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Fated Exchange

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Online conversations and cyber-sex turn into something much steamier for Charlotte Webster when her online buddy, King Zeus, asks to meet her in person. Hot and steamy escapades are had as sparks fly.

Romance / Erotica
Jay Elle
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The sun shone brightly in the cloudless blue sky of Metro City on this uncharacteristically warm day in March. Metro City was your typical city; over populated, busy sidewalks, tall buildings, institutions, high-rise apartments and luxury condo buildings. Lampposts and neatly groomed trees were on every corner. The city had everything but houses. Single-family homes and things like that were in Metro Suburbia, the next city over about ninety minutes away. Metro City was built for the fast-paced and busy, much like everything nowadays. My 26-year-old body stepped off the bus and stretched. My best friend, Janie Beaks, jumped off behind me. We headed down the people-filled sidewalk of Forty-Second Street.

Janie or Jay or Beaks, as I called her, was my high school homie. We had every class together all four years. And after that, we went to Metro Community College together for two years. Too bad her degree in Art History didn’t do much to prevent her from waitressing part-time at Shakes Café, a retro diner here in the city. Fortunately, my degree in English Literature was a little more useful and I landed a part-time job as a junior copy-editor for a small blog management firm.

Janie and I both were what society referred to as average weight, though she was taller than I was. But we didn’t really worry about that kind of stuff. We ate when we were hungry and pigged out when we wanted to. I’m sure our trimmed waistline was due to the fact that we didn’t have personal vehicles. It was impractical for being in this city.

Janie had long raven-colored hair that contrasted against the paleness in her skin. It gave her an ethereal look. I, on the other hand, had a head of honey-colored hair that I thought complemented the warm tones in my skin and matched my eyes. Everyone else said it gave me a washed out look and Janie suggested I dye my hair a shade darker. But I liked it so I left it this way.

Our walk through the crowd wasn’t filled with chatter like normal. Janie’s perky behavior was overshadowed by a gloom of apprehension.

“So, you have no qualms about meeting him in person? Aren’t you nervous?” she finally spoke.

“Why should I be nervous? ’Cause I met him online?”

“It’s how you met him online. Think about it. That’s not normal.”

“I was online reading an erotic graphic novel. I made a comment about the plotline and artistry and he responded. From then on, we started messaging each other. And then we started audio chatting and masturbating while looking at novels together. What’s not normal about that?”

“It’s creepy. Why can’t you two just continue doing that? Why are you meeting in person?”

“Even though it started with the pervy stuff, we also talk about normal stuff like bills and work and things. One night he suggested we meet up. He said he wanted to bring his laptop to show me a few movies he’s collected.”

“Dirty movies,” she scoffed. “Do you know just how crazy that sounds?”

“Everything will be fine. We’re meeting at the bookstore. It’s nice and public, plenty of people around.” I waved my hand dismissively.

“How are you going to find him there if you’ve never seen him before?”

“Well he told me he’d be wearing a blue tee shirt and dark jeans. He said I’d probably spot his backpack first. It’s covered in comic book stickers. And I also told him I would be wearing this dark green top with my black pants and my boots just in case I spot a book and completely forget about looking for him.”

“Alright. But why did you have to dress so…provocative? Your shirt is so low cut; your tits are spilling out. You have it tucked into these tight pants to show your ass and you’re wearing knee high boots in March.”

“It’s a part of my persona for today. I’m gamer chic.”

“Gamer chic?”

Reaching into my shoulder tote bag, I pulled out a red béret and twirled it around my finger. “Tada!”

“Are you serious? Is that supposed to mean something?” She rolled her eyes at me.

“He’ll get it,” I grinned cheeky.

“Sounds like I can’t talk you out of this,” she sighed.

“If you’re worried, call or text whenever you want, and I’ll be waiting in front of the shop when you get off work.”

We walked up to the storefront of Book Lynx on Forty-second and East Street. Janie and I parted ways. Pulling my golden locks into a high ponytail, I adorned my béret and I headed inside to look for my online buddy. I passed through the frosted glass double doors to my sanctuary. This was my favorite place in the whole city. Taking a deep breath, the smell of paper filled my nose. I walked across the maroon, green, and gold carpet to the back section. The cherry-colored bookshelves stood tall, towering over me, going as high as the ceiling. Each wall unit had a ladder for the higher reaching shelves. The shorter shelves were scattered all around dividing the genres, with multiple lounge chairs. Over to the left side of the store was a caffeine bar as well as some worktables.

I headed to the erotic graphic novel section near the back of the store. I looked at all the bodies standing around reading their erotica. A couple of guys and girls around my age and some younger kids were reading. There were also a couple of older, pervy looking guys in the mix of the crowd. It seemed as though my online buddy wasn’t here. Feeling a little disappointed, I scanned the shelves for colorful book spines and interesting titles. It was true that many of these titles were available online to read for free on a number of sites but the images were slightly censored. So if you found something you really liked, it was great to have the hardcopy for longevity and uncensored goodness.

Nothing caught my fancy just on outward appearance, but I think it was because I was beginning to wonder if I got stood up. I wandered around the section with my arms folded under my ample bosom. I received a couple of lecherous glances. And a few guys tried to approach me but I made sure my face read, scram. Giving up, I pulled out my smartphone to check the time.

“Excuse me? Are you Kammi with a K?” A male voice asked. His voice was hesitant but still sounded strong.

I looked up from my phone to stare in the light brown eyes of a man with dark low cut hair. We were almost the same height right now due to the three and a half inch heels of my boots. He had a slender frame but possessed muscled arms. I would imagine his chest was pretty toned, too. I mean, who would work out their arms and not their chest. My eyes went back to his light caramelized face. The little bit of hair he had on his chin was neatly groomed just like his mustache. I stopped staring at his face to notice the headphones around his neck and the straps of a backpack over the blue graphic tee shirt he was wearing and his dark blue jeans.

“King Zeus?” I asked, although I was 99% sure it was him, but then again I was going off attire alone.


“Hi! I’m Kammi with a K,” I smiled brightly. Not sure what to do, I extended my hand. “It’s nice to finally meet you in person.”

He accepted my hand and squeezed gently before letting go. “Same here.” His voice was slightly hushed, heavier.

I watched his eyes pass over my body a couple times, taking in my long legs due to the boots I wore, my curvy hips and booty, slim waistline, large bust, and round face. I wondered if he actually noticed my candy-red painted lips or the light freckles that rested on top of my cheeks. Or was he just focused on my assets?

“Your eyes are a very pretty color, almost like gold.”

“Thank you. You have very pretty eyes, also.” I returned the compliment.

“Your hair is longer than I thought. When you said you had long hair, I didn’t think it would be down your back like that. And you didn’t mention you wore bérets.”

“Oh, I don’t. This is just a part of my look for today.”

He laughed too loudly for the quietness of the store. “It’s a nice look.”

I take it back. He was pretty observant. “You’re handing out a lot of complements.” I pointed out.

He casually leaned against a shelf. “Just appreciating the art.”

I mockingly rolled my eyes. “I didn’t know you were such a flirt.”

“I’m sure it sounds cheesy,” he said keeping his tone lighthearted.

“No, it’s good. Good and cheesy,” I giggled resting my back lightly against the shelf.

Our eyes locked for a moment before he turned to the shelf, eyeing the spine of a book.

“Did you find anything interesting?” he asked.

“Not really. Although, I wasn’t paying attention. I was getting tired of waiting. I thought you weren’t going to show. Wait, how did you know I was browsing the shelves?”

“Oh, I was in the teen fiction section.”


He sheepishly grinned, throwing a hand behind him to rub his head, “I was checking you out,” he chuckled embarrassingly.

I couldn’t stop the warmth from hitting my cheeks and the smile from spreading my lips. Clearing my throat, I spoke. “That’s not nice. And kind of creepy.”

“I know. Sorry for that.” He apologized with a smile.

“So, do you have anything on the agenda?” I asked breaking the silence.

“Not really. I figured we could just wing it. I have a couple of movies to show you but I can’t do that here.”

“So you want to take me someplace private?” My voice shrieked a little in fear. He caught that.

“Well, yes. I got a hotel room ’cause my roommate will be home tonight. I can’t exactly show you these movies in public.”

“I know but I figured we would just find a private corner or something.”

He looked me in the eye. “Are you afraid to be alone with me?”

I pursed my lips together. I didn’t want to appear vulnerable in front of him.

“Hey, just think of it as if we met at a night club and then you took me back to your place.”

“I don’t do that.” My lip curled in disgust.

“Yeah, neither do I,” he laughed nervously. “I…um…didn’t mean to offend you or scare you or anything like that. If you’re not comfortable going someplace private, we can stay wherever you like.”

“How about we get a bite to eat and we can talk some more?”

We walked a few blocks to a small bistro café I liked. After ordering, we talked some more. Even though we were face to face, I was able to find the comfort that I normally had when talking to him online.

King Zeus, or KZ as I called him, is a laid-back kind of guy. He doesn’t really put forth effort or be assertive most of the time. Things usually have a way of working themselves out he said. He lives with one roommate, Rhett Maurve, in an apartment just like me. Currently, he’s one of five part-time managers at Electro Tronics, an electronic and gadget shop. Aside from KZ’s cool attitude, he’s into comic books, video games, anime, mangas and of course erotic mangas.

Our audio conversations usually start the same way. First, we talk about the type of day we had and we talk about work if we had to that day. After that, he tells me about the latest comic he’s read. I always listen intently. I have an interest in comics but don’t actually read the storylines, so him sharing what he’s reading makes me feel like I read it, too. Next, I brief him on the latest anime I’ve seen, giving him details episode by episode. At this point, our conversation is two to three hours in. And finally, we browse a couple of sites, find erotic stories we’re both interested in and read several. We don’t talk much while we’re reading. One of us makes a random comment about the art, and just a one-word response is given and then it’s just heavy breathing with the occasional moan between us. Thinking about that made me blush.

“What’s wrong?” KZ asked with a small smile across his face.

“Nothing,” I rushed out trying to dismiss his questioning.

The waitress brought our food to the table. KZ and I both ordered a soup with a sandwich. We ate with light chatter.

“I like your outfit, very reminiscent of Cammy from Street Fighter,” he said after a while.

“I tried my best. I can’t exactly walk around in a leotard and army boots.”

“Well, you could but that would be very distracting,” he smiled wider this time.

His infectious smile made me smile and giggle slightly.

Once the food was consumed, the waitress brought the receipt. I went to reach for it but KZ grabbed it before I could.

“I got it,” he spoke.

“No, it’s fine. I can pay for my own.”

“No, I’m a gentleman. I got it.”

That was enough to shut me up. I didn’t put up any more of an argument. After that, we walked down to one of the many comic shops in the city and browsed around. He showed me a couple of his favorites and explained why he liked the characters and plotlines. I loved the enthusiasm he displayed as he talked. Glancing at my watch, I noted it was five minutes to six.

“I’m sorry. We have to cut this short. I have to go meet my friend.”

“Oh.” He had a look of sadness in his eyes and then he put a nervous hand behind his head. “Um, I know this is our first time meeting face to face but if you feel comfortable, I would like you to come to my hotel room. I brought with me one of the first novels I ever bought. I wanted to show it to you and I have those movies to watch.”

I was hesitant in my speech. “I’ll think about it.”

“OK,” he smiled.

We walked out of the shop.

“I…uh…have something for you.” Out of the bag in my hand, I pulled out a gold letter ‘K’ key chain.

“When did you…”

“I bought it when you weren’t looking. My way of thanking you for lunch.”

“Thanks.” He took the key chain from me and slid his backpack off his shoulders. He attached the key chain to one of the zippers and pulled it back on his back. “Hopefully I’ll see you later.”

“Maybe. See ya,” I smiled.

And he left, walking in the direction of most of the hotels. I went the opposite way to Janie’s café, where she was outside waiting.

“Hey Jay!” I greeted.

“You’re late. We’re gonna have to practically run to make this bus,” she scolded.

We hustled in silence to the bus stop to catch the bus back to our apartment building. Once we were on the bus, we both sighed catching our breath.

“So, I guess you weren’t as worried as I thought you were?” I spoke with smugness.

“We were so busy today I couldn’t get away to call. I was worried but I know you can handle yourself.”

“I sure can,” I laughed.

“Did you have fun? Was he as interesting in person?” Her curiosity was getting the better of her.

“Even more so,” I sighed with a dreamy sparkle in my eye. “He’s gorgeous.”

“Oh, boy. I know what that means. How old is he?”


“An older guy? Not your usual choice, I see. Don’t do anything stupid,” she warned.

“I won’t, mom.”

The bus ride seemed pretty quick today. Janie was busy on her phone and I gazed out the window. The sun was low but not beginning to set yet. I loved the look of everything. Soon, we were at our stop. We walked down to our home and into the lobby to the elevator. We stepped inside and I pushed the button for the sixteenth floor.

“So, when is Randall bringing Sasha over? You’re off the rest of the week.”

Randall Sanchez is Jay’s fiancé and father of their daughter, Sasha. He’s average height and average build and Janie’s high school sweetheart. His tan skin and black wavy hair made him the good-looking popular guy in school. All the girls fawned over him, myself included, every girl but Janie. And that’s what attracted Randall to Janie. He had to work to court her but his natural charm won her over very quickly and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Three years ago, Janie gave birth to Sasha Heather Sanchez. Sasha was the perfect fusion of the two of them. She had Janie’s dark hair and bright eyes with Randall’s skin complexion.

Right after Randall proposed, his mom took ill and he had to go care for her while his sister, Robin, was away for seven months for some work related thing. They alternate keeping Sasha on their days off. I asked Janie why Sasha didn’t just stay here with her since Sasha’s sitter operated in our building on the first floor. She told me Randall didn’t want her to be overwhelmed with work and caring for their hyperactive little one, plus Randall’s mother would enjoy her company while he was at work.

“Yeah, he’s bringing her at nine o’clock. I can’t wait to see my little pumpkin. I miss her so much. And I miss Randall. Phone sex isn’t working out,” Janie whined.

“Why don’t you guys use video?”

“His mom doesn’t have a computer,” she frowned. “And we only have the one laptop.”

“Poor baby. I suggest you get a thicker dildo.”

“Shut up,” she laughed.

The elevator chimed and we walked down the hall to our doors. We came to 1612 first and Janie stopped her walk. Farther down, with a unit in between us, I came to 1616. We both unlocked and opened the doors.

“Call me if you decide to do anything,” Janie spoke.

“Yes ma’am. Give Pumpkin a kiss for me when she gets here,” I waved.

Once inside of my one bedroom apartment, I took my boots off and removed my shirt. Flicking the light switch, I hit the TV on. I plopped on the couch, flipping channels for a while. I couldn’t find anything interesting because I really wasn’t in the mood to watch anything. I was still enthralled from my adventure today. I’m usually not so daring. And it paid off. Now I was able to put a face to the heavy throated moans that filled my ears at night, and what a gorgeous face. My mind conjured up the image of KZ sitting in front of the computer screen, grunting in my ear while his hand moved up and down his stiff cock. I squeezed my legs together to quell the ache that was forming between them. The feeling persisted the longer I tried to quell it. I knew only one thing would sate this feeling. I stood up and quickly peeled my pants and panties from my body. Sitting back on the couch, I spread my legs to relieve my body of this tension. A hand danced over my sensitive folds, teasingly. I continued to run my fingers over the moist folds to prolong the anticipation before dipping my middle finger between them. I applied a light pressure against the pearl nestled inside. My breathing rose a bit. Applying more pressure, I began to move my finger in small circular motions atop my clit. My hips began to move on their own, thrusting upward slightly. My walls started to contract rhythmically. I could feel my natural lubricants flow. I slid my finger down to my opening to spread it around, making the motions against myself that much easier. My breaths became labored and my hips began to buck. That familiar tightening started in my lower belly. My walls fluttered faster, begging for an intrusion. The need was becoming overwhelming. I shoved three fingers in my begging entrance. I let out a deep moan from my throat. My fingers moved faster inside me while a lone finger swirled rapidly around my swollen clit. My fingers moved faster, my hips rose up to meet my thrusts. I was coming closer to my goal, that feeling I’d been chasing. I was almost there. Another moan ripped from my throat. My body tensed and shuddered. My orgasm shook my body. The breaths coming from me were ragged. I cleaned my fingers with my shirt and stood up. My body was relaxed but my core was still feeling tense.

Practically running to my bedroom, I woke up my laptop and checked my online buddy list. The light beside King Zeus’s name was glowing green. I sat down and typed.

KammiWithaK: Hey.

KingZeus: What’s up?

KammiWithaK: Wyd?

KingZeus: Paying my cc bill.

KammiWithaK: Did you go to your hotel room?

KingZeus: Yeah, I’m here. The cable selection is horrible.

KammiWithaK: If I stop by you won’t have to look at the TV…

KingZeus: Are you flirting with me???

KammiWithaK:…yes…lol. Bad right?

KingZeus: Nope…

KammiWithaK: Hotel? Room number?

KingZeus: Paradise Plaza 509

KammiWithaK: Para Plaza is pretty expensive.

KingZeus: Wanted to splurge!

KammiWithaK: See you in a few. Bye bye ;-)

I closed the laptop before I lost my nerve. The longer I sat there, the more I knew what I was doing was dangerous but my hormones had me thinking like a teenaged idiot.

I headed to my bathroom and freshened up. I changed into a plain pink V-neck shirt and blue skinny jeans, simple inexpensive pair of hoop earrings and took off my bracelet. I wanted to be as minimal as possible, just in case some idiot decided he wanted to mug me on my way there or in case KZ wasn’t the gentleman he said he was. That thought alone should have been enough to make me sit my ass down but I continued to get ready. I grabbed the smallest purse I owned that could fit everything I needed; identification, thirty dollars, mace and a switchblade. I grabbed my black jacket and slipped on my plain white high-top sneakers. Locking the door behind me, I went to Janie’s door. I knocked a couple of times. After a moment of silence, I knocked again. She opened the door just enough to see my face.

“Hey.” She looked disheveled and was out of breath.

“Are you alright?”

“Um, when Randall brought Sasha over she was asleep so we’re trying to mess around before she wakes up and he has to head back.” Her eyes scanned my body. “Where are you going?”

“…Para Plaza.”

“For what?”

“He asked me to meet him.”

“Are you serious?”

“It’ll be fine. We’re just going to talk.”

“Then pick up the phone,” she frowned.

“I wanna talk in person.”

Her eyes scrutinized me for a minute. “Room number?” she asked.


“You have your mace?”

“Yes and my blade.”

“Are you coming back home?”

“I’m not sure yet,” I smiled. “But you can call me. I will pick up.”

“Alright. Be safe.”

“Yes, ma’am. I love you.”

“I love you, too. Be safe,” she warned and then closed the door.

I jogged to the elevator and made it to the lobby. Hailing a cab, I hopped in and headed to my destination. In twelve minutes, I was in front of Paradise Plaza Hotel. I paid the driver and walked into the pristine lobby. It was shiny and marble, real glitz and glam with a tropical island motif. I made my way inside the elevator, pushing the number 5. The ride was quicker than I would have liked. My heart was pounding. I slowly walked down the green and yellow carpet to door 509 and knocked quickly. Stalling was only making my stomach feel worst. The door opened to reveal him.

The tightening in my stomach quickly moved lower and turned into a throbbing in my core. He changed from his shirt to a grey tank and from his jeans to black sweatpants. He looked…delicious.

“Hi.” His voice was smooth like velvet.

“Hi!” I sang flashing a sly smile, side stepping him and entering the room. I took my sneaks and jacket off, throwing it over the desk chair. I looked around the beige room. “You have two beds?”

“This room was cheaper,” he chuckled.

I giggled. I felt his presence move close behind me.

“You’re shorter,” he observed.

“I had heels on earlier,” I said moving to sit on the red, orange and yellow draped bed opposite from where his laptop was.

“You’re really short,” he teased.

“I’m not that short,” I giggled more and he joined in, taking a seat on the other bed.

KZ lay across the bed and fiddled on his laptop while I looked at the Home and Garden channel. I felt fidgety, very uneasy. My body kept shifting its weight. I wasn’t nervous because I was alone with him, rather I was anxious because wanted something to happen. I didn’t want to be the one to initiate something for fear of coming off like a woman with loose morals but this throbbing between my legs wasn’t going to handle itself.

“Are you alright? You keep moving.”

“Yeah, I’m good. I’m going to get some ice from the machine.”

“You’re thirsty? I’ll go get something from the vending machine.”

“No, it’s alright. I can go.” I stood up but he quickly jumped off the bed. He put a hand on my shoulder to halt my movement.

“I’ll get you something. You’re my guest.” He grabbed the bucket off the table and ran out the door.

I sat back down on the bed and waited for him to return. My shoulder tingled where he touched me. I felt light, floaty. My eyes lazily wandered around the room at all the potential places we could possibly have sex. The door opened loudly. KZ sat the ice bucket down on the table and scooped out some ice into two glasses. He pulled a bottle of cream soda from his pocket and poured it over the ice. I felt elated.

“I got a cream soda. I hope that’s OK.”

“Yes, it is actually. That’s my favorite soda.”

“Wow. Lucky me. Something told me to press that button,” KZ chuckled as he handed me a glass.

I quietly sipped.

“So, what did you do when you left me?” he casually asked.

“Nothing really. Rode the bus home and relaxed a bit.”

“Cool. I did a little shopping, bought a couple of shirts.”

“Nice. Can I see?”

“Sure. In that bag.”

He pointed to the bag that was sitting in the corner. Bending over, I looked inside the bag at the three shirts. I remained bent over for an unreasonable amount of time. I wanted him to look at me but I didn’t feel his eyes on me.

“Cool. I like the graphic on the grey one.” I stood up slowly and sat back on the bed.

“Thanks, Kammi.”

There was a brief pause. I was really growing impatient with him. He got this room so we could have private time but he’s just sitting on the bed. Maybe he wasn’t attracted to me like I was to him.

“I’m bored. I’m your guest, so entertain me,” I beamed.

“Entertain you? What do you want me to do?”

“You said you had some movies to show me.”

“I do. I thought we’d wait until our usual time at midnight.”

I laughed. “No. No. Now is fine.”

He laughed, too. “OK. Come on over here.”

KZ moved over and I joined him on the bed. I placed my back up against the headboard and crossed my ankles. He placed the laptop in between us and started the video.

“So what’s this about?”

“Um…it’s an animated hentai video about a female super spy who has to infiltrate three different bases to collect intel to stop a jewel heist.”

“And how does she interrogate the people for this intel?” I laughed knowing the answer.

“She fucks them, men and women.”


As the movie played, the throbbing became more prominent. My breathing quickened the more I thought about us doing the same naughty things as the pair on the screen.

“I really like this one. The animation and the story are really good,” he said.

“Yeah, the story is really good. And by animation, you mean her huge tits?”

“Yeah,” he chuckled.

We laughed together and continued to watch. Every ten minutes it seemed there was another saucy sex scene. The scenes were surprisingly realistic and not over-exaggerated like some I’ve seen.

I shifted my body trying to quell the throbbing.

“You alright?” he asked.

I blushed. “Not really.” I knew all too well that he wasn’t either. I knew the type of content that excited him and this was definitely it.

“Yeah, me neither.”

“Should we…do something about it?”

For the first time since we started watching the movie, his eyes fell upon me. His light brown eyes danced across my face. He seemed to be questioning something internally. He tapped the spacebar to pause the movie.

“Well, since we’ve heard each other…masturbate, it shouldn’t be a problem if we do that in front of each other, right? Unless you think that’s weird.”

I thought about it for a minute. It was a nice alternative to sex since I was still a tiny bit unsure about that. Plus, watching him do that would be kind of hot. I could fill in the blanks for my thoughts.

“No, it’s not weird. We can do that.” I shifted my body and sat up on my knees. He watched as I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down my thighs. I sat back on the bed and pulled them off the rest of the way.

“No panties?” he asked incredulously.

“They’re in my purse.”

He chuckled. “Did you come here for something other than watching videos?”

“Maybe I did.” I gave a sly smile, letting my flirtatious manner take over me.

He just chuckled more.

He maneuvered his hips to pull his sweatpants down without standing up. I couldn’t help but gawk at the semi-flaccid awesomeness that rested on his thigh. He caught me staring and smiled. I smiled back.

“No boxers?” I asked breaking the tension.

“Nope. I knew I was going to fap before I went to sleep tonight.”

I laughed loudly.

“Maybe you could help me with that?” he asked.

“We’ll see, but first I want to see you do it.”

He hesitated momentarily before he firmly grabbed his cock and began to stroke it. I lightly tapped the spacebar on the laptop and played the rest of the movie. The throbbing in my core immediately started up again as I listened to the female moans coming through the laptop speakers. My eyes went from the movie to his stroking and back again. He released a deep breath as his eyes slid shut. My hand flew to the nub of nerves nestled between my slick folds. I rubbed vigorously and moaned loudly. KZ’s eyes immediately came to me and stared at my busy hand.

“You’re supposed to be watching the movie,” I whispered low.

His eyes left mine and looked at the movie. I watched as well as it was coming to an end. The woman just received a creamy facial for a job well done and the credits rolled. Our eyes locked as we continued to play with ourselves.

“The movie’s over. Do you have another one?” I breathed.

“Yup. But I don’t want to put it on.” His lust-clouded eyes bore into me. “I’d like to watch you instead.”

My cheeks flushed and my breathing became slightly heavier. The thought of doing this in front of him made my core tight. That surprised me greatly. I’ve never thought of doing something like this before but I liked the way my body was responding. I’ve already taken some bold actions today. Why not add another to the list?

“Then I need to give you a good show,” I whispered.

I got up on my knees, facing him. My hands grabbed the helm of my pink top and slowly pulled it off, revealing my bare breasts with a bounce. I positioned myself in front of him, leaning back on my left elbow. With my legs bent at the knees and spread wide, I continued the assault on my clit.

“Oh, shit,” KZ blurted.

I watched him stroke himself while he watched me pleasure myself. His strong hand glided up to the head of his cock then slid back down to the base, sometimes brushing his round balls.

“Damn, girl,” he breathed.

The breaths and groans that came from him were the same that I listened to almost every night, but actually being here with him, listening to them in person; they sounded different, better. I started rubbing faster, unable to control myself. My walls pulsated and I felt myself grow wetter.

“You don’t finger yourself?” he asked through his ragged breaths.

“I like to tease myself first,” I moaned.

“I want to see you do that.”

“Not yet,” I whispered.

My legs fell wider the more I rubbed. My hips bucked and the walls of my core fluttered rapidly. I moaned deeper. He stroked faster.

“Oh, baby,” I sighed longingly seeming to forget that this was our first time meeting in person. But with such a good looking body in front of me, my core was asking for more.

“Can I touch you, please?” he damn near begged me.


KZ abruptly jumped to his knees, his thick shaft bobbing up and down with his movements. He practically ripped his tank over his head, tossing it somewhere, and removed his sweatpants completely. My eyes swallowed the sight of his well-toned chest and flat stomach. He moved and positioned himself on his knees between my thighs. My core was so close to his hard cock, it was painful. I removed my hands and waited for him to touch me, all the while my walls continued to flutter. His thumb timidly pressed into my clit. He slowly began moving in circles, teasing me. I fell to my back as my hips rolled to speed up his motions. I moaned more and felt my core grow wetter. His thumb rubbed faster over my swollen clit. I propped myself up on my elbows to watch him resume stroking his thick shaft. Biting my lip, I held back the moan that arose from such a sight.

“I know you moan louder. I want to hear you.” He spoke in a low husky voice.

A wave of pleasure racked my body hearing his sexy demanding voice. I released the deep moan I was stifling. The faster he moved against me, the more my walls fluttered and the richer my moans became. This teasing was becoming too overwhelming. I needed to be filled. The tone of my moans shifted to that of a pleading nature. My hips gyrated rhythmically, rolling upward for his shaft. I looked in his eyes and back down to his cock. My eyes repeated this path several times hoping he would catch my silent request. KZ seemed to understand my plea. Suddenly, he grabbed my waist and pulled me toward him. He angled his pelvis downward and pushed fully inside me. I screamed as the sweet pain and discomfort filled my body. It had been so long since I felt a live warm intrusion. He pushed and pulled my hips into him at a rapid pace. The pleasure I remembered quickly overtook me. I panted wildly. I felt him twitch inside me and I remembered the danger. He seemed to feel what I felt and pushed me away from him as if I burned him.

“You have a condom?” I rushed out.

“I have one in my bag,” he panted.

KZ scrambled off the bed and rifled through his belongings, leaving me wanting. My eyes drifted shut and I slid three fingers deep inside my dripping wet slit. I couldn’t stop myself. I had to feel that sweet fullness again.

“Damn, baby. You’re going to make me cum right now watching you do that.”

“Please don’t. I need you hard and full,” I panted looking deep into his eyes.

He quickly rolled the condom on and climbed over top of me. He pushed back inside of me and used the same rapid pace as before. My hands snaked under his arms and dug into his back. His face nestled into the crook of my neck. The building pressure crept low in my body. The coiling in my lower stomach tightened. Mewls, moans and pants ripped from my body; I was feeling too good to worry about being too lewd but KZ didn’t seem to mind. In fact, the more noises I made, the faster he pumped inside me.

Suddenly, my breath hitched and my back arched into his chest. I shuddered wildly as I screamed the release of my orgasm. I clung to his frame. I could tell by his familiar breathing and deep groans that he was very close. He sat up on his knees, leaving me flat on my back and pumped faster. His fingers dug into my hips, lifting me slightly, allowing himself to penetrate me deeper. My breasts bounced wildly with his rough movements. He grunted painfully and snatched himself out of me, dropping my hips on the bed. Ripping off the condom, he stroked franticly before his seed shot out onto my stomach like he was a professional porno star. I felt myself growing wetter with each hot, thick, creamy ribbon of his essence that hit me. It was amazing. I watched his face as he came down from his climax. His eyes went wide when he looked at his work.

“I’m so sorry. I got carried away.”

“It’s alright,” I blushed. “I liked it.”

He stared in my eyes before saying, “You are…just…”

He didn’t complete his sentence; rather he blew out a harsh breath and brought his face to my center. His lips latched onto my clit and sucked greedily. As he sucked, his tongue ran across and up and down it. My hands flew to his head and my hips rose into his mouth.

“What are you doing?” The sudden sensations running through me had me shuddering violently.

“Making you cum again.”

That was all he said as he went back to sucking on me. I screamed more as he used even more force on my over sensitive clit. He quickly pushed two fingers into me, curling them upward, to rub against my most sensitive depth. I nearly lost it at this new sensation. My head thrashed about the bed and my slender fingers pulled at the duvet. My hips bucked harder against his face and fingers. The building pressure returned stronger than ever. I couldn’t contain it anymore. With a deep gasp, everything went white as I had a magnificent release. He released my clit and withdrew his fingers, tasting them. Our eyes made contact as he licked them clean of me.

“I have to give you another one like that. When you do it yourself, you usually cum twice. I have to give you three. I want to leave you with a good impression.” He flashed his smile.

My eyes went wide and I quickly sat up and moved away from him.

“I don’t think I can handle that right now. You don’t have to worry about leaving me with a good impression. You already did,” I panted.

He grinned wider at me and wiped his mouth and chin.

“I don’t think I’ve ever cum quite like that before.”

“You don’t have to gas me up.” He laughed as he crawled beside me.

“I’m serious. I don’t think I’ve ever.” I fell on my back and looked in his eyes, feeling completely sated. The nagging feeling I came here with was virtually non-existent now.

“You look…relaxed,” he spoke softly.

“I am.” I cupped his cheek. “Thanks.” A smile crept up my face.

“You…you can stay the night if you want,” he spoke hesitantly. “I wouldn’t mind the company.”

I pretended to think about his offer. I had every intention on staying but he didn’t need to know that. “Thanks. I think I will.”

He smiled and slid off the bed leaving me for a minute. I watched him head to the bathroom and return with a washcloth. He handed it to me to clean my belly before going to his bag in the corner. He pulled out the grey shirt I commented on earlier. Popping the tags, he handed it to me.

“Here, you can sleep in this. It should be comfortable.”


I pulled the short-sleeved shirt over my head and slid off the bed. The shirt stopped right below my butt. I pulled back the covers on the other bed, the unused bed, and got in. He joined me.

“Anything in particular you want to watch on the TV?” he asked as he settled in beside me.

“Whatever channel it’s on now is fine,” I yawned closing my eyes.

KZ didn’t hold me like I half expected him to but his presence beside me was enough to give the illusion that I had someone significant in my life even if it was just for tonight. It was enough to fool my heart and satiate the loneliness I’d been plagued with for some time as sleep pulled me under into an unconscious state.

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