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Chapter 1

Waking up this morning, I didn’t expect to be where I am right at this moment. Fitted in a tight red dress and shaking this fine piece of ass on the dancefloor, trying to pass the time as I await company.

I’m at club Fetish, and as the name suggests it’s a kinky club. I’ve been here a few times for a “walk on the other side” and I’ve met some very adventurous people...

After my hit and ditch good for nothing boyfriend left me a year back, I’ve been exploring new things and this just became one I actually liked.

Like mother, like daughter I guess.

Grabbing chunks of my wig, I flip the hair over my shoulder as I start feeling myself on the dancefloor. My body moves on its own accord and my ass shakes with each turn and flick of my tiny waist.

... Let’s dance like we’re making love, love, love...

As Ciara sings, my eyes scan the crowd watching people fall slaves to the rhythm as I have. My hands raise above my head and I fling my hips to the side. Not a minute later, I gasp as I feel his body move behind mine.

Gotcha... I mentally smirk.

Emphasizing my movements, I gyrate my small body on his larger one. I nestle my hands in his hair rotating my hips on his eager groin and he trails my broad hips with his fingers, sending shivers up my spine.

I could always tell when he was near, call it a sixth sense. I felt his presence as he sat at the bar and it’s what compelled me to hit the dancefloor. I didn’t want to go to him, I wanted him to come to me. I wanted the satisfaction of knowing he wanted me as much as I wanted him... and I wanted him a lot.

He grabs my wrists holding them above my head as his hand rests on my stomach, pressing my body on his. I continue to move against him, loving the way our bodies moved in sync.

The chemistry between our bodies is unparalleled. It’s been this way since our childhood days.

He releases one of my hands spinning me and pulling me towards his hard body. I look up at him with those beautiful blue-green eyes that hold my breath captive. His hand grabs a chunk of my ass as I sway and I grin running my hand against his crotch.

“Hey fella, I don’t think we’ve met before,” I say teasingly putting on my best Texan accent. “The name’s Kate and you?”

He takes in my new appearance, his hands running through my auburn hair but gaze glued to my hazel eyes. Smirking, he plays along gripping my neck and my knees go weak.

He knows that’s my weak spot.

“Dylan,” he states huskily.

He uses his thumb to rub my jugular and my eyes close momentarily, shallow breaths leaving my lips. His body presses against mine and I can feel every muscle, every bulge... His body heat invites me in and I place my hand on his chest, glancing at him once more.

“And to what do I owe the pleasure, Dylan?” I ask almost breathless.

“I just found you very intriguing,” he states his fingers trailing up my thigh. “You have a beautiful body.”

I clench my knees together, my eyes widening at his advance, playing my part well. “Thank you but I’m sorry to disappoint, I’m not kind of girl.”

“And what kind of girl is that Kate?” he teases fingers sinking into my fleshy thigh causing my knees to go weak. “You seem like the type of girl who needs a hard, throbbing cock to ride away into the sunset on. Am I wrong?”

My cheeks flush as his hands inch closer and closer to my already weeping cunt and my mind clouds with desire. His hand skims my heated flesh and we both take a sharp intake of breath before gazing at one other.

“No panties,” he states with a smug grin.

“As you requested,” I state breaking character.

“Good girl,” he praises, his wondering fingers causing me to buckle and grip onto him.

It’s been too long since we’ve done this and my body just aches for him. Wanting to move this along, I proceed to phase two, the chase.

Slowly, I pat his chest finding the strength to pull away from his touch. “Okay big fella. I’ll just be leaving now... It was nice meeting you and all... You have a good night.”

I step away from him making my way off the dancefloor, ensuring I don’t look back at him. I didn’t need to sneak a glance to know he’s following me. This isn’t the first time we’ve done roleplay... It keeps things interesting.

When I’m a good distance away from the dancefloor, a hand grips my arm and I yelp excitedly as he pulls me through a door and slams me onto the wall.

“You just love teasing me don’t you?” he asks with a smirk, holding my hands over my head.

“It keeps things interesting. Doesn’t it, master?” I retort biting my lips. Pressing my knee to his crotch, I smile widely. “I believe deep down you feel the excitement too, don’t you?”

Dylan closes his eyes enjoying my caress and I rub my thigh sweetly against him. His hold slackens on my wrists and I quickly pull away from him, taking in the scene around us.

“So this is our room for the night?” I ask looking around the dark red room with various kinky tools to explore.

It has a four-poster bed covered in red satin sheets, a built-in bondage system and shelves and drawers filled with BDSM equipment. The drawers were colour coded; yellow for light play, black for medium and red for hardcore.

“Yes, it is,” he states walking up behind me, placing a hand on my stomach. “Are you afraid?”

Shaking my head, I look over my shoulder at him. “I want it. So don’t hold back... but let’s start light.”

His eyes observe me with immense admiration and I blush, hating the effect he has on me. I’ve had a crush on Dylan since middle school and the fact that he lives with us and is almost like a brother to me made it feel wrong to pursue him. After years of hiding my feelings though, he finally took an interest in me and to say it made me happy would be downplaying it.

The thing is I don’t know how my parents would react to us, so we have to keep it under the wraps. I was their little girl after all, but in a few hours, I’ll be 18 and grow the balls to tell them.

“Safeword? Though I doubt you’ll be needing it...” he asks.


“Good. Now, our first order of business will be striping you down,” he whispers in my ear before pulling off my wig and head cap tossing them across the room. My dirty blonde hair falls over my shoulders wildly and he murmurs in appreciation before walking in front of me and taking a seat on the bed.

He’s done that so many times I’ve just stopped pinning the wigs down, it hurts my scalp when he eventually rips them off.

“Strip Ana,” he demands huskily and I shiver loving how his eyes watch me.

Slowly, I slip the straps off my shoulders before unzipping the dress and making it pool at my feet. Goosebumps wake on my skin as his eyes scan my body heatedly, taking in the body art decorating my skin and I stay silent awaiting his next command.

“On your knees.”

I obey looking into his eyes, something he liked... He didn’t see it as me defying him but rather as me keeping my focus on what at this moment truly matters, him.

“Crawl,” he then instructs and I crawl towards him making it my job to look as alluring and wanton as I feel.

I sit on my heels between his legs, hands flat against my knees and let me tell you it hurts a lot... but it stretches your thighs for the work ahead. He places his finger under my chin urging me to rise to my knees and I obey, those beautiful blue-green irises capturing me.

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmurs, a hand caressing my hair and I blush.

“Thank you, master,” I say with an appreciative smile and I see him frown, his eyes turning sad but he covers it up with a command.

“Get on the bed. Lay on your back, hands held forward and legs spread,” he gets up from in front of me and I frown slightly wondering what’s going through his head.

Why is he sad?

“Ana!” he stays sternly after I fail to obey him. “Get on the bed, I won’t repeat.”

“Yes master,” I say a bit frighten, scampering onto the bed and laying in the position he requested.

He appears moments later without a shirt or pants and I greedily take him in. As he leans forward to tie my feet to the bedposts, my eyes linger on the tattoos marring his deliciously tanned skin and my cunt weeps, aching for the bugle straining against his underpants.

He climbs between my legs leaning over to cuff my wrists to the bed head and I lick his define pecs unable to help myself. Leaning back, he glances down at me before grabbing a nipple between his fingers with a tilt of his lips.

“You touch me again without permission and I’ll give you something to keep that mouth of yours occupied,” he warns pinching my nipple hard.

“Is that supposed to be a threat master?” I ask with a breathless moan. “Because I don’t feel threatened.”

Dylan chuckles bending towards me before catching my lips in a bruising kiss and my body tingles. His hand grabs my neck, thumb rubbing my jaw and I moan getting into the kiss. His body presses down on me allowing me to feel his heat engulf me and I strangely shiver at the warmth. My heart flutters in my chest with every clash of our tongues, the touch of our lips and caress from his fingers along my neck, making sweet arousal drip down my thighs. It is always like this when we kiss, his lips soothe me yet lit a burning fire within my soul. It was blissful and erotic.

Slowly, Dylan pulls away from the kiss staring deep into my eyes and I smile affectionately at him. His dark locks shatter over his sweaty forehead and his swollen lips are parted as he stares at me. I wish I could read his mind at this moment and get insight on what’s bothering him but I can’t... so I have to use the only way I know how to.

Sedate then Investigate.

“Take me please master,” I whisper, eyes glued to his, wiggling beneath him and he groans huskily before kissing me harder.

His hands find my breasts slapping, groping and pinching them and I groan passionately, writhing beneath him. His lips soon find my neck sucking, licking and nibbling taking my breath away but leaving marks in their wake. With each touch my body temperature spikes, my senses intensify and chills run down my spine. My mind faintly registers a click before vibrations fill the air and my eyes widen as Dylan presses the vibrator against my clit.

“Oh god,” I moan pulling at the cuffs as my body trembles beneath him.

He suckles my breasts, circling my clit with the vibrator and I grunt, crying out as my body overwhelms with pleasure. He rubs my clit torturously slow with the device, making my toes curl and my breath catch as I try to let out a whimper. This goes on until my body is a mess of convulsions and sweat when he removes the device and his fingers delve into my wet cunt instead. I moan at the feel of his rough fingers against my sensitive flesh and he murmurs in appreciation at my wantonness.

“You like that don’t you, my dirty little girl?” he asks stroking my highly sensitive clit.

“Yes master,” I cry out loving the effect he has on my body.

His fingers play with my pussy evoking screams and moans from my lips pushing my body closer to the edge but he pulls away leaving me wanting.

“My Ana wants this cock, doesn’t she?” he asks palming himself and I nod eagerly.

“Yes, master,” I nod, that ache between my thighs more powerful than my need to take him in my mouth. “Down there, please.”

I sucked in deep breaths watching him as he hovers above me, deciding his next move. He stares at me, before cupping my cheek only to once again pull away and I frown sensing his internal conflict.

“Dylan, are you-?” I yelp as he pinches my nipples and brandishes nipple clamps clipping them on my twin peaks.

I grunt at the sharp pinch of pain and he chuckles as my body juts upwards. He pulls the clamps and I arch upward with a grunt as my nipples stretched with the clamps.

“How’re you doing?” he asks trailing his hands down my stomach.

“More,” I moan feeling pleasure overwhelms me and he grins, placing kisses on my abdomen. “Please.”

My lips part with a breathy moan as his mouth kisses my dripping cunt and my legs pull at the restraints. His open mouth kisses and suckling sends my body to Utopia and I can’t help the screams and moans of sexual bliss that escapes me. I moan and curse his name to hell, thrashing as my body tenses and tightens.

Just as I’m about to give in, he stops. My curses are cut short as he kisses me forcefully, ravishing my mouth and kissing me senseless. His hands pull at the clamps and I cry into the kiss desperately wishing he’ll give me what I want. My body is over sensitive and each nerve attentive to every touch and caress. I breathe deeply when he breaks the kiss but sharply exhale as he thrusts in me.

“Holy shit!” I moan as he thrusts into me hard.

My body rocks back and forth as my mind is lost in blissful turmoil. He kisses me frantically, desperately and I return it with as much vigour as he’s dishing out. I cry out with each pull of the clamps, my cunt dripping aiding his relentless thrusts. He powers into me kicking my body into overdrive again and this time it doesn’t take long for my walls to tighten.

“C-can I cum? Please I want to cum so bad!” I nearly cry as he changes the angle of his thrusts hitting my miracle spot. “Please!”

Dylan kisses my sweaty neck, continuing his assault on my body and it welcomes every inch of him. My body tenses almost strangling him with my walls and by now my screams could be heard by the people in the club.

“Dylan, I can’t -”

“Fuck Ana, cum,” he hisses and I let go crumbling around him, milking his dick for all it’s worth.

Dylan pulls out not reaching his release and I frown, returning from my moment of bliss, as he hurries to open the cuffs, unsnap the clamps and untie me. He sits on the bed with his head in his hands and I slowly make my way towards him.

“Dylan?” I ask placing my hand on his shoulder.

“Indiana, not right now,” he states brushing off my advances and my frown deepens.

I get off the bed and move to stand in front of him, hands in his hair.

“Hey,” I say kneeling to stare at his handsome face. “I’m right here if you need to talk.”

“Indiana not now,” he states looking away from me. His jaw is clenched and his eyes expressionless I hated it.

I caress his jaw turning his gaze to mine, giving him my best reassuring smile. “I’m here for you Dylan. I won’t leave you... Just talk to me.”

I stare at him pleadingly and he sighs before cupping my cheek. “I don’t deserve you.”

I go to ask him what he means but his lips cut my words short. This kiss isn’t rough and demanding as before but soft and compassionate. He gently pulls me to my feet and places my legs on either side of him while kissing me so softly, as if I would break.

I pull back hating the way he distracted me so easily. “Dylan, this is not-”

“Please just help me forget,” he pleads against my neck and I look at him hating how broken he sounded.

I nod my head, cupping his cheeks and sweetly kisses his lips pouring put all the adoration I feel for him. Wasting no time, Dylan gently guides me onto his eager member and my lips part as I accept him inch by inch. I slowly rock my hips, feeling him glide against my walls and my body trembles at the chills that take me over.

Dylan rests his hand on my spine, trailing the bone and exciting my body to no return. I moan loudly when he begins to thrust upwards and he uses this time to kiss my neck and jaw. He rubs my g spot with each thrust and I find my body building with each provocative movement.

My eyes roll back in bliss and I hear Dylan groan as his hips met mine. Our bodies clap, applauding the emotions flaring between us. This isn’t just sex, it was so much more. He is vulnerable, baring his soul before me and I happily do the same.

Dylan kisses me like it’s his last time savouring every moment, every touch and every sound leaving my mouth.

“Dylan,” I moan, tightening my hold on his hair as he smacks my ass.

The sting is soothed by his rough palm and I pull back to stare into his hazy eyes. He holds me with a look of utter love and it shocks me to my core. He pulls me back into a kiss as his thrusts became crazed and I grip his shoulders, bouncing on his lap.

His release comes quickly after that and I ride his dick off into the sunset... as he’d suggested earlier.

Minutes later, we cuddle against one another and I smile not wanting this night to end. He kisses and caresses me making me feel special and wanted. My eyes soon start to get heavy as Dylan plays with my hair and my mind slowly starts to lose consciousness.

“Happy Birthday Indiana,” Dylan whispers as I drift off.

“Thank you,” I reply sleepily, system functions going onto sleep mode.

“I’m so sorry, mi amor....” Are the last words I hear.

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