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Chapter 20

“Flying? A bird?” I ask as my aunt flaps her arms around.

She nods holding up two fingers indicating it’s the second word. She then holds up her fists, mimicking a punch...

“Fighting? Punching?” I say and she shakes her head, going in a defensive position, a boxing position.

“Boxing?” I ask and she nods. “Bird Boxing... Oh, Bird box!”

“Yes!” she yells as the timer goes off, indicating we’ve successfully scored another point.

She moves towards the love seat, high-fiving me as she props herself on the armrest. We look over at the guys indicating it’s their turn and Uncle Dimitri rises from the one-seater making his way in front of us.

“Okay, the genre is music,” he announces looking at Dylan who is seated to my left on the love seat.

Uncle Dimitri holds up two fingers, two words. Dylan sits up propping his elbows on his thighs as he focuses on my uncle. Uncle Dimi puts his hand on his hips, holding up his right hand and rocks, moving his hand back and fro. He points to the ring finger, moving his head side to side and Dylan states the answer immediately.

“Single ladies by Beyonce,” he says sitting back and Uncle Dimi nods with a dimpled smile.

“That was way too easy Dimitri,” my aunt states rolling her eyes.

If you haven’t picked it up we’re playing charades in the living room. It’s about 9 pm and we’re all cozy in sleepwear.

I’m in a baggy t-shirt and one of my aunt’s pyjama shorts while Aunt Shan is in a nightgown that reaches a little above her knees. Uncle Dimi and Dylan are in pyjama bottoms and tanks, each giving their girl a wonderful view.

Dylan’s tribal tattoo is exposed and I can’t help but look at it... It is so intricate and beautiful against his tan skin. The next thing to catch my eye is his bandage. His wound has been healing remarkably and his stitches are almost ready to be pulled. I guess it is good Raphael hasn’t called yet... it has given him time to heal both physically and mentally.

So, we’re currently on our fifth night in the cabin and to make the time pass faster – and take our mind off the fact that Raphael has yet to call– my aunt wanted to play some games. Eventually, we decide on a gender challenge rather than couples. So far we’ve done monopoly, checkers, operation and now charades. It has been quite a night.

“The rules specify no talking, I didn’t talk did I?” Uncle Dimi grins before dropping himself into the one-seater.

My aunt grumbles something under her breath before slapping on a smile. “Well, that’s the last of that game... Let’s wrap up with Pictionary.”

She pulls a box from beside the love seat dropping it on the table and opening it up.

“Okay, Indiana and Dylan are up first,” she announces handing us letter-sized, whiteboards and some makers.

She then pushes us in front of the TV before gesturing for us to start.

“Think of your first word or words and get sketching,” she instructs and I look over at Dylan who looks at me.

I raise a brow thinking of a word before smiling as it comes to me. I reach over to him, tipping on my toes and whisper what I wanted to illustrate in his ear. He nods and on the count of three, we start sketching, managing to keep the board in view of our teammates.

“A triangle?” Aunt Shan guesses and I shake my head.

“An arrow?” Uncle Dimi asks before sipping on his wine and Dylan replies with a no.

I sketch the legs, crisscrossing lines within the body to complete the look and my Aunt stares at the board in complete confusion. I add some clouds, birds at the top of the structure adding in a few hearts on the whiteboard.

“Eiffel Tower!” Uncle Dimitri states and Dylan nods.

“How is that supposed to be the Eiffel Tower?” my aunt asks trying to decipher my drawing.

The men gaze over at my sketch and Uncle Dimitri releases a heartily laugh while a smile pulls at Dylan’s lips. I blush in embarrassment, let’s just say art isn’t my strong point.

“Okay,” my uncle says between laughter. “Next word.”

My aunt shakes her head, muttering something about us being fucked and I nearly jump out of my skin as Dylan leans down, whispering his word or should I say a phrase, in my ear.

I look at him wide-eyed. “I am not drawing that!”

“Well this sounds interesting,” Uncle Dimi says sitting up staring at us more interested than before. “Let’s go... One, two, three, sketch.”

Dylan sketches lazily gazing over at me, looking smug and I shake my head and begin to sketch. I draw two circles connected by a line, I draw a mask beside it and I go to draw a box with a long thick line that tapers towards the end when my aunt shouts the answer.

“Bondage, Discipline/Dominant, Submissive/Sadism and Masocism... Bdsm,” she says proudly leaning back on the love seat before looking over at her husband and winking.

I nod with heated cheeks confirming her answer but my aunt and uncle fail to notice as they eye-fuck each other in front of me.

“I don’t know about you guys,” my uncle states his eyes still locked on my aunt. “... but I’m exhausted. How about we end this game and go to bed.”

Seriously... They were going to use that excuse like we didn’t know what they’re going to do up there.

“I agree,” Dylan adds placing his arm over my shoulder.

I look up at him in question and the glint in his eyes causes a shiver to go through me. What is going on in that head of his?

“We’ll pack up the stuff,” Dylan states as his hand slides down to the middle of my back. “You guys go get some rest.”

Uncle Dimi grins before standing and holding out his hand to his wife. “Shall we, cara?”

My aunt nods taking his hand, bidding us a short goodnight before rushing upstairs my uncle not far behind.

I shake my head as a door slams shut before turning to look at the man next to me. His eyes are already trained on me, that glint of mischief in his captivating irises.

“Shall we pack up?” he asks before stepping away from me and placing the whiteboards into the Pictionary box.

I blink, confusion etched in my face. Didn’t he go along with all that so we could have fun? If yes, then why is he packing up stuff?

“Aren’t going to help?” he asks with an amused expression and I catch on to his game.

If he wants to play that way, fine.

I nod moving towards the other games packing them in their corresponding boxes and placing them one by one into the small space under the stairs. Dylan stacks the Pictionary into the small area, moving aside so I can do the same for the checkers. Once finish, I close the 3ft door rising from my bent position to find Dylan missing from behind me.

I hear sounds from the kitchen so I walk towards them and smile when I see Dylan pouring two glasses of red wine. I make my way towards him and he holds out a glass to me which I take happily. I take a sip, eyes lock with his and his lips twitches before he takes a swing of his glass.

Okay Dylan, game on.

Finishing my glass of wine, I move between him and the counter, reaching for the wine bottle to his right. My body is alert as his body heat steeps through my thin top and I hear him take a sharp intake of breath as my ass brushes against his crotch.

“Sorry,” I say innocently turning to face him smiling as those blue-green eyes darken with lust.

Tilting the bottle towards my lips, I smile at him. “I’m just really thirsty.”

I close my eyes, swallowing slowly as the rich, alcoholic liquid slides down my throat. I pull away from the bottle, opening my hazy hazel eyes before licking my lips as some wine drips to my chin. His hungry eyes pin me and my lips pull into a smile as I feel his fingers sinking into the flesh of my sides.

“Want some?” I ask innocently raising the bottle towards him.

His hand snakes upwards and grips the back of my neck, pushing our faces closer together. My pulse races and I look at him, my chest heaving and my eyes telling him how wanton I am for him. Keeping eye contact, I use my tongue to lick his lips, swiping it against his bottom lip. He grips my neck pulling me towards him and I groan as our mouths clash in a heated kiss.

I grip his hair pulling as I brace myself on him devouring his lips. Pleasure courses through my veins interacting with the alcohol that has my body extra hyper. His hand moves to cup my face, the other firmly on my hip and I moan as it sneaks round to cup my ass. He presses me against the counter I’m aware of his hardness... every delicious part of him against my pulsating body.

The feel of his body against me sets my skin on fire and I find myself jumping onto him, my legs around his waist. He smirks against my lips, holding me up that one hand gripping into my ass.

Our gasps and rasps, moans and groans litter the quiet atmosphere of the kitchen but we pay no notice as we have our full of each other. He nibbles on my lip and I lease a sharp cry as his hand wraps around my neck.

Fuck yes...

He squeezes nibbling on my jaw and my cunt jumps, a moan ripping from my throat. His tongue finds my sensitive lobe, nibbling, licking and full-on biting. I grip his hair with one hand, the nails of the other sinking into the skin of his shoulder as I mewl.

His lips lick and kiss my sweaty, heated skin, his fingers leaving my neck. Fisting my hair, he pulls my head back and sucks on the crook of my neck, which has my lips parting in sweet pleasure. My chest heaves, goosebumps rising on my skin as his mouth delivers its wicked torture.

Moving his other hand to my hip, he pushes me upwards and I find myself on the counter... Bang...

“Shit,” I giggle as my head hits the cupboard.

Dylan curses under his breath before moving his hand to my hair, massaging my scalp. I look down at Dylan who looks up at me concerned. ’Are you okay?’ his eyes say and I giggle uncontrollably.

“Smooth move Jacobs...” I say to ease his concern. One look into my twinkling eyes and he understands that I’m not hurt.

“It’s not my fault your head has a habit of banging into things,” he retorts before gripping my hips and pulling onto him.

My hand grasps his shoulder and he hisses as I put pressure on his bandage wound.

“You’re hurt!” I exclaim finally remembering his injury. “You shouldn’t be carrying m–”

He cuts me off with a kiss and I find myself wrapping my arms around his neck... unable to fight the emotions his kisses provoke in me. He pulls back those dark, beautiful eyes gazing at me.

“Good, you’ve shut up. Now let’s take this somewhere else.”

I grip his shoulders grinning as I’m carried from the kitchen to the living area and dropped onto his mattress. I bounce a little, giggling and he hovers over me, latching his lips to mine. The kiss is short but passionate and as he pulls back I grip his tank pulling him back down, careful not to aggravate his wound.

He kisses me back grabbing my hands and placing them to the side as his mouth ravishes mine. I arch upwards, moaning as I feel his hardness against my thigh. I rub against it and he groans pulling back, much to my protest. He releases my hands, rising to his knees before slowly and torturously taking off his top.

I place my hands on his abs, getting my feel of his firm muscles and he watches me, allowing me to have my fill. Taking advantage of this, I scoot so I’m sitting upwards, my mouth licking, nibbling and sucking on his abs as my nails scrape over those firm pectorals. Dylan groans gripping my hair as I tilt my head licking above the waistband of his sweats.

I run my nails down his torso before gripping the sweats, looking to yank it down. He grips my hands, stopping me and I look up at him with my best Bambi eyes... that innocent yet pleading look.

Groaning, he releases my hands and I smile kissing the tattoo on his abs. I tug the sweats down and he springs free smacking against my chin. Shuffling back, I eye the thick, veiny cock in front of me licking my lips. I grasp the base and I hear his breath hitch. Smiling, I tighten my grip, pumping him and Dylan groans fisting my hair.

Pain radiates from the roots of my hair but it only adds to the pleasure and want courses through me. As I pump him and watch him grow, I find myself wanting to devour him... suck, lick and fuck him with my mouth until he combusts in it or on my chest or even on my face.

Slowly my pumps, I look up at Dylan before slowly covering his thick tip with my mouth, tasting his pre-cum. He groans, tightening his hold on my hair and I moan, the vibrations going to his cock. I close my eyes briefly before staring up at him once more and planting a kiss on his tip.

“Ana,” he grunts and I look at him with a sultry gaze as I suck on his tip like it’s a lollipop.

I lick and suck him slowly, torturously, maintaining eye contact. His muscles tighten and I can see the veins rising in his arms as he hisses through his teeth. I squeeze him roughly as I take him further into my mouth, my eyes rolling back at the blissful feeling of him filling my mouth.

My cunt pulses and I get heated, sucking and pumping. Dylan pushes me forward as the pleasure intensifies and I gasp as he hits the back of my throat. I lap him with my tongue, saliva dripping down my chin and he grips my hair guiding my movements as I bob.

It fills me with overwhelming bliss as I watch Dylan curse, hiss and tense above me, whilst my mouth pleasures his big, meaty cock. I groan, pumping him harder as his hips start to thrust. His tip hits the back of my throat over and over again and I clench my legs together, my arousal becoming an intense pressure between my legs.

“Fuck, neonata!” he bellows his free hand reaching down to fondle my aching, erect nipple through the t-shirt and I gag against him, caught off guard.

A rumble of pleasure sounds in his chest and he pulls on my nipple again, evoking the same reaction from me. As he pumps and pumps I salivate against his cock, the liquid dripping onto my chest.

He thrusts into my mouth, playing with my breasts and I moan and relish in the sensations pulsing through me. My nipples ache from his harsh pinches but it’s the pleasure kind of pain. Gazing into his fiery, pleasure-filled eyes, I grip his cock tightly and I move the other hand to his balls, fondling that sensitive area between the sacks... that did it... well, that and my twist, suck and pump manoeuvre pushed him over the edge...

Eyes captivated by the blissful expression that crosses his face, I find myself choking as his hips jerk, warm spunk filling my mouth.

“Ana!” he yells my name as he comes and my heart flickers in triumph... this is what I do to him... I make him lose himself...

I open my mouth as the load fills it to the brim. I don’t swallow it all, I opt for some to flow down my jaw, down onto my t-shirt causing it to clings against my breasts.

Dylan still has his hand coil in my hair as he breathes hard, coming down from his high. He eyes me as I pull away from his cock with a gentle suck before grinning up at him.

I lick my lips with a satisfied smirk. “Delísioso papí... más ...”

I squeal as I’m pushed onto the mattress and Dylan hovers over me.

“The things you do to me...” with that he crashes his lips to mine in a sensual yet bruising kiss.

I wrap my hands around his neck, groaning into the kiss. I smile as he pushes said hands over my head, telling me to keep them there before grabbing my top and ripping it. I gasp, my back arching off the bed as his moist mouth covers my pebbled nipple. He sucks and bites my nipple causing me to thrash and cry out in pleasure.

My hands move to bury themselves in his hair but he intercepts them pinning them with his left hand. His right-hand caresses the skin beneath my left breast, before tracing his thumb over the nipple.

“Dylan... oh... please...” I plead my eyes screwed shut.

He pulls away from my other nipple with a pop before devouring my left nipple, causing me to thrash and groan against the wicked ways of his mouth.

His right-hand burns a trail down my skin as it moves and my pulse quickens as it slips into my shorts. I cry out his name as his thumb strokes my clit and my legs tremble. He sucks, rubbing my bundle of nerves and I grit my teeth, tears coming to my eyes...

The sensitivity... The pleasure... so much...

“D–Dylan,” I moan as he hikes my legs around his waist, removing his hand from my shorts.

I mewl as he grinds his hardened cock against my crotch, rubbing against my clit. Shocks run through me and I find myself, quivering under him. Each hump brings me closer to that edge, each kiss, nibble and suck drives me crazy and I–I can’t hold it anymore.

Pressure builds in my stomach and I sink my heels in his ass urging him to go faster. My body rocks hard against the mattress and I thrash against his hold, my breath quickening, my pulse hammering, my body heat levitating and my chest heaving...

One hard thrust against me, coupled with a firm bite on my nipple and I’m screaming out as I come apart under his touch.


“Dylan?” I ask groggily as I open my eyes to be greeted with the sight of beautiful purple and white wildflowers.

Birds chirp around me and I grip the soft blanket beneath me tighter. I hear shuffling behind me and soon a strong arm is placed over my hip. I’m gently turned onto my back and I squint my eyes close as the evening sun blinds me.

“I’m here, Ana,” he whispers in my ear, brushing a strand of hair away from my face.


My eyes slowly become adjusted to the light and I smile up at him. “How long have I been asleep?”

“An hour and a half give or take,” he responds caressing my cheek while giving me a charming smile.

A gentle breeze blows around us, rustling his dark curls and I smile reaching up to touch his faint stubble. He shivers under my touch, reaching up to hold my hand and I bite my lip, an invitation.

He takes it pressing a sweet kiss onto my lips and I snake my other hand in his hair, my heart fluttering at the emotions stirring inside me.

We are currently at his favourite place up the mountain. We were having a stakeout waiting on Raphael’s call. Dylan had started to get worried after the 7th day passed and Raphael didn’t contact us. Based on the conservation he had with Uncle Dimi, if he hasn’t received word from Raphael in two days we’re going to leave.

To where... that’s yet to be decided... and we’re halfway through the first day.

We pull away, staring at one another and I blush as his eyes praise me. We lay there for a few minutes, just staring at one another...

“Any luck?” I ask, hopefully, and he shakes his head no.


I huff out a breath staring at the blue sky in annoyance and Dylan moves to lie beside me in the same position.

One call... That’s all we need Raphael... God, I hope he’s okay.

“Have you decided where we’re going?” I further question.

“I have many places in the state...” Dylan says placing his hands behind his head. “... but I’m not sure if it’s safe to go there. However, we can’t stay here like sitting ducks waiting for a call or worse an attack.”

I hum agreeing with him... thinking over what I’m about to propose. I’ve had time to think this over and I’d promised myself he’d to meet her... I promise my baby that her daddy would know of her... maybe this is my chance.

“What about Bellator?”

He’s silent for a few minutes and I bite my lip awaiting his response. I stare up at the moving clouds finding them rather entertaining as I wait out this awkward silence.

Bellator...” he breathes minutes later and I look over at him. “The Bahamian safe–island named in memory of Alexis... my mother.”

I sit up instantly, leaning over him as I watch a frown pull at his beautiful lips. His mother has always been a touchy subject for Dylan. Growing up mom didn’t hesitate to tell him how wonderful his mother was and how much she loved him but Dylan just always had reserved feelings towards his mother.

“I never really had the chance to meet my mother, Ana... and it’s something I’d wished for as long I could remember. Aunt Christi always talks highly of her, and the love she displays for her even in her death... It makes me jealous...” Dylan says staring up at the sky, lost in a daze.

“I wish I had memories of her, instead of this misery. I wish I could have those good times to look back at when her absence makes me feel hollow inside...” he chuckles humourlessly at that and I find myself reaching for his hand.

He sets his eyes on me at the touch, breaking from his daze and the words he says next makes my heart ache for him. “I didn’t know her Ana... I never got the chance to and because of that I envy everyone who did. I miss her... even though I have no memory of her...”

Oh, Dylan...

My other hand caresses his face as my lip trembles, the ache in my heart growing as I see the pain in his eyes.

“It’s okay to miss her Dylan...” I say as I touch his face. “It’s okay to miss what you didn’t get to experience with her... But know that even in death she loves you like a mother loves her new-born child... unconditionally, entirely and purely...”

His eyes swirl with a typhoon of emotions and I smile, tears welling in my eyes. If only he knows how lovable he is...

Based on what Dylan has told me of his past, Charlie despised him. He hated him because he saw him as weak and because Dylan was made by his mistake, Alexis... a woman who he felt nothing for, a woman he saw as nothing... who happened to bestow him with what he needed, an heir. He didn’t love Dylan and the only reason he wants him is so his family name may continue. Dylan was a puppet he wanted to control and to have control he had to break him.

That’s Charlie told him, in those exact words. That’s what that disgusting pig told his son while he beat him for refusing to kill on command... like a puppet ought to.

Tears fall from my eyes onto Dylan’s face and he frowns as my lip trembles and my body shakes.

Who would do that to his child?

Dylan touches my hair running his fingers through it before pulling me down to his chest and wrapping his arms around me. I cry cursing his father between cries and he stiffens after noticing the reason for my tears.

“He’s a filthy bastard and he doesn’t deserve you...” I sternly, tears on my face. “You are worth so much more...”

Dylan says nothing just holds me close and I hug my body to his aiming to soak up the nonverbal comfort he gives. Moments later, I’ve calmed down and he rubs my back soothingly. His chest rises and falls with each breath he takes and I frown as he releases a sorrowful sigh. I kiss his chest, trailing my hands up to his neck before looking up to him.

He gazes at me with those eyes so rich with emotions. I see pain, sadness and regret but as his eyes zone in on me the look changes.

Admiration... Appreciation... Affection and something else that I can’t quite put my finger o–

Buzz... Buzz... Buzz...

Our heads turn simultaneously as the little black phone resting on the patch of grass vibrates beside us. My heart clenched as hope blooms in my chest... this is it...

The call.

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