A Love Which Was Never Meant To Be Pt.I

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The story takes place in china. It is about a girl named rose bonfire who tries to forget her past and work for her bright future. But when she tries to forget her past with her ex, she gets him as a gift of god. Afraid that the past may repeat itself and afraid of those painful feelings, she starts going out with her ex's best friend. Hoping her ex moves on from, she gets so busy that she forgets about considering her own feeling. And when her wish of her ex moving on becomes true, she realizes that the one who had her heart was him and that she never stopped loving him. Will it be too late for her to reunite? Or will they get together again? Will she get unforgivable regrets in her life which she will have to hide or will they make a family together? Stay tuned with my story to know more.

Romance / Drama
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You know, my life has changed ever since I changed my most important parts of life. I never thought to leave the most important people in my life. I never wanted to leave my house in which I lived for 18 years. I never want to leave behind the people whom I secretly crushed. But I had no choice. I had to leave them if I wanted to progress in my life. In short if I tell you, then I just want to tell you that never ever be friendly to me because I am very selfish. Today it is my 20th day of living in this new house which is in a very isolated place. Also it is so isolated that my neighbours never dare to come live in their houses just due to some creepy made-up stories of a girl who once used to live here but was killed during her robbery. It was also said that she was murdered brutally and that her parts were cut-off and threw at each floor. But today something unexpected happen. Some people from china came to live next to me. and they were exchange student. But I wasn’t even a tiny bit interested to know them as they were all boys. And also I was pretty sure that they hadn’t come for studying but just for the mutual benefits that China and India were getting from each other in finance.Also it was related to my past. But I was quite sure that weren’t going to handle this place even for 2 days. And I won’t let them to.

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