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Chapter 8

I twirl the amber liquid around in my glass, my thoughts similarly moving around my head.



and finally Dylan

I scoff turning the glass to my lips and drinking the liquor down in one go. I’m not much of a whiskey girl but the stress I’m under... I need something strong...

Of all the ways for our conversation to go... He just had to go there, he just had to infuriate me. I wanted to come clean and finally put this thing behind us. To think through our next moves as Diana’s parents, come to some compromise that soothes both our separate lives. But no he had to go back to the past, try to lay his dominance and try to make me weak to him!

Overconfident asshole.

I didn’t feel one ounce of regret when I punched him right across his pretty face for touching me. The look he gave me was fucking priceless. He was quite lucky he let me go after that blow or his balls were next.

Dylan’s anger couldn’t be hidden but he had no choice but to hold back as my parents entered the kitchen the next moment and boy did it get worse from there. My dad went off at Dylan but rather than fighting back, he took the verbal assault along with the bruise my dad added to his flawless face.

Thankfully dad didn’t spill anything about me being pregnant, he stuck to the fact that Dylan was having sex with me at 15. The shame I’d felt years before when I was on the receiving end of dad’s shouts resurfaced and I find myself going quiet as he spoke. Dylan and I were both responsible for this and now we’d both gotten chewed out about it, his happening a little later than mine.

After that Dylan was told to leave and not to set foot into their home without their permission. He left without a single protest leaving his lips but not without a look that relayed a silent message to me.

This is far from over.

Luckily for me, Roberto had left minutes before the scene unfolded. He had to leave immediately and sent me a quick text before leaving. He said it was a family emergency and that he’d be back in two days.

That was seven days ago.

I look around the hotel’s bar watching as people poured in but not the persons I’m waiting on. The soothing yet upbeat music that plays around me mellows my mind and I relax my shoulders. I rake my dirty blonde curls onto my left shoulder before propping one leg up on the other and ordering another drink.

I’m in a cream, off-the-shoulder, mesh top which I pair with a body-hugging, black leather skirt and matching knee-high boots. I am dressed for a night out at the club but I haven’t seen my girls yet.

“Indie!” I hear someone call over my shoulder and I turn so fast I almost get whiplash.

“Shea! Edina! Adrianna!” I cheer as I jump off the leather stool to embrace my besties.

They engulf me in a group hug and I feel a weight lift off my shoulders at the sight of my most trusted sisters from different misters. We pull back and I squeal as I take them all in.

Shea is a beautiful Jamaican born woman with beautiful kinky hair, a dark chocolate complexion and an outrageously curvy figure—and let’s not forget all that ass. She’s in a high-waist, ripped jeans and thin turtle-neck top with long sleeves.

She’s a very talented, cutthroat lawyer and the most real person I’ve ever made.

Edina, is Aunty Chev and Uncle Ed’s firstborn girl and Edward Jr’s twin. She’s has a beautiful Caramel complexion with long, tightly curled hair and a slim figure. She wears a black, skin-tight dress with sleeves and a deep V line to show off her generous bust.

She’s a well-known model and even owns an agency which is doing extremely well.

Next, we have Adri, she’s Uncle Vincent and Aunty Lisa’s only child. They’d split a couple of years back and now they live separate lives, pursuing their dreams.

Adrianna is tanned with short, grey hair that she styles in a pixie cut. She has a nice pear shape that brings the boys to the yard too bad she doesn’t swing that way. She’s in a black bodysuit secured with a leather belt around her waist.

She’s the head of Alt Enterprise’s Finance Department. She’s been a math geek from birth and she happily pursued that path.

“It’s been ages,” Adrianna sighs her British accent prominent.

“Yes, it has! Let’s sit and catch up!” Edina says as she moves towards a bar stool.

I sit between Shea and Adrianna with Edina on Shea’s left. We order drinks and the waiter happily takes our order while hitting on Shea.

I feel sorry for the poor guy, Shea is already engaged and due to marry in two months, so she shoots down his advances quickly.

“First off, how is our beautiful Diana doing?” Shea asks and I go into a ten-minute rant about my baby girl.

She’s currently in Orlando with my parents, they decided to bring her to Disneyland but I was too booked to tag along. I tell them about what they’ve missed out on with her over the last three months and they listen intently.

“That’s great. So Indie, how are things with Roberto?” Adrianna asks sipping on her sex on the beach.

“Oh yes, that beautiful Adonis. How is he? Has he gotten any better in the sack?” Edina asks with a wink.

Dina,” Shea says elbowing her playfully. “That’s Indie’s man you’re talking about. Stop being so rude!”

“Hey! We were all thinking it,” Edina defends rolling her honey brown eyes.

“Shameless,” Shea taunts Dina before turning towards me, taking a sip of her vodka. “Has he though? I’m dying to know.”

We all break out into laughter at her words before taking sips of our alcoholic drinks.

“Guys, it was one—well, two times and yes he is great in bed,” I reply rolling my eyes with a smile as I reminisce on the multiple orgasms he gave me.

“I know that smile,” Adrianna taunts wiggling her brows. “Papí hit it good!”

“And damn good too,” Shea adds with a smirk.

“He may have but two times is two times too many,” Edina adds in sing-song and the rest of us roll our eyes.

“Coming from the born again virgin,” Adri states with a teasing grin and it is Edina’s time to roll her eyes.

“Just because I feel like waiting until I’m married to jump someone else’s cock since that dirtbag Gavin, doesn’t mean you can tease me,” she states with her head held high before a teasing grin slips on her face. “At least, I was taught not to be slutty.”

“Ohhhh burn!” Shea, Adri and I say in unison, amused rather than disrespected. We know she’s playing.

“Whatever you say dry spell,” Adrianna states taking a long sip.

“Yeah, I mean at least B.O.B has you...” I add following Adrianna’s action, breaking into laughter.

“Yeah, yeah... Cough it up,” Edina waves us off before looking at Shea. “What’s your smart remark, Shea?”

“Oh! I’m sorry guys. I wasn’t paying attention... My mind was elsewhere,” Shea states with a look of concern and we all look at her worriedly. “You see once I stopped wearing earrings for a long time and the holes closed up... Now I’m worried about Edina’s vagina.”

Adrianna releases a laugh so loud, I swear I felt the counter shake. Everyone looks at us thinking we’re mad as we break into boisterous laughter. Even Edina joins in with her involuntary snorting. She has such an infectious laugh that we start another round, lengthening the laughter. I clutch my stomach so hard as I feel my abdominal muscles clench.


I look at the ladies beside me and I smile, they make so happy. Now my mood is up and I’m looking forward to a girl’s night out.


“We bout to lose our minds up in here! Up in here!” we sing rocking in our booth.

We are at Shameless a club on the outskirts of the big apple. This was our spot, our referring to Edina, Adrianna and I but then our group expanded with the addition of the Spontaneous Shea.

Despite its distance from all the hustle and bustle of the city Shameless is a successful club and packed with people looking for a good time.

And that’s what we are looking for.

We sip and sing, happy to be away from our demanding jobs. Our moods have lifted so high that we’re almost on cloud nine.

The song Clappers by Wade, Juici J and Nicki Minaj comes on and Shea gulps down her vodka shot before turning to kneel on the leather seat in the booth.

Shawty got a big ol’ butt oh yeah! Bounce. Shawty got a big ol’ butt oh yeah! Bounce!” she sings bouncing her ass and we laugh and cheer her on.

She works her ass throughout the song and we whoop pulling out dollar bills making it rain. Nicki Minaj’s part comes on and Adri gets on her feet pumped up before twerking on Shea’s ass.

Shout out to that cellulite!
“Hey, hey, hey!” Edina and I chant as we throw money over their heads.

Clappers to the front, front, front, front. Shawty got a big ol’ butt, oh yeah!” We all sing as Edina and I get to our feet.

Uh, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce!

We join in on the twerk fest for a few seconds and as the song ends we all hug laughing at our little dance.

“Well, that was fun,” Shea sighs as she drops onto the leather seat.

“Positively exhilarating,” Adrianna muses as we join Shea in the booth.

“I haven’t moved my waist so much in years!” I yell over the thudding music, I believe they’re playing a Fat Joe and Cardi B song now.

“Well obviously Roberto is doing something wrong!” Edina yells smirking at me and I jab her in the side. “Even my virgin ass has gotten more movement than that.”

“That’s because you party with those models every night, Dina!” Adrianna states sipping her coke, fanning her heated body.

“Guilty as charged,” she states taking the coke from Adrianna and halving it.

We relax sparking up conversations, catching up and brushing off horny men as they stumble over to us. We break momentarily to break it down Jamaican style as Party Animal by Charly Black hits the speakers. Shea leads the twerk fest once more and we crash into the booth for a second time.

“Okay, I’m thirsty...” Shea groans, looking at her empty glass. “It’s your turn, Indie.”

Sighing without protest, I stand to my feet and collect the girls’ orders before making my way to the bar.

“Four bottles of water, sex on the beach, three tequila shots and a vodka tonic,” I tell the bartender, he delivers the drinks in sets of two and I find myself making multiple trips back and forth.

On my last trip, as I thank the bartender and is about to walk away someone catches my eye. My breath hitches and I cradle the bottles of water closer to my chest. Why the fuck is he here?!

Wasting no time, I make my way to the girls happy he didn’t spot me. This can’t be a coincidence first he shows up at my parents’ house and now he’s here? Is he out to make my life a living hell?

I reach the booth quickly handing each girl a water bottle before downing mine. Maybe I’m a bit tipsy... I’m probably seeing things.

“Hey, guys shut up! I have something to say,” Adrianna shouts and we all look at her our interest caught. “I’ve been thinking long and hard about this and I... Well... I think I’m bisexual...”

We roll our eyes as the words leave her mouth before gently pushing her side to side.

“Guys! I’m serious. I’ve found that one guy that makes me go gaga,” she says and we eye her sceptically.

Growing up, Adrianna has never been attracted to guys so this is a bit hard to believe.

“You serious?” Shea asks and she nods. “Well don’t leave us in suspense, who is he?”

Adrianna eyes us before biting her lip and whispering his name.

“Your boss?” Shea asks with an arched brow.

“Shit... I don’t blame you girl he’s fine as fuck,” Edina gushes.

“It’s really weird,” Adrianna states with a smile. “I get the hots for him... I lust for him. This has never happened before guys.”

“Maybe it’s a sign,” Edina states with a smirk.

“Saying what? That scissoring just ain’t cutting it for her anymore?” Shea asks and we chuckle while Adrianna pouts.

Clearing my throat, I glare at them.

“Guys, let’s take this seriously. Adrianna is serious here,” I state before turning to my bestie. “If he attracts then you go for it, babe... He is the first guy to get your attention, don’t you want to know why?”

“You’re right,” she says before smiling. “This is why you’re my number one bestie.”

Shea and Edina roll their eyes at us while Adrianna grins teasingly.

“Kissass,” they murmur and I playfully shove them.

We fall back into a content mood, all of us semi-sober. It’s 3 in the morning when we finally decide to leave the club but as we make our way to the doors, ‘Piece of me’ by Britney Spears comes on.

We pause looking at each other with grins.

“It’s definitely our night babes,” Shea states with a knowing grin. “Let’s shake our asses one last time.”

With no protests, we make our way— bags in hand — to the dance floor, the lyrics flowing over us.

The lyrics of the song are brilliant and talked of her success in passing struggles in her life, coupled with an alluring beat... it was our girl anthem. I grew up on these songs, mom is an oldie and she moulded my love for them.

Having watched the videos for this song multiple times, we execute the dance moves effortlessly, adding in our own moves where Britney decided to just stand and show off her beautiful self.

Multiple eyes watch us but we ignore them enjoying the song.

I’m Mrs. Lifestyles of the rich and famous. (You want a piece of me)

I’m Mrs. Oh my God that Britney’s shameless! (You want a piece of me)

I’m Mrs. Extra! Extra! this just in (You want a piece of me)

I’m Mrs. she’s too big now she’s too thin (You want a piece of me)
We dance slowly, seductively, radiating confidence and as the song ends the crowd applauses and we bow before heading for the door.

“That was fun!”

“Throwback to the good old days.”

“Best night ever!”

The girls voice their opinions as we walk towards the Uber we called minutes ago. I go to add a snarky remark when I feel someone grab my hand.

I whip my head around ready to go off on the asshole that grabbed me but my words are cut short as they land on blue-green eyes.

“Ana,” he breathes taking in my appearance, licking his lips and stripping me naked with his eyes.

I freeze in his grasp, no words leaving my lips... I wasn’t seeing things earlier he’s here, holding onto me.

“Dylan?” Edina asks from behind me, he looks up but I stay frozen in place.

“Hello, Edina... Adrianna and...” his eyes focus on someone behind me puzzled.


“Shea,” he says before looking down at me with a smile. “Would you guys mind if I speak to Indiana alone for a few minutes?”

“I don’t know. Should we?” Edina asks with hostility in her voice. “Indie?”

Upon hearing my name, my body unfreezes and I look at Dylan with sharp calculating eyes. He caught me off guard again! Damn him!

“Indie?” Adrianna calls concerned and I remembered they are waiting on my reply.

“Give us five minutes,” I state. “You guys can wait in the car.”

“If you say so,” Adrianna sighs and I can just imagine her pinning Dylan with a glare. “But we’ll be watching.”

“Five minutes and not a second more,” Shea adds before I hear their heels tap away from me and the door opens and closes.

Taking this chance, I yank my hand from his hold. “What do you want Dylan?”

He gazes down at me with adoring eyes, taking a step towards me. He reeks of alcohol.

“That’s a stupid question Ana... I’ve always wanted you,” he states with a grin.

“Dylan you’re drunk,” I deadpan checking my phone. 4 minutes.

“I might be a bit tipsy but I mean what I say, Ana. I want you... and I should be the one with you, not that spazzatura spagnola.”

His face contorts in disgust and I roll my eyes with clenched teeth. “One, don’t speak about my fiancé like that! Two, don’t call me Ana. And three, you lost your chance of ever being with me when you walked out years ago.”

Three minutes.

“I had no choice!” he says with clenched jaws.

“Everyone has a choice, Dylan!” I say stamping my foot. “Yours was to leave me all alone to pick up the pieces of the aftermath!”

“Ana, if I could I would have chosen differently but I can’t, mio caro,” he states pinning me with his longing gaze. “Ti amavo troppo per lasciarti così facilmente, non avevo scelta. (I loved you too much to give you up that easily, I didn’t have a choice).”

“No, no, no,” I say pulling my gaze away from his, pointing my finger at his chest. “I will not allow you to hurt me again Dylan–Cristiano, whoever the fuck you are now! I gave you all of me and what did you do? Fuck me and then left!”

My eyes start to blur with tears and I try holding them back but fail miserably. “At least you had the decency to leave a video... A fucking video to show me how much of a fool I was for trusting you! For loving you and for every being you—”

My words fall short as he crashes his mouth against mine.

My heart lodges in my throat and my body tenses as Dylan Cristiano Jacobs kisses me.

I’m stunned as he holds me in place.

His lips caress mine roughly, demanding I shut up and give in. My lips stay frozen as my brain fails to comprehend what’s happening.

He grips my hair pulling it and I gasp, his tongue slipping into my mouth. My knees go weak as his tongue explores my mouth and I find myself giving in, kissing him back. My body bends to his will as his mouth does wicked things to mine and I moan causing a deep rumble to sound from his chest. He pushes our faces closer and my heart beats rapidly in my chest as a familiar feeling of affection claws it’s way to my— No! Fuck, Indie what are you doing?!

I push at Dylan’s—catching him off guard — and he finds himself taking a few involuntary steps back.

I touch my lips with my fingertips looking at him in disbelief. He looks up, noticing the hostile expression taking over my face.

He kissed me! He touched me... and like some domesticated pet, I responded! I played into his hand! I have a fiancé and a child to take care of... How could I fall into his trap so easily?!

His eyes watch me as I take a heated step towards him in anger. How dare he!

“Ana, calm dow—”

Slap. His head is flung left by the force of my slap and I clench my fist, my palm stinging.

“Don’t you ever touch me or come near again!” I scream before turning on my heel and running to the car, tears flooding my cheeks.

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