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This is the end of the DSD Series (FOR NOW).

I may or may not drop a few short stories here.

Thank you guys so much for taking this journey with me and for all the support!

I loved each comment, review and reading list addition that popped up in my notification.

Thank you guys!

I will be uploading another Spin off entitled ‘Alt=3, the code of love’.

This is Adrianna’s story and it will be a short story.


Adrianna Carolli has always been attracted to females.

No male has ever caught her attention.

In high school, the boys disgusted her and in adulthood, the so-call-men were even worse... cementing her attraction to girls, to women.

That is until she meets him.

Agenis Alt, her boss’ son and now, her boss.

A man in every sense of the word. Just looking at him gives her chills and she doesn’t quite know how to act.

She likes women, men never do it for her but he’s like temptation on legs and she just can’t think around him.

Does she act on her instincts? Open her mind to new experiences?

Sticks to the evil she knows? Or does she give in to Alt+3, the code of love?


Agenis has never seen a woman like her.

She is a breath of fresh air.

She’s confident, seductive, funny and a hard worker.

She’s a curvy, thick and beautiful black woman who appears to have a nerve of steel... yet behind her eyes he sees vulnerability. A vulnerability that calls to the dominant within him.

Agenis has had a fascination with her ever since the first day he met her. He often visited his father’s business just to catch a glimpse of her.

A crush you could call it...

... but he is no fool, he knows she isn’t into males. At least that’s the word around the office...

This causes him to back off, not wanting to push her into anything outside of her comfort zone but that never stopped him from appreciating her...

One chance encounter sparks a reaction that leaves Agenis thinking that maybe she feels the same.

Agenis has never given up something he sets his mind on...

And now, Adrianna has his full attention...

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Until next time!


Nia Shan.

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