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The gentle breeze blows against my skin causing me to shiver as nerves grip me...

Today is the day...

“...and done,” Adrianna smiles as she places the last hibiscus flower in my hair, stepping back to eye her masterpiece.

“…and done,” Adrianna smiles as she places the last hibiscus flower in my hair, stepping back to eye her masterpiece.

My hair drops down my back in tight curls; a braided halo atop my head. Adrianna has strategically placed hibiscus flowers in my hair, making the hairstyle look simple yet beautiful.

“I love it,” I murmur, tears coming to my eyes as I stare at myself in the vanity mirror.

The hairstyle covers the faint bullet scar I had acquired from Elia’s gun and my stomach clenches as a thought surfaces.

I could have died... Never being able to be here in this moment.

...and that thought scares me.

Adrianna smiles widely at my comment hugging me from behind, placing a kiss on my cheek with a laugh.

“Don’t go crying on me now, Indie...” Adrianna says sniffling. “You’ll mess up your makeup and we can’t have that.”

Adrianna reaches over for a tissue and starts to dry my tears, careful not to mess up my makeup.

The masterpiece on my face is courtesy of my sister who used a combination of gold and monotonous browns to create art. The gold eyeshadow glitters over my eyelids, a mixture of dark, medium and light brown above the lids and under my on fleek brows. She also added a wing to the design, evoking a sultry and seductive look and that paired with the Ruby-red lipstick I wear... Dylan’s going to have a field day keeping his lips off mine...

I rub my hands against my arms as a chill enters the room through the cabin window

It’s happening...

I can’t believe I’m doing this... I can’t wait to do this...but my nerves are getting the best of me.

Breathe, Indie...

The door of the cabin opens and I look back to see Edina, Shea, Georgiana and my sister enter before stopping to stare at me in awe.

“Indie, you look beautiful!” they say in unison, crowding me offering kisses and hugs, causing my galloping heart to settle.

I look up at them from my seated position in the candle light that blankets the room.

Adrianna is in a nude number that hugs her curvy frame before flaring out to her knees from her waist. It’s off the shoulder and she matches it with nude wedges, her hair in a low pixie cut.

Edina is in a similar colour dress but hers has sleeves with a deep V-cut at the bust and it flows to her knees freely from the bust. She wears a broad heeled, boot and her hair is in a bun, curls framing her face.

Shea and Georgie are the only ones in nude jumpers. Shea’s own is off the shoulder with funnel sleeves, a sash around her waist and bell foot pants. Her hair is in a high ponytail and she wears short heels. George’s own has a sweetheart bust, and is baggy in the pants. She wears crotchet braids and 3-inch stilettos.

My sister is outfitted in a nude dress that hugs her breasts before flaring out and ending mid-thigh. She wears matching pumps and her hair is in a cute Bob cut that frames her face.

“Okay, okay. Enough lolling around... Let’s get her in the dress!” Adrianna says with a tearful smile. “It’s almost time...”

After that, there is a blur of movements as the girls prep me for the ceremony ahead.


“You look so beautiful,” my mother says, cupping my face, tears falling from her eyes and I fight the urge to cry as well.

“Mom, stop you’re going to make me cry,” I say with a chuckle, caressing her face.

“Honestly Chrissie, woman up... You weren’t even this tearful at your wedding,” Aunt Chev scolds as she walks towards us.

She’s in a beautiful yellow dress with a sweetheart bust that compliments her dark skin tone and her hair looks like a lion mane, framing her face.

“My baby girl is getting married!” Mom says using a handkerchief to dry her tears.

My mom is in a tightfitting red dress that hugs her curves. It ends at her knees and has funnel sleeves with a deep V.

“Yes, now let’s get her in position before she misses her cue,” Aunt Chev says with a roll of her eyes, guiding both my crying mother and I towards the area the ceremony will be kept.

I walk on the wooden path, my heart hammering as we get closer. Mom and Aunt Chev gives me a few encouraging words and side hugs but I’m so nervous I barely hear what they are saying.

I’m doing this... Oh my god, it’s finally happening...

Finally, the familiar cluster of trees come into view and the bright yellow lights illuminating the area, shines over the palms’ height.

I spot my group of girlfriends at the beginning of the aisle and they scurry over to me, pecking my cheek and hugging me; wishing me luck.

“Into your positions ladies!” Dria hisses, walking towards us and the girls disperse with giggles lining up.

Dria and Mom had decided that they wanted to plan Dylan and I’s wedding after we informed, a week after my awakening that we wanted to get married in two months.

They have done a wonderful job so far and I am so thankful for them.

“Dria, relax. Everything will be okay,” Mom chuckles resting her hand on her best friend’s shoulder.

Yes, I said best friend...

So you can say a lot of things had happened that year, I was in a coma.

Christian admitted his feelings to Georgie. Finally.

My mom had gotten her best friend back and now they share a strong friendship similar to the one they had prior.

Dylan had gotten his mom back and vice versa. Something I wish I could’ve been there for.

My fiancé, his Mafia and my kickass family took down Giovanni and his people, saving Diana.

Dylan and I had a baby, my Ki-Ki gaining a cute as a button baby brother.

Then, when I woke up...

Dylan, Ki-Ki, Nikko and I became a family...

I went through a month of physical therapy to get my limbs back in shape.

Dylan and I found a place to live...

The secret is out and now, everyone knows Diana is indeed my child...

The backlash following that news was expected but thanks to Andrea, my manager’s quick thinking I was able to maximise on it. I don’t know how that woman managed to keep my book revelation during the time I was MIA but I won the New York’s Bestseller that year...

We did a release to say the book is actually a reflection of my life, causing Tempted to Touch to gain momentum and Book 2 is in the works, looking to be released later this year.

Yes as I said a lot... and now, it’s time for me to marry the love of my life.

“Ready Angel?” my father asks my arm tucked in the curve of his arm and I nod, the nerves within me causing my hands to shake.

“Don’t be afraid sweetheart,” Mom says kissing my cheek before getting into position.

The music starts and I look forward with a hammering heart, watching as the girls start to move, each carrying a candle in their hands.

There’s a calm surrender...To the rush of day...

Georgie and Shea steps forward, marching down the wooden aisle only to stop at a set of lanterns on either side of the aisle.

When the heat of a rolling wave...Can be turned away...

They break away from the aisle, Georgie to the left and Shea to the right, placing the candle in the respective standing lantern before facing one another.

An enchanted moment... And it sees me through...

While Shea and Georgie are placing the candles in the lanterns, Edina and Adrianna marched off, stopping at a second set of lanterns following the previous pair’s actions.

It’s enough for this restless warrior... Just to be with you...

Mom and Joanna are next and they stop at a third set of lanterns, placing the candles inside.

The music pauses as the lights are dimmed and the candles in the lanterns light the aisle, light the path to my future.

“And can you feel the love tonight?” the singer croons and my father and I begin the march.

A gentle breeze blows against us and my dress dances in it.

“It is where we are...”

My outfit is sleeveless with a deep plunging neckline and the bust is decorated by intricate white, lace curves and swirls over a nude material. This design continues down to my thighs, shaping out into sexy shorts. White shear material falls down to the ground, with a split to the side, from the adjustable lacy belt around my waist.

It’s enough for this wide-eyed wanderer

My Cinderella heels sparkle in the candle light, something old from my mother.

I look around nervously to find the area crowded with my family members. There are:

Aunt Shan and Dimitri.

Uncle Ryan.

Aunt Chev, her baby boy, Uncle Edward and Edward Jr.

Aunt Tanya and Uncle Alexander, their five children.

Aunt Julian, her husband and three children.

Uncle Julius, his wife and Cousin Abranica.

...and the list goes on.

There are a lot of people here, though it’s family only. My grandparents are here also, even Papa Matty who is currently fighting lung cancer.

Regardless of the gloom in his life my grandfather and daddy’s parents smile lovingly at me as my father walks me down the aisle.

That we’ve got this far...

I look up, locking eyes with the only man that matters at that moment. He’s dressed in a tan suit, that hugs his body, a white dress shirt and black tie peaking out.

His hair is tamed and presentable but I prefer it wild and free

Alongside him stands Ki-Ki with a bright smile on her face, wearing a purple princess dress. Nikko is beside her in a stroller, dressed in a black onsie sucking on his binky.

And can you feel the love tonight? (Tonight)

His mesmerising blue-green eyes take me in and I find myself, shivering under their gaze. Though Dylan may not look the same, the raw love within his gaze still burns for me.

...and the fire in my soul rages for him.

As I walk down this candle lit aisle clutching him father’s arm, I know my happiness lies with the man before me...

...with our family.


“Dylan!” I giggle as I’m thrown onto the bed, my hair flying in multiple directions.

The boat rock gently on the waves, the movement a bit new to me but thankfully not enough to make me nauseous. After all, it was my idea for us to take the yacht out for our honeymoon. It would be ironic if I were to get seasick all of a sudden.

“Patience,” my husband whispers as he grabs my feet, slipping off my heels before placing them in the hardwood floor.

The soft glow of the moon light illuminates the room, dancing over his face and I suck in a breath as his darkened eyes meet mine.

My dress lies a few feet away from us in a heap with his suit and I bite my lip as I take in the hard planes of his stomach and the firmness of his chest that my feet are resting on.

Dylan stands at the edge of the bed, his eyes taking their fill of my quivering and naked body.

“No underwear,” he breathes out huskily, gripping my ankles so my legs part and my core clenches as he stares at my exposed cunt.

“As you requested, Master,” I reply and his eyes locked with mine.

“What do you want, baby girl?” he asks moving his hands to my thighs massaging their thickness.

“You, Master,” I whimper as he leans forward, forcing my knees to my chest while his thumb brushes my clit. “Always you...”

Dylan’s eyes hold me captive as his left hand moves my feet over his shoulders so he can lean closer to my face.

“I love you, wife,” he says caressing my clit and my body juts, warmth spreading through me.

“My wife...” he chuckles his thumb picking up pace causing me to squirm beneath him. “I can’t believe you’re actually mine...”

“Dylan,” I moan as his lips kiss my neck, nibbling on the sensitive flesh there.

“I love you so much...” he says sloppily kissing my neck.

“I love you too...” I cry out as he bites down on my neck, definitely leaving a bruise.

“Good,” he says kissing down my body, nibbling on my heated flesh causing me to buckle in pleasure.

“You make me happy, Ana...” he murmurs sucking on my inner thighs and I moan gripping his hair. “So happy... and I pledge from this day on to give you the happy ending you deserve...”

His words warms my heart while his mouth warms my pulsing cunt, placing a sloppy kiss that causes my toes to curl.

Dylan pleasures me with his tongue making me tremble and cry as ecstasy floods my body, shaking me wave after wave of pleasure. Even after that orgasm, he’s not satisfied... not even close. It’s been a year and 5 months since we’ve had sex and he’s making it his mission to make up for lost time.

He nibbles on my clit evoking a sharp gasp from me and attacks my pussy lips, pumping a finger in me. His actions causing me to writhe and clutch the sheets, screaming out his name as every becomes so sensitive.

“Dylan, f-fuck...” I mewl clamping my eyes shut as he removes his fingers, fucking me with his tongue.

My hips fly off the bed as I arch my back and he hold me down flicking his tongue faster, the pleasure becoming too much.

“Cum for me, wife,” Dylan growls against my dripping pussy and I scream, gasping for air as my stomach clenched and I let go.

I drop back against the bed, soaked in sweat and shivering from the prickling in my veins. The high of my orgasm rocking my body.

Dylan laps up my juices before kissing up to my neck, cradling me against him.

“Are you up for one more, Ana? Can you manage that?” he nibbles my ear, his voice husky and deep and my inside coil wanting him.

“Yes, please fuck me, husband,” I whisper in his ear wrapping my arms around his neck.

Dylan chuckles, trailing his hand down to my thigh. He lifts my right thigh onto his waist and kisses my lips gently, coaxing my lovesick heart.

“I will obey your command, love...” he says pulling back to gaze at me with sparkling blue-green eyes.

“As they say, a happy wife...” he eases his cock into me stretching my pussy and I gasp, clinging to him.

“... a happy life,” he grunts pulling back before probing deeper, causing me to cry out in pleasure and pain. He’s so big! “If me fucking your pussy til you can barely walk makes you happy, wife. Who am I to object?”

With that, he shoves himself to the hilt causing me to whimper and arch before making me happy... over and over and over and over and over... again.


“Nikko, we’re ready to go!” I yell as I place the lasagne in the lunch kit.

Seconds later, my little trouble maker comes running into the kitchen and big smile on his face.

“Time to go!” he cheers and I chuckle watching as he bounces up and down.

At three years old, my little man is the cutest three-year-old out there, no questions asked.

He has his daddy’s beautiful eyes, my luscious dirty blonde hair and the chubbiest little cheeks in the world. Additionally, he works his blue polo shirt, khaki shorts and Crocs like a boss.

“Yes, it’s time. Now, will you take one of the bags for mommy?”

He nods reaching up with open arms and I hand him the kit with the bottled juice and water. The weight is a little bit too much for him at first but in the end, he has no problem holding it.

I grab the larger kit, placing its strap on my right shoulder. I grab Nikko’s hand and we walk out the house before getting into my black Ford Explorer. I buckle up my baby boy in his car seat before moving towards the driver’s seat and putting the kits on the front passenger seat.

Ten Baby Sharks later, I pull into a driveway happy to get out of the car. Baby Shark song can only be so cute after hearing it a billion times.

I help Nikko from his seat and we grab our bags before making our way towards the building.


The name of the studio is large and eye-catching written in cursive font with a gold and black colour palette.

Leave it to my husband to name a dancing studio simply the word dance in Italian.

I push the glass door, holding it open for my baby boy who rushes inside eager to see his daddy.

I chuckle following behind him, greeting the receptionist, Calice and making my down the hall.

Nikko rushes through the first door on my left, screaming ‘Daddy’ and I smile broadly before stopping at the doorway to watch him.

Nikko had dropped the bag I gave him at the door and now he’s running towards his daddy, who looked like he was demonstrating a dance move to the children sitting around him.

“Little man,” Dylan grins stopping whatever he’s doing and opening his arms for his son.

Nikko wastes no time jumping in his arms and Dylan picks him up, throwing him in the air before catching him.

“I miss you!” Nikko giggles as my husband hugs him to his chest, kissing his forehead and I can’t help but swoon at the sight.

“I missed you too, little man. Now why are you here? I thought we agreed no visits today, mommy needs her rest.”

“Ma has food!” Nikko exclaims, pointing in my direction and Dylan looks over at me, happy yet not happy to see me.

Those contradicting emotions don’t stop him from eying me heatedly though. In a sleeveless, tie and dye tent dress with sandals, I don’t look all that sexy but my husband begs to differ.

“Alright kids, the Mrs is here so you know the drill, go on lunch and be back here in an hour and a half,” Dylan says speaking to his students and they reply in the affirmative before scampering off.

“Mrs. Jacobs,” they say as they pass me and one even picks up the bag Nikko dropped, handing to me.

“Thank you,” I smile at the teen and he blushes before saying ‘you’re welcome’ you and dashing off.

“Wife,” Dylan says as he walks towards me, Nikko in his arms and sweat glistening on his body.

He’s in a tank and sweats and boy, does he look edible.

“Husband,” I smile before tipping up and planting my lips on his, his free hand wrapping around my waist.

“Ew! Daddy stop eating mommy!” Nikko screams covering his eyes and we pull away with a chuckle.

“I thought we agreed to visits on Mondays and Fridays?” Dylan starts and I roll my eyes. “You should be resting, not driving around.”

Listen to Mr Overprotective.

“You’re blowing this out of proportion... I’m not sick just pregnant,” I huff.

“With triplets, Ana,” Dylan says his hand caressing the reasonably sized bump. “You need lots of rest.”

I go to argue with him but the sight of my teenage daughter walking towards us stops me.

“Hey Mom and Dad,” Diana greets a knapsack on her back and I tilt to the side, opening my arm for her.

She hugs me sideways before kissing her father’s cheek and greeting Nikko.

“Sissy!” Nikko yells reaching out for her and Diana laughs, taking him in her arms.

“Hey hermanito, wassup?” she asks kissing his cheek and Nikko giggles.

“Wassup, Wassup!” he repeats reaching for Diana’s now shorter hair playing with it.

Diana’s hair is in a Bob cut and it frames her face beautifully. She’s in a large, black t-shirt with ripped skinny jeans with black boots and Diana’s face looks tired... Summer classes must be stressful for her.

Food helps...

“Okay, I brought lunch so why don’t you guys head to the office and set up for us?” I ask looking at my babies and Diana nods before taking the bag from me, while I hand Nikko, who is now standing by my legs, the juice kit.

They scamper off, further down the hall with giggles and I smile, watching them.

“We make beautiful children,” Dylan whispers in my ear as he presses his front against my back, his hands reaching round to caress my stomach.

“Funny that’s the same thing you said before you knocked me up,” I deadpan. “You were all like ’Quit birth control, Ana. Let’s make another baby. After all, we make beautiful children...’ Now look, we are having triplets... “

“The more the merrier,” Dylan chuckles kissing my neck and I playfully huff. “Plus, I do remember telling you that I’d love to fill you with my seed and see your stomach swell with my children...”

I giggle remembering those words from our engagement night before tilting my head back to kiss him.

“I love you,” I whisper looking into his captivating eyes, my heart his prisoner.

“And I love you, Ana... always...”

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