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Chapter 42

“Dylan!” I cry out, gasping for breath as tears fall from my eyes.

He grunts out words, the sound muffled by my desperate attempt at catching my breath. I grit my teeth as blood rushes to my head, the feel of his balls slapping onto my overly stimulated clit euphoric.

Dylan rams into me, gripping my hands that rest against my back while my body is bent into the child position. He hits an angle so pleasurable he has me losing my mind. Dylan groans as I clench around him, squeezing the life out of that dick.

He slows his thrusts but places more force behind them as he hammers my g-spot. I literally feel him in my stomach, rearranging each organ to make way for all of him.

“Damn, neonata!” he yells as my juices gush onto my thigh as he pulls out. “Are you trying to kill me?!”

I scream out, clamping my eyes shut as he pushes in, his balls stimulating my clit and sending shocks through my quaking frame. I cry, hiccupping as the pleasure becomes too much.

Five. He is pushing me towards a fifth orgasm and my body seems to be shutting down, the assault of pleasure too much.

I can safe word him if it becomes too much, but my horny ass wants that dick!

“More, Please Master!” I yell out only to shriek as he pulls me towards his chest so I’m sitting on his thighs.

I scream so loud, I swear my voice carries through this mansion effortlessly. Dylan drills into my causing my body to jump and convulse. My breasts jump as I fling my head back crying as my orgasm rolls in fast and mercilessly.

Dylan wraps an arm around my torso, his thrust becoming soppily but still as powerful. He bites and soppily kisses my neck. I moan… this is bliss…. I love this man so fuckin-

“Dylan!” I scream coming apart, sparks blinding me as his fingers vigorously rubbing my clit.

“Oh, fuck baby,” he moans huskily in my ear, his hips jerking as he floods my greedy cunt with his spunk.

My body slumps against his, my lungs working double overtime to normalize my breathing. My head is resting on his shoulder and his arm is draped across my abdomen.

I giggle as he kisses my cheek and nibbles on my ear. His hands move to caress my sweaty, naked body and I moan as my body relaxes.

He moves us so he’s now spooning me and I yawn as he pulls the covers over us. An orange hue cover the room, emitting from the lamp on the nightstand and I find myself flicking it off before turning to snuggle up to my man.

Neonata, ti amo,” he whispers placing a kiss on my forehead and I sigh before, trailing my hands up to his sweaty hair.

Ti amo,” I whisper ghosting my lips over his. “…forever…”

I plant a sweet kiss on his lips before pushing him onto his back and resting my head on his chest.

He chuckles before grabbing the hand on his chest and kissing my fingers, the other hand lazily tracing my spine.

“You’ve got me whipped, baby girl,” he states and I giggle tracing his plump lips.

“Well, I do have that Gorilla Grip,” I reply smugly and he laughs causing me to roll my eyes. “Yeah continue to laugh like this cookie didn’t snatch your soul.”

I yelp as I’m pulled on top of him, only to laugh as he starts to spank my ass playfully.

“And you’re here acting like this dick ain’t tied your ass…” he shoots back.

“Oh, I know it did… Screwed me over for eternity…” I say kissing his lips, his breath puffing on my face.

He chuckles capturing my lips in a sweet kiss that makes my heart flutter and warmth spread through my body. I moan against his lips, deepening the kiss. He is the addiction I can’t seem to shake and I don’t want to…

I feel him against my stomach, hard and ready. Damn, can’t this thing give my poor cunt a break?

I pull back, groaning as he pulses against my heated skin.

“Again…” I say gently caressing his hard-on.

“Only for you baby girl,” he says amusement in his voice.

Ring, ring…

Both our attention drifts to the phone ringing on the nightstand and I squeal forgetting all about our little foreplay before reaching over and answering, placing it on speaker.

“Momma? Daddy?” our sweet little angel calls out, her voice drifting across the room.

“Ki-Ki, my sweet baby,” I answer, happy to hear her voice, missing her by the second.

“How are you, my little princepesa?” Dylan asks his voice husky and deep, an arm sweetly caressing my back.

“Hi, Mommy and Daddy. I’m okay!” she says excitedly. “Mama and Papa are keeping me company but I really miss you…”

“We miss you too, sweetheart,” I reply, my heart growing heavy being so far away from my baby.

“When will you be back?” she asks, her voice hopeful yet sad.

“Soon, princess soon,” Dylan answers placing a kiss on my forehead, probably sensing my mood shift. “So what fun things have you been up to my warrior princess?”

Diana giggles at her father’s name for her and starts to talk animatedly about her time at the compound.

This has been our routine for the last five days. Diana would call us at 4 a.m., which is 10 a.m. where she is. We could work out a later time but Dylan’s schedule has been a mess since I’ve arrived here and hasn’t eased up. Everything has been stressful for him, the only upside being that Raphael woke up two days ago.

He seems to remember everything and has no major injure, it’s just that he has a hard time keeping still. It’s as if his nerves are fired, he keeps on shaking. The doctor says it might wear off in a few days but that hasn’t happened as yet.

“So how are you?” I’m interrupted by Diana’s voice. “Are you happy with Daddy, Momma?”

“Very happy, Ki-Ki,” I reply caressing his chest and pecking his lips.

“Yay! We’re going to be a family!” she yells in glee. “Mama! We’re going to be a family again. Me, mommy and dad…”

Her voice trails off as she moves further away from the phone until it’s completely silent. We chuckle at our daughter, waiting patiently for her return.

“She’s a treasure,” Dylan muses, nibbling my ear. “Just like her mother…”

His hands find their way to my ass, squeezing and I yelp, smacking his chest.


We hear shuffling on the other side of the line and soon my parents are on the call with Ki-Ki and us. They ask us about how everything is going, hinting at the situation with Roberto. Dylan answers as best as he can and an hour later the call ends and I’m exhausted.

“Sleep neonata,” Dylan purrs in my ear and I sigh, falling asleep to the beat of his heart,


Humming softly to myself, I stir the chicken-stir-fry, the aroma diffusing into the room. I turn off the stove, scraping some of the food into my plate.

“Ms. B-Blake, g-good t-to s-see you,” I hear from the doorway which causes me to look at the speaker.

“Raphael,” I smile placing the pot on the stove before making my way towards him.

He walks in slowly, a walking stick aiding him. Raphael trembles as he approaches but doesn’t look like he’s going fall over.

“Let me get you a chair,” I say quickly exiting the room, grabbing a dining chair and carrying it into the kitchen next to the island.

“Hungry?” I ask and he nods, his stomach growling at the thought of food.

“Alright, just let me get you settled,” I help him to sit before sharing an extra plate for him before propping on the stool, eating my brunch with him.

“S-Smells g-good,” he says and I thank him, watching as he shakily brings the fork to his mouth.

Taking his first bite, he groans before smiling and I take a little bow, thanking him as he showers me with compliments.

“So, how are you holding up?” I ask as I take his plate as I make my way to the sink with my own.

“N-Not bad,” he says taking a sip of the water he requested earlier. “The s-shaking is a-annoying but it’ll p-pass.”

Drying my hands after finishing with the dishes I nod before making my way back to the stool. “That’s good.”

Raphael’s tan skin looks unhealthily pale and his inky black hair is messy atop his head. His honey-brown eyes are dull and there are bags under his eyes, bruises marring his skin. At least what I could make out, from the skin not covered by his blue robe.

“H-How has i-it been h-here?” he asks me, shakily reaching for the glass of water.

I want to reach out and help him but I don’t, it’s the last thing he’d want. To feel helpless.

“It’s not bad. The men are cordial and Elia is super nice once you get past her cold exterior,” I say my mind running on the affection Elia has been showering me with.

She’s invited me to have picnics with her, we’ve watched movies together until Dylan is off the clock. Not to mention she treats me like her own daughter, genuinely interested in what I’m saying and always ready to lend a hand. It’s so sad someone as nice as she is fell in love with such a monster.

“S-She can b-be t-that w-way,” Raphael agrees, his eyes crinkling as he smiles. “I-It’s to n-numb h-her pain… the i-ice e-exterior.”

“I figured, she told me how it was for her living here, in the Mafia. She even had moments she had to leave for months to protect herself physically and mentally…” I say softly, feeling sympathy towards her. “…Jasper is also very nice too. He’s like the little brother I always wanted.”

At Jasper’s name, Raphael grins, shaking his head. “T-that boy…h-he’s been f-fussing s-since I w-woke… G-Good lad, a-awful n-nurse…”

I laugh at Raphael’s scrunched up face. “So that’s where my babysitter has been these few days… Makes sense. He seems to have a bond with you…”

Raphael nods, a solemn look coming on his face but before I can question him, the topic of our conversation comes walking in.

There you are,” he sighs as he looks over at Raphael. “I have been looking all over for you. I can’t believe you ditched me.”

Jasper is in a black tank with grey sweats, his hair is also messy and his nose piercing is missing.

Y-You smother m-me,” Raphael says bluntly and Jasper rolls his eyes.

Says the man who wanted to go to the shooting range two days after waking up from a coma,” he shoots back. “Sorry old man but what you see as smothering I see as protecting your ass and anyone unlucky enough to be near you while you have a gun.”

They speak in Italian but my brain decides to auto-translate it for me so it’s like they’re fluently speaking English.

“Aren’t you two cute,” I muse. “Jazz is all Mr. Responsible now…”

Jasper huffs, rolling his eyes at me before going to the fridge and pulling out a pitcher of water, pouring himself some.

“So, what were you two talking about?” he asks nonchalantly.

Raphael and I share a look before shrugging. “Nothing…”

Jasper eyes us, shaking his head. “So not worth my time.”

He decides to drop it and we start to talk about what’s been going on around the compound, only to be interrupted when Elia joins us. By then Raphael is winded and needs rest so Jasper helps him to his room. Both bidding us goodbye.

“So, are you feeling okay?” Elia asks looking me over in concern, placing her hand on my stomach. “No nausea, right? I’m not going to be a grandmother yet am I?”

She caresses my stomach through my floral sundress, eying me expectantly. The look in her eyes, that sparkle and the excitement she holds at the thought of grandbabies makes me regret the lie I’m about to tell her.

“No. I took the test, it was negative,” I reply, with a nervous laugh. “No grandbabies, just an upset stomach.”

She frowns sadden by the news but slaps back a smile on her face saying that there will be plenty of time after all this for her to get those grandbabies she wants so desperately. I agree, smiling with her and she changes the subject.

Truth is I am pregnant. After taking the pregnancy test she slipped me after the bad case of morning sickness I had this morning, it was confirmed. I just couldn’t tell her that.

Dylan had warned me prior that there was a mole in his Mafia and so I couldn’t share personal information with anyone. Especially his stepmother, she tends to be a blabbermouth and if she got wind of grandchildren, the entire house would know.

Moreover, I haven’t told Dylan about the baby yet. I’m planning on telling him tonight. I mean we weren’t careful and we suspected it but the confirmation makes it just the more exciting.

I’m having another baby. Dylan is going to be a father again and Diana will have a baby sister or brother.

“So, I was thinking we can have another movie night…” Elia says and I nod my head liking the idea. “We could watch Underworld 1-5. It’s just the right mix of romance and dark action.”

“What’s Underworld?” I ask and she stares at me as if I grew a second head.

“How can you not know Underworld?” she asks in disbelief.

Elia is in a large grey T-shirt and track pants, the most laid back I’ve seen her looking since I came here. Her hair is in a messy ponytail and she wears no makeup, the blotchiness of her face and the redness of her eyes, signs that she has been crying.

“Never watched it…” I shrug, and she mumbles something under her breath.

“Well, today you shall,” she chuckles, standing from her seat taking my hand in hers.

I hop off the stool and make our way towards the entertainment room, through the historic halls.

“You’re going to love it. Selene is a badass babe and Michael is a sexy be-”


That’s what cuts her off. The sound of alarms blaring over the compound. I freeze, my heart hammering in my chest.

Please don’t let it be what I think it is…

“We’re under attack…” Elia gasps, her chest heaving, a terrified look in her eyes.

The blood rushes to my head and I find myself panting.

The compound is under attack. They’re here for a takeover… and if they succeed, the head dies.

Dylan dies….

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