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Broken Love

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Broken Love We were never even supposed to be on each other’s radar. Cheerleader, Queen B, Miss Popular. That was me. Bad boy, Skater-Punk, Loner, Freak. That was him. We were never meant be. We were invisible to each other. And yet my bruised heart craves him. The more he pushes me away, the more I’m desperate for his attention, his touch. Tobias Kent will destroy me. And I’ll let him. This story contains mature themes, and explicit sexual content. Also Tobias is a huge asshole with a dirty mouth. But you never know you may actually kinda love him.

Romance / Erotica
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Cupid’s bow


Each day seems to pass quicker than the day before.

Same shit, different day.

The same stupid drama just wrapped up in a slightly different package.
It just goes on and on and on.
And honestly it’s kinda exhausting. And yet I seem to find comfort in the monotony of the fact that everything at Sherwood High is so predictable.

Welcome to Sherwood Springs. The town of impeccably manicured lawns, Stucco style homes, expensive cars, rich men and their trophy wives.
Everyone strives to be accepted and admired.
Me included.

Sucks I know. But I crave that acceptance. I’m not…comfortable with change. I need to be liked. It’s pathetic I know. I’m well aware of my character flaw. But I can’t help it. It’s almost like my life would be worthless if I wasn’t accepted by my high school peers.

I wake up each day. Make sure my long blonde hair falls in perfect waves down my back. Make sure my eye make up is on point. My lips, perfectly lined and glossed. I contour my face so I look flawless. It’s pathetic.
And I know it, but the alternative is unacceptable, almost unbearable to think about. I can’t face a life where I’m not popular, where I’m not the captain of the cheerleading squad. The thought is horrifying.
It’s what has been ingrained into me. From my earliest childhood memories.
By my mom, no less. The ultimate trophy wife.

It’s almost funny how my peers look up to me. And yet I’m the biggest coward out there.
On the surface my life is perfect. I’ve built up this incredibly perfect persona.

Poppy Honey Everhart.
Age 17.
High school senior, Queen Bee. Captain of the cheerleading squad.
And Logan Spence’s girlfriend. Yes that’s right, the star quarterback and the head cheerleader. High school royalty and a cliche no less.

There’s already talk of Logan going pro. He’s the whole nine yards. Some would say perfect. He’s aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. And yet he can’t keep his goddamn dick in his fucking pants.
I know he cheats on me with Mikayla Tolbert. The whole fucking school knows he sleeps with my so called best friend behind my back. And yet here I am. Blindly putting up with his shitty behaviour, because it’s what we do at Sherwood fucking High.
I’m so over this shit.

But not enough to change it. I sigh to myself, shaking my head at how exhausting it is.

I pull up into my parking spot, near to the main entrance of school. Yes I have my own parking space and yes it is better than the teachers. That’s what happens when your dad pays top dollar to send you to one of the most Elite schools in the state.
I fluff my hair and check my lipgloss in the mirror. Painting on my fake smile for the whole world to see. And make my way into high school hell.

I see them almost as soon as I walk into the entrance hall and down to where the lockers are, Logan and Mikayla huddled together by her locker. His hand is on her hip. And I feel sick knowing that he’s probably had his tongue down her throat and is going to try and kiss me too. I really need to break up with him and his cheating ass. But I can’t seem to quite pull the trigger. I watch them, unseen almost like a voyeur. He throws his back and laughs at something she says. His whole body shaking, she bites her lip seductively and twirls a strand of her dark honey blonde hair between her fingers as she states up at him adoringly.

Even I have to admit that they look better as a couple than he and I ever did. I carelessly shrug my shoulders at that.

“Careful there Princess. That perfectly crafted façade might slip.”
The deep soothing voice came from behind me, a quiet, threatening whisper in my ear. Wrapping itself around me.
My body reacted instantly and the hairs on the back of my neck rose. I turned around and came face to face with the guys very obvious muscular chest. The white cotton of his school uniform shirt was taut over his defined pecs. I craned my head back and looked up and up and up. Until finally my eyes met with the very dark brown, almost black eyes of Tobias Kent.

My breath hitched and my skin prickled. Tobias Kent was bad news. He wasn’t like the other boys at Sherwood. He didn’t strive to fit in. Instead he thrived on the fact that he stood out.

He was tall, and had broad shoulders, his uniform clung to his body like it had been designed just for him. His hair was thick and wavy and always looked like he’d just run his hands through it. Or like it was freshly fucked. It was longer on the top and shaved at the sides but his unruly black hair was constantly falling over his forehead and into his eyes. He had high cheekbones and a small scar under his left eye. I had the strangest urge to touch it. To run my finger along the small crescent scar that had the audacity to taint his perfectly breathtaking face. My eyes moved down to his full, plump lips with their perfect Cupid’s bow. My body was reacting to him in a way it never had before. I could feel my nipples harden under my shirt and thanked whoever was up there that I still had my blazer on. Because how fucking embarrassing would that be?

And then it hit me. I hadn’t said anything back to him, instead I was eye fucking him in the middle of the main entrance of school.

I was eye fucking Tobias Kent.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

He raised one of his thick black eyebrows and smiled at me. Revelling his frenulum piercing. The two small metal balls resting on his perfectly straight, white teeth. He pulled his bottom lip between his teeth as his eyes roamed over me. First my face, before slowly, almost lazily down my body before coming back up to my face. His eyes lingered on my lips before he looking me in the eyes again. My whole body shivered from his intense gaze and I could feel my core clench as my panties became wet.

This was so fucking embarrassing and inappropriate. I needed to leave and fast.

“Fuck off freak.” I blurted out at him. Throwing the insult out there to hide my uneasy attraction to him.
I could not be attracted to Tobias Kent.
I couldn’t. I would not allow it, allow myself to feel anything for him and his crazy, sexy messy hair. Or his full lips that looked so fucking kissable. Or his big hands, and those sexy veins and his nails covered in chipped black nail polish. I would not allow it. He was a freak. A bad boy, punk ass loner.

He threw his head back and let out a loud rumble of a laugh. It was low and husky and so fucking sexy. I needed to snap out of it. And fast. Especially as he was drawing attention to us. I’d slap myself across the face if I thought that’s snap me out of it.
He shook his head and rolled his fucking eyes at me before he stalked off towards his locker.

I stood silently watching him, as his shoulders continued to shake with laughter at my expense.
He passed Logan and Mikayla, and I saw Logan quickly drop his hand off her waist. Logan looked from Tobias and then to me. His forehead creasing as he looked back to Tobias again. I could see him trying to figure out why Tobias and I would ever be talking to each other. Because the fact was, Tobias and I weren’t on each other’s radar at all. In fact this had been our first ever conversation. I’d gone right through school with Tobias Kent, he lived in the same gated community as me and yet this was the first time I’d ever spoken to him.

I watched Tobias’s retreating form and noticed that he had a least 3 inches on Logan’s 6 foot 1 height. He was broader too. He looked like he should play football. But he didn’t.
He didn’t go to any of the games, he didn’t come to any parties or hang out at all the usual haunts the rest of us went to.
I didn’t even know who his friends were. He was an enigma. I promised myself that I was not going to find out anything about him. I absolutely was not going think about Tobias Kent anymore.

Ok so new story. It’s been awhile since I’ve actually wanted to sit down and write anything.

I hope you like it so far. If so let me know what you think. 😊
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