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So far gone

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Part two of, (Give into me) Levi and Venny go to college together as a new, happy, openly gay couple. Venny gets to play baseball for his dream team, the texas Longhorns, Levi scores an awesome yet unexpected job that reveals more about the good kind of person he is, but not everything is rose-colored in the life of Levi and Venny. They face some unpredicted challenges and drawbacks, that will make your heart ache, but out of the chaos, they gain something much more beautiful. Something nobody saw coming, and will change their lives forever.

Romance / Humor
Arabella Cintron
4.8 17 reviews
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(1) Hurt

“You ever sit on the toilet with your phone for so long that you forget whether or not you took a shit?” Levi asks me as we relax in our dorm room.

“Um... yes?”

He really did sit on the toilet for like an hour. The toilet seat must be imprinted on his ass.

“I was looking at my phone for like an hour, afraid to make the call to my dad.” He admits with a sigh. Memories of my own father beating me up for being gay flood my mind and I look up at the ceiling as I lay in bed, drowning in that darkness.

“I’m sorry Levi. I can’t give you advice as to how to come out to your dad. If I did give you advice it would be very dark shit, and that’s not what you need right now.”

Levi looks worried as he rolls over and hovers over my face. His beautiful brown eyes looking hurt.

“Venny, I’m sorry love. I’m so sorry.” He says as he kisses my lips softly. His lips fell like my salvation as I hold onto him and kiss him deeper.

His tongue taste like a warm cup of coffee and his hair smells like coconut. I could never get enough of him. My best friend, my lover.

When he pulls away he eyes are filled with lust.

“Fuck me.” He whispers against my lips in such a sexy way that it makes my cock twitch.

“You mean suck you?” I correct him and he shakes his head.

“I mean, fuck me Venny. Bend me over and sick your bat in me like the all-star you are.”

Holy shit. Levi has never asked to be fucked. He’s a butt virgin. Sure we’ve played with toys, but I’ve never taken him in that way especially because he is the dominant one in the relationship. My mouth drops and he sticks his thumb in it with a smirk. I suck on it before he pulls it out with a small moan.

“Your kidding?”

He shakes his head as he stands up and removes his shirt.

“I love you and I want to be vulnerable to you, the way you are to me.”

My heart swells as well as my cock.

“Then bend over lover boy,” I tell him as I stand up and I see a whole new side to my bad boy. One I didn’t expect. He bends down on the bed naked and I can’t stop staring at his perfect baby smooth butt.

“This poor hole of yours doesn’t know what’s coming. ” I say as I massage his clean love button and his breathing intensifies. I oil up my throbbing cock, before sliding the tip into his hole. My goodness, he’s tight.

“Fucking hell. Umm.” He says as his fist clenches the sheets, and I was almost afraid that I had hurt him but then he backs into me encouragingly and it’s all the encouragement I need to push in deeper until I’m all the way inside of him and his deep moans bless my ears.

“I’m going to start moving Levi. Damn, you feel incredible.”

I move in and out of him slowly at first until my pleasure takes over my gentleness and soon I’m fucking him like I’ve only ever fantasized about and he’s taking it happily. I stroke his cock in time with my thrusts.

“Mother of...!” he says with a groan, that vibrates through our bodies.

“This is a sight I’ve never thought I’d see, and man is it beautiful. Your beautiful Levi.”

“Ah yeah! That’s it Venny! I’m close.” He says after a few minutes, and soon after he comes I come too, filling him with my seed.


In English class, I start to get a really bad migraine and I struggle to focus on what the professor is talking about. I rub my temples with a cringe. Levi sits next to me and rubs the back of my head. It’s the only class he has with me so naturally, it’s my favorite.

I don’t yet know what I’m going to study so I’m just taking common core classes, and mainly focusing on my baseball career.

“Shit,” I whisper under my breath as I let my head fall onto the desk. Levi’s hand rubs nicely but this pain is too much.

“Venny. Did you bring any headache pills?”

I shake my head and groan.

“Hey, Venny. Head up. Focus.” The professor tells me and I suddenly regret choosing to sit up front today.

“His head hurts,” Levi tells him and I raise my head that is now pounding.

“We’ll maybe don’t drink like a pirate and you wouldn’t have that problem.” The professor says in a salty way and I see Levi’s expression change and he glares at the professor. I speak before he says something he might regret.

“I didn’t drink professor. I just suffer from migraines.” I explain and I’m in too much pain to be offended.

“Oh, okay. Well, try to focus anyway.” He says before continuing his lesson. Seems like he’s never had a migraine before.

“That instigating son of a...” I gently kick Levi under his desk as he mumbles profanities.

Suddenly the urge to vomit arises and I stand from my desk.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The professor asks and I ignore him as I make my way towards the door and head to the bathrooms. Damn it! I hope I make it.

I passed by a guy looking at me concerned, and burst through an open stall and vomit into it. My throat burns, my eyes water, and then I vomit again.

“Damn dude. Rough night?” The guy asks with a chuckle before leaving. I vomit again then I feel a pair of hands on my back, rubbing gently.

“Let me take you home Venny,” Levi says softly as he hands me some napkins to wipe my mouth with.

“No, it’s okay. I feel a lot better now that I’ve vomited.”

He sighs and pulls me out of the stall and turns on the sink. He wets some more napkins and wipes some spots on my mouth that I missed.

“At least make an appointment with a doctor. You’ve been having these migraines a lot more lately, and I’m worried about you.” He says as he turns off the sink and rests his hands on my face. His eyes look into mine as if he’s trying to figure it out.

“If I say yes, will you stop bugging me about it?” I ask him and he nods.

“That’s usually how it works love. I always get what I want, don’t I? And I always reward you for it?” He asks in a flirty way as his hands slide down my sides, and bunching the soft fabric of my blue polyester t-shirt. He pushes his body up against mine and let out a ragged breath as I feel his hard cock pressed against mine.

“You want this don’t you?” He whispers against my ear in a way that makes me shudder.

“Heck yeah,” I say despite my queasiness.

“Then make that appointment.” He says as he backs up, reaches into his pocket, and drops two pills into my hand.

“Where did you get...”

“I had to ask a few people, and some sweet middle-aged woman offered me some. I think her name was Monica. Heavy southern accent, Looks like a younger aunt Jemima, you kinda want her to bake you cookies? Ring a bell?”

“Oh, of course! I had to do a project with her last week. She told me she works at a foster home and was asking if I knew anyone who needed a job.” I tell him and his eyes go wide.

“And you didn’t tell her that I needed a job? I mean working at the gym has been nice or whatever but I need a second job, Venny, or at least a job that will pay me more.”

“I didn’t think you would be interested in that kind of job. She didn’t really tell me what the position is but I suggest you talk to her about it.”

*Welcome to the second book in the (Give into me) series! Just like the last book this book will Take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, except this time you will find a cute little surprise.

Make sure to comment, because I love interacting with y'all, and I want to know what y'all think of the story along the way. I hope you enjoy it!- Arabella.

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