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Chapter 40

“Perché l’hai portata qui?! Sai che è pericoloso per lei essere all’aperto ma hai rischiato la vita!” Why did you bring her here?! You know it is dangerous for her to be in the open but you risked her life!

“Capo… Era sia per la tua sanità mentale che per la sua sicurezza.” It was for both your sanity and her safety.

“Non avevi il diritto di portarla qui! Non è una pedina in questo!” You had no right bringing her here! She is not a pawn in this!

“Piaccia o no Capo, è parte di questo e averla sotto la nostra sorveglianza è meglio che averla nascosta. Quanto pensi che ci sarebbe voluto per trovarla? Per prenderla e mostrarle la vera oscurità di questa vita?” Like it or not Capo, she is a part of this and having her under our surveillance is better than having her hidden. How long do you think it would have taken them to find her? To take her and show her the real darkness of this life?

A thud echoes through the hall and I hear a pained grunt. Covering my mouth, I listen to the sounds of a scuffle sounding outside Dylan’s bedroom door. They are going at it, Dylan’s temper at its highest. My feet itch to move from its position at the door and do something but I don’t.

Dylan had stormed out seconds after I had said Adonis’ name. I had tried calming him down and I even gave chase only for him to slam the door behind him, effectively sending his message. Stay out of it.

I know of Dylan’s temper and I know that right now the best thing I can do is let him work out his problems.

He didn’t get far before stumbling on Adonis, seeing as though I could hear every word they are saying. Adonis must have known this was coming, that Dylan would be angry and seek him out. This urges me to wonder, why would he risk Dylan’s anger?

“Ti hanno sparato perché ti sei preoccupato per lei. Era una distrazione! L’ho fatto per te. Hai bisogno di lei qui al tuo fianco. Un uomo è forte solo quanto il suo anello più debole e quella donna è la tua.”You got shot because you got careless worrying over her. She was a distraction! I did it for you. You need her here by your side. A man is only as strong as his weakest link and that woman is yours.

The fighting seems to stop, only their harsh breathing reaching my ears. It is a tense pause and even from behind this door I can feel the tension.

“Se le fosse successo qualcosa ...” Dylan’s voice carried across the hall, anger lacing his words. If anything had happened to her...

“Avrei accettato la mia morte.” Adonis answers, his tone holding no dishonesty. I would have accepted my death

“No, la morte sarebbe troppo facile. Ti torturerei, ti distruggerei dall’interno. Quando sono con te, chiederesti la morte.” No, death would be too easy. I would torture you, I would destroy you from the inside out. When I am though with you, you’d be begging for death.

Dylan’s words make me gulp and I take a step back, surprised by the venom in his voice. I can just imagine the rage and anger in his gaze, his sharp features accentuated with a sinister look, his eye twitching and his jaws clench tightly as he tries not to lash out.

Their conversation continues but they seem to have lowered their voices because all I can hear are mumbles and grumbles. The nosy part of me wants to hear more so I move closer to the door, pressing my ear to it trying to hear their words.

Don’t go behind my back again Adonis. You know better than anyone what I am capable of…” I hear after a few moments before a soft thud echoes.

“Si, Capo.” I hear Adonis grunts lout, his voice sounding pained.

I hear footsteps making their way towards this door and that’s when I bolt, moving across the room in record time to stare through the bay window. My heart is hammering against my chest at the thought of being caught. Eavesdropping never ends well and Dylan made it clear he wanted me to stay out of it. I’m not sure listening in was what he had in mind… even though they weren’t speaking softly to begin with.

The door opens and I turn slowly looking at Dylan trying hard to pull on a poker face. He leans against the doorframe, hand wrapped around the doorknob. His face doesn’t give away anything at first but then an easy smile slips onto his face.

As if he hadn’t been in undertaker mode a few seconds ago.

“You know when you’re eavesdropping, silence is key,” he says with an amused look in his eyes as my eyes widen, my cheeks heating up. He knows.

“How did you-?” I ask, trying hard to fight the blush staining my cheeks.

“I heard your footsteps. It sounded like a herd of bulls running down the streets of Pamplona during the festival of San fermines,” he explains with a smirk and I glare at him.

“I don’t take kindly to being compared to bulls,” I say with a huff and Dylan chuckles at me before stepping into the room, closing the door behind him

He chuckles before flashing me a smirk and the butterflies in my stomach start to flutter around.

“How much did you hear?” he asks stepping towards me, a sheepish look on mow taking over his face.

“Everything,” I reply honestly making my way towards him, meeting him in the middle of the room.

I crane my head up to meet his gaze, my eyes taking him in. Dylan’s eyes have bags beneath them and he looks pale, an indication that my Master needs some more rest. Dylan looks not himself and my heart weeps for him, for the pain he went through, that he is in.

I stare into those captivating blue-green eyes that seem to glisten as they take me in and I am spellbound. Dylan moves forward, cupping my cheek and leans forward not releasing the hold his eyes have on me. He swipes his finger against my lips that tremble and part under his touch.

My fiancé’s lips are now hovering over mine, his warm breath tickling them. I want to close my eyes and relish in the sparks coursing through my body at his caress but his eyes won’t allow me.

“I meant every word, neonata,” he whispers, his voice hoarse. “If anything had happened to you. If anyone had hurt you… I’d make them pray for death…”

I gulp glancing at him. That was beautifully lethal… damn. I’m so happy to have someone to love me so deeply, though I never want it to reach that far. I don’t want anyone of us to be hurt and I don’t want him to go to that dark side of his.

“That’s beautifully said my macho Capo,” I say tipping up and throwing my arms around his neck. “…but let’s make sure it never comes to that.”

He doesn’t smile, that serious look on his face and I tilt my head with a frown. I don’t want him to worry about what could have been right now. It didn’t happen so why dwell on it.

Aiming to distract him, I stare into his beautiful eyes before reaching up and gently placing my lips on his. I coax his lips into the kiss slowing and at first, he seems to deny me but I don’t stop. I kiss the corner of his mouth, his cheek, his chin and his jaw earning harsh breathing from his lips. I smile against his skin feeling goosebumps rising and his body tensing. I use my tongue to mark a path to his mouth and he shivers, loving his reactions I return my lips to his.

I’m taken back when I find myself pushed against a wall. He crushes his lips to mine devouring me and the feel of his lips on mine warms my chest, evoking a moan from my lips.

He pins my hands to the wall, punishing me with his mouth and I struggle to keep up with his movements. Dylan kicks my legs apart, nestling himself between them and I melt into his warmth. My brain has gone mushy as he frees one of his hands, gently cupping one of my heaving breasts. He groans as he meets the resistance of the bulletproof vest but he doesn’t let it stop him. He reaches under the shirt, unsnapping the straps before groping me.

“I missed you so much neonata,” he grumbles against my skin as he places heated kisses along my neck, sucking on my sweet spot.

“I…uh…shit… Dylan,” I moan my eyes closing, falling into the haze of lust.

My legs turn to jelly as he tortures my spot, pulling on my erected nipple through my bra. Dylan’s fingers and mouth explore my body, awakening my sex-deprived body. I know it has only been two days but that’s what he does to me, he leaves me addicted, wanting him.

Dylan bites down on my shoulder causing me to gasp and jut forward in shock and pleasure.

“Fuck,” he hisses and my eyes snap open before looking between us in shock.

His wound!

“Oh shit… I’m so sorry baby…” I say apologetically, pulling my hands from his loosened grip.

My hands hover his bandage as I stare at it, scared that I may have just made it worse. He had surgery a few hours ago, I know he has a good pain tolerance and recovery time but he’s no Superman.

“I’m fine, Ana,” he mutters out as I somehow manage to guide him from our compromising position to his bed. “I’m not a bambino.”

The fact that I almost hurt him pulled all of those naughty thoughts to a halt. I am here to ensure he gets better not to make it worse and sex might be too much for him right now. That’s why I had to pry him off me and get him off his feet to rest.

He pouts at me taking a seat on the side of the bed and I raise a brow at him before crossing my arms.

“Trust me, I know you are no child,” I say which causes him to smirk, eying me. “…but you recently went into surgery. You need to rest.”

“I also need comfort so why don’t you come comfort me, Ana?” he says giving me that ‘mount me look’. “I’d be rather comfortable balls deep in you right now,”

Dylan smiles at me innocently and I roll my eyes, fighting back a blush. My inner nympho wants to give in to his suggestion and ‘comfort him’ but my rational thoughts fight hard arguing he didn’t need such vigorous activities right now.

“How about we get you freshened up?” I instead suggest. “I believe Adonis said you were sleeping for a while, I’m sure a shower will help.”

Mentioning Adonis seems to have worked in silencing his sex talk but when he starts to frown a dark look in his eyes, I wish I hadn’t.

“Okay,” he replies before clenching his jaw and rising from the bed.

He is really upset with Adonis, even though I reached here safely. I understand his stand because I was even questioning my safety within those few hours of meeting Jasper but it worked out.

“Well, let’s go, Master. I really want to get out of these clothes…” I say sweetly before pulling off the baggy black top, the boots, baggy pants and the vest dropping them to the ground.

Making my way towards the bathroom, I look over my shoulder at Dylan who grips the poster on the bed. His eyes take me in, clad in my bras and panties for his eyes only. The heat of his gaze makes a shiver runs down my spine. I bite my lip before making a ‘come hither’ motion with my finger, scurrying into the bathroom when I hear him hiss under his breath.


I hum softly, beads of water from the shower hitting my back as I carefully sponge off my fiancé. The shower is on low since his bandages can’t get too wet and I ensure he’s not close enough to get excessively wet.

I have successfully cleaned his upper half and now I find myself falling on my knees as I place my attention on his lower half. I try not to look up at him while I sponge his legs, not wishing to see the smirk on his lips.

I try to ignore the fact that his hard-on is eye level with me but Dylan constantly clenching and unclenching his muscles causing his dick to jerk makes it really hard.

I clean his legs before rinsing out the sponge under the jets and adding a little more soap to it.

“Clean it real good, neonata,” he jests and I look at him with a stale face.

He flashes me a sultry grin and I roll my eyes before finishing what I started and clean his cock. Dutifully I grip the pulsing organ, gently sponging it and Dylan groans from above me. I jerk him with my hand, spreading the soap along his shaft, careful so it doesn’t touch his tip. I clean him, loving the sound he makes. He places his fist against the black, tiled wall, gritting his teeth as my hands work him.

I squeeze the shaft before fondling his balls as I squeeze clean water on his twitching cock, rinsing it.

“Fuck,” he hisses under his breath and I look up at him to see those lust-filled eyes peering down at me in admiration.

Biting my lip, I drop the sponge to the floor, placing my hands on his thighs. I massage them, trailing my thumbs closer to what lies between.

“Everything okay, Master?” I ask innocently, watching as his face twists in pleasure.

Pre-cum drips from his tip and I look at it before tilting my head. “Uh-oh… I missed a spot.”

Leaning forward, I keep my eyes locked with his, wrapping my lips around his tip, sucking and licking away the salty liquid. Dylan growls gripping my wet hair tightly, causing me to groan.

I pull back licking his tip causing him to groan, eyes burning into mine. “Io sono tua, Maestro…

Code word: Use me as you please.

As the words leave my lips he grips my hair, thrusting his cock into my parted lips. I gag at the sudden assault, his hard and fleshy cock hitting the back of my throat.

“Fuck, Ana.” He groans pulling back before pushing into my mouth, causing tears to come to my eyes.

I slurp and suck as he fucks my mouth, spit drips down my chin onto my naked breasts that jerk with each thrust. The water jets falls onto my heaving, shivering body but the wetness between my thighs has nothing to do with it.

I look at my master as he watches his cock disappear and reappear from my mouth, his face contorted in the most beautiful lustful looks. Removing a hand from the wall, he reaches down to grope one of my aching breasts, tweaking a nipple. I gag, the gasp wishing to escape my throat stopped by his big veiny cock hitting my uvula.

“Damn!” he curses pumping his hips faster causing me to bob my head faster to meet him. He pulls on my sensitive nipple causing me to jut and almost choke.

He seems to like the feel because he repeats the action and my eyes burn with tears as I slurp Master’s cock like a greedy little bitch.

My pussy is positively drenched, loving the rough way he rams into me, that moment I stop breathing, gulping his cock like its oxygen, that haziness in my vision as I look up at him, and his expressions are the best rewards.

My chest blossoms with heat, knowing I’m pleasing him. He looks tense, wanting that release… I want to give him that release.

I remove one of my hands from his thighs to fondle with his balls feeling them tighten. Dylan’s muscles clenched as he coils up all that tenseness getting ready to release it all at once.

I slurp, lick, gag and gobble, giving him all I have. He needs this and I am going to give it to him. I press down a little with my teeth as he pulls out, adding that correct amount of pain which causes him to growl releasing his load all over my face, chest and I bet a little even got in my hair.

Dylan shoots me with his load and I clamp my eyes shut, since I don’t want to be literally watching his kids. When the warm spray of cum stops and I hear him taking deep breaths I open my eyes to gaze at him, noting how relaxed he looks.

I tilt my head back, allowing the water to wash away the cum on my face and I feel his eyes appraising my naked form. Smiling, I rise to my feet, his hand still gripping my hair. Dylan looks at me as if I’m some sort of goddess.

“I think I might have found my Ash Kaash,” he whispers and I giggle only to squeal as he pulls me into a bruising kiss.

Dylan wanted to push for shower sex but I had to deny him, not wanting his wound to get wet and fester. He again pushed for more once we were dry and in his bedroom but I was having none of it.

The only I got him to give up was to promise him tomorrow he can have me as much as he wants.

“Okay, fine,” he says pulling my body closer to his as he spoons me from behind. “Tomorrow you’re in for it, neonata.”

and I can’t wait.

We lie on his soft sheets, me in his t-shirt and him in his underpants. He wanted to sleep naked but I knew what it would lead to. My fiancé caresses my side, placing his nose in the crook of my neck, my hair tickling his forehead. I sigh as I relax in his embrace, my body only now registering how tired it is.

It may just be in the afternoon here and usually find it hard to fall asleep in the day nut my body is slowly shutting down. The thick curtains covering the windows make the sun hard to see and cast a night-time vibe to the room, one I am succumbing to.

I’m slightly awoken from my sleep when Dylan’s hand slips under my shirt and caresses my fleshy stomach. He kisses my temple before whispering words that put a smile on my lips.

“Goodnight my neonatas.”

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