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Chapter 49


It has been half an hour since Christina fainted and we’re all sitting here, in the Computer room, just looking at each other, confused. We had decided that to have this discussion it would be advisable to go somewhere secured.

Hence the Computer room.

Johnattan sits in one of the chairs holding Christina in his lap, arms around her midriff as she stares a Dria with red, puffy eyes.

“You don’t remember anything?” she asks Dria sniffling.

“Nothing,” Dria explains sitting across from them, Daniel standing beside her. “I woke up in the hospital not remembering who I am. The doctors say it might be my mind trying to lock away the trauma I’ve been through.”

She hugs herself, looking over at Christina with sympathetic eyes. “I don’t remember you…”

Christina nods in understanding but you can see the inner turmoil brewing in her. She is confused and no doubt hates herself for not thoroughly investigating her best friend’s death. The same way I feel in regards to my lack of monitoring Ana, I missed eight years of my daughter’s life because of it.

“H-How did you get to that hospital?” Christina asks shaking in her husband’s arms, in her eyes you could see she is reliving those memories that she had tried to push down for years.

“I found her,” Daniel speaks up drawing attention to himself.

He’s leading on the desk in a grey T-shirt and black jeans with combat boots. His hair is also in a low ponytail, his face more prominent and the scars adorning it visible.

“I was raiding one of Ferrez’s warehouse when I found her,” he continues, folding his hands against his chest looking at Dria and she nods. “She was beaten, drugged up and left to die. When I rushed her to the hospital, she barely had a pulse and then after three days in a coma, she woke up without her memories.”

Christina and Johnattan tense while I clench my jaw. Left to die … Drugged… Beaten. Ferrez, you are a fucking dead man.

“Daniel and his wife helped me to get on my feet,” Dria says smiling at him before looking back at us. “They helped me to get a new identity and to get my life on track. I got into a community college where I did Computer Science, hence the hacking ability, a job and then my apartment. Everything was fine for two years until I remembered something. I was in a hospital bed with a baby in my arms and I feel connected to him. He was mine…”

Her voice starts to break as she looks over at me, tears trailing down her cheeks. Pain radiates from my chest and I find myself clenching my fists, the fire in my eyes burning into hers.

“It was then that I decided to stalk Giovanni,” she breathes out, “I watched him for years trying to get enough dirt on him, trying to find out what happened to my child. I had no idea who my baby was, where I had him, or when I had him. It was a lost cause but I decided that even if I didn’t find my baby, I would bring down Giovanni trying.”

She wipes away her tears, sniffling before looking towards us. “…and here I am, close to bringing this bastard down and near to people who knew me… in the same room as my son.”

Dria knows this much because Christina had given her the rundown of why she had called her Lexi and who we were to ‘Lexi’. This led to her not being able to recall any of the memories, thus, we found ourselves here, discussing the reason.

I don’t know how to react to the idea of Dria being my mother. I don’t have that connection with her, not that if we don’t try it wouldn’t develop but this isn’t the ideal time. Emotionally, I can’t… I’m too closed off.

“What happened to me?” she asks breaking me from my thoughts. She is addressing Christina. “How did we get separated?”

Christina tenses, that day has always been a sore spot for her. When I had asked as a teenager, she had broken down unable to tell me everything. With each word, it was as if she was there all over again.

I expect her to ask her husband to tell the story but she has never been on to back down.

Clearing her throat, Christina starts to explain trying to keep her composure. “That was the day Johnattan proposed, we had gotten a call from Cheverlie… Your health took a turn for the worse. W-We couldn’t understand it, you were o-okay for the entire week. How could you just…? It shouldn’t have hap-hap-”

Christina hiccups, placing her hand over her mouth while Johnattan rubs her back. She sniffles, calming down before continuing. “When we reached the hospital they told us you were d-dead. Your heart had stopped and they c-couldn’t revive you. T-Then-”

She stops burying her face in the crook of her husband’s neck, breaking down. At least she made it farther than last time. Johnattan soothes her as she cries, deciding to continue the story for her.

“Christina had fainted when she heard the news and in her state, that is, she was pregnant with our twins, all the attention was on making sure she was okay,” he gulps, clenching his jaw as he caresses his weeping wife. “The next thing we knew they had a hospital mix up and you were cremated in place of another patient… We never had a real final goodbye with you. We were never the same after that day… more so Christina.”

Christina starts to cry again, clutching to Johnattan but no matter how many times he says it’s okay and that she’s alive, it can’t take away the pain her soul had been through. The scars remain… they always do.

I look over at Dria to see her lost in thought, a blank look on her face. “They made you think I was dead… Then they kidnapped me…Why?”

The broken note in her voice causes the room to elope into an even more depressive silence than before. This time though, I break it supplementing the answer.

“Elia,” I say and their eyes snap to me. “Charles’ wife, she was Giovanni’s fuckbuddy. She was jealous of you. You gave him what she couldn’t, a boy. No doubt she did this to satisfy her jealous rage and Ferrez had another motive, one I haven’t figured out yet.”

I push off the desk, clenching my fist, grinding my teeth. All this is because of me, because I was born to that man. I just had to be the heir Charles wanted. Elia and Giovanni are fucking with us because of me, because of Charles’ poor and stupid choices.


I slam my fist to the desk causing it to groan in protest at the force placed on it. “All this shit because that fucker couldn’t keep his dick in his pants!”

I huff my anger getting the best of me. Ana would be awake, Diana would be out of danger and everyone would be safe if Charles hadn’t come in their lives… if I had not been bo-

I can’t even say it. Call me selfish but I can’t find myself wishing I wasn’t born. Had things been different I wouldn’t have met Ana, we wouldn’t have had Diana. There are moments in my life I would like to never experience again but all these moments make you stronger and they make you, you.

“Dylan,” I hear Christina’s voice penetrating the hazy thoughts in my head. “We all hate Charles and we wished he had never shown his face in either of our lives but without him, there would be no you…”

I look at her as she approaches me, calmly. Her aura is relaxed even though her eyes are puffy and pain glistens within them.

“Look we’ve all been through a lot but it’s going to get better,” she places her hand on my clenched fist, comfortingly. “Your mom is here with us, alive. We’re have the advantage on Giovanni. We will rescue Diana and Ana, she’s doing good… She’ll wake up soon.”

I take in her words, releasing a sigh before nodding and willing myself to calm down. We have an attack tonight, I need to calm down and think logically. We need to resolve this quickly and move on to the next step. This is not the time for self-loathing and blame, that’s after all the guts of my enemies are spilled.

“Fine,” I say looking at Christina who smiles but it doesn’t reach her eyes.

“So, your name is Dylan?” Dri—my mother asks, clearing her throat while looking at Christina and I almost enviously.

“Yes,” I reply, my mission to clear this up quickly so I can move to more pressing matters, my endangered daughter. “I was named after you, Alexis Dylan Jacobs. You are the only child of your parents. Your father died when you were a child and your mother in your teenage years. Your aunt and her sons are the only direct relatives we have. You are 47-years-old, born April 27. That nice lady there is your best friend and that man with the fucked up nose over there, her husband. They are the couple that took legal guardianship of me upon your ‘fake death’. Oh yeah, I’m your son Dylan Cristiano Jacobs and my father is Charles Silvestre, a man that played you and got you pregnant. A man that blackmailed me into taking over his legacy using the woman I love who is now in a coma. I didn’t know about my daughter for 8 years! The same daughter who is now missing and in danger!”

Honestly, I start out trying to calmly get all the facts out but by the end of it, my anger gets the best of me and I find myself harshly getting the words out of my mouth.

Everyone is eerily silent after my rant and I smile. “Great, since that is out of the way I will hit the showers and in half an hour we meet in here where we will plan our attack to save my daughter.”

With that, I push away from Christina and make my way out the room, ignoring her calls.


“You know it’s not safe to sneak up on people, especially here,” I say bluntly, looking over my shoulder at Dria.

She sighs moving from the balcony door and onto my bedroom balcony.

After my shower, I had changed into a white shirt and black sweatpants before coming to lounge on my balcony, trying to calm my nerves before I enter that room again.

“You left the door open and you’re cutting it close to the meeting time,” she points out as she cautiously takes a seat opposite me.

“You should know Dria, an open door doesn’t always mean you should enter and I’m aware of the time,” I say puffing smoke from my mouth, the cigar between my fingers. “I’ll be there in five minutes. You can go back.”

I study her as she sits in front of me. There are some resemblances between us, the burn makes it a little hard to recognize but it is there. I guess I didn’t see it because I had come to terms with her being dead.

Ha. Life never seems to disappoint does it? With all the curve balls it’s throwing me you’d think it’d cut me some slack. Not saying my mother being alive is bad but it’s an emotional problem I don’t need right now.

“You know that will kill you someday, right?” she says starring at the cigar in my hand.

“It’s marijuana cigar, not nicotine,” I say taking a draw. “It helps to keep me mellow...”

“That does mean it’s good for you,” she pipes up looking at the puff of smoke I release with a scrunched-up face. “You can still get lung cancer and die. You should really stop.”

“Look who’s falling into her motherly duties already,” I joke humourlessly and she looks at me with a frown.

“Cristiano…” she starts and I shake my head.

“No, I can’t deal with this right now,” I say standing up, crushing the cigar in the tray, leaving it there. “I have to decipher a plan to get my child home safely and kill that fucker. I don’t need this right now.”

“Cristiano please,” she says standing to her feet and placing herself in front of me. “I know it’ll be hard to have that mother-son relationship now but I’ve been waiting for years to find you. I want to try.”

“Dria, I understand that but now is not the time,” I state trying to move around her.

“Dylan, please!” she shouts placing her hand on my chest, tearful eyes looking up at me. Her actions cause me to stop and as I stare down at her, I see the pain, the desperation, the need.

“It was hard not knowing anything about myself, only having a vague memory of a son I lost. You were what kept me going all these years, the reason I followed Giovanni’s moves. The reason I have made it this far…” her lips trembles and I feel like kicking myself when I notice how selfish I’m being. She had no one for years, her driving force a faint memory of me and when she finally meets me, I’m a huge jackass towards her.

“I know you may not want to get to know me but I want to know you. I want to know my son. I want to help you find your daughter, my granddaughter,” she sniffles pulling back one of her hands to wipe her tears. “You might not want to try now but afterwards… Can we try after, please?”

Her eyes plead with me and I cave, agreeing. I’ve always wanted to meet my mother and Dria may not be mentally the woman that gave birth to me but she’s still my biological mother. After all, this is done and everyone is safe, I would give this a try. To bond with my mother. I don’t know if it’ll work out but it’s better than nothing at all.

“After,” I say with a nod and she smiles, reaching out to hug me before placing her hands at her side.

“Um, can I hug you?” she asks unsure of my reaction and I look at her eyes, the need and desperation within them causing me to comply. She needs this. It’s baby steps.

I nod slowly, and she smiles giddily, slowly wrapping her arms around me. I return the favour, holding her tiny frame that shakes as the first wave of sobs come forth.

Dria has been through years of mental suffering and to finally be able to achieve her goal, to find me, her son and it’s like a weight has lifted off her shoulder.

I squeeze her a little tighter, my stomach clenching as the reality kicks in.

I’m hugging my mother.

A woman I thought I’d never see again. She’s here, alive and she wants me, not because of what I can do for her because she wants me to be a part of her life and she genuinely cares.

My chest is heavy with emotions but I hold them back. Not now, not yet.

Ring… Ring…

The shrill ring of a phone cuts our hug short and my ears perk up when I recognize the ringtone. I pull away from Dria, making my way to the bedroom, grabbing my cell phone from the nightstand.

A secured number is calling me and I do not doubt who it may be. Pressing the answer button, I place it at my ear grunting in disgust when I hear his voice.

Silvestre mi amigo. Como estás en este dia maravilloso?” Silvestre my friend. How are you on this wonderful day?

“Ferrez, spazzatura spagnola. Ti ucciderò, cazzo.” Ferrez, you Spanish trash. I’m going to fucking kill you.


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Shania Jakes has been through a life of hardships and is looking for a haven. She chooses Brad Homes as that haven. He is the young, hot, brilliant and rich CEO of Homes Enterprises and GEM Co.

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“We’ve been together for a year... Why didn’t you tell me? Couldn’t you have given me a heads up before the wedding? Couldn’t you have said something like, ‘Um Nia, I think you should know that my foster dad is a Drug Lord!’” she bellowed as she raked her hands through her hair. Her eyes getting darker by the minute.

“I wanted to protect you plus if I had told you that from the beginning would you have married me?”

“Hell no!” At least she was being honest. “Have you seen what you’ve caused? Dani may be dead and I was nearly killed. You- I can’t- ugh!”

“Nia, baby I’m sorry... I never wanted you to get pulled into this. I love you and believe me when I say I won’t let them hurt you... I know you have no right to believe me after what I’ve done...but please trust me to get you out of this.”


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