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Chapter 14

“Oh my god! Indie where are you?! Are you okay?” Mom starts asking hysterically and I wince at the loudness of her voice.

I look to the room door, quickly making my way to the bathroom while holding the smartphone to my ear.

I didn’t want anyone hearing me and taking my only source of contact with the outside world.

“Mom I don’t have much time–” I start to say closing the door behind me softly but she cuts me off.

“Are you hurt? Is someone keeping you hostage?! My poor baby, tell momma where you are. We’ll find you!”

As much as I appreciate the concern, I need her to listen to me.

“Mom. Listen. I need to tell you somethi–”

“Is that Indiana?!” I hear my father’s voice ask from the other side of the phone.

I groan pressing my hand on the door. This isn’t going to be as easy as I thought.

“Mom, you need to listen to me!” I plead with a low yell.

“Indiana, you’re on speaker baby tell me what you see!” my mother rants frantically.

Oh my god... Parents, do they ever really listen?

“Mom, you need to listen to me!” I state firmly.

“We’re listening baby just tell us what’s going on! Are you hurt?!”

“Don’t worry about me. You need to keep yourselves safe...” I start but I’m interrupted.

“Indiana... You’re not thinking clearly. Just tell us where you are baby we’ll find yo–” my dad states gruffly from the other line.

“Bellator,” I say and they both go silent recognising the safe word we put in place.

It was something mom developed–amongst numerous others– just in case one of us got in trouble. It’s a way of saying ‘we’re all in danger, get to safety and recon at the island’. Our island. My parents secretly bought an island in the Bahamas when I was five, which we spent most of our vacations on.

No one knows about it but close family and a few close friends. It’s our safety net, somewhere we can go where no one can locate us.

“Take Diana... keep her safe, please. I’ll meet you there soon. I have to go now, I’ll be fine just please be safe.”

I cut the call, resting my forehead on the bathroom door. At least they’re getting to safety now.

A few seconds later a wave of paranoia takes me over and I start to think that maybe someone is in the other room listening to me. Slipping the phone in its previous hiding place, I grab the knob slowly twisting it.

Seeing no one as I enter the room I sigh. Safe... for now.

I know I could’ve told my parents about Dylan and gotten myself out of his grasp but somewhere deep down I believe him... that I am in danger. Plus, he’s the only one I can stay with who knows what he’s up against.

However, I don’t believe that it’s Roberto, maybe Dylan’s just using a bad situation to try and turn me against Rob and get me to rekindle what we had.

Speaking of Roberto, I need to call him. He must be going out of his mind worrying about me. I should call him and let him know I’m okay and warn him.

I fish the phone from its hiding place, typing in his number and it successfully rings.

Amaretto speaking,” his gruff voice states and I’m happy to hear his voice, to know he’s alive and well.

“Roberto,” I say and he goes silent for a few seconds and I hear shuffling.

Princesa, where are you?! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” he says and I hear the worry in his voice. “Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine,” I say, sitting down on the bed beside me. “But I need you to get to somewhere safe.”

I know I should be telling him to go where my parents are but I’m not allowed to. My parents have strict rules that until someone has officially been inducted into the family, they should not know of its existence.

And Roberto isn’t family as yet. Plus, he has his own set of defence just in case something happens.

“Indiana, I don’t want to hear that. Tell me where you are so I can come to you. So I can protect you!” he protests and a small smile graces my lips.

How could he want me to harm me? Want me dead? It doesn’t make sense, his worrying and need to protect me shows me how much he adores me. Dylan had to be lying.

“Roberto, please it’s not–ah!” I scream as the smartphone is pulled from my grip.

I whip my head around so fast, I almost get whiplash. A fuming Dylan stands behind me with the phone in his hand. I shoot from the bed stepping away from him in shock.

“When did you–” I gasp in fright, staring at my abductor with wide eyes.

“Princesa?!” I hear Roberto say from the phone and my gaze flickers to it. I guess I accidentally pressed the loudspeaker.

Dylan’s face hardens even more as Roberto calls me by the endearment. He gazes shifts from me to the phone, his eyes blazing with unhindered anger. I gulp as his gaze locks on me. Slowly, he turns off the speaker feature, placing the phone to his ear all while looking at me.

“Ferrez, you spazzatura spagnola (Spanish trash),” he spits with disgust and I hear hushed sounds coming from the phone.

“I would like to see you try,” he grits out, his fist clenched. “You’ll regret the day you ever crossed me.”

He pulls the phone from his ear, ending the call abruptly. He then looks at the screen and his face seems to have gotten more furious. He flings the phone to the wall and it breaks on impact. I flinch with a gasp and he looks over at me fuming but behind his eyes, I could see hurt.

“Do you know what you’ve done?!” he bellows and I jump a little.

“I just wanted to speak to my family,” I shoot back, not allowing him to see how frightened I am.

He stares at me long and hard before releasing a humourless chuckle.

“Well, I hope it was worth your fucking life because now they know where we are!” he states harshly, stepping towards me. “Now we’re compromised and have less than fifteen minutes to evacuate before we are under attack!”

I stare at him, words stuck in my throat. I didn’t know how to reply to that. I should’ve guessed that they would be monitoring calls at my parents’ house.

Oh my god, they must have heard my warning!

“Luke!” he yells, eyes still locked on me.

Lukas comes stumbling into the room instantly, his eyes narrowing on me.

“Yes, boss?”

“Call Raphael and tell him to evacuate the mansion and get ready for a fight. We’ve been compromised,” he states firmly.

Luke flips out a back disposable phone and dials a number, relaying the instructions given by Dylan before hanging up.

“All done boss,” he states pocketing the phone.

“Good,” Dylan states before turning to focus a glare on Lukas. “Now explain to me why Indiana had you fucking phone in her possession when you weren’t supposed to be anywhere near her!”

Lukas touches his other pocket on reflex before locking eyes with me, his face paling. “I– I wanted to make sure she was okay–”

“You had specific instructions not to go near her!” he grits through his teeth.

“Yes but she’s like a sister to me. I had to see if she was freaking out or–”

Sister?! Is fucking your sister the new trend now?

“Cut the crap, Luke,” I hiss glaring at him, how dare he play the ‘like a sister’ card with me! “You just wanted me to keep quiet about you fucking me!”

I slap my hand over my mouth as I realise what I said. The room goes silent instantly. If I drop a pin right now I swear you’d hear it collide with the floor.

Luke goes rigid looking at Dylan, his breath lodged in his throat. Dylan seems to have frozen in front of me, his eye twitching the only movement he makes.

Of all the time I could’ve said that to him why did I choose now? When we’re going to be under attack.

“Look it’s not the time for this,” I say trying to redirect his focus. “We need to go.”

I move towards him but he shoots me a look that keeps me frozen on spot.

“When did it happen?” he asks slowly not breaking eye contact.

“Boss we ne–”

“Shut the fuck up!” he bellows at Luke, eyes still on me.

“Ana, answer me.”

“Um, two and a half months after you left,” I reply looking away as hurt flashes in his eyes. “I was hurt... I got high on some drugs, Luke was there and it just happened–”

“No, no, no you came on to me... It didn’t just happen!” Luke starts yelling, stepping towards me.

Wrong move.

All within the blink of an eye, Dylan pulls out a silver handgun and places it between Luke’s eyes.

“Sposta di nuovo la tua fottuta spazzatura e ti sparerò tra i fottuti occhi.” Move again you fucking trash and I’ll shoot you between the fucking eyes.

“Dylan,” I gasp shocked by the sudden hostility.

His eyes focus on mine at that moment he reminds me of that ‘Rolling Calf’ story Aunt Chev used to tell us. A vicious bull with hot, furious flames dancing around in his eyes.

“Don’t,” I whisper lowly and it seems to anger him more.

“You don’t want me to shoot your lover, Ana?”

“Dylan, this is not you. You don’t need to s-shoot him, it was a mistake. Neither of us is to blame. Don’t do this. You’re not this per–”


“Ah!” Luke and I yell simultaneously before I slap my hand over my mouth.

“Oh my god,” I whisper in fright as Luke lies on the ground, blood steeping from his body.

Dylan... He... Shot him!

“Fuck! Fuck! Fucking hell!” Luke cries as he grabs his left leg, blood gushing from his knee.

Sta ’zitto!” Dylan bellows coldly but Luke continues to cry out.

Dylan fires another shot next to Luke’s cradled form and I flinch in shock. Luke shuts up immediately, biting his lip. He locks eyes with me and I see deep, unapologetic hatred in them.

This is your fault, his eyes say.

“Stop looking at her before I shoot your fucking eyes out.”

Luke diverts his eyes and Dylan gives a humourless chuckle. “Micio.”

Just then a man walks into the room, regarding the scene with disinterest.

“Boss,” he says catching Dylan’s attention.

He is tall probably 5’11” with light brown eyes and inky black hair. He’s in jeans pants and a muscle shirt with a bulletproof vest and guns strapped on various parts of his body.

“What is it, Raphael?” Dylan asks staring at the man while pointing his gun at Luke.

“Multiple vehicles are headed our way as well as a helicopter. They’ll be here in five minutes,” he states coolly, posture rigid.

“Are all the men armed and las puttanas evacuated?”

“Yes boss,” he says and Dylan nods.

“Good,” he says before turning towards me. “Now, take Ms. Blake and get her strapped up. I have some business to wrap up here.”

Raphael nods before moving towards me. “After you, Ms. Blake.”

“Dylan, no!” I state ignoring Raphael and moving towards Dylan. “Don’t do this!”

“I said you are to fucking go with Raphael!” he states firmly, anger evident in his voice before turning to look at me and I stop in my tracks. “You have no say in what I do to the people under my command. I am the boss here! If I decide to kill him, you have no fucking say! Now leave.”

I stare at him, in shock. He’s never once spoken to me like that. He’s never...

“Miss Blake,” Raphael calls out and I look to see him standing at the door. “Let’s get you ready.”

I look at Dylan and the anguish in his eyes, the hurt and the vengeance, it tells me not to push him, to go along with this.

So I nod following Raphael, ignoring Luke as he pleads behind me and blames me for his possible upcoming death.

Raphael closes the door behind us and other gunshot rings out surprising me. Luke’s muffled cries reach my ears and I shake my head, following close behind Raphael.

This was not the Dylan, I knew. He’s colder, ruthless and a murderer...

…and no matter how protected I am with him, I have to escape his grasp before he inevitably breaks me.

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