is Joanna and it was confirmed when we heard her screams!”

Edina smiles suggestively before adding. “Gerald must be an animal!”

Hearing his name I scoff, they all look at me with raised brows and I spill the tea. “Joanna found out Gerald was cheating on her last night.”

“Poor girl,” Adrianna says sipping some coffee with sad eyes.

“What an asshole,” Shea adds as she bites into her toast bread covered in butter.

“That’s messed up Indie,” Edina says before scrunching her brows. “So if it’s not Gerald up there. Who is it?”

I watch as she sips her coffee before blurting out. “Your brother.”

She spits out the coffee, some coming through her nose and I laugh so hard my stomach hurts. The girls join in as Edina coughs, grabbing a napkin wiping her mouth and nose.

“That’s not funny!” Edina says angrily. “Don’t joke like that!”

“Who says I’m joking?” I ask lifting a brow.

“Fuck, Eddie!” Joanna yells followed by a masculine bellow that causes Edina’s face to go pale.

“Oh my fucking god!” Shea says looking at me with wide eyes. “I swore you were fucking joking!”

“I kid you not girls,” I say taking a bite of my toast.

Minutes later, we’ve finished eating and Joanna and Edward decide to make an appearance. Thankfully Joanna is in a floral dress and not a sheet. Edward is in the same suit but his shirt is untucked from his pants and he didn’t wear the jacket.

“Good afternoon, Jo,” I greet with a cheekily smile.

“Indie,” she mumbles before greeting the other girls.

“Ladies,” Edward greets and I don’t miss the look of surprise that flickers on his face at seeing Edina.

We all acknowledge him, while Edina scrunches up her nose. I don’t think she wanted to hear her brother laying it down. I know I’d cringe if I heard Christan getting some... Given I’m not saying I feel indifferent about Joanna getting down but she’s 24 and can make her own choices… Christan not so much. Plus, I trust Edward enough to know she’s in good hands.

“Food’s on the stove,” I say nonchalantly. “From what I heard you’ve worked up quite an appetite.”

“I hate you,” Jo mutters at me as Edward runs his hand through his hair.

“Don’t blame me... You were the one hitting the high notes,” I grin. “I guess Eddie was hitting it right.”

Edina fake gags and I laugh, my taunts getting under her skin.

“Indie!” Joanna says her face red and I wave my hands in surrender.

“Fine, I’ll stop,” I say, letting the matter rest.

They grab plates and make their way to the island, taking the remaining two stools. We all talk on neutral topics trying not to make this weird and thankfully it works. Edina gets over her initial discomfort and Eddie has relaxed a bit.

“So Eddie,” Edina calls out to her brother, who’s murmuring something causing my sister blush.

“Yeah?” he acknowledges after pecking Joanna’s cheek.

“How’s everything at Homebase?” she asks, her expression solemn.

Edward’s smile drops and Joanna rests her hand on his in a comforting gesture.

“Well,” he says swallowing a lump. “Mom kicked Dad out a week ago. I guess she finally had enough of everything and Dad... he goes back to the house every night pleading with her to believe him but you know how Mom is now that she’s pregnant.”

Edina frowns, her eyes glisten and she clears her throat before nodding.” I just can’t believe Dad knocked up his secretary... and to make matters worse he won’t admit it.”

“I’m not saying it’s not his fault but he was drunk Dina....” Edward states staring at his twin with disbelief. “He says doesn’t remember what happened that night. Yet you guys are so pinned against him... I mean he’s our father, can’t we given him the benefit of a doubt?! For all, we know that bitch might be lying!”

“Edward!” Joanna yells cupping his face and directing his focus to her. “Calm down...”

Edina sniffles as tears stream down her eyes and Edward sighs with a regretful gaze, seeing his sister cry.

“Edina...” he calls but she beelines out of the kitchen.

“It’s okay, we got it,” Adrianna tells him as she and Shea go after Edina.

“I swear I didn’t mean to upset her...” Edward explains to Joanna as she guides his head to the crook of her neck.

“I know baby,” she soothes playing in his hair. “It’s okay.”

Deciding to give them space, I follow the direction the girls took off. I find them on the patio, Edina enclosed in their arms and I join them soothing her.

It’s been a rough five months for the McKnights. Uncle Eddie had gone on this business trip with his secretary and two weeks upon coming back he told Aunt Chev that he’d gotten drunk and woke up with his secretary naked beside him. To make matters worse, she told him that she was pregnant.

Aunt Chev was livid and destroyed majority of their bedroom before telling him to get the fuck out of their house.

She’s always struggled in the relationship, seeing as though his family hated her because of the colour of her skin and they’d often predicted he’d cheat on her with someone better, someone white. The fact that he has proved them right really breaks her and the fact that she is pregnant with their child made it hurt even more.

Uncle Edward has no recollection of that night and isn’t even convinced his secretary is telling him the truth but he can’t just abandon her. What if it is true and they did create that life growing inside her? He can’t abandon his child and his parents aren’t allowing it either. They’ve taken in the woman, caring for her and treating her like family. Something they’ve never done for Aunt Chev.

Edina eventually calmed down before returning to the house and breaking down in her brother’s arms. We decide to leave them alone, each of us going separate ways.

Adrianna makes her way to the entertainment room to watch a movie while Shea decides to go make herself a drink and I make my way upstairs to my room. Once there, I check my phone seeing multiple messages from Roberto which I reply to and a few from my parents sharing videos of them and Diana at Disneyland.

I immediately FaceTime them and the call lasts for an entire hour as Diana talks animatedly about her day. She’s however cut off as Mom tells her they have two hours before the flight so they better get moving if she wants to go shopping. Bidding me goodbye, Diana ends the call and I smile happy my baby girl is having so much fun.

The next set of texts are from Instagram. It seems that last night we took our party to my live and people have been blowing up my account all night. They have been asking where I am, when am I visiting their hometown and when book 2 for Tempted to Touch will be out...

I decide to do a short live to answer a few of the questions, informing them about my Cali visit and give a sneak peek at book 2. Needless to say, my fans go crazy when I tell them the name of book two and a few are already buying tickets to see me on Ellen in two days.

I end the live and move on to the other notifications. Andrea called me a few times but she isn’t going to get a call back until tonight. I know, I have an appearance in California in two days but I’m in no rush to return to my demanding job.

While scrolling I come across a number I don’t recognise and my eyes widen as I read the message.

Unknown Number:

Ana, it’s Dylan.

I know you’re upset with me about last night, I’m upset with me too but I don’t regret doing it. I regret how I did it. I’ve told you already Ana, you’re mine and I won’t let anything stand in my way of being with you...

I apologize for forcefully kissing you but I’m pleased you responded. It shows you can’t fight this, fight us. I have no doubt you’ll block this number after reading this text but you and I both know that it won’t stop me from contacting you.

Have a great day... Hope you handle a hangover better than you did when you were younger.

Until next time,
Your lover. Your Master. Your first and only love.

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