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Chapter 24

We stare at the well-lit building reading the name before stepping away from the dusky, night sky. We go through the doors and into the white lobby.

Blue circles are decorating the floors along with yellow intricate designs and I take a minute to admire the beautiful interior before I’m nudged by Dylan. We head to the front desk and a peppy blonde greets us. After offering greetings, we get down to business securing our reservation.

Dropping the heavy backpack at my feet, I roll my shoulders and Dylan does the same before leaning onto the desk in front of us.

“We have a reservation under the name De’ Santos,” Dylan speaks up, pulling the cap down a little more on his head.

The receptionist, Jaeda, taps her fingers over the keys, staring at the screen before nodding with a smile. “It’s all here, a suite with a single bed... Breakfast and dinner paid in full for the next 24 hours and tab of $100 for room service...”

Dylan nods and Jaeda smiles, tapping the keys some more. She reaches under her desk and we hear rattling before she emerges with a metallic card and a smaller paper one. She finishes up something on the laptop before looking up at Dylan expectantly.

“ID, please... Just to confirm that you are both indeed Mr. and Mrs. De’ Santos... “

I tense slightly but Dylan seems unbothered. He checks his pockets and even goes into his backpack searching when we both know he ain’t got no freaking ID with De’ Santos in there.

He looks up at the receptionist with a frown. “I’ve seemed to forgotten it.”

She looks at him unimpressed.

“Well without an ID I can’t hand this card over sir,” she replies before looking at us sceptically... Probably thinking we’re some identity thieves. “Let me get my supervisor to sort this problem... I’m unable to assist any further.”

She goes for the phone making a call and I look over at Dylan who doesn’t look phased by the course of this. I’ve seemed to forgotten it? Really couldn’t he give a better lie?

A few minutes after she tells us her supervisor will be here soon, a tall brunette walks towards us in a crisp uniform.

Her hair is in a tight bun, her lips are blood red and her eyes; they’re pitch black. I see strength, hardships and pain in those dark eyes. Her face is angular and she looks mid-thirties, a gold ring lies on her left ring finger and she has on some killer heels.

“What’s the problem, Jaeda?” she asks after greeting us with a pleasant smile.

“Mr. and Mrs. De’ Santos are unable to provide IDs... It seems they’ve forgotten them... Therefore I’m unable to give them their cards. I called upon you so you—”

“I’ll handle this Jaeda,” The lady says before reaching for the cards and turning towards us with a smile. “This way Mr. and Mrs. De’ Santos.”

She turns on her heels and Dylan grabs his bag following her. I grab my bag smiling at Jaeda before rushing after them. We walk towards an elevator and she ushers us inside before pressing the number 4.

The ride up is silent, the cheesy elevator music the only sound to be heard. A few seconds later we’re off the elevator, leaving the few persons who’d entered on the third floor behind. We walk down a hall and soon the lady swipes the card, opening the door and gesturing for us to enter.

Dylan pushes me forward and I step into the room floored by the beauty around us. The room is spectacular.

White walls, cherry wood floors and blue ceiling. The bed’s covered in a royal blue spread with small yellow pillows. There’s a glass table to the side with two yellow sofas and a beautiful frilly, light blue rug. There is a Smart TV mounted on the wall facing the bed and to the right of that large balcony doors with pale blue drapes.

“Shanice had told me you’d be here by 9 p.m. I guess you’re a half an hour early,” I hear the woman state and I turn to see her talking to Dylan. “I’ll take care of the mess at the front desk. For now, enjoy the room.”

She walks over to the bathroom and I follow her, dropping my bag by the door.

“There’s a hot tub here. I’m sure you’re tired from your flight,” she states gesturing to the bathroom and I enter only to be in awe at the bathroom.

It’s white with black hardwood floors and a large, white tub is opposite the door. To the left closer to the door is a glass shower and opposite that is the toilet and face basin.

“It’s relaxing,” she says before the tapping of her heels announce she’s on the move.

I lean on the threshold of the bathroom door watching as she hands Dylan the cards, smiling.

“You guys should get some rest. A friend of mine is in the helicopter business and I’ve secured passage for you two tomorrow at 8 a.m. to the island... I’ll schedule a wakeup call at 6 for you as it takes 45 minutes to reach the private strip.”

Dylan nods thanking her, call her by the name on her name tag. Sicilia.

“It’s no problem. I owe Shanice and Dimitri my life and loyalty. They saved me from the horrors of the Spanish Mafia and I’m forever grateful... This is just an easy favour.” Sicilia smiles over at me before taking her leave and wishing us a good night.

As the door closes Dylan walks towards me with a smile and I push off the threshold to place my hands on his chest. He leans down pecking my lips and my heart flutters. I push up adding more lips on lips action and Dylan grips my hips pulling me against him.

We stay like that for a few minutes basking in the comfort that we provide for each other. He pulls back, resting his forehead against mine and I notice he has taken off the cap. His eyes hold mine and I bite my lip at the emotions I see in them.

“I don’t feel like eating in the dining hall... How about I order something for us?” he asks rubbing his nose against mine and I nod agreeing with him.

He pecks my lips once more looking to pull away but I grab his wrist stopping him.

“While you’re doing that... Can I borrow your phone?” I ask as he looks down at me, confused. “I want to call my parents and let them know I’m safe and on my way. They must be worried about me.”

He looks at me briefly before reaching into his pocket and pulling out the black device. “Don’t say longer than 50 seconds. It’s secured but I don’t want to take any chances.”

I nod taking it and peck his lips before pulling away. He goes towards the landline phone and I walk towards the balcony, pulling the door open. Stepping into the cool night air. I close the door behind me and grasp the phone, punching the number.

From age five we’ve been taught to memorize the emergency contacts and at this moment it’s proven very effective.

The phone rings three times before it’s picked up by a groggy, feminine voice.


I recognize that voice instantly. She’s like a second mother to me.

“Regina, it’s me, Indiana. I don’t have much time can you get my parents on the phone? I’m going to call back in five minutes...” with that I cut the call, not wanting to go over the 50 seconds waiting on them to reach the phone.

Regina is one of the many locals that worked and lived in the mansion my parents built on Bellator. Her daughter, Georgie—short for Georgiana is one of my favourite persons. After all, we were pregnant buddies when I had been such on the island for seven months.

Looking at the time I notice, five minutes have passed and I call back the number. It’s answered on the first ring.

“Angel?” my dad’s voice says and I smile.

“Daddy,” I reply, my heart aching at how much I miss seeing them. “I’m fine. I’m safe with Dylan and we’re on our way there.”

His response is instant. “Dylan is with you? Is he the one that took you?! I swear to god if he hur—”

“Dad it’s complicated and I’ll explain when we’re there. Now, where’s mom?” I ask before staring at the time, 30 seconds.

“I’m here baby,” Mom says and I sigh, thankful that they’re okay.

“I just wanted to hear your voice. Dad will tell you what I’ve said. I’m short on time... Is Diana okay?” I ask, worried about my little lifeline.

“Yes, she’s right here—”

I hang up the phone, reaching the 50-second mark before redialling the number.

“Hello?” my mom answers.

“Put her on the phone please,” I say quickly and I hear shuffling before my baby’s voice full my ears.

“Momma... Are you okay? I-I’ m scared.”

“Hey baby... I’m okay. Don’t be scared Mama and Papa will protect you until I’m there... Okay?” I state trying to calm my daughter, hating the quiver in her voice.

“Okay momma, when are you coming here?” she asks, sniffling and I frown, my poor baby.

“I’ll be there tomorrow and guess what? So is your daddy...”

“Really?!” she squeals excitedly and I can’t help but laugh.

“Yes... Now I have to go baby girl. Tell mama and papa goodbye for me. I love you.” I say and I smile as she says it back in the cutest way.

“I wuv wu woo momma...”

I hang up. Noticing I made the 50-second mark on time. I sigh clenching the phone to my chest.

We’ll be there soon and they’ll meet. I’m happy that it’ll finally happen but I know I’m going to be in for it from Dylan.

Sigh... You’ve made your bed Indie now lie in it.

I turn around, opening the balcony doors and slip inside. Dylan sits on the bed, going through his backpack and I move towards him, crawling into the bed. He looks up at me with furrowed brows, I lie on my back before holding out his phone to him and he takes it placing it on the glass bedside table.

“Everything okay?” he asks lying down beside me and I sigh looking over at him, his features highlighted by the lamplight.

“I’m just nervous. We’re nearing the island and soon you’ll know my biggest secret.” …and you’ll hate me for not telling you.

“Well, I can’t say I’m not curious to hear what it is,” he replies staring at the ceiling. “…but I think we need to focus on successfully getting there before we worry over something that happened in the past.”

You wouldn’t be saying that if you knew what it was...

“Okay...” I sigh before climbing out the bed.

I need to relax... All this worrying is draining me.

He watches as I walk towards the bathroom door and I turn to look at him with a small smile.

“I’m going to relax in the tub for a while. You’re free to join or just call me when dinner’s here.”

After saying that, I step into the bathroom closing the door then filling the tub. I slip out of the oversized T-shirt, the bulletproof vest and the remaining articles of clothing. By the time, I’m naked the water level in the tub is satisfactory and I turn off the pipe, stepping in.

The warm water soothes my tense muscles and I sigh as it starts to bubbles. I close my eyes, resting my head onto the edge of the tub, thinking back to one of the most emotional memories of Dylan and I.

The day he told me he loved me.

I’ve been in my room for days now, only coming out to eat and getting up to shower.

Edina, Adri, my mom and dad have come to visit me now and again but I’m too down in the dumps to speak to them. I tell them that I’m not feeling well and they conclude that I’m having some PMS symptoms. After all, it’s natural for me to get moody towards my period.

It’s been a week. A freaking week and Dylan hasn’t even—he just doesn’t care.

I told him I loved him and he...

I clutch the pillow to my chest, weeping my poor eyes out. Sobs leave my lips and I feel so broken yet I can’t help but miss him!

.... and he doesn’t even feel the same about me.

My period started yesterday. Yay, me... so now my heart and my womb hurt, this just keeps getting better.

It’s 5 p.m. when I finally fall asleep, after three hours of crying I finally worn myself out. My dreams reflected what I feel inside, pain, sorrow and unwanted.

I’ve been having the same dream for the past week, and it’s always about the day I confessed my love to Dylan. The difference between the dream and reality is that he tells me to my face that he’ll never love me rather than walking out.

“... I can’t return those feelings Ana. I can’t love you! I thought we agreed this was just some fun?!”

“... but I love you, Dylan!”

“I can’t... Ana, we are nothing! We’ve had our fun but that’s it! Why can’t you understand that! I don’t want anything more than sex from you!”

“... No, you’re lying!”

“I’m not Ana!”

“You are!”


“Ana, wake up!” I hear someone yell and my eyes fly open only to lock on beautiful blue-green eyes.

“Dylan?” I ask confused. My brain’s a bit hazy from the dream but I know he’s here.

His features are illuminated by my bedside lamp, the golden glow highlighting his sharp features.

“Ana, I need you to get up,” he whispers soothingly. I furrow my brows as he takes my hand and gently helps me off the bed.

“You need to get clean up, Ana,” he states taking my pillows off the bed and throwing them on the floor.

I go to ask him why I need to get cleaned up when I spot the patch of blood on the sheets.

I leaked...

My face gets red in embarrassment. I mean it’s natural, it happens but I’m still a bit embarrassed Dylan saw that... Call it a stupid sense of pride but I’m highly embarrassed.

He gathers the sheets, placing them in a heap on the floor and I thank God for thick sheets, at least my mattress is spared.

Stupid unreliable pads!

“Do you need some help getting cleaned up or...?” Dylan asks, trailing off and I look up at him with my puffy eyes.

“I can manage,” I mumble before making my way to the bathroom.

Minutes later, I’m under the warm jets of my shower and I relax as the warm water relaxes my muscles. I grab the body wash and lather myself, humming a song in my head to past the time.

I still felt hurt that Dylan ignored me for so long but I’m happy that he came to my room. Maybe he has his feelings figured out and is ready to talk. Maybe his words would take me out of my misery... or deliver the final blow to my breaking heart.

When I exit the shower, my clothes, the sheets and Dylan are all gone and my bed is made.


Wasting no time, I dress myself opting for a tampon even though I hate how it feels, but at least it less likely to leak. Putting my hair into a messy bun, I drop the towel. I throw on a pair of Lion King pyjama shorts and a black tank top before looking over at my digital clock.

10:23 p.m.

My belly grumbles and I sigh, hunger clawing away at my empty stomach. I pull on my pink, fuzzy bed slippers and make my way to the door only for it to unlock before I can touch the knob.

Dylan walks into my room, a tray of food balanced on one hand and a bottle of water in the next. He stops when he sees me before giving me a small smile.

“I figured you’d be hungry...” he says trailing off, his eyes looking at my face. Regret filling his eyes.

Ignore it, Indie.

“Thanks,” I say taking the bottle of water from him before walking towards my bed.

I sit down and he places the tray on my other bedside table that houses my digital clock.

Glancing up at him warily, I dig into the mash potatoes covered in gravy with sweet and sour chicken. A bowl of mash potatoes is my weakness and he knows it. My guess is he’s trying to butter me up...

“What do you want Dylan?” I ask after finishing the delicious meal. “I mean you avoid me for an entire week and now you’re here... Why?”

Dylan looks at me from where he’s seated on my bed before sighing. “When we were in bed and you told me you... loved me, I panicked. I wasn’t sure how I felt and I didn’t want to say it back only because you said it to me. I wanted to think it through before I give you an honest answer.”

“So you believe, leaving me alone in your bed and avoiding me for an entire week was the best way to go about it?” I ask my temper rising.

“I panicked. I didn’t know what to say.” he breathed out before inching closer to me. “... but now I know and I love you too, Ana.”

My heart warms in my chest and it beats frantically, happy that the one it loves returns its affection. I stare at him with wide eyes, unable to believe what he just said.

“Why should I believe you?” I ask bluntly the hurt that has accumulated since week rearing its ugly head. “I’ve been here crying my eyes out over you, thinking the worse, feeling unwanted... and now you’re back telling me you love me. I find that hard to believe Jacobs.”

Dylan looks at me, a little hurt but understandingly. Taking my hand he looked me in the eyes, the emotions I see in them flooring me and causing my heart to flutter.

“I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused you for the last week and I mean everything I’ve just said. I had to dig deep to ensure my feelings weren’t just lust affiliated and after a week away, missing everything about you I found that it wasn’t. I love you Indiana Blake from the bottom of my heart and I’d love if you’d forgive me and also give me the chance to show you every day how much I do.”

Tears stream down my cheeks, my emotions running haywire and Dylan wipes them away with his thumb before pulling me to his chest.

“Don’t cry, Ana... I’m so sorry baby girl,” he whispers caressing my back and I hug him pulling him closer to me.

“I love too, Dylan Jacobs and I—I always will.”

“Forever... Ana. I’ll love you forever.”

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