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Chapter 2

The door slams open with a bang and I jump up from the bed in shock. My twin bounds into my room with a big grin on his face, followed by a messy head of blonde curls that tackles me back onto the bed.

“Happy birthday,” my childish 15-year-old sister says as she straddles me.

Her hazel-blue eyes are bright with excitement, her lips are spread into a pearly white smile and her wild locks frame her slender face, adding to her beauty.

Mom and Dad made some beautiful children... I have to admit.

She jumps on me chanting ‘happy, happy birthday’ and I groan as my body protests against the added weight.

“Get off me, you big baby!” I huff pushing her off.

Joanna laughs as she rolls onto the bed and my eyes go back and forth between the two mischievous siblings in my room.

Wait... My room? How did I get home? When did I get home?

“Happy birthday Indie,” Christan smiles sitting on my bed beside my little sister and I smile.

Christan and I are twins, yes, but he was born the day before me with a fifteen minutes interval. I don’t mind it though, it gives us the chance to have our special day or share one as twins normally do.

“Thank you guys,” I say sitting up hugging my knees and as the sheet slips I notice I’m in one of Dylan’s Eminem T-shirts.

It’s not odd for me to steal the boys’ shirts so no one’s shocked when I wear his clothes.

“So...” I yawn stretching a bit, looking at Christan. “What’s up?”

My big brother has dad’s blue eyes and dark locks making him almost look like his doppelganger. He’s your average everyday Jock but with a way better attitude.

“Nothing much. You got in pretty late last night. I’m sure it was one epic party,” he comments with a sceptical look and I nod, remembering the lie I fed him.

“It was wild,” I state yawning. “What time is it?”

“Ten-Twenty a.m. on the first day of our new year. So if I were you, I’d get dressed and meet mom and dad in the kitchen in ten,” it’s Joanna that speaks hopping off my bed in a white floral dress.

Christan is in a baby blue dress shirt and black jeans pants.

He nods agreeing with Joanna before adding. “They want to go through the details of the party later. It’s not every day their little girl turns eighteen.”

I groan, falling back in my bed with a huff. “We’re sharing this party, aren’t we? Why don’t you go over the details with them?”

“Nope this is a team effort,” he states with a roll of his eyes as he grabs Joanna, throwing her over his shoulder and proceeds to leave my room. “Let’s give our sis time to get dressed.”

Joanna bids me farewell from over Christan’s shoulder and I giggle as they exit my room.

Laying back I look at my hands and smile as I see the red marks from the cuffs faded, Dylan must have placed the ointment on them last night when I was out.

Just thinking of Dylan brings a smile to my face and I can’t shake it if I try. It’s official, I’m truly and totally in love with him.

“Hey Indie... Cover up those hickeys,” Joanna says as her head pops through the door with a knowing smirk. “I don’t think Mom and Dad want to know what you’ve been up to last night.”

Blushing, my hands shoot to my neck the only visible place where Dylan had nibbled and sucked last night.

Next Christian’s head pops up and I groan. Here we go.

“I want to know who he is, where he is from, his age, what he does and I want to punch him in his face for touching my little sister,” Christan says pulling up his big brother socks. “But get dressed and eat first.”

With that they exit my room, leaving me a blushing mess.


I walk down the classical, wooden stairs and make my way across the hardwood floors to our kitchen.

As I enter, Mom is around the island sipping on a glass of wine and Dad is right beside her with an arm on her waist - nope scratch that - her ass. Christan and Joanna sit opposite my parents and they all seem engrossed in their conversation.

“Season’s Greetings,” I sing as I walk over to my parents who smile as they see me.

I hug dad as he removes his hands from mom’s ass and I kiss mom on her cheek as she breaks from sipping her wine. As you can tell mom is an ‘it’s five o’clock somewhere’ drinker but she doesn’t overdo it.

“Happy Birthday baby girl,” she says caressing my cheek with her free hand.

“Thank you, Momma,” I reply smiling and dad ruffles my hair.

“Happy 18th birthday angel,” he grins. “How’s my girl doing?”

“Mostly tired,” I state as I grab the plate of food handed to me by my twin.

I take a seat and happily stuff my face with bacon and eggs. The pancakes are exceptionally done and the sausages smoked to perfection... The cook outdid herself today.

“I would guess so. After all, you snuck out to a party last night, didn’t you?” Mom asks and I choke on a piece of bacon.

Someone ratted me out?! I can’t believe it.

I look at Christan with narrowed eyes but he deadpans me. Obviously, I didn’t tell, his eyes say. I then look at Joanna, who finds everything in the room but me to look at. I think we have a winner.

“Seriously Jo,” I ask disappointed. “How could you sell me out?”

“They came up to check up on you and found your room empty. They’re vicious creatures, they attacked me. What was I to do?”

My baby sister was the worst person to ask to lie for you, she had no poker face. That is why she’s my parents’ go-to child when one of us sneaks out.

I roll my eyes before looking back at my parents with a sheepish smile. They give me that look and I groan, returning my attention to my brunch.

“I’m grounded aren’t I?” I ask stuffing my mouth, yet silently sending a glare to my little sister.

“Oh yes you are,” Mom says walking around the island. “But that’s tomorrow’s problem.”

She goes into her handbag for her planner and sets it on the marble countertop. “Today, we add the finishing touches to this party.”

And that’s how we spent the next three hours, finalizing party details.


“Hey Christan,” I say stopping him from descending the stairs.

My heels tap as I hastily make my way towards him, dress clutch in my hands so I don’t trip.

“What’s up Indie?” He asks fixing his silver Rolex on this wrist.

Christan wears a black Gucci suit with a silver tie and black, leather shoes. His hair lies wildly on his head and his jaw sports a light stubble. He looks exquisite in his suit but it’s not in my nature to tell him that.

“Well, aren’t you a sore to my eyes,” I tease, rolling my hazel eyes.

“And don’t you look like an old wretch,” he shoots back with a smile.

“I try,” I smile sweetly with a curtsey.

I’m in an off the shoulder, floor-length dress with a central split and chiffon underlining. My dress is emerald green and backless. My heels are silver stilettos that complement my silver choker and chandelier earrings.

I looked beautiful if I do say so myself. Aunty Lisa did my hair in a beautiful braided bun with loose tendrils framing my face. I look like a princess but I am missing my prince.

“Have you seen Dylan?” I ask whilst biting my lip nervously.

I haven’t seen him since last night and I may be overreacting but it’s really weird. Usually, he sneaks to my room in the days and we’d find ourselves locked in each other’s embrace but today it was different. No texts, no calls, and no visits. Something was wrong.

“Now that you mention it... No, but maybe he’s in his room,” he shrugs and I nod thanking him.

“Mom and Dad want you down in ten minutes so go find that idiot and make sure you’re on time,” he states before straightening his suit and shooting my a dashing smile.

“Roger that Cap,” I jest with a salute. “Go get ’em, tiger.”

He descends the stairs with confidence going into the living room, our family and friends calling out to him while I turn on my heels making my way to Dylan’s room. I don’t know why, but I have a bad feeling about tonight.

Five minutes later, I’m knocking on the wooden door which gives entrance to Dylan’s room but I receive no answer.

“Hey Dylan, it’s Ana,” I call out thinking maybe he’s in the shower or something and I’m greeted with silence.

I twist the knob and advance into the dark, vacant room. I look over the place and it’s almost bare. Dylan didn’t put much onto his room decor but he’d had one or two photos of us on his wall but they’re all gone. That was the first red flag.

His bed was neatly made... Dylan never made his bed. He thought it was a waste of energy when we were only going to mess it up again. The second red flag.

Next, I went to his closet out of curiosity, praying my thoughts are incorrect and what I saw made me freeze. It was empty, all his clothes, shoes, bags and that ‘little box’ he kept our memories in... all gone.

I step back slowly feeling my heartache and heat burning my chest. This is not real. He can’t...

Falling onto his bed, my hand touches something smooth and rectangular and shakily I take it in my hand. Dylan’s IPhone 8 glistens in the moonlight and as I turn on the screen there’s a photo of us. We were curled up in bed, his face nestled in my neck and a goofy grin was on my face. My eyes burn with tears as I gazed at it. Could he really be gone?

I open the phone with his password, ‘@[email protected]’ and its video player pops up displaying Dylan’s gloom looking face.

“Hey, Ana. I don’t know what you might be feeling at the moment so I’m not going to make this long...” Dylan sighs, his beautiful eyes hold me as the words he utters next break me. “I left. I am going to live with my father... away from you. It took me a while to make this decision but after tonight, I was - I knew I couldn’t stay...”

He turns the camera to display my sleeping form on the bed back at the club and a stray tear falls onto my cheek. “I am sorry that I’ve hurt you Ana but this has to be done. Don’t try to contact me, don’t try to find me ... just go on with your life and forget about me.”

He strokes my cheek and I shuffle in my sleep. His eyes regard me with regret before turning and smiling at the camera. “I had fun. You were the perfect submissive Ana and I’ll never find another like you but our time has come to an end. Goodbye, Indiana Alexandria Blake. I wish you happiness.”

Then, the screen went black.


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