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Chapter 36

“You find this amusing don’t you?” he asks, his blue-green eyes glaring at me.

I bite my lip eying my handy work. “Totally…”

Dylan kneels in front of me, a cross-connecter linking the cuffs on his ankles and wrists. My eyes trail over his body, taking in the Japanese Clover Clamps attached nipples. Their pain levels are too much for me but Dylan has no problem with them, having a higher pain threshold than I.

“You look so hot on your knees, Big Daddy,” I muse and Dylan grumbles under his breath before rolling his eyes.

The nipple clamps are joined by chains that link to the thick leather collar on his neck, which has ‘BIG DICK BOY’ bedazzled on the front.

When I saw that collar in the Adult Novelty store all those years ago, there was no way I wasn’t going to buy it. Dylan hated it, still does but it was my fun time so he couldn’t object.

Cheers to me for having a Dominant that has no problem letting me take the reins occasionally.

I lick my lips observing the Chasity belt around his waist, the metal rings wrapped around his hard, thick cock, slicked with pre-cum. This one isn’t your regular Chasity belt, his tip was left to the pinch of the cool air while the rings focused on restraining his shaft and if I wished they could clamp tighter…

“I’m beginning to regret agreeing to this,” Dylan mutters and I pout, flexing the slapper in my hand.

“…but I haven’t even started,” I state circling him, loving both the front and back view.

My tatted, hunk of a Master on his knees, vulnerable to my wishes, I bet you’re wondering how I pulled this off… Well, it all started with a dare.


“Come on, come on!” I yell as I press the buttons on the controller rapidly.

Cammy jumps overhead before spinning and kicking Ryu in the back. I make her advance kicking and punching him while he’s down.

Dylan is beside me, elbows on his knees as he watches the match, fingers flying over the controller. I bit my lip watching the life monitor at the top. His character’s life was halfway while mine was hanging by a thread.

Come on! Come on! No!

My expression falls and I yell in distraught as Ryu performs a special move knocking the hell out of Cammy. Dylan winning for the third time in a row.

“We are different but I respect your fighting spirit,” Dylan imitates Ryu’s winning quote while gloating at me and I grab the nearest thing to me which happens to be a cushion, chucking it at him.

He mutters something about me being a sore loser and I stick my tongue out at him, before dropping the controller in my lap and digging into my Jumbo size Doritos.

It’s 11 o’clock in the night and here we are playing video games on his old Xbox. I found it in one of the nightstands’ drawers while looking around when Dylan made a snack trip to the main house.

We had played Mortal Kombat X, Naruto and Dragon Ballz, successfully owning his ass in two of the mentioned. Now, we play Street Fighter with a truth and dare twist to make it steamy.

Losing one game meaning you have to tell a truth but losing three consecutively earned you dare. Dylan just won three consecutive games, meaning I have to do a dare.

“Ready for your dare, baby girl?” he smirks, that evil glint in his eyes and I roll my eyes knowingly before putting down my bags of Dorito, licking off my fingers.

“Bring it,” I say untucking my legs from under me, Dylan’s shirt falling to my thighs.

“I think you already know what I want,” he says looking down at the boner that is straining against his underpants.

“…and what’s that?” I play coy.

“Come suck Master’s dick baby girl and stop playing,” he scolds, eyeing me.

Giggling, I lock eyes with him before lowering myself to the floor, crawling between his legs. “As you wish, Master.”

Pulling his underpants aside to expose my large, pulsing lollipop, I grab it by the shaft pumping before covering the tip with my lips. I suck him swiftly, diligently and dutifully, introducing him to the back of my throat. Gripping my hair, he pumps his hips causing me to gag, tears burning my eyes as I deep throat him. His hisses, grunts, groans and my name leaving his lips cheering me on.

I fondle his balls, gobbling his cock like a greedy bitch and I feel him pulse in my throat causing me to moan and my pussy to drip.

“Fuck!” he grunts and I look up to see his head flung back, the veins in his neck rising.

He’s so close… That is when I pull back, catching him off guard.

Dylan watches with confusion etched in his face as I shuffle back with a grin before settling back into my spot. Dylan looks at me lost and puzzled.

“You said I should suck Master’s dick,” I state taking up my bag of Doritos, munching on the chips. “You cumming wasn’t a necessity.”

I know I must have a death wish.

I’m like a sitting duck waiting on him to explode at my misbehaviour but he doesn’t. Instead, Dylan grabs the remote and starts preparing another game.

“Choose your player, baby girl,” he grumbles after selecting Ryu once more. “We are going to play again and when I win you will regret that.”

Funny thing is, he doesn’t win, not once in our three-round game. I own his ass as Major Bison knocking out Ryu consecutively. Winning a dare.

“You are a fool to challenge me!” I yell copying M. Bison’s winning quote as I jump up and down rubbing my win in his shocked face.

“I won! Now guess who is getting punished?” I grin happily before narrowing my eyes at him. “Big Daddy.”


The look on his face was priceless, a mix between horror and shock, but here he is in the palm of my hand…literally.

I give that toned ass a good squeeze earning a grumble from him before straightening up and squatting his ass cheek with the slapper, hard.

My Big Daddy likes it rough.

“No grumbling,” I taunt as he grunts before swatting the other cheek, just because.

I walk in front of him stooping with my legs spread, giving him a show. Dylan’s eyes move from the open buttons of the shirt that exposes my breasts to the juncture of my thighs. Placing my hand on his abs, I rake my nails against his skin as I move towards the chain attached to the clamps.

“My eyes are up here,” I hiss pulling on the chain, causing him to grunt as the Clover clamps do their job.

His eyes flutter to mine as he bites his cheek, unamused with me. I tilt my head watching him, my other hand with the two-in-one tickler and slapper, trailing the feathery end against his tip.

He inhales sharply, tensing as I tickle his fancy and he bites down the groans that rumble in his throat. His muscles clench as he tries to act unaffected but I see it all and it makes me very happy.

Tugging on the chain, I switch the tickler for the slapper, swatting the sensitive tip, which causes his eyes to widen, a husky grunt leaving his lips.

“Don’t hold back, Big Daddy,” I tease as I repeat the combination, which causes him to clench his jaw, narrowing his eyes at me. “I want to hear you…”

Releasing the chain, I rub my fingers between my legs circling my clit, my arousal wetting them. “Look how wet it makes me hearing you groan in pleasure. The pleasure I give you…”

Slowly, I trail said fingers over his lips and his eyes darken before he captures my digits, sucking them clean. My pussy clenches, fuck that was hot.

Not breaking eye contact, I rise from my crouch stepping back until the back of my thighs hit the bed, then sitting with my legs spread.

“So, tonight my Big Daddy…” I say as I place the slapper on the bed, pulling the remaining buttons of Dylan’s shirt before shrugging it off. I sit naked in front him, my body open to his hungry eyes. “You’re going to watch as I pleasure myself… unable to touch yourself or me…”

I grin at Dylan before bringing my legs closer to my chest and spreading them so he doesn’t miss a thing. Dylan’s face is stone cold as he gazes at me not liking the arrangement at all. He’s always like that at the beginning but he’ll come around, pun intended.

“Ana,” he growls as I start to spread my moist lower lips with my fingers.

“It’s Mistress to you,” I snap before rubbing my clit with my thumb, moaning at the sensation that travels through me.

I stare Dylan dead in the eyes, parting my lips as I insert a finger, clenching deliciously around the digit. Dylan clenches his jaw, his eyes flickering between my pussy and my face, his cock as stiff as board.

Reaching behind me with my free hand, I smirk grasping the device before pressing a button. As the click resonates, vibrations follow and Dylan buckles groaning as the rings vibrate on his shaft.

“Fuck!” he shouts flinging his head back, which pulls on the nipple clamps, adding to the torture.

I chuckle before moaning as I insert another finger before pumping them in and out of my sex. With the remote resting between my thigh and stomach, I reach up and start to squeeze and pull at my nipples. I moan Dylan’s name as I finger-fuck myself, my face flushed and eyes wild as I stare at the man squirming on the ground in front of me.

The vibrations are at the highest setting, causing him to pant and moan at the stimulation. The Clovers are tugged with the buckling of his bod, increasing his arousal and sparking his nerves.

Pre-cum glistens on his tip, the organ twitching as his body pushes him closer to the edge but I can’t allow that not yet. I turn down the vibration settings, leaving it a slow torturous pace.

Dylan’s forehead is beaded with sweat and his lips are parted as he pants, hungry, dark, lustful eyes glaring into my soul. He clenches his jaw as I arch, crying out as I fiddle with my g-spot sparking a new wave of sexual bliss, arousal running down my slit.

The wet slapping sound of my fingers pounding my pussy fills the air along with our sounds of pleasure and low vibrations. I roll my beaded nipples between my fingers, eyes rolling to the back of my head as Dylan’s smothering stare heats my body, making me feel sexy and like a dirty little slut.

“I wish this could be your cock Big Daddy,” I moan and I flex my hips meeting the thrust of my fingers. “Fucking my tight pussy, making me scream your name…Oh, how I want that.”

“Ana!” he growls in warning but I disregard him, pushing myself closer to the edge thinking about his cock bringing me to the pinnacle of pleasure. Him spanking my ass as he fucks my tight cunt, him tugging my hair hammering my pussy until I cum on his cock, crying out my Master’s name.

“Oh god, yes!” I cry arching as I moving my finger urgently, placing the hand on my breast to my clit rubbing the sensitive nub. “Oh, Dylan!”

I hear him calling me but I’m too high on the pleasure I’m giving myself. I buckle and moan, my orgasm so close.

“Ana, don’t you dare cum!” Dylan warns and I open my eyes to look at him, his eyes hungry, animalistic and his cock twitching, itching to be inside me.

“Fuck!” I cry curling my fingers against my g-spot, reaching the peak, shuddering at the pleasure that washes over me.

My eyes flutter as my lips part but my gaze is pinned on Dylan watching his pained expression. I pull my fingers free and he watches as my arousal leaks from my body onto the sheets.

Giggling, I tilt my head to the side, my body feeling light. “Enjoyed the show Big Daddy?”

No reply.

Dylan shakes on the floor and I don’t know if it’s in pleasure or pain but I find myself moving towards him, remote in my hand. I switch off the rings before going on my hands and knees, crawling towards him. He’s glistening with sweat, head hanging low as he takes deep breaths.

“Big Daddy?” I call as I sit back on my legs in front of him.

I cup his cheek, raising his head and Dylan’s gaze pins me to the spot. He looks murderous. Uh-oh.

“Get these rings off me and saddle my lap now, Ana,” he demands, controlling me with his eyes and I find myself in a blurry of movements doing as I’m told.

“Put my cock in that tight, little pussy and ride me,” he states as I settle on top of him. “You are going to ride me hard and fast and if you slow down before I come, you won’t be able to sit when I’m through with you. Am I clear?!”

“Y-Yes Master,” I mumble, grasping his cock and sliding onto him. I moan as he stretches me, my walls super sensitive after my orgasm.

“Move now!” he grunts out and I start to ride him, my arms wrapped around his neck. “Faster!”

I move faster, moaning as his cock penetrates me hitting my g-spot with each time. Dylan groans clenching his teeth before growling. “Remove the handcuffs now!”

I nod rapidly, reaching back to press the button that frees his wrists. I gasp as Dylan’s hands find my waist squeezing hard before a hard slap greets my ass.

“I said faster!” Dylan growls using his hands to guide my movements, making me go faster.

My knees and thighs protest but I am useless to stop, his hands are in charge of my movements. My stomach clenches as he pounds me and I find myself crying out as he nudges that erogenous zone repeatedly. I am falling apart in his arms but he’s groaning in frustration beneath me.

“Not enough!” he says between clenched teeth before pulling me from his lap and flipping me onto my hands and knees, pressing his cock against my pussy.

Grabbing my hips, he pushes into me and I scream as he fucks me roughly. He grunts and moans behind me, punishing my pussy with his thrusts. My stomach coils and I’m trembling, sweat caking my body.

“Master!” I cry as he grips my hair with one hand and slaps my ass with the other.

“Who’s in charge Ana?!” he shouts, fucking me harder and I cry out, tears coming to my eyes.

“You, Master!”

“Who’s pussy is it?!” he asks, spanking me again.

“Your pussy, Master!”

“And who makes this pussy come?” he grabs my neck pulling me flush against his chest, growling in my ear.

“You do Master…” I cry as he thrusts up into me, my breasts bouncing.

He grabs a breast, palming it and my stomach clenches my insides churning.

“Mine,” he groans, pistoning into me causing me to lose my breath, probably sound like a dying animal.

My body starts to tingle and I arch as it starts, my orgasm building. I clamp down on his cock and Dylan groans, increasing his pace.

“You’re going to hold it!”

I whimper trying the fight the pleasure as it pounds on the walls of my vagina. I’m shaking in his arms, eyes clamp shut as I try to fight my release.

“Oh, baby girl,” he moans in my ear and I whimper in frustration.

His thrusts become sloppy and uncoordinated… he’s close.

“My Ana!” he groans, as the veins in his hands mark his release.

“Cum!” Dylan shouts shooting his load in me and I scream as I come apart, trembling in his arms.



My eyes squint and I shake my head, trying to ignore the sound badgering me.


I tighten my grip on the body I’m lying on as it starts to move.

“No…” I sleepily mumble, snuggling closer to the warm, firm chest I’m lying on.

“Baby girl,” he whispers soothingly. “I need to get that.”

I shake my head, not even opening my eyes. “Stay, sleep.”

Dylan chuckles, caressing my cheek and I open my eyes, adjusting to the moonlight room. His eyes glisten in the light as he stares at me with love.

“I’m going to answer then come right back. Okay, baby girl?”

I huff before nodding, earning a kiss to my forehead before I roll off him and allow him to leave the bed. He walks through the bedroom door towards the ringing phone and I frown before staring at the digital clock on the nightstand.

3:30 a.m.

Three hours of sleep… ugh…

I lie on the bed listening to Dylan’s hush voice from the hall and judging by his tone, I can tell something is wrong. I sit up, clutching the sheets to my chest as I watch the door awaiting his return.

When he does renter the room, the frown on his face is confirmation enough I will not like what I hear next.

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