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Chapter 34

“Thank you so much for your help,” I say gratefully as Regina stands behind me layering my freshly cut hair.

Thank heavens for her.

So, I had decided I wanted to change up my hair to a shorter style. Naturally, I ended up on YouTube and after five tutorials I thought I was ready. Big fat chance! I butchered my hair so bad that I started screaming and Regina and Dylan came barging up the stairs to my room door.

It was locked, thank God and I told them I was fine just a slight wardrobe mishap. Regina had persuaded Dylan to go back down while she took care of it.

Now here we are and Regina is working her magic.

This woman is multi-talented. She knows dressmaking, hairdressing, housekeeping, she’s a top-notch chef and she has the sweetest and fiercest personality I’ve ever seen. I pity the fool who let her out of his grasp.

“And done,” she says using her fingers to sort through my hair, flattening it with her palm.

“Thank you!” I cheer as I fly from the chair and check the nearest mirror.

On the left side, my hair is above my shoulders while on the right, it touches my nose and it has a side part, a DRIPPIN hairpin holding some strands back.

I love it. It’s different from what I normally wear but in a good way. Ladies often say they feel liberated when they cut their hair. I can understand it, you feel lighter, more confident and fiercer.

“You need to be downstairs in thirty minutes, dear. Dylan must be growing anxious waiting on you,” I hear Regina say as she starts to make her way to the door. “I’m going to get a broom to clean up all this hair.”

“I’ll help,” I start to say but she brushes off my help and tells me to get ready for that handsome, young man awaiting me.

Reluctantly, I leave her be before going into the bathroom carrying the box with my attire. I place it on the broad face basin and open the cupboard taking out my emergency makeup bag. It is here for those few moments I forget my makeup kit at home when we vacation here.

I apply little foundation, adding wings to my eyes and dark, Smokey eye-shadow. My lips are ruby red and I pout in the mirror, posing feeling beautiful. I shrug off the robe, majority of the hair falling to the floor. I brush away the hair on the back of my neck and between my breasts before opening the box and holding up the lingerie Georgie bought.

Dylan was going to choke when he gets a look at this.

I dress quickly, slipping into the dress that is also in the box. It is black and made of leather with a tight fit, a deep v-cut, thick straps and a black and gold belt. It hugs all the right places and I feel badass and sexy. Georgie has taste; I have to admit. I match it with simple gold hoops and a necklace from my jewellery box.

I am ready, well except for my shoes. I return to the room to see the floor free of hair and a pair of black and gold stilettos awaiting me. I don’t question it. I put on the heels and take one last look at myself in the full-body mirror before giving myself two thumbs up and making my way downstairs.

“You look beautiful, Indiana,” Regina says as she spots me at the kitchen door.

I take a twirl before thanking her and she hugs me, placing a kiss on my cheek.

“Let’s go. He’ll be waiting... but first,” she says before pulling something silky and black from her pocket. “You are required to wear this blindfold.”

I become excited thinking about just what Dylan has been up to. This all sounds fun so I accept the blindfold and put it over my eyes, tying it. I’m led by Regina through the kitchen onto tiled floors, my heels tapping. I’m guessing we are on the patio.

A breeze blows against my skin and shiver at the coldness. By the chill, the smell of wet earth filtrating my nose and the thunder clapping I can tell it is going to rain again tonight.

“Where are you leading me?” I ask my guide but she hushes me refusing to give me hints.

Well, it was worth a try.

We continue to walk for a few minutes before I hear a door being opened and I’m led inside, Regina’s hands letting go of me. That familiar addicting scent surrounds me and I know we are in Dylan’s presence but he doesn’t make a sound.

“She’s all yours,” I hear Regina say a bit of amusement in her voice before a door is closed and footsteps become softer until it goes quiet.

The atmosphere is quite warm in here and I smell sweet lavender in the air. I jump a little ad large, warm hands grip my upper arms, shocking me.

“Ana,” he says huskily and I feel his hot breath on my lips.

“Master,” I say, a smirk pulling on my lips as I hear him inhale sharply. “I’ve missed you today and I long to see you, to kiss you.”

As I say this, I lean closer to him, my tongue darting out to licking his lower lip. His grip on me tightens and I moan as his mouth crashes to mine devouring me, giving me a taste of him. His hand moves quickly capturing my throat and I groan as his lips move more aggressively, igniting an inferno inside me. Dylan creates the illusion of nothingness around us when we kiss; all I can feel, smell, see and taste is him. He overwhelms my senses and I find myself drowning happily in all he offers.

His other hand finds my ass gripping it roughly, applying pressure to my trachea, causing me to gasp into his mouth and my hands move to snake into his hair as he grunts. Sparks, tingles, electric pulses... anything you want to call them, I feel them all over my body urging me on, telling my body to jump him and ride him until we can barely remember our names.

My heart hammers in my chest as I push my body closer to him, losing myself in his touch that burns me, the feelings he evokes within me. Dylan groans throatily as our tongues intertwine and my hand leaves his hair to pull at the front of his shirt.

I want him, now.

I feel buttons on my fingertips and my other hand pulls away from his hair to help me rid him of his shirt… I almost succeed…

“No,” he states sternly, grabbing my hands and pulling away from our kiss, causing me to pout.

“Don’t give me that look,” he says releasing my hands and cupping my face. Let’s get to your surprise first, and then we can have each other for dessert.”

I bite my lip at his words before pouting. “Promise?”

Dylan chuckles before pecking my lips. “Promise.”

He then moves so he is behind me and I feel his hands in my hair. “Not much to tug on but I like it...” His breath tickles my ear and I shiver. “Now let’s get this blindfold off.”

The silk around my eyes slackens before falling and as my eyes open; my jack follows the example of the blindfold, hitting the ground.

“Surprise, baby girl.”

I am floored. In front of me, illuminated by the soft glow of candlelights is a romantic dinner for two. The table and chairs are placed on the large balcony of the room I’m in, which I soon notice is the pool house. Candles and roses lead a path to the dinner table and I take slow steps towards the scene.

As I approach my eyes take in the white tablecloth, the large rose petal heart at the vertex of the table and the cream, delicate china plates lying side to side with spoons and forks on either side. The water and champagne glasses glisten as the candles on either side of the heart reflect on them. The chairs are regular balcony chairs and they are faced towards the view over the balcony rails…and what a view it is.

The sky is darker due to the rain and as I look up, I can spot bright stars lightening up the sky. Fireflies move haphazardly a few metres away from the balcony creating a light show just for our eyes and I can’t help how my heart flutters in my chest.

He’s taking me on a moonlight dinner. My inner girly-girl jumps in glee.

Dylan and I have been together for years but believe it or not ,we’ve never had a dinner date. We went out on dates to various crowded places but we never sat together in a setting like this and just talk, eating away at good cuisine… and I’m a bit excited.

“I wanted to bring you on a soppy, romantic date at a restaurant since we never had one... but given our dilemma, I couldn’t bring you to a restaurant…” I hear Dylan say from behind me. “… So I decided to create our very own restaurant where I will be your cook, waiter and handsome date.”

I turn around to look at him with a full-blown smile on my face and he smiles seeing the happiness on my face. Wasting no time, he walks to me pecking my lips and I giggle as he pulls out my chair with a bow saying ’After you, baby girl’.

“Welcome to Restaurante de neonata, I am your server for today Dylan,” I grin as he stands beside me in a crisp, button-up, white shirt and black pants that hug his thighs deliciously. “On tonight’s menu we have chicken soup; our main dish is Steamed fish with crackers with wine and for dessert, ice cream.”

“Sounds delicious,” I say and he nods before heading inside the room to fetch our food and ladies, yes those pants hugged his ass just as nicely as they did the front.

Seconds later Dylan is back and we sit side to side, the vertex of the table between us. We talk, laugh, and share stories of the past that brought us joy and I feel my soppy heart fall even more for the man beside me. When the main dish is served, I find myself being fed by Dylan and I can’t help the blush that stains my cheeks.

We steal kisses now and again becoming engrossed in each other and I feel so close to him intimately. His smiles make me feel bubbling inside and his touches make me yearn for him even more. My body and heart seem to react to his presence, leaving me weak to him.

Dylan and I are now eating desert looking out at the beautiful night sky as raindrops gradually fall from the heavy clouds. The awning keeps the rain from touching us on the balcony and I find myself cuddled to Dylan’s side watching the drops fall, the moon reflecting on them.

“When we got together that night. Did you ever see us going further than just sex buddies?” I ask Dylan and he stops caressing my arm, pondering my question.

“I knew that what I felt for you was more than lust but with our relations, I wasn’t sure we’d last,” he replies honestly. “I used to fear that your mom and dad would find out and come charging in my room demanding I leave you alone and bust my ass into next week…”

I giggle at that and he gently pinches me. “Don’t laugh; you know your dad is frightening when he’s ready.”

“I know but you always gave off that bad boy aura, as if no one scared you. Now knowing you are afraid of my dad makes me see you more dork… Ah!” I don’t even get to finish my sentence before Dylan attacks me with tickles, causing me to burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“Take it back.” He demands and I cave, giggling at the offended look on his adorable face.

“Fine,” I chuckle before pecking his lips. “You’re still my bad boy.”

He grips my throat pulling me back to his lips as he dominates my mouth. I groan, clutching his shirt as I rub against him like a bitch in heat. Dylan pulls back with a smirk and I roll my eyes at the smug look on his face. I push at his chest before leaning against him and his arm wraps around me, fingers caressing my flesh.

“What about you?” he asks and I look up at him questioningly. “Did you see us going further?”

“I saw myself having your babies,” I blurt out, chuckling at his shocked expression. “I had a crush on you since 7th grade. I saw us married with two kids in a big house and we were deliriously happy and in love.”

His eyes gaze down at me with a look of disbelief and I bite my lip, before reaching up and caressing his cheek.

“I have always wanted you, wanted more but after that night you only wanted sex and well, I took you any way I could get you. Thankfully, you returned my feelings in the end and I did end up having your baby so part of my wish came through,” I grin and he gulps, locking eyes with me.

“Um…” he says pulling away and I frown sitting up as he scrambles from his chair. “…I’ll … I’ll carry the dishes to the kitchen.”

He disappears into the room with the dishes in tow and I frown at his sudden retreat. I turn around, placing my head in my hands. I mentally scold myself… for what? I don’t know. I just know something I said sent him running.

I look up at the sky at the stars and sigh. “Once again I sent him running for the hills. Is it that he’s not ready to pledge his love for me and commit? Did I push him too far?”

I sit overthinking, my thoughts so loud I didn’t hear him join me. A tap on my shoulder frightens me and I whip around so fast I almost get whiplash.

“Oh my god,” I breath standing to my feet my hands covering my mouth as I take in the sight before me.

He is on one knee.

A leather box in his hand.

His eyes lock with mine.

He is proposing.

“Dylan…” I say my voice breaking as tears start to fall from my eyes. He…he’s….he’s…. proposing…

“Ana…” he breathes before clearing his throat. “I may have not have been able to recognize my feeling for you as quickly as you did for me but now, I know that I do love you, wholeheartedly. Those years part from you, your memory and your love was what kept me going. Not only have you loved me unconditionally but you have also given me one of the best things I could ever ask for, my daughter. Non amerò mai un’altra donna tanto quanto amo te, escluso nostro figlio. voglio passare il resto della mia vita con te. Sposami, neonata?” I will never love another woman as much as I love you, excluding our child. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Marry me, baby girl?

He opens the leather box and I gasp at the jewellery inside. It isn’t a ring, instead, it is a black leather collar, a familiar collar… my old collar. It is bedazzled with gems and a small heart-shaped gem lies at the front, connected to the leather by metal rings.

“The idea to propose came to me this morning so I had no way to get a ring so, I bedazzled your collar with Regina’s help…” he explains with a blush on his cheeks and I can’t help the sob-like laugh that comes from me. “So what do you say, Ana? Will you marry me?”

I didn’t need a minute, a second nor a nanosecond to think of my answer. “Yes.”

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