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Chapter 23

I sit, playing with my fingers and wiggling in my seat as his gaze burns my skin. My cheeks are as red as my ass from embarrassment and I’m still damp between my thighs.

“Are you ready to talk now, Ana?” he asks and I shiver at the huskiness of this voice.

I look up slowly trailing my eyes up his body. From his long tone legs cad in jeans to the bugle straining against his pants. I lick my lips. He groans lowly noticing the action and I continue moving my gaze to his fit torso, then those thick arms of his before locking on those long, thick fingers and large palm that cause me to clench my legs, remembering their assaults.


I yelp at the hard smack placed on my ass, the sting radiating through my body.

“You wanna act like a stupid brat? Fine be a stupid brat...” Dylan grits out in my ear and I shiver at the roughness in his voice. “…but I’m going to spank all that fuckery out of your fucking head. Right here. Right now!”

He hits my ass once more and I find myself thrown forward by the force. I groan as the sting prickles all over my ass, even with the shorts to conduct some of the impacts.

“You’re going to count Ana,” he says as I feel something thin and soft wrap around my hands bounding them. “…and for each smack, you’re going to apologize for disrespecting me like that.”

He releases my hand gripping my hair tight and I whimper as he leans down to whisper in my ear. “You’re going to apologize for doubting me!”

He releases my hair abruptly before grabbing the waist of my shorts and pulling it down my body, along with my underwear. My eyes jump to Venus who snores in front of me and I shake my head.

“Dylan n—fuck!” I hiss as his palm hits my bare ass and my pussy jumps as my stomach coils.

“You’re going to stay here and accept your punishment, Ana...”

“But Ven— ah!” another smack to my pulsing ass.

“I don’t give a fuck about her! As far as I care if she wakes, she can watch me spank your ass. You know why?” he grits out harshly.

He grips my hair and I moan, at the sting. “I asked you a question, answer! Do you know why, Ana?!”

His words bring back memories of the past and my legs clench as I remember him spreading my legs and fucking me at Lake Placcid, uncaring of whether or not anyone saw us. He had asked me if I know why he did that and he told me, showing me his primal possessive side. After that each time he asked me that question my reply is...

“Because I’m yours, my pussy is yours and you’ll claim me wherever you want, showing everyone who I belong to,” I say and I yelp as his two palms each smack an ass cheek. It’s not as hard as the others but it enflames my already prickling ass.

“That’s my girl,” he groans huskily and I bite my lip as he massages my ass, spreading my cheeks to probing gaze.


My eyes roll back into my head as he smacks my ass, my arousal running down my thighs and a moan leaving my lips.

“Count and apologize,” he grits out, slamming his palm on my ass again and I whimper, tipping on my toes.

“One, I’m sorry Master!” I yelp out, moaning as another connects with my burning behind.

“Two! I’m sorry master!” goosebumps rise on my skin as my body becomes excited.


“Three! I’m sorry Master!” I moan out, whimpering as my pebbled breasts brush roughly against the bulletproof vest.


“Four! I’m sorry Master!” my cunt pulses, a sharp cry leaving my lips as his fingers dip into my wetness.

“Wet already?” he teases, his finger grazing my clit.

My legs clamp together trapping his hand and I cry out, freeing their hold as his other hand spanks me. He rips his hands from between my thigh, gripping my hair tightly pulling me back so my breasts are off the bed.

“You didn’t count, Ana,” he whispers in my ear and I feel his lips lift into a smile. “You know what that means...”

My eyes widen in recognition. I shake my head, choking as a cloth is stuffed in my mouth and tied, gagging me.

“Try not to make a sound little fox. Don’t want to wake the witch do you?”

My eyes land on Venus, spread Eagle in the bed but my focus is pulled away as Dylan wraps my hair around my throat, gripping the end in this left hand and pulling my head back. The move applies pressure to my throat and it feels like he’s choking me.

I look up, my gaze meeting his. His eyes are burning, desire in its pits and my nipples harden against the rough material. Something hard is pushed against my ass and the rough fabric against my swollen ass makes me moan.

So sensitive!

“You feel what you do to me?” he groans, rubbing his swollen cock on my ass. “You’re. Such. A. Fucking. Tease!”

With each word he thrusts and I pull at my arms, moaning like a bitch in heat. I want that cock but I know he won’t give in... One, I’m getting punished and two, he wants to take this thing slow so no dick for my weeping cunt.

“Time for your punishment!” he grins down at me and I scream into the gag as he slaps my ass hard and fast.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Tears come to my eyes as I gaze up at him and the lust in his eyes makes my body pulse in both pain and pleasure. The bed shakes with each smack and Venus groans but I’m so lost in the sensations erupting in me that I don’t fucking care.

I groan and moan as he pulls on my hair shutting off my air supply slightly and my eyes get hazy, my mind getting dizzy. His slaps continue but get softer and I find myself wiggling and pushing back to him.

I open my eyes, just noticing I’d close them and I look into his blue-green eyes, aroused by the turned-on look on his face.

I moan my eyes closing in bliss as his fingers delve into my flood gates, dabbling in the wetness he’d cause. I cry out into the gag as he pushes two fingers into me and pumps, causing me to curl my toes.

He thrusts hard and the bed shakes, pleasure spiking through me. He pulls on my hair and my eyes roll back as the sensations in my head take full effect as I find it a little difficult to breathe.

My pussy pulses, devouring his digits and I scream as he rubs his erection against my sensitive ass cheeks.


My body trembles and nipples harden until they’re aching to be touched. My body is overly sensitive and I’m starting to see stars.

“Fuck!” I cry out exploding as Dylan thrusts hard against my ass, pulling harder on my hair and hooking my g-spot with his fingers.

I convulse, the pleasurable sensations washing over my body. Dylan leads down holding me to him and I cry out into the gag, tears streaming down my cheeks as I ride out my orgasm.

Minutes later, my shaking calms and I feel Dylan release me, loosening the bonds on my hands. The gag is next and I pant, face in the sheets uncaring that Venus is still out cold in front of me. I feel myself being pulled upwards and I slump against Dylan. He spins me so I’m facing him and I feel a goofy smile fall on my lips, my brain a little mushy from that body quaking orgasm.

“How are you feeling, baby girl?” he asks those intense eyes staring down at me and smile, stupidly happy.

“Like I need another punishment Master...” I whisper before blacking out.

Shaking my head, I look at him a smile playing on my lips. I’ve been in a damn good mood from that and I’ve slept out three hours of the flight.

That was a damn good orgasm.

I wonder why Dylan had changed his mind and decided to give me pleasure in the end. It’s rare when he does that and maybe he’s just doing it because it’s been a while since I’ve had a decent punishment from him.

Yeah, eight years.

…or maybe he’s gone soft on me.

“Well, Ana?” Dylan calls catching my attention. “Ready to talk about what happened three hours ago?”

Does he mean when I accused him of cheating because of my hidden insecurities... I think not.

“Whatever do you mean?” I ask eyes downcast, biting my lip.

“Ana,” he says warningly and I look up with a frown.

His eyes have that ‘don’t play dumb with me’ look and I sigh. “I’ve been cheated on before okay...”

Rolling my eyes and taking a deep breath I do something I haven’t done in a while, open up to someone. Yes, we’ve talked about what happened to us over the eight years but some things didn’t dawn on me as something he needed to know just yet.

“Before I’d met Roberto... I had a few boyfriends that cheated on me. It was the same thing over and over again... They say I acted too uptight, I was too career-oriented and the only reason they stayed was for the sex and once that became infrequent they moved on,” I shrug, biting back the hurt I’d felt then. “Then came along Roberto, I’d kept him at arm’s length for a year, just dating and he didn’t complain and I had never caught him cheating. After a while I caved and things got serious... but we know how that turned out. Then hearing him say I was nothing but a good fuck, it hurt a lot... Then with you not telling me about Venus and entertaining her... It just all came back to me...”

I finally look up at him with sad eyes and a frown. Dylan’s jaw is clenched, the anger boiling in him evident through his eyes. For minutes he doesn’t speak but when he does the question he asks me shocks me.

“Do you trust me?”

I look at him contemplating my reply. I trust him with my life, I know he’ll never hurt me physically but I’ve been mentally fucked over too much to trust someone fully.

“I do trust you but not fully,” I say carefully not looking at his eyes. “I know you won’t hurt me physically but you’ve already hurt me mentally and emotionally... even with your reasons for doing so, it’s hard to trust that you wouldn’t do it...”

Minutes pass after I said that and I risk a glance at him to see him looking down at me with a frown. His eyes look into my soul, making me feel bare, naked, exposed.

“It’s okay not to fully trust and believe me...” he starts reaching over to caress my cheek. “I didn’t expect you to fully trust me but I’m happy you at least trust me with your wellbeing physically. As for mentally and emotionally, we need to work on that... together. So if I do something that bothers you tell me. If this is going to work we need to trust each other...”

I nod staring into his deep blue-green eyes before uttering a question of my own. “Do you trust me?”

He hesitates for a good minute and my heart aches at that little moment. I look down not wanting to look at him. I’m not going to lie it hurts but I can’t say I don’t deserve it. After all, I’m not telling him everything.

“Ana,” he says sternly pinching my chin and raising my head until we’re eye-level. “I do trust you but I know as much as you do that there are things you’re keeping from me. I’m not going to force you to tell me but I know you’re going to tell me soon... After all, isn’t that why you’re in a rush to get to Bel—the island? You want to ensure our safety before you unload your baggage and I understand that... That’s the reason I hopped on the first safe flight to Miami... That and your safety of course. But I can’t completely trust you until you tell me everything you’re keeping from me...”

I nod my head in understanding, that’s fair. He claims to know why I’m withholding the rest of my baggage but I doubt he’s going to be so understanding when he finds out he has a child... that I didn’t tell him about.

“Good,” Dylan states before licking his lips, my eyes follow the movement and my heart swoons as he kisses me.

His hand moves to the back of my neck pulling me closer and I moan, allowing his tongue to explore my mouth. It’s like my brain’s frazzled and there’s an explosion of passion inside my chest. My heart beats fast, my lips tingle from each touch of his lips and my body warms up, goosebumps rising on my skin.

We pull back slowly, eyes level. His eyes have darkened, they glisten as they hold mine and I get lost in his captivating eyes. He moves close, pecking my lips, once, twice, thrice... His hands cup my face before smiling at me.

The look he gives me makes me feel like I’m a breath of fresh air in the morning, the light in his sea of darkness and I feel warmth spread across my chest.

He cares about me...

“Cristiano...?” an annoying voice mumbles and we pull apart, looking to our right where Venus walks towards us, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

She didn’t seem to notice our closeness.

“Venus...” Dylan says warily looking at the Latina man–snatcher.

“How long have I been asleep?” she asks coming to lean on the seat he’s sitting in.

She’s tilted forward so her boobs are on display and I roll my eyes.

“A little over three hours...” Dylan answers, eyes twinkling in amusement having seen me roll my eyes

Venus nods, yawning before glancing at me, unbothered by my presence. Writing me off as no competition.

How wrong she is...

She sets her eyes on Dylan with a tilt of her head and purse of her lips “Well... Did we finish looking over the investments? I think we co—”

“I’m feeling a bit sleepy,” he cuts her off before she can rope him in once more. “I’ll have to pass.”

“Oh...” she says a little disappointed before a smile spreads across her face. “Well, there’s a bed in the cabin maybe we cou—”

“I’m all good here,” he says before lounging back in the seat.

She’s surprised by his reply and it’s evident on her face. “But that can’t be com—”

“It’s quite comfortable Venus,” he says bluntly eyes now close and I bite back a grin. “Now if you don’t mind...”

Venus looks at him distraught, not believing her ears before glowering and stomping back to the cabin, steam coming from her ears.

I smile, loving the way he avoided Venus trying to sink her grabby little claws in him. I look over, only to notice his eyes are open. He locks eyes with me before winking and I smile cheekily at him.

He closes his eyes seconds later, obviously not lying when he said he’s tired.

Seeing this I put on the headset, find a movie to watch on the screen and enjoy the remaining give or take 3 hours left on this flight.

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