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Chapter 48


Dria sits in front of the monitors tapping away at the keyboard as the men in the computer room stare in awe.

The codes move across the screen in blurs, her fingers keeping up with the pace. Layer by layer the firewalls fall and even I am in awe at her abilities. Hacking is a trait I acquired within my Mafia training, my father wanting his heir to be all-rounded so if a situation ever arises he’ll be prepared.

In this skill, I am intermediate but this woman seems to be a pro.

“In,” she says leaning back as a window pops up with multiple files. She fixes the glasses on her nose, scrolling through the files with the trackball.

I walk closer to the screen, leaning forward with a hand on the back of her seat and one on the desk. Dria clicks on a file dating four days ago before videos, documents and audio, popping up on each of the five screens on the wall.

“Okay,” she says, running a hand through her hair. “So six days ago Daniel came in contact with his daughter. She’s currently a member of Giovanni’s gang and based on the encounter they had, brainwashed by Giovanni. During their scuffle, Daniel had managed to inject her with a popular tracking serum on the market. It stays in the bloodstream for three days before dying…”

“So you have been tracking her for the last three days,” I say pointing out the obvious.

“Yes. Now five days ago when Giovanni’s gang disappeared and went into hiding, the trackers were actively sending the host’s location via the satellites,” she clicks on a file, an image popping up on the screen.

“We tracked her to Jaca in Argon, Spain,” she states, the province displayed on screen.

At least the gamble on his mother’s hometown led us to the right country. The only problem is that we are sweeping the coast while he was in the inner parts of Spain.

“After digging around, I was able to pinpoint his hideout, away from the city and stashed in the mountainous terrain. I then contacted a friend who was able to gift us with a clearer visual of his compound.”

Dria then pulls up a series of photos and my eyes widen. The compound is a fortress, top-notch security, a great wall that even trump would be envious of covering acres of land. The architecture reflects the Spanish Revival architecture, the arches, towering chimneys, and stone and stucco walls.

What have my eyes widening though are the scores of children photographed around the compound from a bird-eye view. Children of all ages training, playing or simply lounging around.

“Here lies our problem,” Dria points out. “It turns out Giovanni has been using the compound as an academy of sorts. He recruits orphans and trains them so they can join his gang.”

I straighten up as Dria turns her chair to pin me with narrowed eyes. “Now, I don’t know about you Mr. Silvestre but I would like to keep innocent children out of this. Therefore, we need to draw him out.”

Dria pins me with one of those evil motherly looks Christina used to use on us as kids and I find myself vocalizing my agreement to get her off my case. Of course, I wouldn’t want to pull kids into this.

“Good, so we have two options,” she continues. “Either we find a way to draw Giovanni out or we wait until he contacts you…”

“Waiting is not an option,” I snap. “There is no way I am waiting for that son of a bitch to contact me! My child is not safe with him!”

“Child, you say…” Dria murmurs and from the corner of my eyes I see Daniel perk up, eying me. “A son or daughter?”

“A daughter,” I grit out, clenching my fist in anger. “I know what that spazzatura spagnola does to women much less a little girl.”

“Cristiano, we all know what thoughts are running through your mind. Daniel has had them for the last six years and I have for the last 20,” Dria says her throat closing up. “I have a son… One I can’t remember because Giovanni tortured and drugged me up so bad I had brain damage resulting in memory loss.”

I gaze at her noticing the tremor of her body, the pained look crossing her face and the emptiness in her eyes. “He took my memories and my child… I don’t know how he looks, where he is, or what his name is… Just a fleeting memory of giving birth and holding my baby before it all goes black. We all want Giovanni to pay but we have to do it smartly!”

Her eyes switch emotions suddenly, a fire raging in them.

“If we try and draw him out that will put him on the defence. As far as he knows, we don’t know where he is… What we need to do is scout the area and find dents in the armour...” she reasons. “All I ask is for you to wait two more days, that should give us enough time to scout and devise a takeover plan, whether Giovanni contacts you or not. Though I believe he will, he wouldn’t make risqué moves like this unless he has his eye on a big prize.”

I grit my teeth, understanding her logic but I can’t wait. My daughter is in danger and the longer she stays with that motherfucker… I don’t know what could be happening to her. I can’t risk it. Sitting around, gives this fucker enough time to fuck with my child and I would never forgive myself if something bad happens to her just because I wanted for two days before attacking.

There is no comfort in the unknown.

Dria watches me, sensing my inner turmoil but my face doesn’t give anything away. The best thing I can do now is make her believe I am going along with her plan, that way I won’t risk losing the information she has.

“Fine, I’ll wait,” I say to Dria but the look she gives tell-tale she doesn’t believe me.

“Cri-” she starts to say but I interrupt her.

“If that’s all you have to show us right now, I think it’s time we end this meeting,” I ask pinning her with my eyes.

She’s too smart to give all the information she has in one go, it’s safe to assume this is all she will expose today. Plus she has gone through everything in the file.

“Yes, that is all we have for now, more should be coming in tomorrow from my guy,” Dria says crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes.

“Good. Alejandro, show Dria and Daniel to the guestrooms.” I say pointedly looking at the kid and he nods hastily.

“Now, even though I open my home to you two, you are not allowed to wander about,” I say flickering my eyes between the quite Daniel and Dria. “If you need to leave your rooms, guards will be posted outside your rooms. I will not hesitate to end you if you wander without a guard or fuck with my men. Am I clear?”

Daniel nods and I return the gesture before looking at Dria who regards me with interest. Se too nods before turning to the monitor and exiting her cyberspace. She stands when finished and moves towards her companion.

“Alejandro,” I say and he moves quickly to the couple but not before I grab his arm and whisper into his ear. “Send word to Adonis and Raphael. I need their presence, now.”

He nods shakily before walking towards the outsiders and leads them out but not before Dria pins me with those dark eyes.


“We’ve found him, baby girl,” I say softly, holding her cold hand in mine, watching as her chest rises and falls. “The men are scouting and due to report back in a few hours… I’m going to rescue our Ki-Ki.”

She stays unmoving, her face having a healthier flush to it and her heartbeat stable. She’s in a simple gown without sleeves and the sheets are pulled up under her breasts.

I look over at my fiancé, the love of my life and my heart lodges in my throat. I miss her so fucking much.

“You know baby girl, I had always loved you…” I murmur trailing my finger across her cheek, skimming the oxygen mask. “I stayed away though because I didn’t think you feel the same way… When those fuckers played that bet on you. I wanted so bad to kill them but you never wanted that. You believed his karma would catch up with him. I admired your ability to look at the brighter side and have mercy on those that wronged you; it was something that pulled me to you.”

I scoot closer to her on the King size bed she is on. During the nights, Christina, Johnattan and I would take turns to stay with her, so the bed had to be changed for a bigger one.

“I still remember our first time,” I say reminiscing on that day. “You had finally built up enough courage to tell me how you felt about me and was utterly surprised I felt the same way. I remember you saying that you wanted me to make you feel good… You wanted to forget everything about that fucker, Greg. You wanted me. You had always wanted me…”

“Please,” she begs cupping my face, her lips inches from mine. “Make me forget. Be my first real…”

“Ana…” I say as she starts to hiccup, the memory of his deceit still fresh in her mind.

It’s been three months but her pain is still raw and she hurts.

“Ana… Don’t try to use me to dull the pain. It’s not good for you or me…” I try to rationalize even though my heart and body return the siren call of her body.

“Dylan, I am hurt but I’m not using you… I want you, I’ve wanted you for years,” she says staring up at me with bright, glossy eyes. “I was just afraid…”

She wanted me… All these years of doubting her feelings towards me and chickening out when I wanted to let her know how I felt were pointless. She wanted me, just as I’ve always wanted her.

“If we do this, it won’t be a one-time thing,” I state looking her dead in the eyes. “I will be yours and you will be mine whether we chose to be exclusive or not. I’ve wanted too long to have you to just let you go…”

A smile breaks across her tearful face and I reach up to wipe away her tears with my thumbs. She is so beautiful, both inside and out. I’m not sure how far this may go but I am willing to try, for her, for us.

“I’d have it no other way,” she whispers before tipping up and mashing our lips together.

The fire that consumed us can not be dosed, the raw hunger that travels through our veins never diluted. Holding her in my arms, kissing her, provoked so many emotions within me.

The sounds of her moans as I lay her on my bed, kissing up her thighs moving her dress upward with my hands. The breathy, wanton way she cries my name as I pull her panties to the side, my mouth worshipping her the way a Queen like her should. The taste of her on my tongue, the desire and hunger it sparked in me, that caveman within me rearing its head.

She loses that pretty dress of hers as it lies on my floors in pieces.

The sight of her body, flushed, bare and quivering with need for me almost has me cuming on spot. I want her here and now, but by the pleasure and determination swirling in her eyes she had plans for me.

She cautiously asked if she could strip me, gazing at me with those submissive, eager to please eyes. I nod and she gets on her knees, pulling off my sweats and underpants the only articles I have on.

I kick them to the size and I watch her as she takes me in with childlike innocence. She touches, probes and runs me, causing my solider to stand at attention for his Queen and then she rewards him with a kiss.

It is at that moment I find out that my sweet, innocent Ana liked it rough. The satisfactory and lustful look that glazed her eyes as I grab her hair and fuck her mouth hard. The way she grabs my thighs pulling towards her, urging me to go faster and the way she reaches down to play with herself as I lose myself in the sensations she evoked in me.

When we finally end the foreplay and move to the main course, we both find ourselves nervous.

“I’ve never done this before,” I say regretting the moment I said it, as I hover on top of her my soldier protected and ready for deployment.

“R-Really,” she asks with wide eyes. “I thought you and Dahlia-”

“Nothing happened,” I say caressing her cheek. “I’ve always had that idea that when I meet the right person, I will know and I will share this moment with them.”

Ana starts to cry and I mentally curse myself. What did I do?

“I didn’t wait…” she starts to sob but I silence her with a kiss, my fingertips brushing her nipple.

“It doesn’t matter. This moment is still special and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Ana smiles, kissing me repeatedly coaxing me to start and I find myself exploring her body with my hands, grinding my erection on her swollen clit. The feel of being so close and intimate with her is unexplainable and to know that we will share this moment forever makes my chest warm.

“I might be inexperienced but I promise to rock your world, baby girl,” I say cheekily and before she can reply, I push in.

“Ah!” she cries as I slowly stretch her, gritting my teeth at the way her walls squeeze me.

Her nails sink into my skin as I pull out only to piston in and I swear I almost saw the stars.

“Fuck!” I grit out pulling back which causes her to arch and break the skin on my shoulders.

“Please don’t stop, please,” she moans and my gradually increasing thrusts prove to her that I do not intend to stop not when she feels so right wrapped around me.

The feelings that joined us is indescribable. The pleasure that consumed us insatiable. The time we spend together, wrapped in each other, not enough. Ana and I, Dylan and Ana, the only two persons that exist at this moment. The rapid beating of our hearts and the bliss traveling through our bodies, the only thing that matters.

Indiana Blake not only takes my virginity but my soul. I will never find a woman like her in my lifetime; she is a gem. One I swear to protect. I may not know how far my feelings for her go but I don’t want to think of her not a part of my life.

Maybe it’s the hormones talking but I feel like I might love her and as we reach that high together, our names on one another’s lips, I know that this girl just ruined me for every other woman.

“I’ll get her back to you safely, my love. Just fight for us…” I say placing a kiss on her forehead. “Fight for our little Royal.”

I place my hand on her stomach, caressing the nonexistence bump. Our baby is in there growing and warm in the womb of this fantastic woman. I have no doubt she will keep our prince or princess safe and secure.

“I love you, Indiana Blake,” I whisper in her ear, “Always…”


It is 6 a.m. when I leave her room, placing a kiss on her forehead and reminding her once more that I love her. I rub the back of my neck that has gotten stiff overnight.

I make my way down the hall, greeting the men that rush about. Those for the early morning guard duties and armed and leaving the Mansion while the others rush to get to their post.

I walk into my private kitchen, only to spot Christina and Johnattan perched on stools around my island.

“Morning,” Christina says upon seeing me and I greet her, making my way towards the coffee machine.

Johnattan ignores me, sipping his coffee with a nose brace on his swollen nose. My lips lift, finding humour in his appearance. He might be her father but he should respect me as much as I had respected him.

Throwing punches are for pubescence teens, plus, he should know better than to try and rule me in my adobe. Ana is my responsibility as much as she is his and our child will always be my main priority.

He should have approached the situation logically… I mentally laugh. Listen to the pot calling the kettle black.

“So, how did the Pandora lead go?” Christina asks as I turn to face them.

“We have a location and we’re scouting. We’ll be ready to move in by nightfall,” I say, sipping the caffeine-based product.

“That’s great news,” Christina says with a sigh of relief before looking at her husband. “Are you going to sit here and ignore him or apologize for your rash behaviour?”

Johnattan looks at her with narrowed eyes but Christina holds her ground. “He is going to rescue our grandchild and I know you want to go along. Put this shit behind you for our daughter and grandchild’s sake.”

With that said, Christina rises from her seat and stretches in her sweats and tank top.

“I’m going to look for my daughter now. Both of you talk this out and find the best way to put this behind you or so help me,” she pins us both with her ‘try me’ eyes before turning around and freezing.

Just then, Dria and a guard step into the kitchen. Dria is in a black t-shirt and leggings, the hair at the top of her head is in a short ponytail and in the morning light, you can see the severity of the burn on her face.

Christina stares at her, her face ghostly pale and I notice Johnattan looks the same. The words that leaves her mouth next causes me to freeze as well, staring at Dria in disbelief.


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