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Chapter 18

Do you know those dreams that you get that leave an emotional sensation when they’re over but no memory of what happened? Those dreams that warn you of something evil to come... nightmares.

A nightmare is what had me awake at 4 a.m., clutching the sheets against my chest. My skin is sweaty and my heartbeats frantically and loudly in my ears... yet not enough to block out the hammering next door.

My nightmare may have jolted me awake from my hour-long nap but the fact that my aunt and uncle are getting it on in the room beside me is what’s really keeping me awake. I thought my parents were awful with the noises they make but these two... they topped that. There’s a thunderstorm raging outside yet the banging of the bed on the wall out claps the thunder.

“Not again...” I groan and it syncretizes with my aunt’s own.

I sit up, the sheets falling to my lap before looking out the window near my bed. The lightning flashes followed by a loud clap of thunder and the rain hammers on the roof... yet my aunt’s cries are still clear and audible.

Nope, I’m not going through this again...

Sighing, I kick the sheets off me before gathering them in my arms and tiptoeing out of the guestroom. I make my way down the hall, grimacing as I hear my uncle tell my aunt to put her ass in the air so Daddy can fuck her. Upon hearing that, I quicken my pace and reach down the stairs in record time.

Stepping into the living area, I mentally thank the lord that I can’t hear them anymore. I spot a familiar silhouette near a corner in the room, the lightning flashes and the room’s momentarily illuminated. I smile as I see Dylan’s form spread out on the blow-up mattress catching some Zs and I internally gush at how cute he looks.

The mattress is way too small for him as his legs hang over the edges but that doesn’t stop me from making my way towards him, my aim to lie beside him.

As deftly as I can, I crawl onto the mattress beside him spreading the sheet over my form before clutching it to my chest. I look up as the lightning flashes once more, smiling at Dylan’s sleepy face. He looks so relaxed, peaceful...

This isn’t a look I’ve seen on his face since our teen years and it’s a relief to see him not fretting over our situation...

I spend a few minutes admiring him and soon my eyes start closing. The noise of the storm slowly disappearing as I bask in the warmth of his body near mine. I’m jolted awake again minutes later as hands grip my waist pulling me closer to a warm body and thick arms wrap around me, nestling me against a comfy chest.

“They’re at it again aren’t they?” he asks, his voice gruff and husky.

I nod wrapping my arms around him, inhaling his musky and highly addictive scent. I rub my nose against his firm chest and he releases a husky chuckle.

“I’ve experienced worse... Trust me this is the diluted version. Plus, it’s just the third night. You’ll get used to it,” he states when I settle down, gently running his fingers through my hair.

Yes, it’s been two days and three nights and we’re still at the cabin awaiting Raphael’s all-clear call. It’s been approximately 72 hours and Raphael has failed to update Dylan on whether he has successfully made it to the nearby compound or regained control of the Santa Ana compound.

Over the days Dylan and Uncle Dimitri have been going up the mountain to a spot where he can get a clear signal to check on the developments outside of this little cabin but nothing... I’m starting to get worried, if Raphael hasn’t called it’s obvious that something is wrong and if something is wrong we all are in danger.

Dylan however, doesn’t overreact as I do. He has faith in Raphael, after all, he’s worked with him for years and he knows his capabilities. With his reassurance, I relax a little but I’m still worried.

In addition to this, it has also been one day since Dylan and I had decided to go with the flow of things and see if there’s something between us. We know it’s kind of a sticky time to nurture a relationship but that doesn’t stop us from allowing our connection to grow without the label.

So no, we’re not together... I don’t even know what we are... just simply us.

“I had a dream,” I mumble from his chest. “It was bad like I can feel it in my chest that it was horrible... but I can’t remember it.”

“It’s okay piccola volpe,” he says rubbing his nose against my frizzy bed hair. “It’s just a bad dream.” Little Fox.

Nodding, I cuddle to him relishing being here with him... On this blow-up mattress laid on the floor, somewhere in the mountains.

I just wish Diana was here with us and that Dylan knew about her.

Before you all flip out and ask why I haven’t told him... It’s not my fault. When Dylan had asked that we just go with the flow, he requested we not talk about all the shit going on around us. So, every time I try to smartly bring it up he shuts me down... using himself as the distraction.

Yes, I’m pathetic... I can’t help how I lose my senses when he touches me... So I succumb and end up forgetting about it momentarily...

But, now I’m thinking about waiting... letting him meet her rather than just telling him. It’s a risky move and I know this but I’ve been thinking of what Aunt Shan said to me that night. She told me that when Dylan acts on emotions it can throw him off big time... hence she didn’t tell him about my pregnancy.

So, to ensure everything turns out well we need a level-headed Dylan. Telling him he has a daughter more than 2,595 miles from here may throw him off by a landslide.

“Eeek!” I screech taken off guard as Dylan rains kisses on my face.

I giggle pushing at his chest, telling him to stop but he ignores me, peppering those welcomed signs of affection on my smiling face. He climbs on top of me, his arms holding up his weight and I sigh, pleased as he kisses me directly on my lips.

“Stop thinking about it,” he says between pecks and my eyes flutter close, my lips puckering up for more of his assaults.

“I’d be grossed out by morning breath. If we hadn’t just prepped for bed an hour ago...” I tease, licking his lips and he lifts a hand to caress my cheek.

“Hmm,” he hums looking down at me and I smile as the lightning flashes lighting up his face, the storm still raging outside.

His eyes sparkle in the swift flash of light and my heart warms and body throbs at the look he gives me. It’s a look that screams ’You’re so fucking beautiful, I want to devour you until out can barely remember your name’... and I wanted him to do just that...

Over the few days, Dylan and I hadn’t had any sex but that didn’t stop him from bringing me to the point of pleasure and stopping, teasing my body to the extreme. All the times we’ve played around Dylan always did the pleasuring, the teasing and I was left frustrated, wanting...

Tonight, I want to give him a taste of his own medicine... I want to make him lose himself and give in to me...

Reaching upwards, I caress his cheek while trailing my other hand up to his torso. My exploratory fingers dance over the area his fox tattoo is, his body tensing, before moving them towards his abdomen. I run my hands over his hard, washboard abs and part my lips as an appreciative sigh leaves them.

Ana,” he states gruffly and I hum before flipping us, catching him off guard.

I now straddle him, hands thoroughly exploring his toned, inked torso. His hands grip my hips and I look directly at him the moonlight faintly illuminating his features. His eyes are darker, lust taints them and they call to me, making my body melt with desire.

“Let me please you...” I whisper lowering my head and kissing his abdomen, and my eyes never leaving his. “Master.”

His fingers sink into my flesh and I moan, slowly licking the ridges of his stomach.

“Please,” I say asking his permission, giving him that sense of submission when in reality I’m going to be anything but...

“Whatever you want, neonata,” he grunts out as I suck on his skin, leaving my mark.

Grazie maestro,” I say the words rolling off my tongue onto his tan, heated skin.

Reaching my hands into my hair, I pull it away from my face catching it with the band I always keep on my wrist. I then run my fingers over his sides, gripping and massaging him, helping him relax under me. I kiss, lick and nibble his skin moving up his body to his inked pecs. I nozzle his neck quickly before running my tongue up its length and kiss his jaw before moving down to his chest.

Lazily, I follow the pattern of the tatt with my tongue and he grunts as I delve my fingers into his underpants... fuck he’s bigger than I remember. He groans when I lick his nipple, my fingers grasping his length firmly and I squeeze him a little, trapping his nipple between my teeth.

Fuck Ana,” he hisses using his grip on my waist to pull me down onto his pulsing hard-on.

I pull away hovering over his face, my hazel eyes locked with his lust tainted ones. Leaning towards him, I catch his mouth in a gentle kiss looking to pull away but he grabs the back of my neck, pulling me into a more demanding kiss.

His hand grabs my ass and I feel each finger sink into my flesh. His mouth crashes against mine, tongues fighting for dominance and breathing becoming a luxury rather than a necessity.

My back hits the mattress and he grabs my hands, putting them above my head. I mewl as he thrusts his hard-on against my panties causing them to become more saturated than they were before. He grabs the hem of his T-shirt that I’m wearing, pushing it above my breasts and over my mouth.

He pulls back looking down at me with a playful smirk on his lips and my breath stops at the boyish smile he gives me next.

“I know what you were doing, Ana,” he states trailing a finger over my budded nipples and I moan, the sound muffled by the cloth in my mouth. “Trying to get back at me for teasing you... ragazzaccia.” Bad girl.

He removes himself from between my legs and I yelp as I find myself suddenly flipped onto my stomach. He pushes my legs upwards so my back is arched and my ass is in the air. He grips my hands, holding them over my head as his other hand trails up the back of my thigh. I whimper, pushing my ass back wishing he would touch my weeping cunt.

“Please,” I murmur but the makeshift gag muffles it.

Smack... I cry out sharply, my body jumping as his palm connects with my ass.

“Count Ana...” he grunts out before smacking my ass again.

“One,” I yelp onto the gag as my cunt pulses and arousal drips down my thigh.

Smack... “Two,” I moan my ass on fire by the deliciously torturous force of his hand.

Fifteen... He spanks my ass fifteen times and I’m not ashamed to say I’m so wet my arousal is almost dripping down to my knees.

“What do you say Ana?” he asks rubbing his palm against my no doubt flaming red ass.

Grazie Maestro ... Sarò una brava ragazza adesso,” I mumble into the shirt, my eyes rolling to the back of my head as he rubs his thumb against my soaking cunt. Thank you Master... I’ll be a good girl now.

“So wet...” he murmurs, pulling aside my under to rub my bundle of nerves.

I curse pulling at my hands, thrashing against him moaning as he runs his fingers over my wet, heated and pulsing flesh.

I’m flipped onto my back, my hands being released and I gasp as I heard a loud tear. He flings my underwear behind him, telling me to keep my hands over my head and I moan as his lips touch my inner thigh.

“Dylan...” I mewl into the cloth as his tongue trails upwards, tasting my dripping juices along the way.

Fuck, neonata,” he groans placing sloppy, open mouth kisses close to my wanton core.

I fight hard with myself to keep my hands over my head but I lose the battle as soon as his lips attack my pussy. I fling my head back cursing in Spanish, Italian and English, my hands flying into his hair gripping hard as he devours me.

I cry out, the makeshift gag not covering my mouth anymore. My cries mix with the rolling thunder outside and my legs tremble against the head between them. He sucks on my clit, probing his fingers into my seeping pussy and I find myself losing my sanity. He slurps me, tongues me and fingers me, succumbing my body to a torturous dance of convulsions. Dylan penetrates my opening, fucking me with his tongue and I squeeze my eyes shut, crying out his name.

He grabs my legs pushing them against my chest and he eats me like I’m his last fucking meal on this earth. I grind against his face, my body building, coiling, screaming for its release.

“I-I’m co-fuck!” I yell out as he grasps my nipples between his fingers pulling at the swollen duo.

I couldn’t hold it... His mouth, his hands and that look he flashes up at me as he eats me, my juices smouldered over his mouth... They push me over the edge and I cry out his name as I cum.

“D-Dylan...” I say over and over again in euphoria as I feel him lick me clean.

Minutes later, my sweat skin has cooled and my breathing has relaxed but Dylan still lies between my legs, running his fingers over my swollen flesh. It feels pleasurable yet relaxing and I close my eyes allowing him to bask in the thoughts in his mind.

“How do you feel, Ana?” he asks as the mattress dip and I feel him hovering over me.

I open my eyes to stare up at him. His eyes memorizes me, the adoration and appreciation in them making me blush.

“Happy,” I say, reaching up to caress his face.

Taking him off guard, I flip him settling my naked cunt over the bugle in his underpants. Leaning forward I catch those delectable lips in a sensual kiss before slowly pulling back.

“Now, it’s my turn to give you a happy ending,” I grin moving down his body.

I grab his underpants, pulling it down and he springs free. I gulp, looking at the thick, long, veined cock. That’s fucking huge... mamma mia.

“Too big for you handle it, cara?” Dylan asks arms under his head, looking smug and proud.

“Nothing I can’t handle,” I shoot back taking it in my hands, jerking him off.

My fingers can barely wrap around him but that doesn’t stop me from rubbing his shaft, appreciative hisses leaving his mouth. I tighten my grip, moving my hands faster and it pulses in my hand.

So fucking hot... I feel myself creaming and no doubt he feels it, as I’m sitting on his legs.

Leaning forward, I run my tongue over his tip and his hand grips my hair tightly, the prickle of pain welcomed. I start to bob my head, slowly taking his enormous length into my mouth. My jaw hurts from accommodating his cock but it’s nothing I can’t handle. The pleasure that washes over me hearing him groan and hiss my name makes it bearable.

He hits the back of my throat, three inches left to spare and I feel my throat contract around him.

“Fuck!” he bellows grabbing my hair using it as a gearstick.

He moves me up and down faster against his cock and I lick, suck and gag, salivating all over him. He doesn’t ease up and I suck him dry like I’ve been lost in the desert and he’s the only source of water.

“Ana! Fuck!” he bellows and I moan the vibrations travelling over his cock.

His dick pulses in my throat and I salivate, my pussy doing the same. I reach down fondling with his balls and I feel them start to contract within my fingers. I run my tongue over his length as it enters and leaves my mouth. Dylan’s breath gets deep and haphazard and I know he’s near.

He pushes me down on his length, his tip hitting the back of my throat stilling. My throat contracts tightly against him and he drowns me in his thick, musky cum.

“Fuck Ana!” he moans loudly and I moan swallowing everything he has to offer.

His hand falls away from my hair and I slowly pull away from semi-erect cock. I place a kiss to the tip, which he groans at, before kissing my way up to his lips.

“How do you feel, Master?” I ask cheekily and he opens his blazing eyes to look at me.

He grips the back of my neck, devouring my mouth and I grip onto him, kissing him back with as much passion. When he pulls away, I’m dazzled but the smile on his face is recognizable.

“Happy, Ana. You make me happy.”

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