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Chapter 35

“Yes…Yes…Yes,” I moan into the kiss, my arms wrapping around his shoulders.

Dylan’s hands find their way around my waist pulling me to his body, the joy washing over both of us. I jump up and down happily, releasing something between a laugh and sob as I pull away from the kiss to gaze into his blue-green eyes. The emotions within those irises make me feeling light, happy.

“I love you,” I whisper against his lips, our gazes lock and he smiles effortlessly.

“And I love you, Ana,” he replies wholeheartedly, resting his forehead against mine.

I kiss him, hard before jumping, my legs wrapping around his waist, which causes him to take steps back to steady himself. Our mouths mash against each other’s hungrily, the flare of passion our driving force. His arms hold me up as he walks us forward and soon I feel the table under my ass.

I hear something being thrown onto the chair but I ignore it snaking my hands in his hair, tugging as our tongues clash. I moan and groan as I feel his hands move haphazardly over my trembling body, shocking it with the tingles of his touch. Dylan pulls away from my lips kissing my cheek to my throat, his hands palming the flesh of my right breast causing me to pant, choked moans leaving my lips.

I move my legs kicking off my heels and I sink the heel of my foot in his ass pushing him closer to my wanton body.

His hips buckle against mine and I moan, harmonizing with the satisfying groan that leaves his lips. Dylan nibbles on my throat causing sweet nectar to grow between my thighs. I fling my head back, grasping his shoulder and hair with my hands.

He pulls me closer causing my dress to hike up, exposing my hips. The red lingerie is visible but he’s so engrossed kissing my neck, shoulders and now my quivering bosom he doesn’t notice.

“Dylan…” I squeak as his hand grips my hair, the other sliding between my legs and stimulating my clit.

The panty is crotch-less so he doesn’t need to slip anything to the side to get to his prize. Thank you, Georgie.

My head is thrown back into his grip as I moan and mewl in pleasure the shocks running through my body, causing me to spasm. His thumb caresses my nub while his index and ring fingers spread my soaking lips, his middle finger thrusting into me, the index entering moments later to aid its comrade.

“Fuck… Dylan!” I cry out my body aroused and shaking as his skilful fingers work me into oblivion.

My hips buckle, meeting the thrusts of his fingers. He licks and sucks on my cleavage teasingly and I release his hair reaching down to pull my left breast from the cup. I then grab his head directing his attention to the aching breast.

His lips wrap around my swollen nipple and I jut, releasing a scream as he bites the sensitive nub, making me cream on his fingers. He grunts thrusting his fingers harder, curling them against my g-spot and I bite his lip so hard I nearly draw blood.

I thrash and groan as he works my body hoping to achieve an explosive reaction and it doesn’t disappoint as it starts to tighten, pressure tugging on my lower abdomen. Dylan stops suckling my breasts and slams his lips to mine. The hand in my hair moves, grabbing my throat tightly, pushing me down so my back rests on the table as Dylan ravishes me.

“Ana… fuck... I want you, baby girl…” he groans against my lips, releasing my throat and gliding his hand over my breasts down to my thigh.

“T-Take me, Master,” I stutter out as my walls contract around his fingers, my orgasm closing in.

His hand glides between my thighs and I hear a buckle being pulled. I clamp my eyes shut as the familiar pull starts only for them to snap open when his fingers are removed and widen as he shoves into me, full hilt.

I scream out his name as my orgasm smacks against my walls, my muscles practically strangling his cock. Dylan shouts out a curse stilling in me as I contract around him, riding out my wave. His head is against my breasts, my hands gripping his hair as my lips part in ecstasy.

My body trembles as I come down from my high, tensing as Dylan starts to move within me as my walls loosen.

“D-Dylan…” I plead, the sensations stirring inside me too much to bear. “S-sensitive-”

He pulls away from my chest to place a kiss on my lips. “It’s okay. I have you…”

Dylan pulls back, thrusting slowly inside of me, his eyes closing as his face contorts into one of pure satisfaction. His hand finds its way to his shirt, the other gripping my hip and he pulls his shirt a button at a time while teasing my sensitive core.

I pant, gripping the tablecloth at the feel of him pulsing inside me and slipping in and out. It feels so good, it’s maddening.

He releases my waist and I tighten my legs around him not wanting him to stop. He peels off the shirt looking down at my writhing body. His eyes take me in, flushed and wanton, loving the feel of his cock in me.

Something glints in his eyes and I gulp as I recognize the shift. He leans down kissing me deeply, his hands slithering up my body, one at my hip and the other at my throat. Dylan grips my throat harshly, pulling away from the kiss and I gasp at the sultry look in his eyes, it makes me feel downright dirty.

“I’m going to fuck you, Ana, hard and you’re gonna love it,” he growls into my ear. “I want to feel you coming around my cock, again. I want to hear you screaming my fucking name as I show you who you belong to.”

“Y-Yes Master,” I stutter as his thrusts pick up speed driving me crazy. “F-Fuck me…Ah!”

Dylan pulls out and thrusts deeply, causing me to lose my breath. His grip on me tightens and I find myself and the table shaking as he thrusts into me as if he’s possessed. The sound of skin slapping against each other fills the air along with my choked screams. Dylan grunts pounding me into next week and my body is spiked on so much pleasure I can barely feel my toes.

My back arches and I thrash as Dylan’s tip hammers my g-spot repeatedly pushing my body over the edge. My heart beats a tattoo against my chest and my screams are so loud I know everyone on the compound can hear me.

“Who do you belong to, Ana?’ he grunts out unhooking one of my legs from his hips and manoeuvring it onto his shoulder.

I cry out at the new angle, arching my back as my hands bunch up the tablecloth.

“Who do you belong to baby girl?!” he asks again through gritted teeth, thrusting with each syllable.

The table squeaks as it is pushed along the tiled floors with each punishing thrust Dylan delivers.

“You!” I shout, locking eyes with him. “I belong to you Master!”

Dylan leans forward pumping harder, my leg against my chest as his lips swallow my moans. He grips the edge of the table with both hands and I grab onto his shoulders.

“I love you! I love you! I love you!” I cry with each thrust and Dylan goes harder. It feels like he’s trying to shift my womb.

My body jerks as another orgasm makes its way to the forefront and I arch as my body starts to convulse. One thrust, that’s all it takes for me to come, sinking my nails into his back and screaming his name.

My eyes are wide open staring into Dylan’s own but I see stars all around him. I watch as he stiffens against me, jerking his hips, the veins in his neck prominent and I feel his seed flood my pussy. Milking him, watching as his eyes roll into his head and his lips part in ecstasy.

“I love you…” he growls out before falling against me and I lay against the table, panting.

I bring my hand to his hair, stroking it and I feel his hand in my hair seconds later caressing it, soothing me.

Moments go by and we both lay in the moonlight on the balcony, rain dropping gradually from the sky. Crickets sound in the background and I even see a few fireflies hovering above us. The night is peaceful.

“So… If you hadn’t knocked me up yesterday at the beach, you sure have now,” I giggle as I feel him pulse inside me.

Dylan pulls his head up to look at me, his chin digging into my sternum. His hair is tousled and his blue-green eyes are bright and joyous.

“I can live with that…” he whispers, staring at me in adoration. “As long as you are their mother… I want you to carry my seed Ana and I plan to fill you with a lot of them.”

My heart flutters and I groan as I feel him grow within me, stretching my sensitive walls.

“I want to see your stomach swell with my children…” he whispers, kissing my stomach and I shiver.

“I want to see your breasts grow with nourishment for our babe,” he states pulling my right breast from its confinement and attacking both breasts, causing me to arch.

“I want to see you smiling back at me for the rest of my life. I will protect you and our children with my life, I will keep you happy and I will love you wholly forever. This I vow to you…”

I’m practically in tears as Dylan moves his lips to mine, cradling my face and I gasp as his hips start to move, thrusting.

God, I love this man…He’s my Mr. Perfect, he’s my soulmate…my everything…

I grip his shoulders, my arms enclosed by his and my legs lock around his hips. This time he’s gentler, he whispers sweet nothingness in my ear as he strokes me, earning moans from my parted lips.

My body is overly sensitive and each thrust has me flinging my head back and clutching onto him for my dear life. It feels so explosive being joined with him. My body has seemed to lose its control and is bending to his will.

My eyes flutter close as he nibbles on my neck, sucking, leaving his mark. I feel his tongue on my heated skin, goosebumps rising in its trail. Dylan’s lips are soft as they caress mine, I feel safe in his arms and a lightness blossoms in my chest, and the warm feeling that has me high on happiness.

His hips move slowly and deeply, causing my toes to curl. I gape like a fish out of water trying to force air into my lungs, only to have him knock it out with each thrust. Dylan cradles my jaw ravishing my mouth, grunting and groaning, commenting on how good I feel wrapped around him and how perfectly we fit one another.

“I’m never letting you go again…” he professes, his hips picking up speed as my walls tighten around him. “You’re mine and I am yours, baby girl. No one will come between us!”

I can only nod my head frantically as my eyes clamp shut, chasing the release that seems to be charging at me. Dylan grips my jaw and my eyes snap open to meet his gaze. His hair is caked to his forehead, his lips are swollen and red, his face is flushed and the veins in his face look strained.

The table squeaks as he lifts me, dropping onto the chair causing his cock to hammer in me with such force I came right then and there. I clench around him and he groans gripping my hips and bouncing me on top of him as I slump onto his shoulder.

He drills into me chasing his release and my body hiked on pleasure starts to build once more and I start to gasp as I find it hard to breathe. I sink my nails into Dylan’s back, drawing blood causing him to cry out my name but his thrusts only increase.

My eyes start to blur and my head gets light, I feel like I’m floating but at the same time, the heaviness in my lower stomach keeps me grounded.

“D-Dylan,” I wheeze as his thrusts cause me to jerk against him fighting for air.






“Dylan!” I scream coming apart, my vision going black as my body buzzes before numbness sets in.


I’m awaken from my slumber by fingers gently touching my skin. It feels relaxing, comforting and tingles radiate through my body at their movement.

My eyes flutter before opening completely and they lock on a beautiful pair of blue-green eyes that seem to be looking at me, yet not.

Dylan’s propped on his elbow, hand in his hair, his chest bare of a shirt and his hand lazily caressing my stomach. There is a gentle, protective look in his eyes and a smile tugs on his lips, as his mind seems to be elsewhere. His palm flattens on my stomach before a large grin takes over his face and my breath is stolen.

He looks so beautiful. Tousled hair, swollen lips, flushed skin and a glimmer in his eyes. Not to mention that mesmerising smile, it lights up my world.

I breathe steadily looking up at my Master, my fiancé. He’s all mine and I’m his, as it should be. Slowly, I move my hand towards my stomach, placing my hand on top of his and his eyes focus, pulling away from his daydream.

“You’re awake,” he states moving his hand so our fingers are intertwined.

“How long have I been out?” I ask turning so I’m cuddled to his chest.

Dylan releases my hand to wrap his arm around me pulling me closer to him, inhaling my scent while snuggling me. My arm wraps around his waist as I kiss his tattooed peck and nuzzle his neck.

“Thirty minutes,” he replies minutes later, his fingers caressing my back. “You passed out on your third orgasm. I swore you stopped breathing for a while… I had to give you CPR.”

I blush, embarrassed yet happy that I can say I’ve had sex so good it nearly took my life. I mean if there’s a good way to go, I’m sure death by dick is one of them… but I am thankful nothing serious happened. I must just have been a bit dehydrated. I mean he did flood the gates THREE times.

My inner nympho is jumping up and down, celebrating the boom-ass dick she had just got and I am smiling so wide, feeling so sedated.

“Death by dick…” I muse into the crook of his neck. “Not a bad way to go, especially if it’s yours, Master…”

Dylan chuckles pulling back to gaze down at me before placing a kiss on my forehead. “My little freak.”

“Yours, always,” I reply sticking out my tongue before snaking my hand towards his neck and pulling him down for a sensual kiss.

We pull back seconds later when the air became necessary and I look up at him enamoured by the man beside me.

“I’m so happy you’re mine,” he grins cupping my cheek. “Soon you’ll be my wife…”

My heart jumps at the word wife, I have been fantasizing about being married to him for years and it will soon be a reality. I reach up to touch his hand on my cheek and as my hand passes over my neck; I notice I’m not wearing his engagement collar. We didn’t even put it on before we ravished each other like starving animals.

“My collar?” I ask biting my lip. “I want to wear it. I want you to put it on me.”

Dylan’s lips lift to give a lopsided smile before kissing me once again and sitting up. I follow him, gazing down noting that I’m in the red lingerie instead of my dress.

I’m surprised I didn’t pick that up sooner.

Dylan steps out of the room in his black pants, using the door to the left of the bed and my eyes take in the room. It’s beige with a small dresser, two nightstands and a wardrobe. A door lies opposite the queen size bed I’m in and it’s a bathroom.

I’m in the pool house bedroom, I deduct.

This is where Dylan and I spent most of our time, enjoying each other’s company. We would sneak out at night and come here. Even our stash was hidden here… our stash!

I jump off the bed, making my way towards the wardrobe before opening it. It’s a bit dusty indicating it hasn’t been cleaned for a while. I stoop low, pushing the coats out of the way and I find what I’m looking for.

I pull the box from the wardrobe, placing it on the floor before kneeling and grabbing the combination lock.

The lock opens and I remove it, using my fingers to brush the dust from the box, looking at it excitement running down my spine.

“You found our stash,” I hear from the doorway and I turn my head to spot Dylan watching me, a twinkle in his eye and the leather box in his hand.

I recognise that look and my body shivers as his eyes darken, his dominant side coming out to play. I bite my lip watching him, my body reacting to the lustful stare he pins me with.

“Stand and walk towards me,” he demands and I waste no time following his instructions.

When I am in front of him, he grins before twirling his finger and I turn, waiting patiently for him to do something. A buckle being pulled sounds behind me and I jump when the cold leather touches my skin. He secures the collar around my throat, the metal and gem ice-cold against my throat.

“You look so sexy, baby girl,’ Dylan says his hot breath tickling my ear and I shiver in anticipation.

I gasp as his hand grips my throat while his other hand smacks my ass cheek before gripping it and my pussy jumps. “All this, all mine…”

His nose runs the length of my throat and my legs start to shake, he knows that’s my weak spot. “Who do you belong to Ana?”

His hand slips from my ass cheek moving between my legs and he rubs my soaking slit, distracting me from his words. However, I am brought back to my senses when his grip on my throat tightens.

“Who is your Master, Ana?”

“You are,” I breathe out moaning when he pinches my clit between his fingers, his palm rough against my soaked lips.

“And what does my baby girl want Master to do to her?” he whispers before licking my ear, causing me to bite my lip.

“W-Well…” I start to say only to moan as he inserts a finger in my weeping cunt.

“Continue,” he groans as he pumps his finger in me and it takes a huge amount of self-control to reply to him.

“I-I want a light bondage scene…” I struggle to say as I rock my hips, matching his pace. “I want you to recreate that night you left…but… this time you stay…”

His fingers still and I hear his breath harsh against my ear. He removes his finger and I whimper at the lost. Dylan moves his hand to my hip, turning me after releasing his grip on my throat.

“I’m not going to leave you, Ana,” he whispers gripping the back of my neck, his eyes locked on mine. “We’re in this together, you and me.”

I nod, leaning forward to kiss him and he allows me, devouring my lips. Dylan grips my neck pulling me back too soon and I groan, looking at him with puppy eyes, causing him to chuckle.

“That’s all baby girl is getting for now. I’ll forgive that transgression but the next time you kiss me without permission…” he grins before gripping my ass. “I’ll spank you until your ass is red.”

As if tempting fate, I push forward catching him off guard as I place a kiss square on his lips. Pulling back, I look at his amused face before saying. “Oops.”

Dylan’s eyes glint evilly and my body buzzes in anticipation of his next move.

“On the bed, hands behind your back and that perky ass in the air,” he growls gripping my hair. “Now.”

“Yes master,” I say turning on my heel, putting a little swing in my hips as I walk to the bed and I squeal when a hard slap is planted on my ass.

“Faster!” he demands and I giggle under my breath before jumping onto the bed.

My face, chest and knees rest on the bed, my perky ass in the air. The cold air tickles my soaking lips and I remember my panty is crotch-less, he must be having fun back there.

I lie there waiting on him to make his move but all I hear is shuffling behind me and I’m tempted to look but I know better.

What seems like five minutes pass and I jut as something warm and wet is placed against my pussy lips.

“Master,” I groan as his tongue presses against my clit, causing me to squirm.

Dylan grabs my hands in one of his not allowing me to move them as he feasts on my exposed pussy and I moan and pant into the duvet, my pussy pulsing in pleasure. Each swipe of his tongue brings me closer to an orgasm and my body tightens in pleasure and fear because I know he’s going to deny me.

He makes love to my heat with his mouth, groaning when I cream into his mouth and licking up the wetness that trails to my thighs. My stomach clenches in erotic bliss and my hands hurt from all the tugging I’ve done. Dylan had long trapped my legs with his arm, resting his weight on them so I am immobile.

“Such as sweet pussy, baby girl,” he says sucking on my outer lips and I cry out thrashing in his hold. “I can’t wait to fuck it again.”

His tongue finds my opening, probing me and my walls clench in need; my orgasm pushing forward. He continues to fuck me with his tongue and I clench my eyes shut, shuddering as my orgasm com- NO! I cry in outrage as he pulls back leaving me on the edge.

“Good, you’re wet enough…” is all he says as I whimper at the loss of my orgasm.

I look back at him with a look of pure anguish at what he denied me but he only smacks my ass and scolds me with his eyes. “You started it, Ana. Now, bear the consequences.”

My legs tremble as a soft, smooth ball glides across my swollen and dripping lips.

“Relax…” he murmurs as he inserts the ball into my core and I gasp at the stretch and weight.

“Silicone Kegel balls,” he says as he inserts the second one. “These aren’t too big so they shouldn’t make you too uncomfortable...”

He smacks my ass causing the balls to move and I gasp clenching my muscles. Damn, that feels good. My eyes close and I take deep breaths working the balls with my muscles, loving the sensations that travel through my core. They feel foreign within my passage but welcome foreigners they are, yes indeed.

Another hard smack to my ass brings me back to the present and I cry out as the balls slam against my walls arousing me. I pull at my hands only to feel the leather cuffs dig into my wrist and ankles. There is a bar attached to the ankle cuffs and the cold, metal chains lying on the side of my thighs link both cuffs together so, I’m stuck in this position.

How did I not feel him doing all this?


I cry out only to moan as the balls move. Dylan chuckles darkly, palming my ass spreading my cheeks to watch my weeping pussy and he groans, playing in my juices.

My toes curl and my body trembles.

“So beautiful,” he states before releasing me and I whimper, looking back. I gulp when I see what he has in his hand, a silicone paddle.

“Count,” is all the warning I get before the paddle hits my ass, stinging my flesh and jostling the balls.

I moan arching as pleasure spikes my system. “One!”

He hits me once more and I bite my lip, as this one is a little harder, nevertheless, I cream like the horny little bitch I am.

“Two,” I cry out, writhing as my ass feels like it’s on fire.

The paddle hits my ass 8 more times, getting harder each swing and my eyes blurring with tears but my greedy pussy is dripping its juices down my thighs, showing how turned on I am. The pain only fuelled my need for fulfilment and as his fingers touch lightly over my no doubt, bright red ass, satisfaction surges through me.

“Has my baby girl learned her lesson?” he asks gripping my ass cheek and I hiss only to moan as his other hand rubs circles on my clit, exploding my senses.

“Yes, Master. I’ll be a good girl,” I rush out, my insides twitching, clenching as his fingers fry my senses.

“Will you now?” he muses, moving his fingers faster and I’m panting, buckling on the bed.

My knees are threatening to give out but the restraints keep me up. Dylan groans thrusting his hips and the rough material of his pants, alight the stings on my sensitive ass.

“Master!” I cry, tears pooling at my eyes as his fingers and hips threaten to push me over the edge and when I think it can’t get any better… it does.

I hear a click and the balls start to vibrate inside of me. My eyes roll back and my mouth opens like a gapping fish’s. I start to thrash harder, chasing my rapidly coiling release and I’m almost there, that’s when I hear Dylan chuckle from behind me.

Everything stops the balls, his fingers and his thrusts. Everything.

“Not fair!” I cry out in frustration, biting back tears.

My body is coiled, unsatisfied and I feel tense, taut like there’s an itch somewhere I can’t reach and it’s just there taunting me.

“This isn’t fair!” I start crying like a child throwing a tantrum, pouting as I look back at him. “I want to cum, Master, please! I won’t disobey you again just. Please…Make me cum!”

At some point I start hiccupping, the mental strain of two lost orgasms catching up to me. My body is like a live wire right now, a single breeze could have me moaning and groaning as I’m being thoroughly fucked.

“Master...” I plead, looking back at Dylan and he stares at me with a grim expression.

I squeal when I’m flipped onto my back. Dylan lengthens the bar and chains, freeing my hands enough so they rest at the curve of my spine. My legs are spread open, my pussy his visual treat and my ass burns as it settles on the duvet.

“What have I said about tantrums and raising your voice at me, baby girl?” Dylan asks hits my pussy with a two-in-one tickler and slapper. The leather of the slapper stings against my clit and I arch, eyes shut and my body soaked in sweat.

“Answer me, Ana!” he demands slapping my clit and goosebumps rise on my skin, a whimper leaving my throat.

“Bad girls throw tantrums and shout when punished. Good girls accept their punishments with grace,” I choke out, breathing hard as he circles my clit with the tickler


“Now do you think you deserve to cum?” he asks, torturing me by clicking a remote causing the Kegels to vibrate.

“N-No, M-Master,” I stutter overcome by pleasure.

“Good,” he says clicking off the vibrations before grabbing the string and slowly pulling the Kegels from my core before throwing them on the bed. “Now, I’m going to fuck you and you will not cum until I say so…”

Reaching over he grabs a pair of tweezer clamps before ripping off my lace bra and I moan as he places them on my nipples, tightening them to the second strongest point. The pinch is welcomed on my swollen peaks and I shake in sexual bliss.

Dylan kicks off his pants and underwear, standing before me with his huge, veiny cock causing me to bite my lip.

“You like Master’s cock. Don’t you, baby girl?” he asks slapping his tip against my wet pussy.

“Yes!” I cry out, my core clenching greedily. “I love Master’s cock!”

“Then, by all means, have it,” he says slamming into my slick entrance and I scream as he stretches my sensitive walls.

“Fuck!” he grunts as I wrap around him in a vice.

He grips my hips pulling me closer to the edge of the bed and I just lie there, relishing in the feel of his cock inside me, pulsing. He starts to move and I cry out as sparks dance across my skin and my vision. His thrusts feel magical, electricity radiating from my pulsing core. I feel in my hands. I feel it my feet. I feel it all over me.

He pulls at the clamps and my eyes roll into the back of my head. Dylan hammers me into next week, my legs quaking, my chest heaving and back arching. My walls tighten and my toes curl as I feel it approaching fast… I’m trying to hold it back, I am but it’s so-

“Don’t you dare!” Dylan groans slowing his movements as I clench around him and I whimper, my orgasm fading slowly.

When I relax, he’s back at it again and I’m practically shaking like I’m possessed below him. Tears are streaming from my eyes and my lower belly hurts from all the pressure coiling down there.

Dylan surprises me by pulling out of me completely, lengthening the chains and placing the bar on his shoulders before lifting me, hands on my waist. Dylan drops me in the middle of the bed before leaning down to kiss me.

It’s almost like someone released fireworks around us. The kiss is earth-quakingly, explosive.

Dylan uses his hands to guide his cock inside of me before placing his elbows on either side of my body, my legs flush against my chest. He lengthens out his legs going on his toes and starts to move.




My pussy screams bloody murder as he destroys her with gravity’s help. I cry, I yell, I writhe and I scream his name until my voice becomes hoarse...

I am lost in the feeling of euphoria.

My body doesn’t belong to me anymore, I’m just a passenger as it drives itself closer to the peak of pleasure, Dylan the fuel that keeps it running.

“I’m cu—” I cry out as he slams into to me.

I see the veins in this neck rise and I know he’s close. Increasing his pace, causes my body to break its speed limit and before I know it I’m falling off the peak, crashing to the rush of water below.

“Dylan!” I cry, tears falling from my eyes as my body buckles and I lose my breath, two orgasms hitting me one after the other.

I go blind…everything goes black as I get light-headed but I’m still conscious.

“Ana!” Dylan bellows as I tremble beneath him, eyes closed, breaths rushed and my pussy milking his cock.

He spills his seed in me, jerking and I squeeze him as my stomach clenches. My body lays limp when the passion fades and I take that time to try and remember how to breathe.

Dylan’s weight crushes me but I’m like jelly, I have no strength in my limbs to move him. Minutes later, a hand cups my cheek and I lazily open my eyes to stare into his captivating eyes.

“Are you okay?” he asks gently and I smile nodding.

“My ass is on fire, my pussy feels busted, your weight is crushing me,” I say with a hoarse voice. “…and my voice is gone but I enjoyed every second…”

“Even when you threw a tantrum, crying?” he asks and I nod with an embarrassed smile.

“Even then,” I say, feeling coming back to my limbs. “Now can you please untie me so the blood can return to my limbs? Also my pussy and I will like to formally sue you for property damage.”

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