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Chapter 31

“Ki-Ki be careful not to go too far!” I warn as I watch my little girl run excitedly to the crashing waves.

“Okay Momma!” she yells back with giggles as her feet make contact with the water.

She’s in a purple monokini with pink polka-dots and her hair, having now returned to its normal colour, is in a ponytail blowing in the wind behind her.

Diana sits at the shallow area splashing water all about with pink floaties on her arms.

I smile before looking at the sunny, blue sky. The wind is moderate so the blue waves are more constructive than destructive. The sea breeze blows past me and I relish in the freshness and slight saltiness of it. Seagulls fly overhead before moving to the deeper areas of the sea and diving once they spot their prey.

“So where do you want this?” Dylan asks drawing my attention to him.

He’s in a grey tank and black trunks, his tatts on full display. He has a beach chair in his hands looking at me, expectantly and I point to an area with a good amount of shade.

“Right there,” I say and he nods before walking there and I can’t help ogling him.

His muscles clench as he moves and I trail my eyes over his darker, almost bronze skin. He’s been up and about lately, soaking up the sun and allowing Diana to have her father-daughter bonding time by dragging him on various adventures.

It’s been a week since we’ve decided to rekindle what we’d lost and push forward for our daughter, to be a family. We’ve been doing well, Diana has warmed up to him immensely and things between Dylan and I are... Well as parents were doing fine with little disagreements here and there.

She asks for anything, he gives it to her and even when I put down my foot saying no, he gives her when I’m not looking. Primarily sweets and Diana is hyperactive without it, imagine when she gets them.

He learned that the hard way when he snuck her three bars of chocolate one night, let’s just say it was noon the next day before she crashed and he looked like we went through the wringer.

He never gave her sweets again.

“Need any help with the stuff?” I ask covering my eyes as the sun glares down at me.

He looks back at me before nodding and we both make our way to the red off-road SUV. It had taken us roughly 15 minutes to make to here from the compound but it was an awesome ride. The top was down so the breeze flew through our hair as we wrestled the terrain.

Diana was seated in Dylan’s lap, her hands on the wheel, his over hers guiding the vehicle through the forest. She was giggling, he was laughing and I was just looking at them grinning at how beautiful and happy they looked.

My little family.

“Here,” Dylan says as he hands me an igloo and I grunt at the weight.

He grabs a beach umbrella, a bag, a basket and another beach chair shutting the trunk of the SUV. We make our way back to the spot setting up station, keeping a watchful eye on my frolicking daughter.

“How long ’til Christan, Georgiana and her boy get here?” he asks minutes later when we’re each lounging on a beach chair, the sun had moved so the umbrella was the only thing providing relief from the blazing sun.

I look over at him. Dylan is lying back, sunglasses perched in his dark curls and his eyes looking me over.

We may be on the beach but I wasn’t showing much skin. I was in a black, turtleneck, monokini with strategic cuts at the sides and at my bosom. I had thrown a shear, multi-coloured cover on in an attempt to shield some of the sun’s rays.

“Georgie said two and Christan is hitching a ride with her. It’s about noon now,” I say judging by the position of the sun in the sky. “So in the next two hours...”

He hums in response looking away from me and towards our daughter.

Christan, Edward Jr and Joanna had joined us a few days ago and they were briefed on what happened in the past weeks. They took it exactly how I expected, the flash of confusion and anger, though Christan’s burst of anger at “those fuckers” before grabbing me and hugging me to him, surprised me.

Yes, he was my brother and I know he loves me but... his anger had always been at me... It was nice to be receiving his affection.

Mom and Dad wanted to keep them on the island just to be safe but Joanna argued she had classes and Edward Jr had backed her putting up a decent front about keeping her safe. My dad wasn’t easily swayed though but after three days, they had come to some agreement. Christan did stay with us but he had days he flew out for business and Dad persuaded him to get security.

Dad also went with Joanna and Edward Jr just to see to their safety and take care of the security detail himself. Not that he doesn’t trust Eddie but it’s his little girl.

“Momma! Daddy!” Ki-Ki yells running towards us. “Come play!”

The droplets of water from her body fall on us as she danced around pulling at our hands, encouragingly. Dylan grins at her before caving and pulling off his tank and shades before scooping her onto his arms.

...and that ladies is how I lost my ovaries.

A sexy, hot, chiselled, well built and I say again fucking sexy man holding the most adorable little girl in his arms... that is my undoing. Did I mention that he is shirtless? The sun shining on those flexing muscles, the ink littering his flesh, the smile on his face and the love in those captivating eyes as he stares at Diana... It had heat radiating all over my body...

Damn... It’s been so long...

“Momma! Save me! He’s eating me!” Ki-Ki cries between laughter as Dylan pretends to gobble up her stomach.

Oh, how I want him to gobble up something els– No, no relax those hormones Indie.

“Momma!” Diana yells between laughter.

“I’m coming baby!” I giggle as I notice Dylan placed Diana on her feet, causing her to run off towards me and him to give chase.

I hop off the beach chair, running towards her before scooping her into my arms and turning on my heels. Dylan chases us down, wrapping his arms around me and I release her.

“Run Kiara, don’t let him get you!” I cry out, playing along.

“No! Release my momma!” Ki-Ki cries before grinning and pounding her fists on Dylan’s thighs.

“I have you now!” Dylan says releasing an evil laugh, grabbing Diana’s waist before spinning us around causing us girls to squeal in glee.

Somewhere during his spinning, he loses his balance and we fall onto the sand. We’re laughing as we lie tangled in the sand, Diana lies on me, the other half of her body on Dylan who my torso is draped over. His chin digs into my breasts and I groan between my laughter before pushing myself up causing Diana to land on the sand.

“Momma!” Ki-Ki scolds as she sits up playfully glaring at me.

“Sorry Ki-Ki, daddy’s chin was poking mommy so she had to get up,” I explain rubbing the poked area.

“Sorry about that Ana,” Dylan says sitting up him and I hum acknowledging and accepting his apology.

He moves a little closer until his lips are at my ear. “... but that wasn’t what Daddy wanted to poke mommy with...”

My face must have reflected the heat that passed through me because Diana asks me why my face is so red. Dylan chuckles pecking my cheek causing my skin to tingle before scooping up Diana and making his way to the water, saying something about teaching her to swim.

Somehow Diana manages to coax me into getting into the water, which I had no intention of doing but for her I shed my cover and submerge myself into the liquid coolness.

“Look mommy I’m a mermaid,” Diana yells as she floats between me and her father.

“A very pretty one too,” I compliment leaning down to kiss her nose.

“Momma!” she shouts before her body dips under and I quickly grab her pulling her to the surface.

She coughs and gasps, clinging to me and I wipe away the water from her face gently. “I’m sorry Ki-Ki... I didn’t mean to honey...”

After spluttering and hugging herself to me for a good five minutes, Diana continues to play in the water with me and her dad. We spend what feels like hours in the water and Diana is all smiles, gazing up at us. She’s happy that her parents are together and she finally has her daddy.

I’m happy too.

“Uncle C!” Diana screams as she gazes towards the shore.

She begs her father to bring her closer to shore and once she can stand in the water she runs towards Christan who appears from a black off-road jeep with Georgie and her son.

I watch as he grabs my baby girl, throwing her up and catching her and from here, I can hear her laughter. Georgie smiles at the sight before waving at me and I return the gesture.

Georgie is 5’ 11” with a dark chocolate complexion, she’s curvy and that shows in the yellow, high-waist two-piece she models. Her hair is in box braids and shades cover her eyes. Beside her is her son, Arthur, he’s tall for his age almost reaching below her breasts. He has low cut hair, green eyes and he’s fairer than his mother. Arthur is in tropical print trunks and he has a sand bucket in his hand.

Diana goes to greet Georgie and Arthur, my brother waves at me and I smile waving back. He grins before turning away from me and I squeal in surprise as I feel arms wrap around my waist.

Ana...” he says in my ear and a chill runs down my spine.

Dylan is flush against my back and my pulse races as I feel his form against my wet, thin monokini. His muscles mould against my back and I feel each bugle against my heated skin.

His fingers skim my hips and I hold back a whimper as he pulls me back against another prominent bulge on his body. The waves push us back and fro gently and it causes sweet pleasure between us.

“You look sexy, neonata...” he whispers and my hormonal body gushes, turned on by his husky tone and the bugle pressing against my ass.

“I just want to eat you up...” he growls as his hand makes a path from my hips to my inner thigh.

Damn, I’m turned on and sex-deprived but my hazy eyes lock in the people on the shore and I try to break out of this trance.

“Diana is right there... We can’t,” I whisper out as my eyes struggle to stay open and I bite back a moan as he rubs me through the thin fabric.

“She won’t know...” he whispers before pulling away from my now swollen clit and I release an irritated sound at the loss of his fingers. “Christan is taking them into the forest... giving us space it’s fine... “

I look to shore to see he’s telling the truth. Georgie, Diana, Arthur and Christan are heading into the forest area near the beach, their backs to us.

Dylan spins me so I’m facing him and I see the hunger in those darkened captivating eyes. He pulls me to him abruptly, his bugle pressing against my stomach. His face is nestled in the crook of my neck where he kisses, and nibbles and sucks causing tingles to erupt all over my body.

“Dylan...” I moan as he sucks on that sensitive part of my neck and I cream, my knees slightly wobbling.

“Sh, neonata... I’ll take care of you... Just relax...” he coaxes and I find myself giving in.

My back is to the shore so I doubt anyone will see anything. We just look like a couple enjoying some innocent fun... Yeah, innocent my ass.

I jut as I feel Dylan grab an ass cheek in each hand palming them as he groans into my neck. “That damn ass. I just want to spank it while I pound that tight pussy of yours, baby girl...”

He fondles them and I can’t hold back the pleasure I feel from his hands touching me, being so close to where I want him to be the most.

He releases my left cheek to trail his fingers up my sides and I shiver as he licks my earlobe and grabs a heavy breast. “And these perfect tits. I’ll enjoy fucking as much as I love sucking them...”

He massages my breast and ass and I leak like a faulty faucet. My arousal feels almost uncomfortable between my legs. I’m in the water so of course I’m wet but the gushing between my legs feels different, sticking and so creamy...

I bite my lip, moaning as his mouth closes over the hard nipple beneath the thin material. He sucks hard causing me to grip his hair, my mouth opening as a pleased and aroused sigh leaves my lips.

I squirm as my pussy pulses, Dylan’s hand are on my ass and now thigh but he never once touched where I need his attention the most. He was teasing me...

Master...” I whimper in need, my need for penetration growing... I need some part of him in me now. “I’m so fucking wet for you... I want you.”

I sound like a desperate woman as I utter those words grabbing hold of his bugle and rubbing it, gaining his attention and a grunt.

I look into those lustful eyes, biting my lip as I give him doe eyes. “Please...”

My skin ignites as I feel a finger skim my inner thigh. Dylan’s eyes are locked on mine as his fingers reach the apex of my thighs and I whimper but never break eye contact. He hooks the fabric pulling it to the side before releasing it, clumping it up on the right side of my slit.

“You want me, baby girl?” he asks teasingly as he finds my clit rubbing it the right way causing inside of me to coil deliciously.

“Yes, Master...” I moan my eyes rolling back slightly.

“Then take me.”

I moan sharply my body feels like it’s flying, a warmth spreading all over my tingling body as Dylan pushes his thick digit into me pumping hard. I grip his shoulders as my legs threaten to give out and I moan wantonly as he pumps my weeping pussy, causing my horny ass to meet each pump with a thrust of my hips.

“Fuck... Wet, tight and warm... My pussy... my baby girl...” he pulls out slightly, using his other hand to tilt my head back and I gaze at him through hooded lids.

“So beautiful...” he pushes two in and my lips part my face scrunching up in pleasurable pain and Dylan growls capturing my lips.

He wraps his arm around me holding me to him while he fingers me like a man possessed causing my legs to turn to jelly beneath me. I moan, whimper and cry out, all the sounds swallowed by his soft lips. He hits my g-spot repeatedly causing my body to quiver and shake. His warmth around me sending my heart soaring, evoking heavenly sensational all over.

Our kiss is sloppy. He’s panting, I’m panting and our lips are clashing, tongues wrestling as my body shudders against his. My stomach coils, I feel a wrong sensation within me and it can’t help but shake as the pleasure overloads my mind.

“D-Dylan... I…Cu-um...” I try to say but I stutter as my body tightens constricting all logical abilities, leaving only one, the ability to let go.

“I have you, baby girl...” his husky, tortured voice replies to me. “Let go and come for me...”

I feel him cross his fingers within me causing me to clamp my eyes shut. It allows him to rub my spot and tug on my walls, his fingers unable to fully leave my snuggle hole. It drives me crazy. Dylan pumps me this way fast, so fucking fast and I grip my nails in his shoulders cumming hard, his mouth swallowing my cry.

Dylan grunts against my lips as I collapse against him, my body relishing in its release. Dylan hugs me to him in comfort and I sigh enjoying it that is until his bugle pokes me.

I didn’t help his problem, I finally notice.

I pull back cupping his cock and Dylan looks down at me, expressionless just the raw hunger in those eyes. He wants to see what I would do...

I don’t disappoint. I pull down his trunks freeing his member, eyes still locked on his. I move closer lifting a leg to his hip, which he holds, in place. I position his cock between my legs against my pussy, which soaks him in its sticky wetness making him groan with shuttering eyes.

I start to rock against him and his muscles tighten his hold on my thighs firmer. I moan as the sparks between our naked fleshes ignite and I grip his shoulder kissing his neck and nibbling as I pick up speed.

Dylan breathes harshly, a hand roughly grabbing my ass as he guides my movement against his pulsing cock. We go at it, grabbing hold of each other, kissing and humping our hormones on a high.

I scrape my nails on his back, obvious to the things around me lost in the haze of pleasure he is giving to my body as it climbs higher and higher wanting to dive off cloud nine once more.

“Fuck...” he grunts as he thrusts his hips faster and harder causing me to tremble as he rubs my clit repeatedly.

This feels so damn phenomenal and we aren’t even fucking yet! Oh god!

“D-D-D-Dylan...” I stutter, each thrust driving me crazy... I am a blubbering mess...

Lord, I hope they haven’t come back as yet.

He grips me tighter seeming to have gone crazy, thrusting rapidly before lifting me slightly and that’s when it happens. The angle he lifts me at causes it.

Dylan is thrusting so fast and roughly, so lost in the passion between us that he can’t stop and instead of his cock sliding against my pussy it went in; and he motherfucking came, triggering my orgasm.

We shudder crying out in pleasure, holding each other our brains too hazy to notice what has happened. When they clear however it’s clear as day and I stare at Dylan with wide eyes, his dick still inside of me.

He came in me and I’m not on any contraceptive. That’s a big fucking oops…

He looks at me as if he’s ready to say something but he’s cut off by the shout from shore.

“Momma! Daddy! Are you okay?! I heard yelling!”

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