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Chapter 52

“Blow that motherfucker up!” I yell, my blood boiling.

I spin the wheel swiftly, dodging the bullets as I rush towards my daughter. I hear their laughter as the helicopter pulls away, taunting me.

‘What’s happen-?’ Dria starts to ask but I interrupt.

“Take that fucking copter down!” I yell, watching as the helicopter heads left.

‘Alright,’ Dimitri states, not questioning my instructions.

I rush closer towards her; she kicks and screams, trying to stay afloat.


Her head dips twice but not returning to the surface and my heart hammers against my chest. No!

The fins start to sink, heading towards the blooded waters and grit my teeth. I need to get to her first!

I tuck the gun into my waistband, pulling the boat to an abrupt stop before jumping into the water that feels icy against my skin. The liquid surrounds my form, my clothes almost weightless as I burrow deeper, my vision slightly blurred. Sounds are muffled; the water is clouded and worse of all I can’t find her.

Air bubbles catch my attention and I dive deeper pushing against the resistance following the trail. Finally, I make out her shape a dark blur in the ocean waters. Her limbs are being waved around as she tries to dog paddle her way to the top. As I push closer, my heart hammers not for the lack of air but her. Her lips part as she kicks and reaches out to the surface wishing it would pull her to the air above.

Her eyes widen as she sees me and she kicks harder, reaching for me. That’s when I see it. The outline of a shark circling us, watching its prey.

My feet find strength, the adrenaline pushing me forward. I am so close, inches from grasping her hand when I see movement to my left.

I’m hit to the side by the incoming shark that swims away swiftly circling once more. I feel the pain in my side and I mentally cuss myself as I remember my bleeding wound. I’m just a target as she is.

I look around, frantically for Diana in the murky waters when I spot her a few metres away. Her eyes start to close and her lips apart as she loses air.


I dive after her, watching the shark as it circles us. Kicking hard, I move my body deftly until I finally reach her, pulling her to my chest. The air is almost knocked out of me when I’m hit from the side.

I hug her to my chest as we flip and twirl in the water. We finally steady us, and I push us upward with my kicks, aiming for the surface.

No, I’m not stupid enough to think I can out swim a shark but it will attack if it thinks the prey is blindsided and not expecting the attack.

I watch the shadows as it moves about, it is going to attack. I wrap my left hand around Diana. The other pulling out the gun.

It charges fast with its mouth open, pointy teeth on display. I grip the trigger… watching, waiting.

Closer, closer…

I pull the trigger, firing three shots in its face. It takes a detour, wriggling in pain as blood steeps from its wounds. I correct my aim hitting the gills, driving it away with a fatal wound.

I kick to the surface, my legs and side groaning with protest but I push on. More sharks start to swarm the area but they do not swarm us, they go for the wounded shark.

The surface is just second from my reach, my need for air not as urgent as Diana’s is.

We break the surface and I gasp, swimming towards the boat that had floated metres away from us. I hoist her onto the speedboat, pulling myself upwards before turning her onto her back.

“Come on princepesa, breathe!” I plead as I place the heel of my hand on her chest, interlocking my fingers and compressing her chest.

I open her mouth, pinching her nose and blow air into her lungs. Her chest rises and falls but there is no other reaction. I repeat the process, compressing and blowing,

Princepesa please, breathe!” I compress her chest, my throat clogging up and my eyes begin to burn. “Diana please!”

‘The helicopter is in sight…’

I blow and pump her chest refusing to give up. She has to make it. Her face is pale, her lips have begun to turn blue and her body is cold.

Pump. Pump. Pump.

Blow. Blow. Blow.

She’s not responding.

‘They’re almost there Dimitri!’ Dria states but I’m too panicked to follow.

Pump. Pump. Pump.

Blow. Blow. Blow.

Tears come to my eyes and my lip trembles, the horror, distress and anger sinking in. She isn’t waking up… I got to her too late…

Pump. Pump. Pump.

Blow. Blow. Blow.

I start to breathe hard, hissing and cursing. No response… S-She’s…

‘Target locked!’

“Take down that fucking copter!” I yell, slamming my hands against her chest and she wheezes.


Her eyes widen just as the explosion echoes across the open waters. She turns to her side, coughing up water and my heart beats erratically against my chest.

She’s alive.

The sound of the helicopter crashing into the ocean surrounds us but I don’t pay it any mind. I grab her, pulling her trembling form to my chest as my eyes leak with tears. I hold her tightly, caressing her back.

“D-Daddy?” she stutters, gripping my shirt and I crush her against my chest.

“It’s okay, princepesa,” I whisper, caressing her. “You’re safe.”

“I-I was s-so s-scared,” she cries wrapping her arms around me and my heart pains for her.

“I won’t let them take you again baby,” I soothe, kissing her hair.

An engine hums indicating incoming company and I reach for my gun, holding Diana against my chest. I aim at the speedboat only to lower it as I spot Dria and Dimitri driving towards us.

Diana trembles against me, whimpering as she tries to push closer to me.

The scent of the ocean surrounds us, a hit of burning metal within its scent. I look out towards the mansion, flames engulfing it and I sigh.

Hugging my daughter with both arms, I fall back onto my ass, causing her to curl up in my arms. Her blue-green eyes stare up at me as her lips tremble and kiss her forehead.

She was safe.


“She’s tucked in waiting on you,” Shanice says, glaring at me as she opens the door I had knocked on.

I step out of her way as she exits the room, looking to storm away from me.


She pulls her arm from my grip; her eyes alight with rage.

“He was a child…” she accuses, narrowing her eyes at me.

“He was standing in the way. It was either him or my daughter-”

“Bullshit!” she hisses, pointing her finger in my chest. “You could’ve subdued him not almost send him to an early grave! He’s sixteen and just as you and I were influenced by bad people he was too! They all were!”

It has been two hours and the tenseness has not settled. We have secured Giovanni’s complex and are using it as a base until we can live Jaca.

“…and they died! All for nothing!” her eyes start to water and she sniffles, clutching her stomach. “They were just kids!”

While I was out at sea, Shanice and my men had easily subdued the threat at the mansion only to notice, almost half of them were children no older than seventeen. They wore ski masks and with the battle consisting of guns rather than fists, they were cut down without realization.

Shanice was devastated, her heart unable to understand how a man could be so cruel. Her anger and pain soon turned on me when she found out what I did to the youngest Ferrez. He was in the infirmary, hooked up to a life machine. The shoot I gave him didn’t hit his heart but punctured a lung.

Shanice was the one to find and tend to him, keeping him alive until medical attention could be given …

“I know,” I say pulling her to my chest as she cries, the pain ripping her apart inside.

She pushes away from me, wiping her tears before glaring at me with red eyes. “You didn’t have to give him such a fatal shot. He may be the enemy but he was just a child. Just like, you had been when we saved you during that mission! Everyone deserves a chance…”

With that, she turns on her heels and darts down the hall, out of sight.

I sigh, running my hand through my hair. She has a point, I didn’t have to but at that time nothing and no one would stand in the way of getting to my daughter. He could’ve died for all I care, as long as Diana was alive and safe.

The innocent lives taken today put a strain on my soul as much as it does the others but what’s done is done. We must move forward and try to prevent the past from reoccurring, not argue over what can’t change.

I take a deep breath opening the door in front of me and an orange glow covers me as I enter.

The small lamp illuminates the room. A single bed nestled in the centre, a desk in a corner and a window over the desk.

A small form is nestled into the bed, sheets up to her chest and she sits up as I walk towards the bed.

“Hey princepesa,” I say as I sit at the end of the bed, watching her.

They were able to get her a pair of dorky glasses, to help with her near-sightedness and it sits on her nose, helping her vision.

“Daddy!” she says rushing towards me, wrapping her arms around my neck and I return her hug.

She was changed out of her wet clothes and into a cotton nightie. Her hair is free and damp as it tickles my face.

“You came for me…” she whispers and I pull back to cup her face.

“I said I would, didn’t I?” she nods with a smile, climbing onto my lap and my side throbs in pain but I ignore it.

I hold her to me, caressing her and kissing her hair loving the warmth she covers me in. Diana, just like her mother calms the darkness within me with a single touch.

Regret floods me. Why did I have to bring this into their lives?

Had I stayed away, they would live a normal life. One free from danger.

I should have just ran away with them once on the island. We would have been far away from all this pain and suffering… safe.

…but life doesn’t work like that. Had I ran away, who knows what Giovanni would have done? Take over the Mafia; killing my men? Continue to exploit innocent children? Kill Indiana’s parents in place of us?

Her parents… Johnattan was okay when we returned to shore. The only injure he acquired was a second-degree burn on his arm. He hadn’t moved quickly enough to escape the blast.

I sigh, pressure forming in my head,

Everyone has purposes in life and one of mine involves ridding the earth of scum like Giovanni.

I’m drawn from my thoughts as I hear light snoring and a smile graces my lips as Diana sleeps against my chest. Gently, I place her on the bed, pulling the sheets to her chest. I place a kiss on her forehead before checking the window, which I find to be grilled.

I open the door, looking back at my sleeping beauty before closing the door on my light within this darkness.


The iron sizzles, followed by a cry of pain, the smell of burned skin diffusing the air. I push the pointed edge of the iron into his chest, blood gushing forth and smoke rising from the metal.

He yells out in pain before gritting his teeth, trying to hold back his pitiful cries of pain. I push deeper and he trashes causing the wound to widen and deepen.

I smile, watching as the skin blisters and swells before pulling out the iron and stepping back with a dark chuckle.

“You just won’t die will you?” I ask, placing the iron into the raging fire. “A helicopter exploding just isn’t enough, is it?”

Giovanni has the nerve to grin at me through the bloodied mess he calls a face.

“The devil is hard to kill,” he says, before spitting up blood and smiling with bloody teeth.

“Damn right!” Elia laughs with a bruised and bloodied face. “His father didn’t go down without a fucking fight!”

Miraculously, Giovanni and Elia had managed to survive the explosion and were discovered floating metres from the crash site by Dria and Dimitri. Even though they had survived they didn’t escape scratch-free.

Giovanni is suspended from the ceiling naked, half his face burned off and his hair singe to the skull. Elia looks just as bad with her entire face covered in blisters and burns. She’s naked and suspended from the ceiling as well, her body covered in second-degree burns.

Kudos to them though, regardless of the pain they are in they refuse to make much noise… which makes it so fun to pry it from their lips!

“A bitch to kill, just like your fucking whore of a mother!” she shouts and I tilt my head, watching her cuss.

“Imagine, my husband of five years wanted to leave me for that little whore, saying he loved her,” she scoffs as she shakes against the chains, a wild unhinged look in her eyes. “I had to get rid of her but just had to be a fucking boy. A boy is all that fucker ever wanted!”

I walk over to the table of equipment, ignoring her. Elia is trying to rile me up and kill her quickly in a fit of rage… Something she won’t get the pleasure of having.

“I had to wait until you were born before I could get that bitch to myself! Charles had you protected!” she yells, a madness settling over her as I caress a carving knife.

“My mother died of birth complications,” I state nonchalantly, walking closer to her. “Your ruse isn’t going to work, Elia!”

“No! I killed her!” she protests, her body trembling as I move closer. Let’s just say she hadn’t enjoyed our bonding time an hour ago.

Some women just don’t like their nipples being cut off with garden scissors, go figure…but at least I sealed the wounds with a hot rod. I mean those could have been fatal.

“I snuck into the hospital and drugged her! I wanted to kill you too but that black bitch left with you!” she cries out in desperation. “I carried her back to Giovanni and faked her death. I let man after man rape and beat her. I whipped and cut her until she was near death! I drugged her and watched as the men fucked her in every available ho-”

Elia screams for bloody murder as my knife nestles itself in her pussy, cutting into her flesh. Tears come to her eyes and she buckles yelling and wheezing as blood flows down her thighs. The blood soaks my black sweatpants and as she coughs, splatters fall on my white shirt.

“You did, huh?” I ask, twisting the knife within her.

She shakes, tremors rocking her body and her screams echo against the wall.

“Scream all you want Elia. Thanks to your fuck buddy this place is nestled in the middle of nowhere and far from the complex,” I laugh.

“You can be as loud as you want!” I grit out, thrusting the knife deeper with each word.

She cries and blubbers, her body drenched in sweat and the floor coloured in her blood.

I release my hold on the knife but it doesn’t fall, wedged deep within her.

“Hold on to that, won’t you dear?” I tease before walking back to the metal table.

I run my hands over the devices before choosing the one that stands out the most.

“You know, I consider myself a kinky ass motherfucker,” I say as I stoop allowing the ends of the devices to nestle in the heart of the pot of fire. “…but your torture room does have some kinky stuff.”

I stand, the rubber handle gripped firmly in my fist and a grin on my face. “I find myself fond of floggers myself.”

A scream tears from his throat as the metal rods of the flogger greets his skin. His flesh sizzles and blisters, the heat from the flames eating away the healthy flesh. I pull my hand back and bring it down again, drawling blood and screams from the man in front of me.

I do this five more times until I’m satisfied, stepping back to look at my handy work. He’s hunched forward, trembling as the marks left by the rods heat his skin.

The lines overlap, the skin raised and swollen. They are bright red with blue and black framing them. Some blistering others, cutting deep into the skin, a gush of red spilling out.

A piece of fucking art…

I know it hurts and he does too but Giovanni Ferrez refuses to plead or even release a whimper…his bitch not so much.

The knife falls to the ground and she coughs and wheezes. I shrug grabbing another tool and it whirls to live at the press of a trigger.

“I’m loving the lines but I think there needs to be a few circles in the mix,” I comment, revving up the drill in my hand.

The 3-inch Forstner bit twirls rapidly, the crown at the top moving so fast the spiky grooves become lost to the naked eye. Johnattan had one of these bad boys in his toolbox when I was a teen. It’s my favourite tool, next to the blow torch.

Giovanni’s eyes gloss in fear as I approach him but he hides it just as soon as it appears.

I shove the drill in his stomach and he chokes up blood as the drill, cuts into his skin and burrows through the flesh.

My ears ring as he screams, drawing a chuckle from me. I guess I found his spot.

I continue to drill strategic parts of me, evoking his painful cries but none of the screams are as loud as the one he makes when I drill into his balls.

“Cristiano!” I hear as his left ball tears into mush and I pull back, to gaze over my shoulder to spot a pale Dria.

I turn to her with a tilt of my head, watching as she tries to hold back her urge to throw up. Daniel steps behind her, entering the concrete room, his look one of indifference but it doesn’t fool me. It disgusts him.

“That’s enough,” Dria whispers and I raise a brow at her in disbelief.

They cry and whimper behind me, bleeding to death but I don’t feel as if they’ve suffered enough.

“She was the one that kidnapped you mother,” I say with a sickly sweet voice. “She confessed to it. She beat you, she drugged you and she made them rape you… She deserves to suffer.”

I move my eyes to Daniel, observing him as he stares at Giovanni. “…and isn’t this the man that fucked over your wife and took your daughter?! He exploits children. He plotted all this. He’s the reason my fiancée is in a coma! They should suffer!”

“Dylan!” I hear Dimitri yell, stepping into the room, his eyes level with mine. “Don’t succumb to it…”

“They should suffer!” I shout back, the need to see them pay for all they’ve done.

“You’ve done enough!” Dimitri counters, stepping closer to me. “Let Daniel and Alexandria finish this. You have gotten your revenge!”

My hands twitch, the drill in my hand and Dimitri’s stance becomes tense. He watches me, waiting for me to choose.

The demons they want blood… They should suffer.

I grip the drill tighter.

“Think of Diana.” Dria says and I whip my head towards her. “What would she think if she saw you like this…?”

Diana… She’d be scared…She’d hate me…I’d be a monster to her.

Dria steps closer reaching out her hand and when she notices that I don’t flinch back, she grabs the drill, throwing it to the other side of the room.

“Let us finish this…” she says soothingly, moving me away from their bodies. “Don’t succumb to their evil.”

Dimitri grips my shoulders, keeping me in place as Dria releases my hand with a smile.

She turn her back to me, standing beside Daniel and they both pull guns from the waist of their jeans. Dria aims her gun at Elia while Daniel aims at Giovanni.

“Final words?” Dria asks and Elia lifts her head with a chuckle.

“F-Figures you’re a-alive,” Elia says gazing at Dria. “You took e-everything from me. You and C-Charles. I lost my babies because of him…my two p-princesses. I-I lost my husband because if y-you and y-your bastard s-son killed my R-Roberto!”

Elia cries, breathing hard before spitting at Dria’s feet. “I should have slit your fucking throat when I had the chance!”

A bang rings out in the room and Dria lowers her gun as Elia drops lifelessly. “You should’ve…”

“What about you Ferrez?” Daniel taunts. “Any last words?”

Giovanni smiles with blood dripping from his lips before raising his head. “I’ll see you all in hell…Oh and tell Shania that no matter how much you fuck her, that tight little pussy is mi-”

His next words are silenced by a bang, a bullet lodged in his forehead. It is done.

Daniel and Dria turn to us, both guarding their feelings with blank expressions.

“Let’s get out of here and burn this place to the ground,” Dria says stepping through the door and we follow glancing back at the two corpses.

We get to work throwing gasoline around the concrete building and Dimitri sets a trail for the fire to follow as we load the building with gasoline cans. Dria takes the last can into the building and Daniel and I make our way over to where Dimitri stands, a cigarette in hand.

“Don’t tell my wife,” are the first words he utters and we chuckle, watching as he puffs a smoke.

“So, what will you be doing after this?” I ask Daniel as he leans against a tree, observing the area in the bright moonlight.

“I’m going home with my family…” is all he says and I nod, looking over at the building wondering why Dria is not out yet.

“…and what abou-”

Daniel goes to ask but is interrupted by a scream.

I move quickly, rushing to the entrance of the building and I stop short when I see Dria trapped in the arms of a man. They stand beside the gasoline pans, staring at us. His face is burned and shrivelled. The blisters covering his arms and legs visible through the burnt suit he wears.

Those cold blue eyes lock on me, while he keeps the gun trained on me.

Daniel and Dimitri join me but they stop short as they spot him.

“Roberto…” I say watching him, my gun aimed but I know better than to shoot.

“You had to kill them, didn’t you?” he chuckles darkly. “My mother and father, dead! Tortured and killed by the likes of you!”

His grip tightens on Dria as he speaks and I see her eyes glaze over.

“I am going to kill you and this bitch!” he screams, shaking Dria. “Just like you killed the-”

The air is knocked out of him as Dria hits his ribs with her elbow. He fires a bullet towards us due to the impact of the hit and Dria spins, landing a punch on his face. She breaks out of his hold and runs towards us.

I push her behind me into Dimitri’s arms, my eyes trained on Roberto. Falls into the puddle of gasoline and he looks up at us, a grin on his face. He raises his hand, finger on the trigger and I notice his plan.

“Run!” I scream as I shoot him in the chest but not quick enough to stop him from pulling the trigger.

As I turn on my heels sprinting towards the door, I’m thrown forward and outward, the fire nipping at my body. I fly through the air, heat burning all over my body but my face and neck, scorching the worse.

I feel the cool air of the night engulf my form as the explosion throws me forward. As gravity sinks its claws into me… darkness is the last thing I see.

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