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Chapter 37

“Dylan, wait!” I yell, running after him as he makes his way to the roof of the complex where a helicopter is being prepped for his departure.

Yes, departure.

“Ana, I need to leave right now. It’s the only way to fix this…” he yells back at me walking briskly down the hall, not looking back at me.

Getting frustrated with him I run, jumping onto his back pushing us both to the floor. I have been running after him for the last fifteen minutes trying to understand why he has to leave now and he gives me vague ass replies.

He just walked into the bedroom saying something happened in Italy and him having to leave, now. I tried asking him what exactly happened but he shuts down, ignoring me and it scares me, it has to be something big to have him like that.

Groaning he turns onto his back and eases up, allowing him to do so before straddling his hips. He looks unamused and as I gaze in his eyes, they’re still guarded.

“Fuck Ana!” he snaps pissed off.

“Don’t you fucking Ana me!” I snap glaring at him. “A few hours ago you were all about it being me and you and how you won’t leave me. Yet here you are running off without a fucking explanation. Let me in!”

I am pissed. He’s preaching shit about us when everything is calm but as soon as a problem arises it’s all him! I tried to calmly ask him but he decides its better I don’t know for my safety, that’s when I get mad.

“Ana, this is something I need to take care of-” he starts but I cut him off.

“Stop!” I bellow narrowing my eyes. “I deserve to know, where you’re going and why you have to leave! I am your fiancé, soon to be wife! Or does that mean nothing?!”

His face softens and he grips my hips, sitting up. “Of course it matters, but-”

“But nothing! You’re supposed to trust me Dylan not push me away. Now please if this collar means anything to you, trust in me,” I plead, touching the leather collar that wraps around my neck.

Dylan stares at me for a few seconds before closing his eyes and sighing. “They killed him, Ana. They shot Charlie.”

I can’t speak. I’m floored, Dylan’s father is dead. Naturally, you’d think he’d be happy to get that manipulative bastard out of his life but that’s overshadowed by the fact that he’s just lost another one of his parents.

I’m honestly unsure of how to reply to this. I hate Charles Silvestre, that I know but Dylan is hurt. He wanted a father that would love him, give him that parental love his mother wasn’t here to give but instead he gets one that uses him… and even though, he put him through a lot, it hurts to hear that he died.

“I’m so sorry baby,” I say pulling him to my chest as he shakes, emotions taking him over.

“I shouldn’t… he was… he… doesn’t deserve to be missed… but…”

“Sh,” I coo as I cradle his head. “I understand, He may be a piece of shit but he’s still your dad and his death affects you. It’s okay baby…”

Dylan shakes in my arms, tears soaking the dress shirt I am wearing but he never makes a sobbing sound. I hold him for minutes as he breaks down and it nearly brings me to tears watching him break down over that piece of shit.

Charlie didn’t deserve to be a father. Just look at what he put Dylan through, forcing him into the Mafia, placing him in danger and now, indirectly hurting him with his death.

I may sound like a bitch but Charles didn’t deserve Dylan’s tears, not one bit.

Pulling back, Dylan looks up at me with bloodshot eyes and I cup his face before placing a kiss on his forehead. His grip tightens around me and I kiss his cheeks, his nose, his eyelids and then his lips.

“I’m here for you baby,” I whisper. “I’ll always be here…”

He nods, cuddling to my chest and we sit there for a few minutes until someone clears their throat.

“Freddy,” I acknowledge the head of security that stands behind Dylan and he returns the gesture.

“The helicopter is ready for take-off,” he informs, holding an aura of confidence in his crisp white shirt and black pants. “Should we cancel the flight pla—?”

“No,” Dylan replies cutting him off, his voice a bit muffled but audible. “I’ll be up in five minutes.”

Freddy nods before turning on his heel and leaving us to ourselves in the moonlight hallway.

“I need to go to Italy. It’s now open season on my Mafia and if I don’t return, a lot of people die,” he explains pulling back to gaze at me. “Raphael will be in Miami awaiting me. There we take a plane to Italy and I need you to stay here, where it’s safe.”

I go to protest but he interrupts me. “Diana will need you here while I’m away. Plus, I’ll be more focused if I know you’re not in any danger. You’re right. It’s you and I and I need you to keep yourself, our daughter and our developing baby safe for me.”

He caresses my stomach before leaning down to place a kiss on it. “I’ll be surprised if you’re not pregnant with all the spunk I pumped in you, baby girl.”

Giggling, I smack his arm. “That’s no way to speak, you’ll corrupt the baby.”

I pull his face away from my stomach before resting my forehead against his, taking a deep breath. “Promise me you’ll be safe and you’ll return to me and our babies. I don’t want to think of you not coming back to us.”

“I promise,” he whispers without hesitation. “I will come back and marry your crazy ass. Making the world know you are mine and I am yours, forever. Just trust me.”


“So he hasn’t called?” Georgie asks as we lounge on the patio, watching our kids play in the pool.

“No,” I reply looking at the black, phone lying next to me on the Lounge chair.

Keep it on you, he said.

I’ll call you when I’m in Italy, he said.

It is 4 p.m., he left at 4 a.m. he should have called me by now letting me know he’s safe. It takes 11 hours by plane, which means he could have contacted me by now.

Maybe I’m just worrying too much, he’s probably just settling in and hasn’t had the chance to call me.

“Well, relax and calm down. I’m sure he’s fine,” Georgie says looking over me with a look of concern.

The cool evening air surrounds us setting a tranquil environment and I sip on my fruit juice before placing it on the table beside me. I nod my head, trying to relax, normally wine would help but seeing as though I might be pregnant, that’s not an option.

“So…” Georgie gushes turning so she’s facing me, sitting crossway on the lounge chair. “You’re getting married!”

I smile, feeling joy surround me. I’m getting married to my childhood sweetheart, my Master…

“Have you thought about what kind of wedding you want?” she asks and I know she’s trying to take my mind off the previous discussion.

“I want to get married under the stars, on the beach,” I say playing along. “Feeling the sand under my bare feet… Lanterns and pepper lights, illuminating the aisle. Lighting the way to my future…”

Georgie smiles at me and I blush, looking over at the kids. Diana is practicing the moves Dylan showed her, her floaties keeping her up while Arthur floats beside her, correcting her posture and movements.

“So, how is Arthur holding up?” I ask changing the subject. “His swim meet is next week isn’t it?”

Georgie looks over at her son, frowning before nodding. “Yes. The coach has been at it, training them every day. The only reason he has gotten these couple of days off is that the coaches’ daughter gave birth and he’s away for three days. He’s back to training tomorrow.”

She sighs and I watch the distraught on her features. “I’m scared. His meet is in England and I don’t think I can handle being away from him for so long…Christan has volunteered to take him since I can’t get out of work but…”

“I understand, all parents go through separation anxiety. It’s okay and I’m sure Arthur will be safe, plus Christan will be there,” I say, placing a hand on her shoulder and she nods, relaxing a bit.

“Good…” I smile before smirking. “So, what’s up with you and my brother?”

Georgie looks like a deer caught in headlights after hearing my question but she clears her throat looking away from me and watching the kids.

“W-Who said anything was happening between us?” she asks and I shake my head with a smirk.

“Come on Georgiana, we are both adults here. Spill the tea.”

She looks at me before pursing her lips and giving me an answer. “Nothing serious, you know we’ve had that on and off thing for the last couple years. He’s not ready for a commitment and I don’t want a man.”

I look over at her observing her sexy, green swimsuit that looks like it has been tailored to her body and, her Kinky hair free from braids, sitting atop her head. She’s a thick, beautiful, strong and confident woman… which man wouldn’t want such a woman.

My brother obviously…

I roll my eyes at both of them. They’re obviously attracted to each other and it’s more than skin deep but egos and insecurities are holding them back. I hope that they’ll come to their senses soon.

“He’s a good male figure in Arthur’s life though…” she continues. “… more than his real father could ever be.”

Sensing this conversation going down a gloomy road. I shrug off my cover-up, exposing my red and black, crochet swimsuit with comfy, modest bikini shorts. I grab Georgie’s hand pulling her along with me, not giving her time to reach as I jump into the pool, pulling her along.

The water is cool against my skin and it caresses my body, making me feel weightless, light and calm. Georgie, whose hand I’m still holding pushes to the surface and I follow, gasping as I emerge.

I laugh, kicking at the water, turning around so I’m looking at a drenched Georgie.

“I’m going to kill you!” she screams before lunging at me and I scream, dunking before swimming away from her.

She ends up grabbing me and dunking me a few times for revenge. All while I’m laughing between dunks.

“We’re coming to save you Momma!” I hear Diana shut and I here Georgiana yelp before giggling as Arthur tackles her away from me.

Arms wrap around my shoulders, pulling me to the left and I giggle, helping Diana by kicking my feet as she tries to swim us to safety. When we reach the edge of the pool, she stops, guiding my hands to the tiles before spinning around to look for Arthur.

“Casualty safe!” she yells to Arthur who is swimming around the pool trying to escape his mother who chases him. “Private Arthur make your way to the safe point before the enemy catches you!”

Arthur laughs before diving under, disappearing from our sights only to reappear seconds later swimming towards us but he isn’t fast enough.

“No!” Diana cries in play distraught. “Private Arthur!”

Georgie grabs him pulling him away from us laughing evilly and I can’t help but laugh as Arthur and Diana play cry for each other.

“No, he was a good man- eek!” she yelps as I gather her in my arms, kissing her all over her face.

“Oh no! We have been tricked!” Diana cries between laughter and I fake an evil laugh, attacking her with kisses.

“Victory!” I yell at Georgie who is attacking her little boy with affection as well.

“Victory is ours!”


“Diana eat your vegetables and stop giving them to Arthur,” I scold, glancing back at the two freshly showered children, wrapped in comfy pyjamas.

She scrunches up her nose releasing a sigh of distraught while Arthur sits beside her eating up all his veggies.

“But he actually likes them, Momma!” she argues but with one stern look from me, she reluctantly takes a bite of the carrots mixing it with the pasta.

Georgie and I made chicken and vegetable pasta for dinner, sending Miss Regina in early. She has been up for hours doing her job as head of housekeeping, manning the house and ensuring the house cleaners did a good job so we decide she deserves a few hours to rest. After all, she’s human not a machine.

“Are you finished yet, kids?” I ask, washing the last pot and passing it to Georgie to rinse.

I hear chairs scraping and feet pattering before the kids come into my field of vision with empty plates. I thank them before proceeding to wash the dishes and utensils. Diana and Arthur yell something about the TV and the living room before running from the kitchen.

After cleaning up, Georgie and I lean against the island, talking about the latest drama in her job… something to take my mind off the fact that Dylan hasn’t contacted me as yet and it’s after 8 in the night.

Georgie is a Supervisor at Sandals Bahamas, which means almost full day shifts, rigid shift assignments and lots of drama. Between the guests and the employees, it’s a gossip hotspot and some of her stories do captivate me enough to momentarily distract me from my problems.

Ring… ring…

I literally throw myself over the island and run into the living room, grabbing the phone from the centre table. Georgie rushes to the living room staring at me, mouth agape while the kids only glance at me before refocusing on the Kim Possible Movie playing on the flat screen.

I shrug at Georgie who shakes her head with a knowing smile. Dylan.

“Hello,” I answer eagerly, walking away from the noisy living room and into the hallway.

“Hello, Indiana?” a female’s voice answers and my brows furrow.

I pull back to look on the caller ID and I notice it is saved as Elia Silvestre.

“Yes?” I answer placing the phone at my ear once more.

“I’m Elia, Dylan’s step mother…”

That bastard’s wife… Dylan never talks about her so I don’t know what to think of her. Is she one of those conning bitches or a woman taken advantage of by her husband?

“Look Indiana, I know you may not know me but Adonis asked me to get a message to you…” her voice sounds troubled and that causes my heart to thud loudly. “Cristiano has been shot and is undergoing surgery right now. He will be fine but Adonis thinks you need to be with him when he wakes up. Raphael didn’t make it and he fears Cristiano won’t handle it well so, he’s sending a jet to pick you up at a private strip in Miami in an hour. He needs you…”

Cristiano has been shot… has been shot… been shot… shot…

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