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Chapter 22

Cars honk and people chatter around me, I watch from behind my sunglasses as Dylan stands outside the café in a black cap, white t-shirt, black jeans and shades.

I hold the coffee cup in my hand, raising it to my lips and taking a long sip.

We’ve been here for an hour, having reached Burbank at noon in the peak of rush hour, that way we’re not that easily spotted. We left the cabin at 5:30 this morning with a vehicle arranged for us by Uncle Dimi. We dumped the van as soon as we reached Burbank and now we’re waiting on Dylan’s colleague.

A vehicle is supposed to pick us up from here at 1:30 p.m and it is five minutes to that time so Dylan is looking out for that vehicle.

I sigh, brushing strands of my red hair over my shoulder. Yes you heard me red hair. Before leaving my aunt thought I should do something a little different to my hair and she used a jar of Cherry Kool-Aid to temporarily dye it.

So, I went from dirty blonde to redhead.

I’m in a white t-shirt and khaki shorts with Nike sneakers. A bag with ‘backups’ lies at my feet and another where Dylan had sat. I wear a bulletproof under the shirt but the size of the shirt doesn’t make it obvious.

Dylan also placed a gun in the waist of my shorts for my protection. Dylan himself has a gun in his waistband, a holster on his left leg with a knife on the right.

Pushing up my shades, I move my eyes around the café, watching persons converse while looking for anyone suspicious. My eyes land on a guy, blonde hair, grey eyes and I notice that he’s blatantly checking me out.

He moves from his booth, whispering to his friends and they watch as he makes his way over to me.

You’re barking at the wrong tree, boy...

“Hey... I’m Javin,” he says taking a seat in front of me and I raise a brow at him.

“Hello... I don’t remember asking you to sit,” I retort and he smiles, an arrogant one.

“Nah, I invited myself over after I saw you checking me out,” he states cockily and I raise my brows so high I fear they’ve disappeared into my hairline. “Ain’t go lie you’re the finest thing I’ve seen around here.”

I look at him, like really look at this boy. He’s in a college t-shirt, boy shorts and sneakers. His hair is messy and his eyes hold confidence... a little too much if you ask me.

I honestly cannot deal right now so I look to end it. I have bigger things on my mind and this kid can’t come close to them.

“I don’t recall checking you out... I think you misinterpreted and you should leave.” I smile at his confused face before taking a sip of my coffee.

A few seconds later, his confusion soon lifts and a smile graces his face. “I see, you’re playing hard to get.”

This guy can’t be that dumb...

“I see you. Hear what babe, I’ll leave once I get those digits and then you can give me a really hard time after that,” he smirks sliding over his phone. ”Better yet how bout we hop out here and you gimme a hard time at my place... I want to see how wild redheads are...”

The audacity of this child... I’m not some tramp he can pick up and bed in a few minutes. He’s lucky I’m trying not to cause a scene because my foot would be so far up his ass, he would hit a note higher than Mariah Carey.

He sits there with a cheeky grin before reaching over and holding my hand with a smirk.

Oh, now he’s gonna get it.

I’m about to give him a piece of my mind when a shadow falls on us. Looking up, I find Dylan staring down at us from behind the shades at the kid who is in his seat.

“Am I interrupting something?” Dylan asks sternly and I look up noticing his clenched jaw.

This boy is in trouble.

The kid doesn’t even look up at Dylan. He rolls his eyes before brushing him away with the flick of a wrist. “Yes you are dude, move along.”

I look at him with a surprised expression on my face. Yeah, he’s dead meat.

Dylan raises a brow, pushing his shades into his hair before gripping the kid’s shoulder with his right hand.

“What th–” the kid starts before shutting up, gulping as he stares up at a pissed off Dylan.

The expression on Dylan’s face is regal, angry, and thoroughly bothered with a shit load of danger/murderous intent and I’m sure the kid is almost pissing his pants.

At least he knows danger when he sees it and Dylan is as lethal as they come.

“I’m going to ask again. Am I interrupting something?” he grits out with a hard edge to his voice and I smile knowingly... this idiot is in for it.

“I—um... I-I...” the kid stutters jumping from the chair, releasing my hand before grabbing his phone and I hide my laughter. “Sir I wasn’t... I just thought she looked lonely...”

“Lonely?” I add, looking to amuse myself a little more. “Is that why came over offering to carry me to your place so I can give you a hard time there? I mean redheads are wild, right?”

The kid’s face goes pale and Dylan raises a brow, glaring down at the kid who is a couple of inches shorter than him. The boy stutters trying to explain and I drink my coffee hiding my silent laughter behind the cup.

“I’m going to say this once...” Dylan states with a deadly calm. “Walk back to wherever you came from and don’t even breathe in her presence again or you won’t be breathing at all...”

The kid wastes no time running from us towards his friends and I give in, bursting into laughter.

Dylan looks over at me unamused and I smile at him. “Jealous much?”

He rolls his eyes at me before grabbing his bag and dropping money on the table. “The driver is here. Let’s go.”

I grab the bag hiking it up on my left shoulder, cupping my caffeine in my right-hand downing the last of it before placing it on the table. I stand making my way towards Dylan with a grin.

“Why master I never took you for the jealous type...” I whisper in his ear and he narrows his eyes at me.

I walk towards the door looking over at the kid who looks scared out of his mind before winking. A hard slap greets my ass upon exiting the café and I gasp. Dylan walks ahead of me towards the black Subaru like he did nothing and I grin, liking the banter.

Handing my bags to the driver as Dylan did, I enter the car through the door the driver holds opened. Once I’m seated, the door is closed and I find myself yanked against a firm chest, lips roughly ravishing mine.

I grip his arms, falling into the feel of his warm lips on mine and I inch closer, my chest against his. He grips my hair tightly and I gasp, giving him entrance to explore my mouth in the most possessive and blissful way.

He yanks me back by my hair and I groan at the loss. I stare at him with hazy eyes and he smirks.

“I’m not jealous, Ana. I’m territorial...” he growls against my lips. “Meaning I’m possessive of what’s mine and you are mine... regardless of what the years have brought... Your body knows who its master is...”

His hands ghost over my breasts and I arch to get closer, eyes closing. He pulls on my hair again and I notice the pleased look on his face. He had proven his point.

The driver’s door opens and Dylan pulls back and untangling his hand from my hair with his smirk intact. I look at him sultry thoughts stirring in my head.

The car starts moving and I watch as Dylan stares at me. By the look on his face, he’s thinking. A few minutes later he pulls me close to him before leaning towards my ear.

I close my eyes at the feel of his lips near my sensitive ear but the thing he says next causes them to fly open.

“When we reach on the plane, you’re to act as my assistant. As far as my colleague knows this is a last-minute business trip and I rather share the flight than waste time booking another jet. You go by the name Dia Hope... Not once do you mention your real name and you act professionally throughout the flight... Am I clear?”

I pull back looking at him and the seriousness on his face tells me it is important I do as he says. I nod agreeing to the terms and he returns the nod before gesturing for me to scoot over putting a ‘professional space’ between us.


Cristiano,” a high feminine voice beams as we step out of the car onto the strip.

“Venus,” he states looking to his left and I follow his gaze my mouth dropping.

She descends the steps of a sleek white and gold jet in a tight-fitting red dress that falls above her knees, she’s in black, red bottom heels and her black hair is curled, lying on one shoulder.

“I’m so glad you could make it,” she smiles walking towards him with a sway of her broad hips.

So this is his colleague. The one I’m supposed to sit on an almost 6-hour flight with watching as she flirts with him? Dylan is going to get a fucking earful after this.

“I’m glad you could make room for us on such short notice,” Dylan states before taking her hand and kissing it... a fucking kiss.

Es no problema, Señor,” she says sweetly before turning towards me. “Quién es ella?” It’s no problem, sir. Who is she?

Es mi secretaría, Señorita Hope,” he says gazing at me with that expressionless look on his face. “Ella es nuevo aquí peri es no importante...” She is my secretary, Miss Hope. She is new here and not important.

Not important... He just said I’m not important. I school my features not to make my anger and hurt peak through, pretending I have no idea what they’re saying.

“Ah, I see.” she smiles before linking her arm with Dylan. “Let’s be on your way then. Miss Hope do come along.”

She walks away with Dylan on her arm, I follow behind them trying not to rip the gun out of my waistband and shoot the bitch but I don’t... I know better and if anyone is feeling my jealous wrath it’s Dylan for not properly informing me about this colleague of his.

We enter the jet and Dylan is seated beside his colleague while I’m seated two seats behind them. I listen as she flirts with him, giggling at his jokes and my knuckles turn white from gripping the armrest.

An air host offers me champagne and I accept downing the glass in one gulp. I take another then send him on his way.

“Champagne Miss Riveta?” the guy asks the woman sitting next to my man and my lips thin... Riveta, Venus Riveta that’s her name.

Minutes later, the pilot announces that we are ready to take off so we should buckle up and I do just that.

“No, allow me Cris,” Riveta coos and I hear a click, along with giggling. “Is that your thigh or are you just happy to see me?”

My ears ring and my face goes red upon hearing that. She’s touching him... that little... I know I shouldn’t be that upset because over the years I was with Roberto but the circumstances are different. We decided to try again and him having her all over him... It’s wrong and I’m so freaking mad I want to slam their heads against a wal–

“It’s my thigh, Venus,” Dylan replies coolly interrupting my thoughts. “…and I believe you should buckle up as well. We’ll be taking off soon.”

After that, Riveta tones down on the flirting then the plane is in the air minutes later and I find myself listening to music. I’d turned on the screen before me and made use of the earphones in the pocket on the seat in front of me.

So now I’m here listening to Ariana Grande and I can’t help agree that I have 99 problems but that bitch Riveta ain’t gonna be one.

I’m so relaxed listening to the songs that it takes a few minutes for me to notice someone is shaking me. I open my eyes to be greeted by blue-green eyes and I school my features before taking off the headset.

“May I help you, Mr. Silvestre?” I ask keeping a professional look on my face.

“She’s not here,” he states, holding onto the overhead compartment as the plane shakes a little. “You can cut the act.”

Oh, now that his little side piece isn’t here he wants me to be all chummy with him? Hell, no.

“I know this isn’t what you were expecting and I apologize for not giving you a warning beforehand but she’s the only person who I find on such short notice and her having a crush on me would lead her to think I took this chance to share her jet to flirt rather than escape detection,” he states I guess hoping to make it better but it doesn’t.

All I’m hearing is that he knew that she’d be all over him yet he didn’t tell me... and he was hoping to maximize the fact that she likes him... Call me hypocritical I don’t care... I know I’m hiding something important from him, yes, but I’m upset that he didn’t tell me his colleague was a woman who wants to fuck him.

“I’m sorry sir but I was told that once I’m on this plane I am Dia Hope. A professional secretary and I will not cut said act until I am off this vessel,” I say with a sweet smile. “Now if there isn’t anything else...”

I wait to see what he’s going to say next but he’s interrupted by Riveta.

“Cristiano,” she calls walking towards us from around the back where I’m guessing a small cabin is.

I take the chance to put on the headphones tuning them out slightly. I lower the volume of the song listening as they converse beside me and my temper spikes as I hear the words she utter.

“I’ve been having a few problems with a business investment,” she says sweetly and from the slight reflection on the screen in front of me I see her place her hand on his chest. “My laptop is in the cabin. Would you mind taking a look at it?”

That little sl–

“Sure,” Dylan replies and my eyes widen in surprise and hurt.

I’m no genius but I know Venus is going to try to seduce his ass in that cabin... So why the fuck did he agree?

She grins taking his hand, leading him to the back of the plane and I feel my anger flare and heart hurt.

Minutes tick by but it feels like hours to me, I’m barely hearing the music as my mind worry over what they could be doing in there.

I know that Dylan’s not like that and I should relax but I find myself overthinking it. My past relationships before Roberto and after Dylan haven’t been the best, I’ve been cheated on so many times... It’s like I’m paranoid that it’ll happen again. With that son of a bitch Roberto, my paranoia had settled as I became accustomed to him over the years but even he had stated I was nothing but a good fuck for him.

Maybe Dylan doesn’t feel me like he did before. I mean, why would he keep his colleague’s gender and interest in him away from me?

Something in my mind is saying I should go get my man, I should beat that bitch’s ass but I don’t... I sit in my spot, headphones off, my temper raging to unimaginable heights and I try to calm myself down.

We’ve been taking this slow for 6 days... 6 days and already I’m jumping out of my mind with jealousy... No, I’ve jumped to conclusions about Dylan before and look where it’s got me... I’m going to trust Dylan... nothing’s going to happen in th—

Thud... ah...

Oh, fuck being calm!

I rip off my seat belt, walking down the plane as I hear the light but still audible sounds. I pass the service area and move towards the door leading to the cabin.

I better be wrong and nothing is going on!

I grab the handle on the door pushing it to the left and it folds, giving me a clear view of the room.

“Ah, I love it when you get rough...”

My ears ring as I take in the sight before me. There on the fucking bed is Dylan lying on top of Venus fucking Riveta, his hand around her throat as she begs him to fuck her like the slut she is. My temper getting the best of me, I step into the room slamming the door close and Dylan’s head flies to me at the sound.

“Ana...” he says in shock squeezing Venus’ neck tightly and she goes limp below him.

“Don’t you fucking Ana me!” I shout as he gets up off the bed moving towards me. “One day out of that cabin and you’re already fucking someone else?!”

I am honestly pissed off... Our first day back to civilization and I’m finding out he has some fuck buddy. To make it worse here he is on the same plane I’m on trying to get it on with that bitch!

“I can’t fucking believe this shit! Are you already tired of me?! Is that’s why you’re trying to fuck this bitch?!” I yell at him and I see his jaw clench but I’m too angry to back down. “I can’t believe you’ve stooped this fucking low!”

To think here I am ready to take him back into my life, bring him to meet our child and he’s here—ugh!

He’s right in front of me eyes blazing with raw anger and disbelief but I’m so freaking angry at him. Here he is cheating on me!

My hand flies up towards his face intending to slap him but it freezes mid-air as he grabs it. I look into his eyes, what I just attempted to do sinking in as well as the pissed off look on his face.

I’m pushed, my back against the door and my right and left hand both trapped in his left hand. He’s holding them over my head and I gasp as his other hand wraps around my throat.

“I didn’t fucking cheat on you!” he grits out applying pressure to his hold on my throat and my stomach coils deliciously. My body’s a fucking traitor... “She came on to me! I was going to just put her annoying ass to bed for the remainder flight when you walked in!”

“More like taking her to bed,” I grit out and Dylan’s eye twitches. Fuck now I’ve done it.

His lips are rough and demanding as they find mine and I try to push him away. He was just in bed with that bitch and now he’s kissing me! No!

He notices I’m not kissing back and that makes him even angrier. Squeezing my neck, I gasp and his tongue starts to ravish my mouth. I try to fight the feelings he evokes in me but I find myself falling into the kiss. He pushes his body against mine kissing me senseless and I moan as his grip on my throat gets tighter. My head starts to go dizzy with the slight lack of oxygen, heightening the feelings stirring around my body and I can’t help but fucking love it.

Abruptly he pulls back, the hold on my throat slackening and I take greedy gulps of air, eyes locked in his. He looks hurt and thoroughly pissed off.

“You think I’d cheat on you Ana?” he asks sternly and I bite my lip looking away.

My silence is his answer and he murmurs gruffly under his breath. Before I know it I’m pulled away from the door, and flung onto the bed. My stomach makes contact with it and I rip my face from the sheets as I feel my arms being held behind me.

My eyes lock on Venus who lies in front of me out cold and I wiggle trying to get up.


I yelp at the hard smack placed on my ass, the sting radiating through my body.

“You wanna act like a stupid brat? Fine be a stupid brat...” Dylan grits out in my ear and I shiver at the roughness in his voice. “…but I’m going to spank all that fuckery out of your fucking head. Right here. Right now!”

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