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Chapter 44


She’s pacing the room, running her hand through her short hair. She’s worried, her lips are moving rapidly but I can’t hear what she says.

My stepmother stands in a corner watching her, trying to calm her. She says something and my baby girl turns around smiling at her and nodding her head.

Elia moves closer and she smiles, they seem to be having a moment. One that turns disastrous in the next instant.

Elia pulls a gun on her and her face pales as she turns to face after pacing. She speaks, her lips trembling and Elia smile, one that can chill your soul.

She speaks ghosting her finger over the trigger. I can see my Ana trembling; I can see the fear on her face, even on the blue-tinted screen.

She seems to protest, begging, pleading but Elia doesn’t wavier… and that’s when it happens.

Ana pushes forward, her hand covering her abdomen as she dives to the ground, trying to avoid the bullet.

The gun goes off and it all happens in slow motion. It doesn’t miss. It hits its target, penetrating her forehead and exiting at the back of her head. Blood splatters against the walls and on the floor.

Her body falls lying still, unmoving. The blood pools around her…

Elia tilts her head before looking at the camera, a grin on her lips. Lowering her gun, she stoops beside Ana, dipping a finger into the pool of blood drawing a symbol on the floor in clear view of the camera.

That’s when I saw red.

Beep, beep, beep… Beep, beep, beep…

My mind fades from the dark cloud surrounding it as I hear her heartbeat pick up. It starts to beat rapidly but her body stays unmoving. My heart starts to hammer in my chest and I run from the uncomfortable chair I was sitting in.

Porta qui un fottuto dottore! Adesso!” I bellow stepping into the hall.

Footsteps thud loudly as the Compound doctor runs towards me, fear etched into his face. As he passes me, I hear the pager on his hip going off and him cursing. His team follows close behind him but I don’t wait for them to step into the room before I am at her bedside.

“Cosa ti ha fatto perdere così tanto tempo?!” I ask darkly, watching as he fusses over my Ana. “Potrebbe morire!” What took you so long?! She could be dying!

By now, his team is in the room and I find myself being pushed back.

“Non toccarmi, cazzo!” I yell at the nurse who cowers back in fright. Don’t fucking touch me!

“Cosa c’è che non va con lei?!” I grunt out pushing the woman aside, drilling holes into the side of the doctor’s head. What is wrong with her?!

The doctor pulls out a tube, pulling the oxygen mask from her face. A nurse opens her mouth and my chest collapse as they push the tube down her throat.

“Cosa c’è che non va con lei?!” I repeat louder, my lungs falling to pump oxygen around my body.

My head starts to pulse and fight back tears as I look at my beautiful, Ana. Her skin is pale, her lips near blue and her eyes sunken. Her hair is shaved, a bandage wrapped around her crown.

The medical team moves around, seeming to blur in front of my eyes. They yell, medical equipment moving from hand to hand.


The machine starts to flat line and life leaves my body. Ana! No!

“Ana!” I yell and the doctor snaps his gaze to me, the sympathy in his eyes flooring me.

“Get him out of here!” he yells at one of the nurses but before he can touch me, I shove him aside advancing towards my Ana.

“Mr. Silvestre!” the doctor yells in dismay but I can’t stop.

I reach her bedside, dropping to knees and gripping her hand. “Ana…baby… please don’t leave me!”

They yell at me, trying to pull me back. Common sense tells me I need to move but I can’t the pain exploding across my chest keeps me frozen in the spot.

The doctor and his team never stopped working, since I wasn’t in their way but I could hear them, asking for help. To have me removed.

This was the third time this has happened. If they couldn’t get me out then they sure weren’t getting me out now! Adonis and Jasper had tried pulling me from her side both earning black eyes and bruises.

I want to be next to her… I need to be next to her. To let her know I’m here with her. Encouraging her to fight!

The machine starts to regulate and I feel my body fill with relief. I look up at her sickly, pale skin and smile in relief. Tubes stick from her mouth, her skin is cold and her body motionless but her heart, it still beats which means she’s fighting.

For her life. For our baby.

“She’s stable…” I hear one of the nurses say and I release the breath I was holding.

I don’t know how long I sit there staring at her. On my knees by her bedside, listening to the monitor beep. I wait, watching her, hoping for movement. Her lashes to flutter, her nostrils to move as she breathes… anything.

… but it doesn’t happen.

I’m lost… gone to the sorrow in my soul. My emotions are clouded, the pain clawing at my insides. The need to kill, to cry, to break down, to lose all morals strong. The darkness I try so hard to fight, pushing its way to the front, feeding on my turmoil.

Using my emotions against me…

I’ve long submitted to it, mentally. I’ve given up the sense of morality… but I have yet to act.

Ana is first priority. Ana is the deciding factor. I need to know she’s stable before I completely give into the demons pulling at my blackened heart.

“Mr. Silvestre…” a voice calls and I look up to see the doctor standing on the other side of her bed. “I need to talk to you…outside…”

I look at my baby girl before looking back at him with a nod. I stand to my feet placing a kiss on her forehead before following the doctor into the hall.

“Speak,” I say not wanting to waste time here.

“Her brain is failing…” he starts and I clench my fist. “She’s stable now but that’s because we had to medically put her under. She had regained consciousness for a few minutes sending her brain activity haywire.”

“You said she should survive. The bullet went through, it didn’t hit anything vital!” I rush out, unable to wrap my head around this.

Ana has to survive!

“Yes, the bullet hit the right frontal lobe. It stayed clear of the brain stem and we opened her up to see the damage done. It was minor but her blood loss…” he sighs, placing his hands in the pocket of his scrubs. “She lost too much blood to tell what may or may not happen. It’s a miracle she’s alive right now…”

I run my hand down my face, exhaustion rearing its ugly head. “Is she stable now? Will she be okay?”

Doctor Payne looks at me, a solemn look on his face. “As of now, she is stable. The medically induce coma should allow her brain adequate time to recover but it’s not a guarantee she will awaken when we bring her out of it.”

Hollow. That’s how my chest feels. Free from life. Pain and anger the only emotions I feel.

“W-What about our baby?” I ask shakily, eyes locked with his.

“The baby is alive and will remain so unless something happens to her,” he explains, the pain of having to relay this information evident in his eyes. “We will be injecting nutrients into her bloodstream to keep both her and the baby alive until she wakes up, the baby is born or if she… whichever comes first.”

I nod my head, thanking him before stepping into her room.

I hold her hand, scrunching my face as my odour meets my nose. It’s been two days, I haven’t showered. I haven’t left her side.

The blood clings to my shirt and pants, the stench of sweat and putrid blood, radiating from me. I know I look like crap, I feel like it too but I could care less.

It’s been two days since Jasper and Raphael found her lying in her blood in the panic room. I haven’t seen her smile, heard her laugh, feel her warm touch… in two days.

It is slowly killing me inside… I need vengeance… I want them dead.

“Ana, you’re strong … so strong baby and you will survive this…” I say, caressing her cold cheek. “You stay in there and fight for your life, for our baby. I will stay out here and protect you, protect my family. I will find that fucking bitch and make her pay. I will hunt them down and kill every single one of them!”

Leaning forward, I kiss her cheek, a single tear falling from my eye.

“I’m going to feed on that darkness sweetheart. I know you hate it but I have to. No one hurts my Queen and live. I will make them pray for death. I will kill them all. That’s my promise to you.”

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