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Chapter 25

“Shit...” I mutter in fear as this contraption shakes against the harsh turbulence.

When Silica said her friend had a helicopter company I assumed it was a legal one where the helicopters have regular maintenance check-up... Man, did I make an ass of myself.

Not only is the business illegal, but the copter is also a rusty, death trap. I’d call it a rust bucket but that would be a disgrace to rust buckets everywhere.

I check my seatbelt for the 15th time not believing anything on this helicopter is stable. A metal drops from the ceiling in front of me and I yelp as it slides to the rear of the plane.

I look at Dylan who sits calmly in front of me, eyes closed. He can’t honestly be sleeping right now?

This aircraft is so ancient I’m scared we’d drop out of the air before we even reach our destination. The helicopter shakes again and I yelp as I’m thrown forward. I hear a snap and my eyes widen in fright.


My seatbelt gives away and I find myself thrown towards a sleeping Dylan. I land on my knees, my head in his lap and my hands on his abdomen.

I groan as my knees prickle in pain. I lift my head hissing and my eyes lock with an amused pair of blue-green eyes. A smirk is planted on his lips and his hand ghosts over my ponytail before grasping it.

“I’m not sure this is the best place to do this but if you want to I’m quite up for it,” he grins and I roll my eyes.

“I’m not trying to blow you,” I reply grasping his thigh as I help myself up. “I fell because this death trap doesn’t have functioning seat belts.”

The helicopter rocks again and I’m thrown forward again, my face inches from Dylan’s and my hand resting on his... fuck he wasn’t kidding he’s up for it.

My face burns and Dylan smirks before placing his hand on my hips and turning me so I’m sitting on his lap. I hear a click and I notice he’s placed his seat belt around me trapping me in his lap.

“There now you won’t fall,” he states close my ear and I bite my lip as he rests a hand on my stomach... where our daughter had been eight years go.

“We’re nearing the coordinates. 15 minutes...” one of the pilots of this death trap, Jeff, announces and I tense.

We’re almost there.

“Relax, neonata. We’re almost there, the ride will be over soon,” Dylan says shifting me so I’m almost sideways on his lap.

He thinks I’m worrying about the ride. Yes, I am but... If only he knew... Actually, he will soon.

I rest my head on his chest, relaxing against him and my eyes close. Dylan’s scent surrounds me and I sniff him loving his aroma.

“Believe it or not, this isn’t the worst maintained helicopter I’ve been on,” Dylan whispers and I open my eyes to look at him.

“I believe it,” I state staring up at his captivating irises. “You’re way too calm for it to be your first time...”

He flashes me a grin.

“Anyways, as I was saying. The first crappy copter I went in was in a training session. We were flying towards the compound and I nearly pissed myself when I was given a parachute and told I’d have to dive from the copter,” he says staring at the space in front of him, remembering that day.

“I remember how high it was... The wind blowing against my shivering form. I was 19 and a year’s training hadn’t toughened me up enough to Charles’ liking so he decided to throw me in a life or death situation. The pilot jumped first, the copter starting to decelerate towards the side of a mountain. I was so frightened that my flight instincts kicked in, I was going to survive or die trying. I secured my parachute in record time, pulled on the goggles and jumped out that fucking copter...”

“Did you die?” I tease trying to lighten the mood by asking a stupid question and Dylan rewards me with a low chuckle.

“I almost did,” he says and now I feel bad asking that question. “I released the parachute a little too late and came in hot, breaking my left leg when I landed... Trust me this copter is exceptional when compared to Linda... Good old Linda that damn copter gave me nightmares for months...”

He tries to laugh it off but it sounds forced. My heart pains me as I look at that haunted look in his eyes. It’s there for a few seconds before he shakes his head looking down at me with a crooked smile.

“Here I am trying to lighten the situation but I end up making worse...” he states sheepishly and I catch him off guard, kissing his cheek.

“I appreciate the effort,” I state honestly looking up at his beautiful face and he gives me a smile that makes my insides flutter.

He leans down ready to place a kiss on my lips and I reach up, my eyes fluttering close.

“Alright. We’re almost there, let’s get you—oh....” I hear and my eyes snap open.

The pilot stands to our left with an embarrassed look on his face and I blush crimson... He walked in on us.

“Um... I’m sorry if I interrupted but were almost at the coordinates. I need to equip you guys for the jump,” he states scratching his salt and pepper beard.


I hear a click and I’m pushed to my feet as Dylan stands, stretching as far as he can. The helicopter is small so he has to bend a little so his head doesn’t hit the top of the copter.

I’m reasonably shorter than him so when I stand the top of my head misses the ceiling by an inch. The man before us crouches pulling out a few bags and I notice what they are instantly.


“So are you two going individually or together?” he asks a smile on his wrinkly face and my heart jumps into my throat.

“W-We’re skydiving?” I ask in complete horror.

Between the story Dylan told me and the risk of us falling to our death, I’m freaking out. I shake my head looking at the Hispanic man with fright.

“It’s not bad señora... You’ll be fine,” he waves me off before looking behind me. “Individually or together?”

“Together,” Dylan replies from behind me and I spin around to see him seated and staring at me.

Bueno,” the man replies. “Do I need to strap you guys up or are you–?”

“Not my first time I can do it,” Dylan cuts him off and the man nods before going towards his seat.

“We’ll be there in 10 minutes...” he states before pulling on his headphones and starting up a conversation with his companion.

I yelp as Dylan pulls me onto his lap. Recovering from the surprise, I look at him, my eyes relaying my fear.

“I don’t wanna jump Dylan. Why can’t they land the helicopter on the private strip? Why do we have to ju–”

I’m cut off when his lips capture mine, and my fear fades away as I bask in the warmth and softness of those addicting lips. He cups my face angling my head so his tongue can ravage my mouth, pulling a small whimper from me.

He pulls away slowly and I open my hazy eyes to look at him. He caresses my cheek before placing a chaste kiss on my lips.

“We have to jump Indie. It’s better when no one knows where we are exactly. If we allow them to drop us at the strip, that’ll be two liabilities. Two persons who could lead Roberto towards us...” he explains and I nod knowing that what he says makes sense.

“You’re not going to do it alone, Ana, I’m gonna be right behind you... literally... You trust me right?” he asks and I nod, I don’t have to ask what he means, I know it’s with my physical wellbeing.

“Good,” he kisses my nose and I scrunch it, causing him to laugh. “Now, how about you stand and I’ll strap you up?”

“Okay,” I state with deep breaths before standing to my feet between his legs.

He pulls a harness towards him pulling the straps before gesturing for me to step in and he pulls it up. He clasps the straps in place and I notice he takes extra time dealing with the straps that go between my legs.

“You’re taking your sweet time,” I muse, still a bit jittery about this jump we have to make.

“Have to make sure the merchandise is secure,” he grins and I giggle at his silliness. “Oh, and you too Ana.”

My eyes widen in disbelief. He was talking about my... Smack! I hit him upside his head and he hisses before chuckling.

“I guess they were right. Boys only want what’s between your thighs,” I say playfully with a roll of his eyes and he pulls a strap tightly causing me to whimper.

His pull causes me to move closer to him and his legs trap me in place as his hands grip the straps.

“Firstly, not all boys are after what’s between your legs...” he states defending his younger self. “...and I’m a man Ana, don’t insult me by grouping in with those immature kids. Plus that’s my pussy. It belongs to me as much as you do…” he almost growls out and my body shivers. “Am I clear, neonata?”

I smile at him, loving every little thing about him. His beautiful and unique eyes, which hold terrors I can’t even begin to understand. His nose, that’s a little crooked, probably by the numerous times it’s been broken. His lips that whisper the sweetest and dirtiest things to me that gets my blood pumping and their kisses that ignites my skin and soul. His physique, his skin that houses beautiful inky designs as well as faded scars that show the hardships he has faced over the years. Most importantly I love him, heart and soul. He has gotten a little rough around the edges but his heart as damaged as it is good and no matter how evil he acts there are moments his goodness sneaks in. Plus he’s such a possessive cutie.

“I said am I clear, baby girl?” he says and I notice I’ve been staring at him, forgetting to answer it.

Si maestro,” I whisper placing a kiss on his forehead and he grins, tapping my ass through my jeans pants.

“Good now sit so I can get strapped up,” I nod moving to the seat beside him, opting to tie the seat belt around me, not trusting its stability.

I watch him strap up his harness, loving how his muscles flex in the white t-shirt that clings to his body. He asks me to help him fasten a few straps and I oblige, trying to steady myself as the copter shakes a few times.

I notice a few straps that lay unclasped on his harness and that his harness unlike mine has a parachute on it. Dylan notices my gaze and he starts to explain to me.

“You’re going to be secured to me and I’ll be the one controlling our descend. It’s your first time and I don’t think you diving by yourself is a good idea.”

I nod my head understandingly. I get it and it makes me feel safer but I’m still on edge.

He hands me a pair of goggles and a helmet that put on immediately. He hands me a pair of cotton gloves and I pull them on, my heart beating frantically in my chest. Dylan is outfitted similarly but my focus is taken away from him when Jeff says we have three minutes to drop.

Jeff makes his way towards us looking over the straps to ensure they are secure before strapping me to Dylan. My back is to his chest and as Jeff tightens the straps, the gun in my vest, squeezes against my skin and I know that’ll bruise later.

The co-pilot screams one minute and Jeff pulls open the helicopter door, wind slapping me in my face. Sunlight floods the interior of the copter and I cover my eyes with my hand. When my eyes adjust I look out and instantly regret it.

My breath catches in my chest and I nearly faint at the sight before me. Water stretches for miles and miles and I can make out land below us. They’re about the size of a watermelon from here and they are bountiful with white sand enclosing the vegetation. Further away from the island I notice coral reefs and judging by the distance and shape they’re a mixture of barrier and fringing reefs.

It’s a beautiful sight, honestly... but I don’t have time to appreciate it...

“40 seconds!”

My heart kicks start, pounding brutally against my chest. I grip Dylan’s hand that is resting on my waist and he squeezes it back trying to reassure me that he’s here. He moves closer to the door on Jeff’s signal and I shake my head.

I cannot do this!

“30 seconds!”

My chest rises and falls rapidly and my head starts to pound, a headache coming on. I attempt to step back but Dylan stays in place not allowing me to back away from the fucking door.

“I can’t fucking do it!” I yell over the wind as I try to reach up and pull the straps.

Dylan’s hands grab mine tightly, laying them against my chest in an X while his arms wrap around my shaking body.

“20 seconds!”

He leans down towards my ear and I clamp my eyes shut as his whispers four words.

“Do you trust me?”

“10 seconds!”

I don’t have to ponder on it. I nod my head as the co-pilot starts to count down, causing me to quiver in my boots.

“I won’t let you get hurt...” he promises and I nod a tear slipping from my eye.


“Just trust me, Ana....”


“Jump!” Dylan, Jeff and the co-pilot say simultaneously and our feet leave the copter, our body plunging forward.

Taking a leap of faith.

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