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Chapter 4

“Look who’s finally awake,” Momma says as she manoeuvres herself around the island, pouring juice in Diana’s glass.

“Nala!” Diana yells as she turns, spotting me and jumps off the stool, engulfing me in a tight hug.

Her head rests under my breasts while her hands loop themselves around my waist. She then pops her chin on my ribs, staring at me. Her once blue-green eyes are now covered by contacts making them look dark brown.

Diana was born nearsighted, so we had to buy medicinal glasses and eye contacts. The contacts also aided in hiding her eyes which links her to him and doesn’t raise unnecessary questions.

Along with her nearsightedness, Diana was born with atrial septal defect (ASD) — a hole in her heart. This is a hole in the part of the septum and the upper chambers of the heart. This means that the oxygen-rich blood gets pumped back to the lungs, instead of going to the body.

The doctors said it was caused by my substance abuse during my first trimester.

When she was a baby she had to do surgery to close it but the operation wasn’t 100% successful. She ended up spending the first two months of her life in the hospital before they released her and decided that she had to have periodic check-ups to see whether the atrial septal defect closes on its own.

They said that eventually, it may close and even if it doesn’t, the size of the hole has reduced significantly, so she will be able to live a healthy life.

“Good morning, Ki-Ki,” I say lifting her in my arms, her legs wrap around my waist and kisses my cheek.

“Momma,” I say walking around the island and kissing her cheek.

She’s in a cream, silk top with a pair of stylish black pants that shows off her fine ass (it’s hereditary). She has recently done her hair into a stylish pixie cut and dyed the ends gold. She wears gold hoops and a beautiful gold necklace.

“Good Morning,” she smiles before placing scrambled eggs on my plate, her cell ringing as she’s finished.

She picks up the device and starts to engage herself in a conversation. I pay her no mind making my way to a stool and sit with Diana in my lap. I pull my one of a kind, Lion King breakfast plate towards me and start to dig in. Diana reaches over for her juice, and sipping some before tapping my shoulder and opening her mouth with an ‘ah-ah’.

Smiling, I feed her some of my eggs and she chews rubbing her tummy with a ‘delisioso’. I chuckle at her antics before rewarding her with a kiss for being the cutest girl ever.

“Romeo, slow down. What do you mean by the Johnsons backed out of the deal?”

I turn to look at momma who gets irritated by the second. I’ll hate to be the one on the other end of that phone.

“That was my deal, I closed it! How did they bac— Johnattan did what?!”

Oh shit...

“Ki, hon. Let’s give momma some space.”

She hops off my lap making her way to the living room and I’m hot on her heels with my breakfast. I turn on the TV ensuring it’s quite loud and I grimace as momma’s verbal assaults start.

“You’re fu—”

I know you see, somehow the world’s gonna change for me and be so wonderful... Live life, breathe air... I know somehow we’re gonna get there and be so wonderful...

I lean back and munch on my bacon as iCarly’s theme song fills the house on this early Tuesday morning. Diana sings her heart out and I smile enjoying the calmness of the morning. For once I’m not hustling and bustling to catch a flight or get to a booked appearance. Pulling, and Diana towards me, I tuck her beside me and watch Spencer try to make an odd sculpture.

“Di,” Momma calls fifteen minutes later and Diana tilts her head to stare at her grandma.

“I have to catch a flight to Ohio and fix the mess papa made,” she sighs ghastly whilst stuffing her things in her bag. “I’m sure your mother has work today so I’m going to drop you at Au—”

“Actually, I’m not,” I state looking at my mother. “Today is coincidentally my free day so Diana can stay with me... If that’s what she wants —”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Diana replies bouncing on the couch. “We can go to the park, the movies and the Studio!”

With that, she squeals running up the stairs stating something about getting dressed and out of the house. I smile watching her disappear upstairs and Momma chuckles at her reaction.

“Well, I must get going,” Momma states slinging her bag on her shoulder and making her way to the door. “Keep an eye on her she’s an active one and have fun.”

She slips on her shades and opens the door, stopping halfway through it. “I’m happy you took my advice... and since I doubt you’re going home to change... my new Versace top and Prada shoes are off-limits but knock yourself out with the rest.”

With that, she closes the door and I roll my eyes before hurriedly making my way upstairs to raid her closet for clothes. It was one of my favourite pastimes then and it is still as exciting now.


“Hands up Joshua. Come on kick those feet out!”

Opening the wooden door, I hear Luke’s voice triumph over the salsa music in the room. Children ages 6-12, all line up repeating the simple choreography that they were taught. Some executed it almost flawlessly while others were hanging on by a thread.

“Okay, take five,” the young instructor sighs in frustration, running a hand through his inky black hair.

The children disperse and a few make their way to Diana who is lacing up her dancing sneakers. It was her wish to go to our old dance studio and bond while dancing. I had no problems doing that but with the history, I have at this place, you’d think I’d want to avoid it.

I look over at the corner that had a red heart painted on its wall and smile as I recall the day I had my first kiss with Dylan. I then turn my attention at a particular mirror with a faint crack, remembering the day Dylan forced me against it and I flung my head back in pleasure, my ginormous hairpin cracking it.

Shaking my head, I focus on the instructor for the day. Lukas Dornellas. This is going to be an interesting day.

I eye him in the mirror and smile as his hands move to indicate something only we know. I motion confirming this ‘thing’ and a faint smile pulls on his lips.

Making my way over to Luke, I run from across the room and propel myself upwards.

“Catch!” I yell and he swiftly spins gripping my waist as my thighs wrap around his torso, clinging to him before bending my back with outstretched arms.

The children gasp and clap, mystified as to how Luke caught me. I laugh heartily before engulfing my childhood friend in a hug. He places me on my feet returning the hug and I chuckle as he ruffles my hair.

“Indie, long time so see,” he says twirling me around to get a better look. “Still as bootilicious, I see.”

I slap his hand away when he attempts to grasp my ass.

“There are kids here!” I scowl as Diana runs up to me with an astonished expression.

“Nala that was awesome!” she says enthusiastically, grabbing my arm and pulling me towards our spot. “Show me how to do it, now!”

Luke chuckles following us and I join Diana as she hurriedly stretches, earning scolds from both Luke and I. Stretching isn’t something you rush when it comes to dancing.

Minutes later, Luke is walking Diana through a fairly easy salsa number and I fill in as her partner twirling and guiding her. We laugh and dance, breaking into spontaneous hip hop moves from her earlier courses. The children watch us in awe, a few joining in with their wacky moves.

This continues for fifteen minutes before Luke resumes his class, earning ‘boos’ from the children.

“So, Ms. Blake. You’ve written a New York bestseller nominated book and you’re engaged to the wealthiest Transport tycoon in NY. Your life seems like it’s going well,” Luke says as we sit against the mirrors, watching Diana and Joshua dance.

Joshua’s moves are better than they were an hour ago and Diana is moving flawlessly. She’s been practicing here since she was four. I used to take to practice but as my schedule got busier, I just couldn’t.

“You can say that,” I reply half-heartedly, drawing my legs closer and resting my chin on my knees as I watch my Kiara.

Today is the first in a long while that I’ve spent time with her and it reminds me of how much of her life I’m missing out on. Watching her play in the park with Roxie jr, sneaking food into the movies in our Victoria Secret hoodies and being here at the studio, dancing with her are moments I’d never trade ... It warms my heart to know that out of all that chaos this beautiful girl was born.

My ring glistens as a ray of sun filters through the window and I sigh. I want Roberto to know about her but I’m scared. How would he react? And worst of all, if the press catches word, my family and daughter will be caught in a scandal.

“You don’t sound too happy about it Indie,” Luke says shuffling closer and tucking loose strands behind my ear. “Maybe I can help out with that... like I used to.”

“Luke, that was a long time ago... I’m not doing it again,” I say moving my head away from his hand.

“Was it that bad?” he jokes before lowering his hand and leaning back. “I mean, am I that unattractive to you now?”

I look over at him. Inky black hair, honey brown eyes and a Ryan Reynolds physique. He isn’t short in the looks department and being a dancer means he could manage some challenging positions in the bedroom, trust me I know... but I can’t go down that road again.

I got addicted once, it’s not hard to fall back into that trend with just one forbidden taste and the fact that Roberto and I hadn’t done it in a month doesn’t help my case.

“Luke, it was good and you’re not unattractive but I’m engaged and I’m coping with my addiction,” I say leaning back as well before turning to him and smiling. “Sorry, Dornellas but I’m not gonna fuck you.”

Facing me he grins. “I’ll accept it, for now, Indie.”

He climbs to his feet before pulling me up from the floor and twirling me. I giggle as we end up in the basic starting position of the salsa number and he pulls me closer, whispering into my ear.

“I’ll be here when you need it Indie and you will need it...”


“Today was awesome!” Diana exclaims sleepily as she climbs into bed.

She’s said that about a million times since she’s returned home. Getting her into a bath was the hardest thing to do, she had a little too much sugar.

“Yes it was, baby girl,” I say climbing into the bed beside her. “Now let’s go to bed.”

“…but I’m not sleepy,” she yawns whilst stretching.

“Sure you aren’t,” I said pulling the covers over her Phineas and Ferb PJs.

“Song,” she mumbles and I smile kissing her forehead. “Please.”

Her beautiful blue-green eyes stare up at me and I’m once more captivated. Nodding, I sing ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ and she smiles cuddling closer to my body. Her eyes flutter close on the second verse and I peck her cheek, slowly climbing out of her bed.

“Night, night baby.”

“Night, night mommy,” she mumbles and I freeze in my tracks.

She rarely calls me mommy but when she does it warms my heart yet leaves me frozen in place. Smiling, I slip out making my way downstairs and for the first time since last night, checked my phone.

Mom isn’t going to be back for a good hour so I had the place to myself. Glancing at my phone I look at the time (9:00 pm) before looking at the notifications.

150 missed calls.
595 WhatsApp messages.
35 voice mails.
150 missed WhatsApp calls.

That is to be expected. From the looks of it, the majority of the texts and calls are from Andrea and she is not happy.

(8:00 a.m.) My slave driver 😒:

Indiana, Business Elite wanted to schedule an interview with you... Should I accept it?

(8:01 a.m.) My slave driver

I need an answer ASAP... They want to do it tmr... 8 a.m.

(8:15 a.m.) My slave driver

Helloooo. I tried calling you and no answer. Pick up! It’s urgent.

(8:30 a.m.) My slave driver

Indie... I get it. It’s your day off... But you can at least spare a minute to check your phone.

Ps. NEW YORK TIMES is interested in interviewing you as well and you need to confirm your photoshoot at Cambridge Essence.

(9:00 a.m.) My slave driver

INDIANA BLAKE... As your agent I demand you answer your phone!!!!!!!!! Pleaseeeeee.

After that Andrea starts to lose it and has a cussing fit in another 490 texts.

The other hundred is from the ‘Sisters from different Misters’ group (made up of my cousins, close family friends and my crazy best friends) then there’s Roberto who has a total of five texts. He also called me five times so I decide to call him back before addressing Andrea. Serves her right for fixing me up with Dais.

On the third ring Roberto picks up and I’m greeted with a raspy hello.

“Hey baby,” I say as I sit on the couch. “How are you?”

“Indie... I was calling you since day what happened, princesa?” he inquires sounding genuinely concerned.

“Mom went to Ohio to fix a mess dad made and I took the task of looking after Diana. We went out and I left my phone at home...” I explain playing with a few strands of my hair.

“I see. You had a little hermana y hermana bonding time,” he replies.

Si, hermana y hermana bonding time. So how are things in Espana?” I ask, changing the topic.

“I’m finished up here and I’ll be in America tomorrow.”

“Bien, a que hora?” I ask, happy to hear of his return...

“Around noon... I happen to have a business lunch at that time and I’d love for you to accompany me,” he says with that deep entrancing voice of his.

My female parts clench in need and I find myself counting the seconds until his return. My body is well overdue for some good sex.

“I’d love to,” I reply. “Should I meet you at the airport or the restaurant?”

“Airport, I’ve missed my princesa too much to stay away from you any longer,” he breathes out huskily and the blood in my veins pulses wildly.

Mismo mi amor...” I purr and he chuckles huskily.

“Until then... I’ll count the seconds until we’re together again.”

“And I the minutes,” I giggle. “Goodnight.”

“Bye baby.” He disconnects after saying that and I sigh. I may not be able to give him my love but it’s great to have someone who cares for me...

Looking at the remaining calls, I groan before playing the voicemail. Each one is Andrea grown hysterical by the hour... I should call her...

I think I need a drink first though. And with that, I make my way towards the kitchen.

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