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Chapter 33

“So what did he do after you dropped the bomb?” Shea asks eagerly, her pyjama pants cladded legs pulled to her chest.

“Well, I kissed him and told him he didn’t need to say it back until he was ready...” I explain as I fold my legs sitting in the lotus position. “I mean the first time I told him that I loved him, he bolted and didn’t speak to me for a week.”

“So, he didn’t say anything at all?” Edina asks and I gaze at her video window, shaking my head.

“He looked like he wanted to but then he bit it down and well distracted me...”

I didn’t have to tell them what that entailed. Plus, Diana ended up finding us in the dance studio mere moments after his distraction ended so he didn’t get to do what he wanted to.

“I swear, you two are like hormonal teens,” Adri pipes up in her thick British accent, scrunching her nose and I roll my eyes.

“We’re not. We just enjoy the comfort of each other,” I reply as I gaze at the laptop screen my eyes looking at the three women on my video call.

Adrianna is lying down on her stomach, her face taking up majority of her fourth of the screen. She’s in a white robe that barely manages to handle all her curves, her hair has been cut lower, her skin has gotten a darker tan and she’s munching on a bar of chocolate like it’s her lifeline.

“So, should we expecting to be godmothers soon?” Edina asks her voice sounding a bit low.

On her quarter of the screen, Edina is standing away from her camera so I get a full-body view of her. The large window behind her reveals its night-time which explains the sexy, silk nightgown she’s in. She has a seaweed mask on her face and a towel wrapped around her head as she scurries around the kitchen, cooking.

“Well, I’m not too sure...” I reply before placing my hand against my stomach. “Maybe... The thought of having a baby both scares and excites me right now.”

“Trust me I know how you feel,” Shea pipes up.

Shea is in a Minnie mouse pyjama bottom with a pale pink tank top and a nightcap covers her hair. She clings a bowl of ice cream to her chest, the spoon resting on her lip as she talks.

“I just found out a week ago and already I’m craving weird foods,” she states putting the spoon in her bowl before she takes a pickle from the jar that’s leaning on her hip. She then dips the pickle in the ice cream and takes a bite.

“Yuck!” Adri says as she gags looking away from the screen, Edina and I share the same sentiments.

“Yuck to you, yummy for baby and mommy,” she grins eating her weird combination.

“I’m so not looking forward to that again if I am pregnant,” I groan as I watch her eat. “Diana had the weirdest taste. She hated anything with dairy in it, if I smelt Mac and cheese I’d start throwing up. Her idea of yummy food was seafood and ketchup. Everything I ate had to have ketchup or I would refuse to eat it.”

“Yuck,” Adri says with a disgusted look on her face. She always hated ketchup but ate tomatoes. I never understood it. “Can you guys stop? You are making us, single women feel like never getting pregnant, ever.”

“I agree,” Edina says and Shea and I roll our eyes.

“Funny coming from Miss I-like-vaginas and Miss Can’t-destroy-my–bo—” Shea starts to comment but is interrupted when an incoming facetime pops on my screen and I accept instantly seeing it’s my mother.

It’s been hours since her departure, I’m eager to know that they’re alright.

The screen now splits into five as my mom joins the call and her smiling face pops up.

“Guys, Mom is now on the call,” I say for those who weren’t paying much attention to the screen.

Edina looks over to her phone coming closer, her nightgown taking up the screen and my mother jumps in fright as Edina leans down her green face popping up on the screen.

“Fuck!” Mom exclaims and we laugh as my mother places her hand over her chest, her eyes closing momentarily before she’s good again.

“Hey, Momma Blake!” Shea says waving at my mom who smiles returning her greeting.

“Shea you’re looking beautiful, sweetie! How is Seattle treating you? How’s that man of yours?” Mom asks her hazel eyes glimmering in the sunlight infiltrating the room.

“Thank you, so are you. Seattle is not too bad, we’re coping. My fiancé is at work right now, he should be home in an hour or so...” Shea replies and my mother nods, thanking her for the compliment.

My mom’s in a silk robe with anime characters on it, her hair is damp and her face flush and bare. It seems she’s just taken a shower.

“Hey Aunt Chris,” Adri says with a smile and mom smiles at her going into gushing mode.

“Adrianna, you cut your hair again! I love it! I need the name of your stylist!” she gushes and Adri touches her hair blushing. “Come on stand and give me a twirl... Let me see you... It’s been so long.”

Adrianna follows mom’s instructions getting up to give a twirl and my mom goes gaga over her.

“Look at that body! Adrianna you’re so beautiful... Remind me again why you’re not taken...”

My mom has been Adri’s biggest cheerleader since that day she found her trying to leave this life. Adri had been stressed out, coping with her sexuality plus her parents were splitting, it took a toll on her. Thankfully though, she’s been coping and she seems alright... I wouldn’t want her to go to that path again... Plus, she knows she has us if it ever becomes unbearable.

“Haven’t found someone who can handle all I have to offer as yet auntie,” she says replying to mom’s question while running her hands over her hips and pushing up her boobs a little as she says ‘all I have to offer’.

We all chuckle at that and mom finally stops gushing at Adri to acknowledge the rest of us.

“Edina?” my mom asks looking at the screen and Edina nods with a wave.

“Hey Aunty C. Yeah, it’s me,” Edina replies before walking back to man the stove.

“Girl, you nearly gave me an heart-attack with all that green stuff on your face...” my mother teases and Edina laughs before explaining what she has on and the benefits it has on her skin.

I zoned out of it allowing mom and her to have their moment and I could tell the others did too. Adri seems to be typing something on her screen while remaining in the call while Shea was eating away at her ice cream and pickles. Edina had told us, in detail, the benefits of that mask for thirty minutes, we can take no more.

“– Indiana is okay...” I start to listen when my name is called and I pick up that my mom has just called to check-in.

“You are using your father’s laptop right?” she asks me and I nod.

Dad’s laptop is more secured than the White House. It’s untraceable and so old it should be classified as prehistoric but its system has been updated. He had gotten some hacker he knew to secure it so no one could track him to the island when he needed to call into business meetings or check in on things at home.

“Good,” she says before engaging a small conversation about the happenings on the compound.

“Well, Diana went out with Christan and Georgie so it’s just Dylan, Regina and I here but I haven’t seen much of them,” I say to which she nods only pulling her attention away from the screen when Rox Jr jumps into her lap and started to bark and whine.

Rox Jr or Rj as we call him is one of three living pups of Roxie, mom’s best companion.

Roxie had hooked up with a neighbour’s German Shepherd one summer when the family next door had relatives over and then months later came three little pups. The German Shephard had left the neighborhood at the end of summer before the birth of the pups and Roxie didn’t see him again. Roxie was an old dog so the pregnancy had taken a toll on her. She had become sickly after birth and no matter how many vets mom carried to, it only got worse until one day she died.

My mom broke down on that day and mourned the loss of her Roxie, another friend she held close to her heart that died.

She ended up giving away the other two pups to Aunt Chev and Aunt Shan when they got a bit older because three dogs and three kids weren’t a good combination. Aunt Chev took Onyx and Aunt Shan has Hera who mated with a husky named Zeus and have four cute pups. Now when we have meetups they also have a little reunion of their own.

The sound of a door slamming shut catches my mother’s attention and soon I can hear my dad calling out for her. She calls him into the room and he struts in clad in a black Armani suit, looking all-professional.

He greets us and Shea goes gaga at the sight of her dilf crush. Yes, it weirds me out too.

Thankfully I don’t suffer it too long for as soon as my dad asks about everyone’s welfare he tells us that he has a wife he needs to do naughty things with and hangs up.

Then there are four.

“So guys we’ve been talking about me all this time. What’s happening with you?” I ask as I lie on my stomach.

“Well, my wedding is in two weeks and one of my bride’s maids will possibly bail on me,” Shea states and I frown.

“It’s not intentional babe, you know–”

“I know, I’m just playing with you but hopefully you can make it. It’s nothing too big just immediate family and friends so no exposure...” she states nibbling on a pickle.

“Hopefully this will all be over by then,” I say, knowing that possibility is slim and she nods.

“So what about you Edina, still under that dry spell?” Shea asks and Edina rolls her eyes as she eats her chicken pasta.

She’s now at a table feasting while on the call with us.

“I’m still single, yes. No one seems to catch my attention,” Edina says bluntly with a shrug. “…but I’m not holding my breath. Nothing happens before it’s time...”

“That’s true sis,” Shea agrees. “Don’t rush, focus on you for now. ’Cause you’re worth it.... and you deserve it... the way you work it....”

“Okay, stop! Don’t spoil that song for me,” Edina says in horror as Shea butchers The Weekend’s Earned it.

“Whatever...” she says rolling her eyes and we laugh at her pouty face.

“So... Adri....” I say looking at my curvy sis. “What happened with Mr. Alt? You know your boss who you have the hots over?”

Her face immediately goes a tad red and I sit up, coaxing her into giving details. “Something happened! Spill it!”

“Yes, serve the tea...” Edina encourages.

“Give us the suss...” Shea mumbles a pack of Doritos in her hand as she crunches away on the chips.

“Fine!” Adri says before sitting up, folding her legs. “We... kissed…like a lot and girls I felt sparks... I mean he’s just so assertive, manly. He makes my inner girly-girl come out and oh my god his mouth... It does wonders to a girl’s body...”

Neither of us misses what she has hinted at with the last statement and we squeal in excitement.

“So are you guys dating or...?” Edina asks and Adri sighs.

“Well, we were starting to become something over the last week but then he got engaged...” she whispers and we all gape in shock.

“Engaged?” the three of us ask simultaneously.

“Yeah, after that I kind of just ignored him refusing to talk to him. We’re actually in the states for a business trip right now and he’s out so I’m in the suite alone. It’s just so awkward. I mean how am I supposed to work with him knowing that we were developing into something so explosive, so passionate and beautiful only for him to go off with someone else?” she asks but we are too engrossed in that was going on in her background to comment.

Leaning on the threshold, his head brushing the top of the doorway is the man himself Agenis Alt. He’s in a white dress shirt that’s rolled up to his elbows so we can see the many tattoos littering his chocolate skin and he pairs that with black dress pants that cling to his muscular thighs. His dark eyes are zoned in on Adri, taking her in and they flare with emotions, wild, passionate and unhindered emotions.

The man is basically sex on legs, his hair is short and faded and he has a trimmed beard that just emphasizes his attractiveness.

Yes, I’m in love with Dylan but that doesn’t mean I’m blind. If I guy is good looking he just is, doesn’t mean I’ll trade my tatted, sexy, baby-daddy dom for him.

“Is that how you feel Adrianna?” he asks his voice deep and sultry causing Adri to freeze.

“Tell me he’s not behind me and I’m hearing things...” she says with wide eyes.

“Actually...” I start.

“…he’s behind you...” Shea adds.

“…looking like a snack...” Edina finishes and Adri goes pale.

“Um... I’ll call you guys later!” she squeals out before ending her call.

“Well....” Shea says only for a door to open and shut on her end.

Her fiancé announces his arrival and she squeals. “Gotta go guys. My man is home and baby momma needs some D. Bye!”

Her call ends and it’s just me and Edina. We look at each other waiting... We’re waiting for a good 2 minutes for someone to barge in on either side but it doesn’t happen.

“I guess that just leaves us...” I say as Edina pecks at her dinner. “So, how are things with the McKnights?”

Edina gives a hefty sigh. “Mom is still not talking to dad. Dad looks like he’s getting worse every day. My grandparents, if I should even call them that, are doting on the little homewrecker and Eddie and I are trying to just to stay neutral until the baby is born and a paternity test is done.”

“Wow, that’s a lot,” I say gulping.

“Yup and to top it all off... I think I’m Demi-Sapiosexual...” she says under her breath but I hear and I freeze.

“What?” I ask a bit taken back, this is the first time Edina has ever spoken freely about her sexuality.

“Oh, nothing!” she says eyes wide. “You weren’t supposed to hear that.”

“Edina! What do you mean by a dem—?”

“Yes? I’m coming! Is that you Bob?” Edina calls out trying to ignore me. “Indie baby I have to go. Bob is home and well I’m gonna get laid. Talk to you later!”

The call ends and I sit staring at the screen. This girl did not just hang up on me for Bob, her battery-operated boyfriend.

This girl... She opens up for a few seconds then clamps down like a clam. She’s never really been open about her sexuality since her ex-boyfriend. It seemed like she completely gave up on sexual relations...

We thought she was asexual, now she’s Demi-Sapiosexual.

Everyone has their problems working with... I hope that we all come out of this triumphantly.

Closing down the laptop, I jump off the bed and stretch. I walk over to the bay windows with a yawn before frowning as I see droplets of rain begin to fall.

There go my pool plans.

Deciding that the weather will not affect my plans of lounging in a calming body of water. I move to my bathroom, filling the large tub. I search through the cabinets trying to find my relaxing kit. I pour a little mint extract from said kit into the tub of water, turning off the tap when the tub is filled.

Since everyone is busy and Dylan is thinking about my words, probably searching himself to ensure he can wholly reciprocate my feelings. I am going to relax and take a ’me’ day. I’ve been so tense lately and I need to take the time to pamper myself.

Putting on my ’Medz’ playlist, which includes some Kendric Lamar, Sia, Labrinth, Lewis Capaldi, The Weekend and Billie Elilish, I start setting up for all I have planned today.

Firstly, I make my face mask, it consists of half a cup of oatmeal, one egg yolk, a tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of canola or olive oil. An easy homemade mask that works wonders for your face.

I apply it, setting a timer on my phone that reminds me to take it off in fifteen minutes.

Next, I strip down deciding that within those fifteen minutes I’ll work on de-hairing my body. It’s not bad just a bit stubby, seeing I had waxed three weeks ago but I wanted baby smooth skin at the moment so I decided to use Nair. I had three types: facial, one for the coochie and a regular, for now, I’m using the latter two.

After lathering the cream where appropriate, I wait the allotted five minutes on the shower bench singing off-key to Someone I loved, my legs spread so the cream doesn’t rub and reach places that’ll burn.

Once the five minutes are up, I wash off the cream under the shower jets then I wait it out the remaining minutes before washing my face. I then proceed to wash my hair dancing along to Humble by Kendric Lamar.

Happy with what I see when I exit; I make my way to the tub settling into the cool, mint-scented water.

I soak for what feels like hours. I am so relaxed that I eventually fall asleep in the tub and when I awake, the room is gloomy and a bit dark.

I scurry out of the tub, drying my body with a towel before putting on a robe. My fingers and toes are pruned and my skin feels soft and smells minty. My hair is partially dry so I wrap it in a towel.

Making my way into my bedroom, I pause as I see a rectangular box sitting on my bed, the orange glow of the setting sun illuminating my room.

I slowly advance to the box, noting that my phone lies beside it. I reach for that first and as I open it, the sound recorder is open and two recordings dating about an hour ago pops up.

I play the first one.

“Hey Indie,” Georgiana’s voice fills the room. ”... so we came back to the compound to find you out cold in your tub and to tell you the truth it scared the shit out of me. You had me in here checking your pulse and your breath on a mirror sis. Thankfully, you were just sleeping. By the way, you sleep dead...”

There’s a bit of shuffling before she speaks again.

“Anyways, you must be wondering why there’s a box on your bed. Well, when Chris and I were going to the main with Diana, homeboy asked me to get you a little something-something. So, you know I got you covered plus, I added a little something extra... Put them on baby daddy wants you ready by 7 p.m. Have fun sis...”

That recording ends there and I play the other one, my curiosity rising. What is Dylan planning?

“Hey momma, Daddy says that Uncle C and I are going to stay with Auntie Georgie. He says that I’m going to have protectors too cause I’m a princess, his princess!” Diana giggles and my heart flutters at the sound. ”Isn’t that sweet momma? So Auntie Georgie says you’re sleeping, probably cause I kept you up late. Sorry, momma. So we’re leaving now and I wanna tell you that I love you mommy and have fun with daddy tonight... Make me lots of brothers and sisters!”

I hear someone choking in the background and I hear Georgie laughing her ass off as well.

“Uncle C are you o—”

…and it ends.

Diana is at Georgie’s, I’m not too bothered by that. One, she has Christan with her, two, she has security with her and three, Georgie lives in the town on the other side of this island so she’s still protected.

Yes, it is a private island but my parents decided to encourage our workers to live on it and bring their families. Then with the families came different businesses and amenities opening up. The power on the island ranges from solar, hydro, wind and generators. It took a while but we were able to acquire wifi here as well, also a small cell tower.

The town people have a good amount of land sectioned for themselves so they won’t venture to our compound unless they’re here to work, which gives us the privacy we want.

What are you planning, Master?

I put down my phone before running my fingers over the red ribbon on the black box.

So, Dylan has gotten Diana and Christan out of the compound, asked Georgie to buy something special for me and has been MIA for the last couple hours.

I’m guessing it’s a dinner date, something a little romantic for the both of us.

We’ve had sexual moments and heart to hearts but we haven’t had a date since we’ve met and maybe he’s trying to change that.

After all, I just told how I felt this morning, maybe he wants to show me he feels the same.

…and my inner school girl gushes at the thought of her crush reciprocating her feelings...

“Well, I better get ready I have an hour till 7...” I state. “But first let’s open this bad boy up...”

I smile giddily excited to see what is inside before pulling at the bow and slowly opening the box.

My eyes widen at the sight. I added a little something extra...

Damn Georgie, you tryna have me give him a heart-attack...

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