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Chapter 13

“Come on baby!” he moans and I groan with a wince. “You gonna come for Daddy?”

I almost cringe at his words; they were just as awful as his thrusting. He grips my hips thrusting from behind and I wince as a slight feeling of discomfort cuts through me. He isn’t as gentle as he said he would’ve been. He was hurting me.

“It hurts!” I say with a hiss but that doesn’t stop him.

“It’s always fun with a little pain,” he grunts, enjoying himself. “Just — fuck!”

He groans loudly filling up the condom and I sigh thankfully when his thrusts stop. He lies on top of me and I feel him grin on my back. He soon pulls out, a shock of pain resonating from my core and I lie down exhausted.

“That was fucking hot,” my boyfriend, Greg says while pulling me to his chest.

My naive, 15-year-old self nods in his arms thinking that this pain is normal for the first time you have sex. For that night at his place he hadn’t stopped smiling at me like It’d been the best sex of his life while I’m there mentally hoping he won’t touch me again.

Why was he smiling so much? It’s not like the sex was good, I never felt something so unsatisfactory in my life.

So why was he smiling? That was the question on my mind.

…and I figured it out two days later.

It was a dare.

They dared him to take the virginity of Blake’s chaste daughter and he did it, he played me.

Watching as almost everyone in the cafeteria laughs at me while congratulating Greg was the moment my naive, teenage heart broke. I gave him a part of me, believing his promises of love and he played me.

I couldn’t bear to look at him but I do.

Pain floods my heart and I look at Greg, his smug face not an ounce of regret and that right there made me realise how fucking dumb I was.

“Indie!” I hear my brother call as I run down the corridor and out the front doors of the school, tears falling from my eyes.

“Indie!” I ignore him running down the asphalt parking lot and I hit into someone’s chest because of my unattentiveness.

I freeze for a second taking in the scent, recognizing who it is instantly.

He was always late for school on Mondays. Having only homeroom before lunch, he doesn’t make an effort to be here in the mornings.

Sobbing, I try to pull away but it doesn’t work. His arms wrap around my body preventing me from escaping, but I pull against them yelling at him to release me.

“Let me go! Let me go! LET ME GO!”

“Indiana stop!” the voice yells and I still sobbing on his chest.

I throw my arms around him tightening my hold, wishing he could take my pain away… seeking comfort. Noticing I’ve stopped struggling, he pulls back gazing at my puffy face with a frown and I get lost in those beautiful eyes of his.

So lost I didn’t even notice he has asked me something.

“Y-yeah?” I ask with a sniffle, tears still pouring from my eyes.

“What’s wrong—?”

“Indiana!” my brother bellows and I turn my head to see him storming up towards us.

I hide my face in Dylan’s chest, trying to ignoring him but he pulls me from Dylan’s arms before turning me to face him.

“Tell me that asshole is lying Indie,” he pleads, looking at me but I refuse to meet his eyes.

“What asshole?” Dylan asks but Christan ignores him. “Is it Greg?”

“Please tell me you didn’t sleep with him! Tell me that’s not you on that video!”

“What?!” Dylan yells in disbelief beside me and I shrink as both their gazes are focused on me.

“Ana, please tell me your brother’s on his afternoon high and what he’s saying isn’t true,” Dylan states pulling my gaze away from my brother and towards those eyes, my kryptonite.

“I–I didn’t know,” I whisper hurriedly. “I didn’t know he was videoing us... I didn’t want to do it but he told me no one would know... That he–he loved me... I– I didn’t want to.”

More tears pool from my eyes and I see a look of complete rage take over Dylan’s face.

“When I get my hands on that motherfucker!”

He pulls away from me, storming his way to the school and I notice that my brother is already ahead of him with clenched fists.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what was about to go down. I run after them but I wasn’t quick enough, by the time I reached them Dylan had already thrown the first punch.

Defending my honour.
I shiver as the cold water glides down my body, washing away the sweat and grime that had accumulated on my skin in the last 12 hours. Reaching for the Head and Shoulders for men shampoo, I lather some through my hair relishing in the familiarity of the scent. Dylan’s.

When the blonde had dropped me off here, it didn’t take long to notice it was Dylan’s room.

Oddly enough it just feels like him – or rather the new him – free of anything sentimental and it’s dark with a big ass bed in the centre. His furniture is made of dark mahogany, the curtains are dark red and so is the spread on the bed.

Not wanting to dwell, I had jumped into the shower longing for a decent wash. Here I find myself remembering the day my heart broke and Dylan became my saviour.

After the fight in the cafeteria, I had begged Dylan and Christan not to tell my parents. They fought me hard about it, saying I should report it but I declined. I didn’t want to be in the news, discussed and pitied because of it. I didn’t want to be a poster child... my parents were super famous so it’s no doubt this would be global news.

I believed that karma would find Greg and fuck him over for what he did, plus I had told him, yes, making the act by default consensual. Thankfully, they hadn’t told my parents respecting my wishes but they had threatened to ruin the life of anyone who dared speak of that video.

They were that influential in the school. Plus no one wanted to be at the end of their wrath.

The only ones with the actual video were Greg and his friends who Dylan and Christan had snatched their phones from after making sure their mothers had a hard time recognizing them. Christan being the tech geek he was, then removed all traces of the video from their phones and any devices their Google Drive was attached to.

They had gotten suspended for a week along with Greg and his friends for fighting but no one ever talked about the real reason why they fought.

Later that year, Greg’s family had moved out of our neighbourhood after his dad’s company bankrupted, his karma catching up to him. I had continued to attend school but Dylan and Christan threatening everyone didn’t stop the looks I received. They didn’t stop until I graduated but I had learned to ignore the stares and move on with my life.

I step out of the shower, grabbing one of his towels before drying myself and wrapping it around me. I grab another, using it to dry my hair. Walking into the bedroom, I find a band t-shirt, underwear and leggings on the bed.

I don’t bother to question how they know my size. Powerful men have their ways.

Looking around I see no one in the room nor a camera, so I shrug off the towel climbing into the underwear. I pull on the bra I had on before since none was provided, then pulled on the remainder of the clothes.
No surprise they fit nicely.

On the floor, I find a pair of Nike sneakers so I pull them on, not liking the feeling of the uncarpeted floor on my soles. Moving to his dresser I grab his deodorant, Gillette Cool Wave, rolling up some of the gel before swiping it with my fingers and rubbing it under my armpits. While rubbing in the deodorant I notice my fingers are bare…that fucker took my ring!

No sense dwelling on it, Indie… once you’re free, you can always acquire another. Focus on escaping.
I place my hair in a messy bun, looking around the room before deciding to snoop for something to contact my parents with. I need to alert them of possible danger, I may not believe Dylan but I had to take precautions either from him or – and I can’t believe I’m saying this– Roberto.

I check under the bed, in the closest and through his drawer. The only thing I find is an old photo under his mattress, folded in two. I open it and my heart flutters as I gaze at the two naive teenagers.

There’s a handsome boy no younger than seventeen with dark curly hair and the most mesmerizing eyes. He’s in red trunks and hugging him from the side is a hazel-eyed girl with short, dirty blond locks. She’s in a bikini top and shorts, smiling at the camera.

This photo was when we went to Lake Placid for a date. We had left the house when my parents went away for two days. They didn’t mind Dylan taking me out that day as long as we reached home by 8. We ended up taking a driver, who after dropping us off gave us enough space to enjoy our day... and did we ever...

The rattling of the doorknob alerts me that someone is coming and I push the photo into its place before jumping to my feet. The door opens and someone steps in quickly but not who I expected to.

“Luke?” I ask with wide eyes.

What was Lukas Dornellas doing here?

“Hey Indie,” he says awkwardly, peering into the hall before silently closing the door.

“What are you doing here?!” I ask in alarm.

I can’t wrap my head around it. Was he kidnapped too and if yes why? Or was he in on this?

“Shh,” he hushes, walking towards me cautiously. “I’m not supposed to be in here and if he finds out I’m dead.”

“Who is this ‘he’ you’re you talking about?” Curious to know what he’s going on about.

“Dylan,” he states looking back at the door cautiously.

“Dylan? Are you working with him?!” I ask shocked to the core.

“Shh,” he scolds. “But to answer your question yes Indie, I’ve been working for him for eight years now.”

“Are you serious?” I ask as my mind slowly processes his words.

“I’m dead serious. He had reached out and asked me to protect you before he left those years ago. Then a few years after that he employed me to watch over you,” he explains and I look at him in disbelief.

He’s in on this, he has to be.

Luke has been working with Dylan for all these years to protect me? It’s the same reason Dylan gave for kidnapping me... but he stated Roberto as the threat and Roberto wasn’t in my life eight years ago. Something wasn’t right... Maybe they are just trying to play me. He must have threatened Luke to say this to me, to make me warm up to him!

“Why are you here?” I demand, glaring at him. “Is it to try and get me to forgive Dylan? To make me believe all he’s done is really for my protection and not because he’s fucked in the head? Are you some part of his plan?!”

He looks at me like I’ve grown a second head. “I’m not here because of Dylan. I’m here to save my ass.”

Now I look at him genuinely confused. “What are you talking about?”

He sighs before looking over at the door and stepping a bit closer to me with pleading eyes.

“Indie, you can never tell Dylan that we slept together,” he whispers, fear evident in his voice. “He will kill me if he finds out.”

Wait, he doesn’t want me to tell Dylan that we had sex... That’s why he’s here!?

Of course, it makes sense. If he’s truly working for Dylan and had been tasked with looking after me when Dylan left... I doubt fucking me was the way to do it.

“So wait, let me get this straight. You’re here because you want me to not tell Dylan we had sex. Not to try and convince me to give him another chance? “

He nods in reply and I do something unexpected.

I laugh. I laugh at him so hard my stomach hurts and he just stands staring at me. I guess he is telling the truth, he is working for Dylan.

“Let me guess. When he told you to take care of me you just took it upon yourself to be the first person to fuck me when I was at my lowest? Now you want me to keep it a secret...”

“Indiana, it’s not like that. I had always liked you and you were just as willing to...” he says placing his hands in his hair and as his white T-shirt lifts, I see the outline of a phone in his pocket.

A phone, finally!

“I thought said we wouldn’t blame anyone for what happened that night!” he shoots back with sharp eyes and my attention goes back to him.

I need to get that phone. Not dwelling on it too long, a thought jumps in my head and I move to execute.

“You’re right,” I say, stepping closer to him. “There’s no one to blame for what happens that night...”

He eyes me sceptically as I press my body close to his. “As no one is to blame for this.”

Aiming to distract him, I give him a closed mouth kiss, brushing my thumb over a nipple. If I remember correctly Lukas had very sensitive nipples and I’m proven right as he shivers.

I gently play with his nipple as I retrieve the cell phone, tucking into the waistband of my leggings. I count to three giving him time to believe I wanted this and he doesn’t disappoint as he grips my waist, urging this to go further.


I pull away abruptly, acting like a deer caught in headlights at the situation. “I–I didn’t mean to.”

I step back, touching my lips for effect before contorting my face into a scold. “Luke you need to go!”

Luke looks just as lost to what happened as I’m pretending to be but he regains his bearings as I tell him to go. He looks around noticing where all that just occurred before rushing to the door.

He pauses glancing at me with narrowed eyes.

“Don’t tell him anything Indiana or I’ll tell him about how you came on to me a few seconds ago,” with that threat he exits the room and I roll my eyes.


I pull out the device from my waistband, I frown as I notice password protection but that frown fades as I learn that with a swipe to the left I can access his dial pad without a code.

“Thank God,” I mutter as I stare down at the dial pad.

I dial my mother’s number, saying another thank you when it goes through. It rings for a few seconds before someone picks up.


My breath catches as I hear her voice.


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