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His lips ghost over mine teasingly and I giggle, moving my hand up to touch his five o’clock shadow. I lean forward kissing his lips slowly, my tongue darting out to savour his flavour.

“I love you,” I smile as his hands caress my hips, squeezing once he has a tight hold on my ass.

“…and I love you, Ana,” he states huskily, planting his lips against mine firmly.

I moan into the kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him on top of me, opening my legs to accommodate his hips. He caresses my skin, heat following the trail of his fingers and I push my naked breasts against his chest, loving the heat that radiates from him.


He grips my thigh roughly, thrusting his groin against mine and I gasp, liquid desire pooling between my legs. His hands palms my breasts evoking moans and mewls from my lips, as I wrap around him like a koala bear.

He nestles himself between my legs, his cock thrusting against my clit and I dig my nails into his back, crying out his name. Blissful tingles travel over my form and I shiver in pleasure at his touch.

The touch of my first real love…

He kisses and nibbles my ear before sucking on the skin at my neck. He grabs my hands, pinning them to the bed and I cry out as he thrusts into me. My back arches and he swallows my cries with his soft lips.

My heart beats erratically and I moan and groan as he pumps into me, slow yet so deep.

“Ana…” he growls picking up speed and I curl my toes, locking his hips with my thighs.

We shake, sweat coating our skin and I feel my heart fluttering, warmth filling me. I gaze into his eyes, those blue-green eyes dark with desire. They glimmer with affection and my heart skips a beat, as my walls clench around him.

“Shit…” he moans out, his eyes locking with mine.

“You have to wake up, Ana…” he pleads, his thrusts never slowing.

I cry out in ecstasy, my body starting to tremble and I can barely catch my breath until it is thrust out of me.

“Come back to me!” he says the veins in his arms, standing at attention.

“I’m here!” I cry out before gasping as my body coils and tightens. “I’m so close… I’m co-”


My lips part in ecstasy and I find myself floating in thin air. The sensation making my body soar to new heights.

Beep… The sound penetrates my ears and I find myself shrouded in darkness.

Beep… My eyelids suddenly become heavy and I can’t force them open.


“Look who’s awake,” I hear a voice say as a baby’s wail pierce my ears.

My eyes slowly flutter open and my ears are assaulted by the steady beat of a machine, the baby cries quieting down. A bright light overhead causes my eyes to snap shut, pain striking them.


My body feels tight, stiff and underused. I start to move my fingers, feeling the blood rush to them. I try to pry my eyes open again and they clear from the blurriness, taking in the grey room. My ears start to pick up more sounds in the room, specifically a man’s voice.

“Hey, little man. Grumpy from your little nap?” a deep voice says, my ears perking up. I know that voice.

I turn my head to the side with much effort to look over to my left, following the sound and my heart flutters at the sight that greets me.

A man is sitting in a chair near my bedside. He’s well-built with dark hair, and a tribal tattoo on his shoulder and arm, visible through his thin white shirt. In his arms, he holds a baby in a green onesie, cuddled into a pale orange blanket.

The baby has puffy cheeks, a button nose and messy dirty blonde hair sits atop his head. The baby looks up at the man his red face pinched, sporting a familiar pair of blue-green eyes and my heart picks up its pace.

… Our baby.

The monitor starts to beat faster and the man whips his head around to face me, stilling as we lock eyes. I gasp unable to help myself.

His face is long and sharp, his nose has a distinct bridge and his lips are thin and pink. I don’t recognize him but his eyes, those mesmerizing eyes I remember.

“Dylan?” I croak out and his eyes glisten as he looks at me.

“Ana…” he replies almost breathlessly and I know it is true.

This is my master, this is the father of my children, this is my fiancé … but this is not his face.


“She seems to be fine,” the doctor says as my mother helps me to sit up in the king-size bed. “… but we still need to run a few tests to ensure there is no permeant brain damage. We will schedule that for later in the evening. For now, it’s safe to engage her in conversation but don’t overtax her.”

“Thank you, doctor,” my dad says as he sits on the bedside, opposite to my mother.

The doctor nods before exiting the room.

Dylan stands a few feet away from us with the blubbering baby in his arms and I find myself unable to tear my eyes away from them. My parents have been fussing over me for the last half an hour after Dylan alerted the doctor that I was awake.

They hovered over me, tears in their eyes and as the doctor steps out of the room, I’m engulfed in a hug.

My limbs are a bit stiff but I manage to reach up and touch their arms.

“Angel,” my father says as he kisses my bandaged forehead.

“Daddy,” I whisper caressing his arm and I chuckle softly as my mother plasters my face with kisses. “Momma, I’m okay…”

“I know and I’m so happy,” she cries caressing my hair that I note has grown out, falling almost mid-back.

Just how long was I out for?

I look towards Dylan, who rocks the baby in his arms, cooing and my heart flutters. I need an explanation.

“Mom, Dad. I need a few minutes with Dylan. Could you…?” I ask training off and my parents pull back with tearful eyes before nodding.

“We understand…” Mom answers before both her and Dad kiss a cheek before moving towards Dylan.

My father whispers something in his ear and he nods solemnly. Mom offers to take the baby but he declines.

“Christina…” Dylan says as my mother is about to close the door. “…when Diana gets here send her to us.”

My mother smiles. “I doubt I could keep her from coming here once she knows her mom is awake.”

Mom closes the door and it’s just us. The baby babbles in his arms and my gaze wander from Dylan’s face to the little bundle of joy.

“Nikko,” Dylan says and my eyes snap to his. “His name is Nikko Indiana Jacobs.”

The baby reaches towards Dylan, kicking his feet as Dylan walks closer to my trembling form.

“Indiana is a unisex name and well since I picked the first name…you deserved to have a part in his name,” he whispers, sitting on the right side of the bed. “Just like I was named Dylan from my mother’s name… I-I...”

“I love it,” I say, tears pooling in my eyes as I stare down at my baby boy. I had a boy… “I want to hold him…”

Dylan nods, carefully manoeuvring the kicking baby into my arms and I cradle his head, supporting his back. Nikko stares up at me with bright eager eyes; spit dripping down his lips as he bites his fist.

I chuckle, tearing up as his powdery scent surrounds me and his cute little face captures my heart.

“We had a boy…” I say, pulling my hair from Nikko’s reach as his little hands almost grasp it. “He’s handsome…”

“He’s perfect, a trait both our children have,” Dylan states and I giggle, watching as Nikko’s face starts to scrunch up and then he starts to cry.

“He’s hungry.”

“Should I—Can I breastfeed him?” I ask unsure of what to do… If I have been asleep for a while, how did they feed him?

“You can…we would normally pump the milk from your breasts for him so, he’s used to it,” Dylan replies before reaching over, pulling a sanitary wipe from somewhere.”...but first let’s sanitize those nipples.”

I allow him to proceed, unbuttoning the maternal gown I’m in so my milky breasts spring free and she cleans them, thoroughly. We make eye contact briefly and the heat within his gaze lights a fire in me. I don’t know how long it has been for him but judging by the desperate, sultry gaze he gives my breasts it has been a long time.

“How long have I been asleep?” I ask as Nikko suckles my right breast, another righty just like his sister.

“A year,” Dylan chokes out and my lips part in disbelief. “You’ve been in a coma for a year.”


“H-how… How did I get into a coma?”

The look in his eyes, tell me this story won’t be pleasant and it isn’t. He tells me of Elia, Giovanni, Daniel and Dria—his mother. A smile breaks out onto my face as he talks about his mother and what good the year has done for their relationship, happy that he finally got that parental love he had lacked with Charles.

He goes on to tell me about Diana’s kidnapping and my breath comes out in pants. They were both so close to dying. I could’ve lost them…

“The explosion, the one Roberto caused is that why…?” I ask eying his face.

“Yes and no,” he sighs, trying to smile at me. “The explosion burnt my face and neck severely… I have other burns on my body they have healed and aren’t so bad but those my face got it the worse. I was rushed to an infirmary and treated for days. When I regained consciousness I was disfigured…seared. According to my doctor, it was in my best interest that the skin be removed and worked on by a plastic surgeon. I went through with the procedure but I decided not to take my original appearance.”

Nikko finally burps and I take him from over my shoulder, cradling him in my arms.

“I wanted to start fresh… to take you from the dangers of this life and I couldn’t promise that keeping the face the entire Mafia world knew me by… They needed to believe I was dead and with the death of Cristiano Silvestre came the rebirth of Dylan Jacobs.”

“You did this for us?” I ask my eyes, puffy from crying so much. “…but if they think you’re dead, what about everyone in your Mafia? Aren’t they in danger? Raphael, Jasper, Ado-?”

“Adonis took my place,” he says silencing me. “It was his choice. His reasons for choosing to stay with this life unknown even to me but the men were okay with the change and over the year, we had stayed and helped him secure his seat as the head of the Silvestre Mafia… We left Italy six months ago when the doctor gave the okay for you to be flown with emergency medical health personnel on board, of course. Nikko was born three months ago, here on the island. We had to give you a C-section… “

My mind tries to wrap around all this information. These points sticking out the most: I had to have a C-Section, missing the birth of my baby, Dylan is no longer in the mafia and he traded his face, his identity for us, so we could be safe.

“Dylan…” I whisper, my heart pounding in my chest. He sacrificed everything for us.

I reach out to him with my left hand, caressing his new face. I look into his eyes and my mind mentally conjures the face I had grown to love. Regardless of his appearance, this is still the man I love.

I guide his face towards me, trembling as his warmth surrounds me. Our eyes stare deep within each other’s soul and as our lips touch, fireworks. The sparks burn bright, heat radiating through my entire body, lighting me alive. He cups my cheek, angling my head so his mouth can roughly, greedily, desperately devour mine.

Thank god, mom helped me to brush my teeth minutes ago since its odour wasn’t too pleasant.

When we pull back, he looks ready to take me here and now, but the door flying open and Diana rushing in, places the mood on pause.

“Momma!” she cries, running to my left to hug me, careful not to accidentally hit her brother who I see is now asleep.

“Ki-Ki,” I yell, wrapping my free hand around her as she cuddles to my chest.

Diana looks taller and fatter. She’s in a black and white cover-up and I can smell the scent of seawater on her.

“I missed you so much,” she whimpers, sobs leaving her lips. “Please don’t leave us again.”

“I won’t, baby… I’ll be here…” I say hoping that is what the future holds for me, we have been through so much in so little time… hopefully, we can finally relax and be safe.

I tuck her head under my chin, looking at Dylan who looks at us with a look of happiness, completion. He moves closer to me and wraps his arm places his arm over my shoulder, caressing Diana’s frizzy hair, while affectionately stroking his thumb on our son’s forehead.

…and at that moment, sitting here with my family I know that no matter whatever life throws, we will be ready.

...ready to fight for us.

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