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The alluring tango beat plays and I watch as the newlyweds dance, bodies pressed against each other.

Indiana sits on Dylan’s thigh, kicking out their right leg before lengthening it out behind her, taking a similar position like Dylan with her front leg bent.

They rise dancing around the room, demanding attention with their first dance as Mr and Mrs Jacobs.

Their eyes stay glued to each other throughout the dance and the sexual tension radiating from them is thick enough to be cut by a knife.

I may be expecting more grandchildren soon.

The end their dance, receiving a loud applause before the dance floor is once again occupied. I am asked to dance by one of the guests but I decline, having a different mission in mind.

“You’re looking lovely tonight, kitten...” I hear minutes later as a warm breath tickles my ear, causing me to jump.

His scent surrounds me and I recognize the voice, urging myself to calm down.

“Thank you, “ I exhale, continuing to stack my plate with the mouth-watering food at the buffet.

I am starving.

Dylan’s and Indiana’s wedding had progressed beautifully without a hitch and I can finally relax. They say planning a wedding is hard, they aren’t kidding.

Though Indie and my son made all the core decisions... ensuring it all went smoothly fell upon Christina’s and I’s shoulders.

That’s what we get for butting ourselves in their wedding and wanting it to be a bonding moment...

...though seeing it all play out made it worth the stress.

“Yeah, so lovely that it’s taken everything in me not to whisk you away from here and fuck you until you can barely remember your name,” he whispers and I drop the tong in the plate, glancing around to ensure no one over heard that.

“Relax, babe...” Ryan says with a chuckle, gently caressing my waist, causing tingles to explode in my chest. “No one heard me but you... So, tell me does the thought of me fucking you right now, maybe against a tree in the moonlight, turn you on?”

Crude... that’s what Ryan is. He doesn’t have a filter on him and over the past months I’ve learned to either ignore or embrace it...

...and judging by the way my core pulsed, I’m unknowingly embracing it.

“I said we were to be covert,” I hiss fighting away the lustful feeling he evokes in me before turning to face him with a glare. “You’d think an ex-navy seal would know the meaning of such a word...”

Damn he looks good. He’s in a sharp grey suit but he wears a vest rather than a jacket. The dress shirt clings to his well-chiselled physique and I want nothing more than to touch him.

He grew out his hair a while back after he noticed I liked to grab his hair when he’s doing sinful things to me with his mouth.

Ryan is an animal in bed yes, but there’s so much more to him. He’s sweet, tender and kind... also patient, so fucking patient...

He’s been there when I woke up in the nights memories resurfacing, after 20 plus years they came back.

I was a mess and he... he stuck through it with me but, I find it hard to be with him.

Ryan frowns at statement before covering up with a mischievous smirk.

“If covert is what you seek... I’ll fulfil your wish. I’m sorry for bothering you ma’am,” he says and before I can stop him, he’s stalking off.


“You two looked like you were having an interesting conversation,” a voice pipes up from behind me and I jump, looking back to come face to face with a smirking Cheverlie.

“You scared the shit out of me,” I say, clutching my plate securely in my hand before taking a few bites.

“Hm, so what were you and Ryan talking about?” she probes, watching my face for any reaction.

“He was just... complementing me on the wedding décor and discussing a few pieces with me...” I say, biting into a tuna wrap, the taste exploding on my tongue.

She raises a brow at me in disbelief. “Oh, really? That Ryan right there?”

“Yup,” I say finishing off my roll, moving to a ham-filled croissant.

“The same one flirting with the girl with a nice pair of tits over there?” she muses.

“Yu-” I start to say before choking on the croissant, my eyes landing on Ryan and the girl Cheverlie mentioned.

She leans forward whispering in his ear and I feel my blood boil. I know know I shouldn’t be jealous since I basically told him to go but I can’t help it.

Ryan and I have been doing this covert operation for almost seven months now and he wants more...

Ryan wants me to commit to him, not to hide my affection for him and he wants more than anything for us to be exclusive...

... I don’t know if I can.

“Huh, expected...those young ones always want older guys...” Chev says thoughtfully.

“Hmm,” I say as I watch them, he shakes his head with a smile and my heart becomes heavy.

Her hand goes to his chest as she bites her lip.

Don’t go over there and cause a scene.... Don’t -

“Mom!” someone calls and Cheverlie and I look back to see Dylan walking towards us, distracting me.

“Hey honey,” I reply before placing the plate on the table taking in the broad grin on his face.

It’s a relief seeing him smile. He has been through so much in the last year, it has taken its toll but at least his happy ending has finally come.

“Hey Aunt Chev,” he greets before stopping in front of us and Chev smiles at him.

“Dylan, congrats. I’m happy for you and little Indie,” she smiles giving a small hug before leaving us, saying something about giving us space.

“So, what’s up?” I ask looking up at my son, my heart swelling with love.

My little Dylan... My only child... It may have taken years but he’s finally with me... I’m thankful for that...

“Ana and I are leaving now and I just came by to say goodbye and thank you for making this wedding a success,” he smiles before embracing me and I hug him back.

“You’re welcome honey and have be careful out at sea,” I say pulling back to peck his cheek. “I love you.”

He smiles widely, kissing my forehead. “I love you too, mom.”

Tears threaten to come to my eyes but I hold them back. Soon the beautiful bride approaches us, she embraces me before taking her husband’s hand, and they make their way to the boardwalk.

From there, Indiana throws the bouquet and Edina is the lucky maiden who catches it. With that, they take their leave and the guests return to the large wooden structure, created just for the reception.

I stand at the boardwalk watching them sail away. The cool sea breeze blows against me, ruffling my shoulder length curls and my royal purple dress.

The dress is off-the-shoulder with a sweetheart bust and it hugs my body down to my knees.

The moonlight casts a blueish tint on the yacht as it fades along the horizontal and I sigh, hoping the waters will stay this gentle for the next few days.

“They’re happy... They deserve it after all this shit,” I hear Christina say from behind me and I smile, nodding my head.

“Yes, they do.”

I turn to face my best friend, she’s in a beautiful red dress that highlights her figure and makes her look years younger than she actually is. I hug her and we both laugh, tears of joy in our eyes.

Our children married and happy, what more can we ask for?

“So,” Christina says pulling away, dabbing her cheeks with a kerchief before handing it to me and I do the same. “... when should we start planning you and Ryan’s wedding?”

I choke on her words, eyes wide. I didn’t tell her about that...


“You know, I should be mad you kept this from me and that I had to hear it from Johnattan but I’m sure you had your reasons,” she smiles but her eyes are sharp.

“Um...I... He told Johnattan?” I ask dumbly and Chrissie shakes her head with a roll of her eyes.

“He was drunk of his ass but he did,” she shrugs before placing a hand on my shoulder. “He’s absolutely smitten with you, Lexi. I understand better than anyone that you have your reasons for not wanting to give in to him. So, I’m going to give you the advice a wise woman once drilled into my head years ago... Give him a chance or you’ll risk losing a good man, one that treasures you. I understand you’re scared but sometimes you need to take risks to obtain your happily ever after. Now, to conclude I’ll quote said woman by saying, ‘you know you are supposed to have a pussy and not be one right?’.”

I chuckle hugging her and Chrissie ruffles my hair before pulling away. Johnattan appears moments later to sneak away with his wife and I watch them.

I did that... I muse watching the happy couple before looking out at the sea and sighing. Now, I need to sort out my life.


“I knew you’d be out here,” I say as walk onto the balcony, watching him.

Ryan looks back at me briefly before returning his gaze to the starry sky. He’s leaning on the railings, the moonlight casting a soft glow on his rigid form.

The sole of my feet touch the cool wooden floor as I make my way towards him, a silk robe wrapped around my body.

The muscles in his back clench as he rests his elbows on the railing, the light highlighting the scars on his back.

As I get closer my hands itch to touch and caress the scars, knowing how much he likes it but I refrain, I am here to talk to him not seduce him.

“Eli,” I say softly as I stand beside him and he tenses as I refer to him using his middle name, Elijah. “We need to talk.”

Finally, he turns towards me but I frown as I see the blank look on his face. His posture is erect and tensed; it’s not the first time I’ve seen him act like this. He closes himself off when he believes he’s about to get hurt.

“It hurts less...” he had said.

Just like me Ryan has dealt with nightmares, after all, he has seen and been through things he’d never wish on his worse enemies.

The women he had dated couldn’t live with it, especially when they found about what they took from him.

They argued that they wanted a whole man, not half of one.

He was captured and tortured and when his team found him, it was already too late.

They had cut off one of his testes.

He was barely conscious when they found him and when he came to, he had a hard time coping. Their aim was to castrate him, making him less of a man but thank God, they didn’t get the chance.

When he recounted how those women treated him because of that fact and what he went through after they... My heart broke for him. He’s such a wonderful man, who wouldn-

“What is it Alexandria?” he asks knocking me from my thoughts.

I hold back my tears before square my shoulders. “I-I wanted to talk to you about us.”

I look up at him refusing to back down from this. I need to get this off my chest; I will not cower away from this.

“It’s okay. I understand,” Ryan states robotic ally and I raise a brow at him.

“Understand what? I haven’t even said any-”

“You don’t need to,” he says cracking what I’m guessing is to be a smile but looks more like a grimace. “You want to end this because you don’t feel the same way. I understand.”

“What?” I ask staring at him as if he has grown another head.

“I’m not going to force you to stay Alexandria. There are better guys out there. Normal guys...” he shrugs looking at me indifferently. “If you want to go-”

“You have got to be fucking with me!” I explode unable to listen to the shit coming out of his mouth. “Is that what you think of me? That I don’t want to be with you because of that?!”

Ryan doesn’t answer, he only stares at me trying to get a read on me, as he’s trained to do.

“You know for a smartass navy seal you’re stupid and clueless,” I deadpan narrowing my eyes.

I step closer to him so that we are chest to chest and I glare into his silver eyes, my gaze unwavering.

“The reason I don’t want to commit is because I don’t feel like I am enough. I am scared to be with you because I am too broken, physically and mentally. I want to give us a try but I believe you can do better than a woman who’s been used, repeatedly...” I state softly, trying to fight back the memory of Giovanni’s men taking turns with me. “You’ve been through so much; you deserve someone with less baggage. I don’t want to condemn you to loving someone who’s afraid to give her heart because the last time she did, it was ripped to pieces and it cost her everything.”

My eyes start to water but I continue, my fists clutching the material of my gown. “I really love you Eli, I do but I’m just scared that one day you’ll get tired of me...that you’ll no longer want a woman as damaged as I am...”

“Kitten,” he says softly caressing my cheek but I shake my head.

“I’m scared of that but the thought of you loving someone else... It hurts and I can’t handle that... I love you too much.”

Sniffling, I wipe my face with the sleeve of my robe before looking back at the man in front of me.

“So, listen here you mammoth of a man. I want to try with you. I want to be with you and I’ll be damn if I see no other woman by your side... I will love you and trust you but if you ever hurt me. I won’t hesitate to make you a eunuc-”

My words are cut short as Ryan reaches down and crashes his lips against mine. He cradles my face with both hands and I grip his arms, falling deeply into his kiss.

His lips are soft, gently moving against mine, igniting warmth within my chest. I grip his biceps, the sensation travelling through my body causing my toes to curl.

“Alright, you crazy-ass woman! I hear you...” he muses, pulling away from the kiss and I blush as his heated gaze falls on me. “I’m all yours, kitten. The women will be mourning the loss of such man but I’d like to keep my other ball intact, mind them.”

I roll my eyes at him and he chuckles, pulling me back into a quick peck.

“I love you, kitten...and I will never get tired of you...” he whispers seriously and tears blur my vision as the love he holds for me is evident in his eyes.

“You promise?” I ask, pulling him closer to me and he has to hunch over a little to keep eye contact with me.

“I promise...” he says placing my hand against his chest, over his heart. “I’ll love you until my last breath.”

His words are sincere and his heart beats rapidly under my palm, mine following the same rhythm.

“Look who went all soft on me,” I say trying to play off how relieved and loved I feel hearing those words.

Ryan chuckles placing a hand on my ass, forcing my hips against his.

“I’m anything but soft right now.”

My eyes widen as I feel him and an amused chuckle leaves my lips.

“Leave it to you to get hard in a moment like this.”

“Can you blame me?” he asks spinning us so my back hits the railing.

“The woman I love has just professed her love for me...” Ryan’s lips kiss my cheek, moving to my ear as he speaks and my toes curl as he bites my ear lobe. “It gets me very aroused...”

His hands grip my thigh, hiking me onto the railing that digs into my ass and I grip his shoulders in shock.

“Eli!” I yelp, ready to rip him a new one. This railing is at the edge of a fucking cliff.

“It’s okay kitten. I got you,” he chuckles kissing my neck, one hand on my back and the other trailing up the split of my gown.

He takes a deep breath when he feels no material under the robe before pulling back to look at me.

“You judge me for getting hard when you came here naked...” he muses using the hand on my thigh to pull the sash holding the robe together.

“I know you, Eli. As long as I’m near you, you get hard.”

“Well, isn’t your ego big?” Ryan teases pushing the robe from my shoulders and I pull my hands from the sleeves.

He bites his lips looking at my heavy breasts that aren’t as perky as they had been years ago but he doesn’t mind. His eyes then go lower over my toned stomach littered with silver stripes from carrying my baby boy all those years ago. His eyes zone in on his prize between my thighs and his pants suddenly become tighter.

“Hmmm... It’s as big as your cock, baby,” I muse with a wink and he chuckles.

“That big, huh?”

I laugh before pulling him closer and opening my legs so he’s better able to park that Mack truck in this little garage.

Yeah, I know that song... I might be old but that doesn’t mean I don’t follow the trends and music of this generation plus, he does hit that dangly thing in the back of my throat, every time...

Opening my mouth, I allow him to kiss me senseless and my heart picks up pace as his tongue explores my mouth. His hand palms my right breast and pinches my nipple, arousing me and I squirm, the thin railing cutting into my ass.

“Babe... Railing... Ass... Hurts...” I moan out as he sucks on that sensitive spot on my neck, causing me to cream and lose feeling in my legs.

My ass leaves the railing and I groan as my back hits the wall. Ryan devours my mouth, caressing my body and heat erupts between us, my emotion flaring as the man I choose to give my heart to makes my body hum in pleasure.

He hikes me up suckling my breasts and I grab his hair, writhing as my pussy pulses, waiting his cock to be buried deep in me.

“Now...” I groan as he bites my nipple causing me to jut. “I want you, now.”

Ryan hooks my legs round his waist as he sucks my aching breasts and pushes down his tracks and underpants at the same time.

Kicking them off, he hooks his arms under my knees, his hands holding my back and he pushes forth, stretching me.

“Damn, kitten...” he growls as I whimper, gripping his shoulders, my nails breaking skin.

“Eli...” I cry as he is there in one thrust and my back arches.

Ryan finds my mouth kissing me as he assaults my body with pleasure and I hold on to him for my dear life. My eyes water and my body soars as he pleasures me, my heart exploding in my chest. I trust Ryan with my body as he lifts me, holding me up with just his brute strength.

His thrusts send sparks through me and my eyes roll back as he strikes me slower with sharp thrust that I can almost swear I feel in my stomach.

“I love you, kitten,” he rasps out, kissing my lips sloppily, both of us sweaty though the night is cool.

I cradle his face, kissing him passionately, my stomach clenching and he groans as my walls contract around him... He goes faster and my body bounces in his hold, the sound of our body slapping against each other loud in the quiet night.

He grips my thighs tightly, the veins in his arm prominent and I know it will bruise but I don’t care.

I grind against him, rubbing my clit against the stubble on his abdomen. The sensation hits me the right way and I moan, kissing him sloppily, licking his lips and tonguing the fuck out of his mouth.

The tingles crawl up my spine, causing my toes to curl...

“I love you,” I whimper before breathing out sharply, throwing my head back as my orgasm hits.

Ryan continues to fuck me through my orgasm, making me gasp and spasm before pulling out and releasing his load on my stomach.

He may have one testis but he is still capable of impregnating a woman and seeing as though I haven’t hit menopause yet... it’s a possibility.

One we are not sure we want yet.


“Come on Eli. Hurry the fuck up!” I yell as Ryan drives the road, swerving around the vehicles in front of us.

“Any faster and we could get hurt. Calm down, kitten!” he shouts back, pulling to a stop at a red light.

“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down! We need to get to the damn hospital!”

I am sweating like I’ve just ran a marathon.

The light turns green and he drives off. I continue to yell and complain but he ignores me, watching the road as he should. He knows I overreact when I’m worried and I’m freaking out right now.

He pulls up to the hospital find a parking space and I’m out the car before he can open his door.

Dylan and Indiana needs all the support they can get and I am going to see my grandchildren on the day of their birth not a day later.


Imagine that... That boy of mine needs to wrap it up or they both need to find new past times... Have they never heard of TV?

“Indiana Jacobs!” I yell as I reach the receptionist. “I’m here to see Indiana Jacobs.”

“Name and relation?”

“Alexandria Andrews... I’m her mother-in-law.”

The man nods before tapping on his computer.

“Calm down, kitten,” Ryan says touching my shoulders and I take a deep breath, placing my hands on his, my wedding ring sparkling in the light.

Yes... Two years ago, we got married in a Cathedral in Italy. We didn’t want the big white wedding and it was just an ‘in the moment’ decision. After all, we were travelling Europe that year and it just felt right.

The nurse tells us the room and we make our way there. I pull the door open and everyone in the room looks at us. Christina, Johnattan and Joanna are standing in front the hospital bed with smiles on their faces.

“Where are they? Where are my grandbabies?” I ask as I walk closer, my palms sweaty.

Christina looks at me with twinkling eyes before taking my hand and pulling me towards the bed. Johnattan steps back to greet Ryan but I zone out their conversation as my eyes fall on the scene in front me.

Indiana lies on the bed, two bundles of joys in her arms. Beside her Dylan sits with another baby in a blanket and as I gaze at their red and chubby faces my heart flutters.

“Mom,” Dylan says drawing my attention to him.

“Meet Analia Hazel Jacobs,” he says gesturing to the baby in his arms cradled in a pink blanket with blonde hair.

“...and Aleskei Damien and Andreas Dominick Jacobs,” Indiana says with a tired smile gesturing to the two boys suckling her breasts.

She winces a little as they get used to drinking from her nipples and I feel her pain.

I look at the Aleskei who has black hair as he greedily sucks, looking like he’s enjoying his breastmilk and then at Andreas who has already fallen asleep, messy brown hair atop his head.

“Triple A...” Ryan muses from behind me and we chuckle.

“They are beautiful,” I say gazing at my new grand babies. “...and where are my other two grandbabies?”

“In the cafeteria,” Christina replies, placing her hand over my shoulder. “Edward Jr took them to get something to eat.”

I look over at Joanna at the mention of her husband and she’s smiling with her big sister, a hand on her small baby bump.

“So, where is little Ryder?” Dylan asks as he places Analia into the crib next to Indiana’s bed.

“He’s with Evans and his girl, Marcy,” my husband replies. “He was sleeping when we got the call so we decide he can come by and see his niece and nephews tomorrow.”

Yes, you heard right... We had a baby and he’s one now.

Trust me if you told me I would be pregnant at 49 I would’ve laughed in your face but you forget to take the pill one day and boom a baby.

Though Ryder was an accident, he’s not a mistake and we love him unconditionally, especially his big brother Dyl-Dyl.

“Grandma! Grandpa!” I hear and I spin just in time to hug my little Nikko.

He laughs and hugs my legs tightly before rushing to Ryan who grabs him and placing him in his arms, earning giggles.

“Hey Mama Lex,” Diana says as she gives me a hug and then moves to her Papa Ry.

Edward Jr greets us before moving to Joanna, whispering something in her ear, which causes her to smile and point towards the babies’ cribs.

“Grandpa. I have a new sister and two brothers!” Nikko cheers clapping and I smile walking up to them.

“I see that squirt,” Ryan says chuckling at Nikko’s enthusiasm.

“I’m going to be a big brother and Di-Di a big, big, big, big sister!”

I chuckle at his antics before looking around the room, taking out my phone and capturing the scene.

Christina and Johnattan each have an arm around Diana, Joanna and Ed Jr are to the side watching the sleeping babies, my husband is holding his grandchild while Indiana is fast asleep, Dylan cuddled beside her on the small bed.

This is what they mean when they say that after the rain comes a rainbow and right now, we may have just found the real gold at the end of that rainbow.


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