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Chapter 19

“Good morning sunshine,” my aunt calls out to me as I walk into the kitchen at noon, looking for something to eat.

“Morning,” I grumble out, moving towards the coffee machine.

I fell asleep about 6 a.m. this morning after Dylan took my body to another earth-quaking orgasm with his fingers. When I woke up, I was in the guest room, my body wrapped in the sheets and my underwear and shirt missing.

Typical Dylan...

To say I’m tired is an understatement. Right now I’m running on 30% or less but I won’t complain. Thinking back to last night I’d do it again and again, even if the outcome is being this tired.

I make myself a steaming cup of coffee before moving towards the breakfast bar where my aunt sits with a broad grin on her face.

“Why are smiling at me like that?” I ask taking a seat, sipping up the caffeine.

“Oh nothing,” she grins before moving towards the microwave to pull out a plate with eggs, sausage and pancakes.

She hands it to me and I thank her profoundly, taking a bite of the sausage. Food... I mentally moan.

“So, this morning I was going through the security feed to see what’s been happening around here and manually delete a few clips,” my aunt says leaning on the counter. “Imagine my surprise when my camera picks up two horny adults, dabbling in the acts cullinigus and felliato in my living room...”

I choke on the sausage, going into a coughing fit and my aunt pats my back with a smile. “Careful now cara, might be a little too much for you.”

My face goes red and my eyes widen in disbelief... She saw...

“You can’t do that! T-That’s... invasion of privacy,” I say as I stop coughing.

“Last time I checked. It was my cabin, doll,” she says, brushing me off with a roll of her eyes and a shrug. “Plus don’t fear, I deleted the clip and disabled the camera. It wasn’t a night vision camera so I really didn’t see anything.”

Thank god... I mentally relax.

“So now you guys can get freaky away from the camera... Though I find it fun to do myself,” my aunt adds with a wink and my mouth drops.

“Oh my god,” I say as her statement clicks. “You weren’t just looking for any clip. You were looking for clips of you and Uncle Dimitri..... ew....”

She shrugs, laughing at my scrunched up face. “Ain’t my fault babe. Quoting Doja Cat, ‘I love when we get freaky on camera’...”

She accompanies this with a little swing of the hips and I chuckle at my favourite aunt, though if the others ask I didn’t say that.

She’s so fun and full of life, it’s hard to believe she went through all that pain...

“Speaking of the men... Where are they?” I ask, sipping some more coffee.

“Probably up the mountain. Dimitri wanted to speak with Dylan,” she replies walking towards the living area before snapping her fingers muttering under her breath. “I’ll be right back... I have something to do upstairs.”

She then disappears up the stairs and I sigh returning my focus to my brunch. Minutes later, I’m finished with my food and I wash the plate, some water splashing onto Dylan’s Nike shirt and Aunt Shan’s leggings.

Aunt Shan has yet to come back downstairs by the time I’m finished so I step out of the kitchen and make my way upstairs. I find my aunt in her room dusting down her nightstand and she turns upon hearing me enter.

“Sorry for not returning honey... I did one thing then I had to do another. So, here I am cleaning...” Aunt Shan says handing me a feather duster. “Help me?”

Shrugging, I take it moving towards the dusty wardrobe, it’s not like I have anything else to do. We go on like this, cleaning, for a few minutes before my aunt sighs.

“I need music,” she says then moves to her phone on the bed, hooking it up with her small boom box and minutes later Cybersex by Doja cat sparks the rhythm for our little cleaning routine.

“Really?” I chuckle, looking back at her.

She grins at me wiggling her brows and I shake my head, going back to my cleaning.

I wanna touch on you, you see me in my room... Wish you were here right now. All of the things I’d do...

I dust down the wardrobe, moving my hips and feet to the groove. My dancer body getting in tune with the music, ghosting over moves it remembers.

“I wanna get freaky on camera. I love when we get freaky on camera,” my aunt sings and looks over at her as she places both hands on the wall, dipping her hips and rotating them before shooting me a playful grin.

We freak on the cam, love at first sight, just a link to the ’Gram...

The verse comes on and I find myself throwing a few moves around, bending my leg upward shaking my ass before dropping it and doing a ‘woah’. My aunt laughs, dropping her wacky yet on-point moves and I smile before putting my groove to her moves, moving to dust the windows.

I move my hips portray some sexy moves the music going to my head, before doing a bounce, popping my left hand in front, right behind and vice versa. I go silly, dropping some hip hop-twerk moves, having fun with it.

“And that’s my babe ya, better yet, that’s my hitta,” My aunt starts dropping it low singing to the lyrics, the feather duster her mic, and I nearly fall on my ass because of how awkward she looks.

Nevertheless, I cheer her on, she rises shaking that ass left to right and I follow, showing her a few moves.

“Step back. Left foot behind right foot then switch,” I teach as the chorus comes in.

I wanna touch on you.
You see me in my room.
Wish you were here right now.
All of the things I’d do.
I wanna get freaky on camera.
I love when we get freaky on camera.

We do the steps, moving our shoulders side to side before dropping in the Thotiana dance. I jump landing in a bounce, dropping it down before turning, hands on our knees, rolling what mama blessed us with side to side.

Is you into that? (Into that, is you into that? Uh-huh)
Let’s break the internet (internet, on the internet, oh ohh)

We turn, pushing our hands upwards from our hips, before doing the butterfly on either side.

We do it the best (it the best, doin’ it the best, uh-uhh)
When we have cybersex (cybersex, havin’ cybersex)

We repeat the moves, hands thrust and butterfly, getting it better this time and as the verse comes on my aunt stops dancing, gasping for air.

“Alright. I don’t know how you dancers move around like that for hours but I’m tired...” my aunt says breathing hard, fanning herself with her hand. “Back to dusting.”

I laugh, going back to my task, grooving out the rest of the song. We move to the guest bedroom five minutes later and then in half an hour we’ve gone through multiple songs and finished cleaning upstairs.

Now we’re in the living room and another Doja Cat song comes on. My aunt whoops and I chuckle at her youthfulness. She’s almost fifty but she could give any thirty-year-old a run for their money in spirit and looks.

“Go down, go down, go down, yeah. Let me see you go to town, yeah,” she sings out, bending to her knees bouncing as she dusts the centre table.

I rock with the beat, wiping off the breakfast bar and I find myself unconsciously moving my hips. I finish wiping the counters as the song hits its last couple of lines and I make a show of wining down to the floor as I dust the lower cupboards.

Go down, go down, go down, yeah (baby, see you go down)

I bounce a little, rolling my hips giggling and singing along to the song.

Let me see you go to town, yeah
Go down, go down, go down, yeah, yeah, yeah (baby, see you go)

“Ahhh-” I hear my aunt scream and I whip my head around letting out a scream, falling on my ass.

I look up at the person staring down at me, my cheeks blushing a bright red. Dylan smirks as he leans against the breakfast bar, taking me in. His eyes observe me with a predatory look and I gulp as my body reacts to it, goosebumps rising on my skin.

I go to speak, the embarrassment evident on my face but I’m interrupted by my aunt.

“You scared the shit out of me Dimitri,” my aunt scolds my uncle from the living room. “I could kick your ass.”

Sighing, I quickly fly to my feet, fixing the shirt on my body and clutching the duster in my hand.

“You were throwing all that ass back. Who am I not to take what you were dishing out?” Uncle Dimitri replies and I look behind Dylan to see Uncle Dimitri wrap his arms around my aunt from behind.

She rolls her eyes and Uncle Dimitri whispers something in her ear, her face heating up. She hits his chest pulling away and he laughs, smacking her ass.

“That was quite a show,” Dylan says softly with a smirk on his face, drawing my attention back to him. “Even though I know how low you can go... I’m almost tempted to see it right here, right now... but we can do that later...”

I’m not ashamed to say my cunt pulsed deliciously as his carnal stare pins me. The things he can do to me, the promise in his eyes... they turn me on.

“Indie,” I hear Uncle Dimitri call from the living room and I jump a little, blushing.

Damn him... I think looking at Dylan’s arrogant smirk.

I walk into the living area, ignoring Dylan’s presence as I lock eyes with my Uncle.

“Hey Uncle Dimi,” I say and he opens his arms for me, inviting me in for a hug.

“It’s good to see you again, little one,” he states engulfing me in a protective hug.

He pulls back, hands on my shoulders with a smile. “Sorry, for not greeting you properly over these couple of days. I’ve been busy with that one over there.”

He throws a pointed look and Dylan, before gazing back down at me and ruffling my hair. “How are you handling all of this?”

“I haven’t ran into the woods screaming bloody murder... so I’ll say well,” I jest and he smiles at me, proudly.

“Just like your momma and aunt, forte,” he says before pulling back, wrapping an arm around my aunt.

“Well, we’re going upstairs... to... finish cleaning up,” my uncle grins side glancing my aunt, before leading her towards the stairs. I know for a fact they’re going up there to do the opposite... “You two have fun up the mountain.”

Up the mountain?

“Dimitri!” I hear my aunt scream before giggling as my uncle throws her over his shoulder, making his way up the stairs.

“Be safe you two!” my aunt yells out to us, a smack sounding from their direction before disappearing from view and I shake my head... They’re a couple of nymphomaniacs.

“Up the mountain?” I ask turning towards Dylan, who is lazily tapping his fingers on the counter and he looks up at me.

“Yeah, I thought you might be a little sick of the cabin and need new scenery,” Dylan smiles, holding out his hand for me. “Shall we go?”

“Sounds fun,” I reply, taking his hand and he leads me to the back door of the cabin.

I pull on the sneakers I’d worn up here, Dylan doing the same before grabbing my hand. We start our hike through the wild vegetation and I smile as a cool breeze blows, my t-shirt clings to my form.

The path we trek on is marked, the grass and other plants either trampled or bending opposite of the direction our feet walk. We follow the path for a few minutes, the sound of nature around us and I sigh before opening my mouth.

“So ....” I say to Dylan who’s behind me as I step over epiphytes and large bugs that weave across the path...

“So?” Dylan asks guiding me to the left with his hands on hips.

Upon turning left, we meet a fallen tree that blocks our path. Below the trunk is an accumulation of rocks, dirt and shrubs that boost the height of the blockage to just above my head. Shit... That’s high.

Dylan taps my waist and I turn to face him. He looks up at the blockage before looking down at me shaking his head. He mutters shortie under his breath and I send him a glare.

“Calm down Ana. Now come on, up you go,” he states bending, intertwining his fingers.

“You can’t be serious,” I say looking down at him and he shoots me a look urging me on.

He’s looking to boost me up... No, no, no!

“Can’t we talk around it?”

“Nope, it’s set up this way so no hikers can find it. This is the only way to where we are headed,” he replies, waiting on me to step onto his palms.

I start to shake my head and Dylan pins me with those eyes, understanding suddenly flickering across his face as he notices the fear on my face.

“Ana, it’s okay. I won’t let you fall,” he says, his voice sympathizing with me.

Let’s just say we were attempting a backflip in dance class once when I fell, fracturing my neck... Thankfully it didn’t affect my spinal cord so I was just given a neck brace, medication and in six weeks I was healed.

It was a traumatic time for me but it didn’t change my love for dance. It, however, left a fear of being boosted upwards... as crazy as it sounds.

I hesitate momentarily looking into his eyes before placing my foot on his palms and allowing him to boost me up so I can climb over the tree. I make it over the blockage without any accidents and Dylan hoists himself over effortlessly, dropping behind me.

He smiles at me, before gripping my waist and pecking my lips. The scared expression on my face melts away as I look at the proud smile on his face.

Is he proud because I placed my trust in him or because I conquered something that scared me?

“It’s not much farther from here,” he states taking my hand in his before leading me through the canopy of trees and up a rocky path.

“Where exactly is there?” I ask ducking under a fallen tree, resting on the exfoliating boulder.

“Don’t worry about that, just know you’ll love it,” he states, before climbing up a wall of boulders.

He reaches the top and holds out a hand towards me. I grab it placing my foot in a groove and helps me to climb up the boulders. We walk for another ten minutes and I find myself becoming winded. It is very steep terrain.

I’m so out of shape that I start to pant and slow down. I stop holding my knees, breathing hard... It’s not much farther from here...he said, bullshit.

A shadow casts over me and I look up at Dylan who has an amused look on his face.

“Tired already Ana?” he asks, with a grin. “Want to ride on my back?”

I glare at him. “No, it’s not much farther right?”

I stand up, controlling my breathing before stepping past him. “I can manage.”

I hold his gaze walking blindly and I shriek as my toe hit a rock. I curse grabbing my foot, losing my balance but thankfully Dylan catches me.

“That’s it,” he grunts out before steadying me. “On my back it is.”

He hikes me up on his back with little effort. I go to protest but the girly girl in me rears her head, wrapping my arms around his neck, snuggling onto his back.

Don’t judge me. It’s been a while since he’d given me a piggyback ride and I’m going to enjoy it.


“Wow,” I say a few minutes later when we enter a small clearing on the mountain terrain.

There’s an area of low lying grass surrounded by tall grasses and wildflowers.

Dylan carries us through the tall grass and I reach my hand out to touch the wildflowers.

“That’s a Phaceila Viscida...” I hear Dylan say as I touch the blue flower. “The white ones are Calochortus Catalina.”

“They’re beautiful,” I say and he gently eases me off his back as we step onto the short grass.

He turns smiling at me before cupping my face. He moves his face close to mine and our breaths mingle, our lips closing their distance. He pecks my lips sweetly, gently and my insides melt. I return his caress, placing my hands on his shoulders and I shiver as his tongue skims my bottom lip. I open my mouth accepting his advance and I rake my fingers through his hair.

His hands wrap around me, pulling me snug against his body and I sigh, content with his hold on me. Dylan holds me, gently kissing me and my heart nearly explodes with how fast it’s beating. He caresses my spine and I almost tremble under the light touches. A cool breeze blows against us and I shiver, pushing his lips closer to mine using the hands in his hair.

When we pull away it’s to get well-needed air. We must have been kissing for a few minutes but it feels longer to me.

He gazes down at me, raising a hand to my jaw before trailing his finger against it. “I’ve always wanted to do that...”

I look at him confused. “What do you mean? We’ve kissed before...”

“That’s not what I meant,” he states, a boyish smile on his face. “I’ve always wanted to kiss you here... I found this place a couple of years back, this is where I came when I was close to losing my mind. It’s my favourite place and I’ve always imagined being here with you... my favourite person.”

... my favourite person.

My lips part and my eyes become blurry as I try to fight back tears, failing horribly. He called me his favourite person... Tears stream down my face and Dylan frowns wiping them away from my face with his thump.

“Come on now,” he says, kissing my cheeks. “No tears...”

Come on, Indie... Stop with the tears, since when are you so emotional...

I nod, sniffling and he smiles before telling me to close my eyes which I obey. He takes my hand leading me further into the clearing and seconds later I heard a thud. I gasp being caught off guard as he pulls on my hand, my body falling onto his.

“Open them,” he whispers and I do just that, taken aback by the scenery in front of me.

We are seated near the edge of a cliff, below us we see the layout of the mountain, low lying canopies outlying the shape of the land and emergent trees reaching towards the sky. The sky is a bright blue with thin cirrus clouds and various species of birds patrolling the sky.

“It’s beautiful,” I say in awe and Dylan chuckles kissing my cheek.

“Not as beautiful as you Ana,” he states and I smile, loving the way he’s not so uptight with his feelings anymore.

I shift, moving so I’m straddling his lap before placing a chaste kiss on his lips because I just can’t help myself. We continue like that for a few minutes before pulling away.

We sit together looking at the scenery and keeping a decent conversation with each other. We talk lightly about anything and everything. Even a little about his unorthodox training with his sperm donor and I even speak about my struggles after he left.

When we finish talking, the sky has purple and orange tints and the sun is setting. We learn a lot about each other in those few hours we talked and knowing a little of his past makes me adore him even more.

We make it down to the cabin before nightfall, the trip down being quicker. After a nice dinner together and washing my body, I lie with him on the bed in the guest room, just enjoying his presence.

Thinking to myself that today was a good day... A really good day.

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