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A Love Which Was Never Meant To Be Pt.I

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I was very confident on my plan. Let me tell you what my plan was. Though I was staying in a very isolated place but still I have some friends who are there when I need them.

So we had planned to scare the new neighbours by acting like the ghost of the girl. so we had decided to turn off the electricity at 10 pm and knock at their door again and again. so one of my friend Michelle gave me one more idea to add virtual effects to make it look more real as she was quite good at technology.

Wait! Sorry but I forgot the most important thing. my introduction. Sorry.

So let’s have a quick introduction. I am Rose. My sister is Lily. My bestie forever is Michelle. And my neighbours are:

Yuan Song

Lan Tiyane

Kim Samuel

Guo Juncheng AND

Huaze Lei

So let’s get back to the plan. So me and my sister Lily decided to act like ghosts. This was how our expectation were. But reality turned out to be very very painful as all our things had went in vain.

Everything was according to what I thought. The power cut was perfect, the holograms were good, the visual effects were also quiet nice. And even our make up and costumes were good.

But my own sister betrayed me. It makes me very furious.

We were all ready and started the plan. Everything was going as it was supposed to be. First few times I knocked and then it was Lily’s turn to knock the door.

Though no one was opening the door, I was still hiding behind the staircase. and then without turning back I told my sister to go and complete her part. But I got no answer and she just tapped on my shoulder. I told her to go but she did the same thing again so I turned back to see.

And to my astonishment, I found out that my ex boyfriend was standing behind me. I soon realized the fact that we were busted and that our plan had went in vain.

My ex and all his friends took me and my friends to their home to have a discussion. But I could not even speak a word.

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