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Chapter 5

I stand in front of the airport, waiting impatiently for my fiancé. It’s twelve-thirty and I’m growing anxious by the minute.

I idly straighten my backless dress. It’s red, fitted at the torso with a deep, V neck and gently flows to my knees. My hair is in a messy updo and I wore little makeup... No sense in pretty up only to spend minutes later reapplying after a heated session.

Don’t get me wrong, I still dressed up for him... Enough to get his blood pulsing.

I glance at the doors once more and fail to spot him. I groan as I watch the New Yorkers commute around me.

My sexual limbo has reached its limit and I need relief now. Roberto Amaretto better make an appearance now or—

The sliding doors open and I almost jump Roberto as he walks towards me with a smile on his face.

Princesa,” he says opening his arms for me and I waste no time running into them.

He cradles me before pulling away and giving me a look over whilst I do the same. He has blue eyes, a five o’clock shadow, dark curly hair and soft, pink lips. He’s muy guapo and the black, silky dress shirt he wears does wonder for him.


“Aren’t you all dolled up?” he muses staring into my Hazel eyes. “How bad has my princesa been missing su Rey?”

“A lot,” I whisper huskily cleverly eying his lips before pinning him with a heated look. “So badly... I want you now... In the car. Is mi rey up for it?”

Roberto raises an amused brow while studying me with his icy blue eyes. He grins releasing me but not before pecking my cheek.

“Let’s hop to it then,” he says taking my hand and leading me to the car.

The driver opens the door but Roberto waves him off before pushing me in the car with an effective slap to the ass and climbing in.

Minutes later the privacy screen is up and I’m straddling his waist panty-less. My mouth ravages his, backed with the force of my raging hormones. I moan onto his mouth as his hands cup my core and my body salivates with lust. He probes my entrance with an exploratory finger and I gasp as it intrudes momentarily making me feel an intense amount of pain.

Mierda... My Princesa is so fucking tight...” he groans stirring up my insides in the right way, making me a moaning mess.

My hands rake themselves through his dark curls on instinct, pulling that expertise mouth to my aid. I groan loving the taste of him on my lips and the glorious clenching he’s making my womb do.

The feel is so fucking addicting...

He slips the straps of my dress down my shoulders and grabs a handful of my bouncing breasts... and I lose it.

“Fuck!” I yell before giggling.

The car takes a corner and my hands fly to the walls bracing on the turn. Roberto takes this as an opportunity to tweak my nipples and when he grins I know he’s both amused at the fact that I almost fell and happy at the absence of a bra.

“You were planning on this weren’t you?”

“Yes...” I moan in both reply and satisfaction.

I grind my teeth in pleasure, nails ripping into the lining of the car. I rock my hips as his lips move to torture my heavily sensitive breasts and a moan rips through my throat once more, my skin tingling.

With one hand on the interior lining, I use the other to hastily pull the buckle on his belt, unbuttoning his grey Armani suit pants and zipping it down. My hand makes quick work of freeing him from his boxers and palms him, earning groans that send chills up my spine, emitting from the rosy bud in his mouth.

I pump him and he grips my ass tightly whilst increasing the pace of the fingers driving into me. I cry out as my body pulses and aches... I wanted it so bad... I wanted to erupt on his cock.

“In... Now...” I moan guiding his erect cock to my weep cunt.

He removes his fingers from me before taking hold of his length and slowly guiding it into me. I bite my lip as I whimper the stretch of his cock sparking a pang of pain. He steadies before flexing his hips and I gasp relishing in the feeling of him.

I ride his dick, my warm cunt sliding on and off him. The friction ignites a sweet sensual heat that makes my flesh prickle and I grip his shoulders as I rock back and forth. He mumbles curses in Spanish and it’s the hottest thing ever.

Getting worked up, Roberto grips my hair pulling my head backwards before thrusting powerfully into me. I groan loudly, panting and gasping as his strong up thrusts shake my being. My breasts bounce up and down and he groans before stuffing his face between them.

Roberto is and has always been a breasts guy and thankfully I have enough to sedate him.

I cry out as he clenches my nipple between his teeth and as my boobs jump it sparks pleasurable pain from my nipples to my groin. He tilts his hips increasing his pace, going deeper and I mumble out curses as my toes curl. I match his rhythm, my body pulsing as his mouth tortures my sensitive nipple.

His hand reaches between my legs to rub my bundle of nerves and I jut, crying out his name. The pace of his fingers varies from the pace of his thrusts and he has me a sweaty, convulsing mess above him.

His thrusts quicken and become sloppy, a sign that he’s almost there. As much as he has my body begging for more I’m not quite at that big O yet. I need something more... That little push over the edge. He continues his assaults as the car cruises down the road, taking few corners and I groan as I become frustrated. My cunt clenched around him and his fingers sink into my skin... It’s a turn on but that’s not it...

I wanted more, I wanted that extra oomph to get me there. I need—

Mierda, princesa!” he shouts as he jerks and empties in me.

My mouth is set in a large ‘O’ and my face scrunched up in surprise... He did not just come. You’re joking...I’m not even there yet.

His movements slow and his eyes take me in grinning before pulling me down for a kiss.

I blink unable to believe this. He did it again. My cunt pulses and I groan as my sexual frustration grows... It was so close a-a-and he lost it.

“That was... wow,” he exhales and I force myself to nod with a smile. “You looked beautiful coming princesa, muchas hermosa.”

I blink, finding myself speechless. He thought that look of surprise was me coming. Roberto cups my cheek with a satisfied look in his eyes and I envy him. He came, I didn’t. He’s sedated, it’s like firecrackers are going off between my legs... The need is relentless.

“Thank you,” I mutter minutes later and he smirks, kissing me eagerly.

“No, thank you, mi princesa,” he grins and I smile softly, urging myself not to cry over my lost orgasm.


“Gentlemen,” Roberto greets as we reach the table of sharply dressed men.

The three men stand up with pleasant smiles on their faces. The blonde is first to stretch his hand to Roberto who shakes it with a pleased smile. The blonde then outstretches his hand to me and I take it with a small smile. I am still pissed after my failed orgasm so I doubt it looked friendly.

“…and you are?” he asks taking in my appearance with open interest.

I fixed up before leaving the car so I look presentable and not like I’ve been halved fucked.

Baby wipes do go a long way.

“Indiana Blake, Roberto’s fiancé,” I reply with a brighter smile... All this smiling is hurting my cheeks.

The other two men who seem to be in their sixties (judging by their salt and pepper hair) shake my hand and extend a warm greeting before urging us to sit. I notice that they’re two empty seats beside me and I figure we’re missing a few guests.

For the first ten minutes, they talk business and I find myself nursing an expensive glass of wine that the waiter so graciously poured us.

This was the second time he’s failed to get me off, the other was before he went to Spain. Sex with Roberto was always sensual and so fucking good... I don’t get why I can’t just get off...

I know I’m overreacting it’s just two times but it’s two times too many... I’m a recovering sex addict, orgasms are like my medication... If he can’t provide I’m scared I’d find another means and I don’t want to be that girl.

I HATE being that girl and I’m trying hard not to.

I sip the wine, observing the classy, French restaurant loving the red and beige interior. The tables and chairs look like something you’d see in a palace... you’d feel like royalty sitting here.

“So Ms. Blake,” the elderly man in a grey suit, who’d introduced himself as Mr. Wenson says catching my attention. “What is it that you do for a living?”

“I’m an author,” I say, smiling softly. “My book has currently be nominated for The New York Bestseller and I’m hoping that it’s chosen.”

He nods with that condescending look and I resist the urge to roll my eyes. Some people don’t see being an author as an occupation to brag about, especially these multimillionaires. I’ve received enough of those reactions from my father’s associates to mask my reaction with one of indifference.

“That’s good,” he comments before making conversation with my fiancé.

A few minutes later, I shift uncomfortably as my thong finds itself way too far up my ass for my liking. I try to ignore it but find it futile.

I decide to excuse myself to the ladies’ room, the older men stand effectively urging Roberto and Blondie (Mr. Jenson) to do so as I leave and I find myself mentally complimenting the older men on their table manners.

It takes eight minutes for me to build up the guts to leave the bathroom and return to the men. Not only am I bored, but Roberto is barely giving me an ounce of attention. I don’t see the reason to hurry back... but eventually, I pull up my big girl panties and make my way to the table.

I try to lengthen my walk by not glancing at their table but rather watching where I’m walking.

Princesa,” Roberto calls and the chairs scrape the floor as the men rise from their seats.

I look up at my fiancé who takes my hand, specifically the one with my engagement ring and kisses my lips sweetly, catching me off guard. What’s with the affection all of a sudden?

He smiles as he pulls away and I stare at him bewildered. He ushers me forward before gesturing to someone.

“This is Adonis Divato,” he states and I look up to see a tall, well-built man with a tan complexion and inky black hair and eyes. He also wears a black suit.

I outstretch his hand and he gives it a firm shake before releasing. Roberto then turns me to face another man and that’s when I freeze.

“And this is Cristiano Silvestre, the CEO of the biggest and richest transport business in Italy. He’s here to discuss a hopeful business merger. Cristiano, this is my fiancé, Indiana Blake,” he states but I idly register what he says.

The first thing I notice is his eyes. That beautiful mixture of blue and green that has always held me captive... as they have when I look at Diana.

His skin is darker, he’s more toned and his dark curls are shorter, neater. He’s wrapped in a blue suit that does wonders for his physique and I find myself unable to look away.

He’s just as gorgeous as he was eight years ago.

“Nice to meet you Ms. Blake,” he says seizing my hand that stays frozen mid-air.

His eyes look at me void of emotion and my breath hitches. He doesn’t show any familiarity and I feel my heart break in my chest. The tears threaten to burst from my heavy eyes. I promised eight years ago that I’d never cry over him but here I am on the verge of tears.

Someone places a hand on my back and I jump retracting my hand from him. I look behind me at Roberto who looks at me with concern. I wonder why but then I notice that I haven’t said a word for a good while now, I was stuck staring.

Taking a deep breath, I turn a face him with a strained smile. “I-It’s a p-pleasure to meet you t-too.” I stutter holding back tears.

Turning to my confused fiancé, I smile apologetically before excusing myself. “I believe I left my... um... something in the ladies’ room. I’ll be right back.”

Without waiting on his reply I take off full speed leaving the men and Dylan— no, Cristiano Silvestre— behind me.

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