Fated Exchange

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The dull hum of the TV pulled me out of my unconscious state. My eyes fluttered opened as I looked around the tropical themed room. Rolling over onto my back, I looked out the window. The sun was shining bright in the room. It was then I noticed I was alone. I briefly wondered where KZ was but dismissed the thought when I remembered what we did last night. The feelings and emotions running through my body put me on a high that I don’t ever recall feeling after sleeping with someone. The exhilaration of giving my body to him was a feeling I wanted to experience again. The desperation and passion displayed last night, coupled with the dull throbbing coming from my muscles only excited me more. Sitting up, I picked up his pillow and clutched it to my chest, inhaling his scent. His scent was that of an expensive cologne that was made just for my nose alone. The door clicked and opened, startling me.

“Good morning,” he smiled showing me brilliant white teeth. He was dressed in a solid black tee, blue jeans and sneaks. He had a plastic bag in one hand and a bottle of orange juice in the other. The smell of bacon hit my nose.

“Good morning to you, too.”

“How did you sleep?”

“Good. You?”

“Good.” He gave me that infectious smile again.

I smiled along too.

“Is something wrong with the pillow?” he asked raising an eyebrow and grinning wider.

“No,” I said too quickly and threw the pillow down. “So what’s in the bag? Smells good.”

“Breakfast for us.”

I eyed him curiously. He bought me breakfast. I knew KZ was sweet and had great manners but this was all so unexpected. “Thank you,” I blushed and spoke with a great deal of sincerity.

“I rocked your world last night. I owe you breakfast. Gotta build that strength back up.”

“You did not rock my world.”

“Those screams said otherwise,” he chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and he laughed harder.

“Let me freshen up, Mr. World Rocker,” I spoke sarcastically.

“I got a toothbrush from the front desk and there’s some toothpaste in the bathroom.”

“Thanks again.”

I scurried off the bed, gathered my discarded clothes, grabbed my purse and went into the bathroom. All this politeness from him was affecting me in a way I couldn’t put my finger on. I quickly showered, brushed my teeth and put on my clothes, including the bra and panties I packed. I ran my hands through my gold hair to untangle some knots and walked out.

KZ lay across the bed flipping through the limited channels. We sat together and ate. KZ bought a short stack of pancakes with scrambled eggs and bacon for the both of us. Our conversation remained light as we criticized several cop dramas that came on TV. My phone chimed. It was Janie checking to see if I was still alive. I replied with a winking face emoji.

“Do you have to go?” KZ asked.

“Yeah, I do.”

“It’s almost noon. I’m supposed to check out but I can get another night if you want to change clothes and come back.” His voice sounded hopeful.

“That’s pretty expensive. I wouldn’t ask you to do that. I don’t want you putting out that kind of cash.”

“I don’t mind though. It’s worth it.”

“I really don’t know if I can meet up with you tonight.” I gave a weak smile.

“Oh, OK then.” He looked disappointed. “Well, I guess I’ll be heading home.”

I nodded my head. “I’ll talk with you later on tonight.”

“Yeah.” He stood up and started gathering his things.

I, too, stood and headed to my sneakers, slipping them on. I handed him the gray shirt I slept in. “Thanks for this.”

“You keep it. A memento if you will.”

“I owe you a lot now.”

“I’m not keeping tabs. You don’t owe me for anything.”

“I’m sure I do.” I didn’t like the fact that he put out so much money on me. “Dinner, let me make you dinner. Let me know what night you’re free.”

“That sounds good. But it’s not necessary.”

“Stop. Please stop. I’m supposed to be the boss here.”

“I know that whole in charge attitude you give off online is a front. By our conversations, I can tell you’re pretty relaxed.

“Is that so?” I smirked.

“Yup. You’re really chill and easy-going, may be even slightly submissive.”

“And how do you figure that?” I challenged.

“I can tell by the eromangas we read online together. The masochistic plotlines really turn you on.”

I felt the color drain from my face and I swallowed the dry lump in my throat. “I never told you that.”

He laughed. “Your moans are different when we read those. And you cum quicker.”

“Well, aren’t you observant?” I clicked my tongue, annoyed.

“Don’t get upset, Kam.”

“I’m not upset,” I rolled my eyes.

“That offer for dinner sounds great,” he smiled.

I waived my hand dismissively. His arms wrapped around my waist and he squeezed me tight. I smiled into his shoulder, where he couldn’t see. His warm body felt and smelled so good. So, he saw through my independent loner façade. That bit of information felt strangely relieving.

“I have to go, KZ. I will talk with you later.” I tilted my head up and pecked his cheek. Shrugging out of his grasp, I grabbed my purse and his shirt and strolled out the door.

“I do hope so,” I heard him yell behind me.

Not bothering to turn around, I threw a hand up as I let the sway of my hips carry me down the hall to the elevator. I didn’t really pay attention to anything during my cab ride back home. I wanted to bask in the radiance of my daring night. I stepped off the elevator and knocked on door 1612. The door whipped open right away.

“Oh, you’re back.” Janie gave me a snide tone.


She remained silent, her eyes scrutinizing me.

“I slept with him.”

“You slept with him? Well, I knew that was going to happen.”

“If you knew, why didn’t you stop me?”

“I don’t know,” she huffed. “Deep down I knew you were going to be alright. And frankly, I knew you needed some. Fingers and toys do lose their appeal after a while.”

“I was scared to death the whole way over there, you know?”

“But you felt good once you got there, right?”

I smiled.

“Was it good?”

“It was good!”

“Good. Now that you got that out of your system you can move on.”

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t know that guy. You got lucky and I would appreciate it if you never do anything so reckless again.”

“But I do know him.”

“You don’t know him well enough to be left alone with him again.”

“We talk all the time.”

“You guys talk over a computer. That doesn’t make you two friends.”

“Would it be any different if we texted each other?”

She clicked her tongue, stumped.

“I’m going to see him again, maybe not tonight. But I will see him again and more than likely I will sleep with him again if I want to.”

She rolled her eyes. “You better know what you’re doing, little girl.”

“I do know what I’m doing,” I spat annoyed. I hated when she used that condescending tone with me.

She remained silent for a long moment. “Sure you do. I’ll see you later.”

“Yup.” I waved Janie off and walked down the hall.

“I know you’re mad at me but I’m only looking out for you,” she yelled behind me.

I said nothing as my key slid into the lock and opened my door. I heard her door close. I couldn’t believe her. How could she say something like that? KZ was a nice guy. Sitting still would only leave me feeling more annoyed. I decided that I would go into work to kill some hours. I didn’t want to stick around here. I quickly dressed for work in a simple red blouse and knee length cream colored skirt, paired with red ballet flat shoes. After throwing on some makeup, I grabbed my purse and tote bag and proceeded to the lobby. I hailed a cab and slid in. Slipping in my ear buds, I settled into my ride to work.

We pulled up to the cluster of offices that made up Wright’s Business Park. I instructed the driver to take me to suite 404. I paid the man, slid out and walked into the small single story tan building.

“Hi, Melissa. How are you today?” I greeted our friendly freckled face, redheaded receptionist.

She looked up at me surprised. “Oh, Charlotte! What are you doing here today? You’re usually off on Friday’s.”

“I had some free time and decided to come in.” I lied. “I’ll be here until seven o’clock.”

“Alright. Well you have a good day,” she smiled.

“Thanks,” I waved.

I passed several pale purple cubicles as I headed to the furthest one in the back and sat down at my desk. I didn’t see many people in today. Logging on to my computer, I checked my agenda. I had ten posts that needed to be proofed. Fortunately, all I had to do was check for spelling errors today. I printed each post, adorned my magnified reading glasses and pulled out my ruler. I went line by line hunting for any misspelled words. This didn’t require too much brainpower from me. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind anyway.

I sighed when I remembered that Julie was on vacation. Julie was my work friend and chatter buddy. Without her here to talk to and distract me, I kept thinking about Janie saying I didn’t know KZ well enough. Granted I didn’t know his real name, but I had been talking with KZ for two and a half months, several nights a week, several times a day before he suggested we meet in person.

I knew many things about him. Aside from comics, he loves astronomy. And he has career goals of being a professional photographer. He sells a lot of his landscape and cityscape photos online. He really likes capturing the city skyline at dusk and dawn. KZ also displays a lot of tenacity when he explains something that interests him. Even if I have no particular interest in the subject, listening to him always captivates me. I also knew that he and his roommate, Rhett, go out for drinks every week so it’s not like he’s some socially repressed weirdo. He would even tell me about all his fails with women but those stories became less and less as we began talking more and more.

“I know KZ,” I whispered aloud.

Would meeting KZ at a bar after several drinks be better in society’s eyes? Or is going home with him after grinding my ass against his crotch all night in a dark night club more acceptable? I honestly didn’t think meeting him online was more dangerous than any other scenario. I still exercised caution. My mind couldn’t help recalling our earliest conversation.

It was very late, around three in the morning. I had just finished reading a spicy eromanga and was feeling really worked up. I was getting ready to close the lid on my laptop when I received an instant text chat message. I didn’t recognize the username. I would have ignored if it weren’t for the message.

KingZeus: Hi. I got your username from your profile on the site. I’m the guy who responded to your comment last night and then I suggested that other eromanga to read. I didn’t see a comment from you on that one and was wondering if you had a chance to check it out.

My heart thumped in my chest. I didn’t like messages from strangers but I chose not to ignore his inquiry.

KammiWithaK: Hello. Thanks for the suggestion. No, I haven’t had a chance to check it out, yet. Is it really that good?

KingZeus: Most definitely. The same person who did that other manga illustrates it but the plotline is more in depth.

KammiWithaK: Wow, now I’m intrigued. I’ll check it out right now.

After reading, I expressed my thanks again and offered a suggestion of my own. The conversation went back and forth of us suggesting different stories to read. He named a lot I’ve read and a few I’ve never even heard of and vice versa. He also wanted to know what I thought of the ones I have read. Our chat continued until sunrise.

KammiWithaK: I haven’t stayed up like this since my college days. The sun is up. What time is it in your time zone?

KingZeus: It’s 6:23am.

KammiWithaK: Wow, we’re in the same time zone. What a coincidence!

KingZeus: Yeah that’s freaky. I live in Metro City. It’s in the east, near the coast.

KammiWithaK: Metro City? Seriously?

KingZeus: Yeah. You know where that is?

KammiWithaK: Yeah, I do! I live there!

KingZeus: No way!

KammiWithaK: I know right!

KingZeus: I was digging your taste in mangas. Now I’m intrigued even more so. Is it cool if we talk tomorrow, well later tonight?

KammiWithaK: Yeah, that’s cool. I’ll talk to you then.

After that conversation, we chatted for hours at a time after midnight. Although the chats were lively, the late nights were starting to get to me. I made the leap and suggested that we logged on earlier so we had more time to talk. It was then that we exchanged our occupation as well as our general likes and dislikes and hobbies. About after a month of text chatting, KZ made a leap and suggested we audio chat. I agreed to it. I wanted to put a voice to the words I read. We exchanged usernames, which happened to be our site profile names, and started.

“Hi, Kammi,” KZ’s smooth voice invaded my ears.

“Hi, King Zeus.”

“Nice to hear your voice.”

“I hope it’s not too nasal. I’ve been told my voice is kinda nasally.”

“I think it’s fine. If you annoy me, I’ll let you know.” He laughed in my ear invoking me to do the same.

“So how was work today?”

“Same as always.”

“That’s the answer you always give me.”

“I work at an electronics store, nothing changes.”

“I know what you mean. I like my job but sometimes that shit gets boring.”

“Potty mouth. I’m sure your mom wouldn’t approve.”

My voice caught for a moment. “My mom passed away.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“I know you didn’t. I never told you. Both my mom and dad are gone actually. They died in a car crash with my best friend’s mother.”

“How long ago?”

“I was in my third year of college. Both my parents were only children and both my grandmothers died before I was born. I don’t have any siblings so now I’m completely alone.” My voice faded toward the end.

“I’m so sorry, Kammi. But you’ll never be alone. I’m here for you.” His voice was consoling and sincere.

“Thanks, King Zeus,” I paused. “KZ, I’m calling you KZ for short.”

“That’s fine with me, beautiful.”

“So, what about you? Where are your parents?”

“They are around. They live in Metro Suburbia actually.”

“That’s nice. Cherish them.”

KZ changed the subject to lighten my mood and told me about one of his favorite DC comic story arc, JLA: The Obsidian Age. I listened intently as he informed me of the events that made it such a great story. He liked the plotline and the characters involved. I didn’t know a thing about it but the way he explained the story in great detail made me feel like I read it myself.

“I love the way you explained that. You should write reviews professionally,” I spoke in a light-hearted tone.

“Thanks.” I could hear a smile in his voice.

“You like DC stuff or Marvel better?”

“I can’t choose. I never can. They both offer good stuff.”

“That’s a cop out,” I laughed in his ear.

“Yeah, so what if it is? Which one do you like best?”

I remained silent for a while before I gave my answer. “I don’t know enough about either one to make a decision.”

“Boo! And you talk about me with the cop out answers.”

We laughed together loudly.

“So it’s midnight,” I said glancing at the clock on my laptop. “Since we’re doing the audio thing, how are we going to read our pervy stories?”

He laughed. “Well I guess we could just read them like normal.”

I paused for a bit thinking how that would go. “Alright, let’s give this a try.”

We browsed our usual sites and lined up several titles to read. As we read, the chatter died down tremendously. The only time we spoke was to give a quick comment and to move on to the next one. About four titles in, I started to feel amorous. The stirring in my body and throbbing between my legs needed my attention. Moving discreetly so he wouldn’t hear any shuffling, I shed my shorts and panties and slipped a hand between my lower lips. I tried my best to keep my breathing steady but failed as a moan slipped out.

“Are you…doing that?” KZ’s voice took on a husky tone.

“Yeah,” I whispered.

“I am, too.”

“Well don’t stop,” I encouraged.

We continued to breathe heavily in each other’s ears, moaning slightly until we reached orgasm. As awkward as it was, I was excited. His breaths sounded wonderful in my ears.

“Well, that was fun,” I yawned breaking the silence.

He just laughed.

“Seriously, that was rather enjoyable. We can do that again.”

“Cool,” was his response. “Talk to you later on. I have to work the early shift so I need to get some sleep. Goodnight, Kammi.”

“Goodnight, KZ.”

I remembered that conversation greatly. I recalled pulling my headset off and closing the lid on the laptop. I was so revved up from hearing him; I pleasured myself again before closing my eyes that night.

I sighed at my memories and sighed at the feelings of fulfillment I felt when I thought of our conversations. Yeah, it was strange and out of the norm of things but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Sighing again, I looked at my watch. It was ten minutes to seven. I gathered my things and pulled out a granola bar to snack on. I logged off and compiled my proofs for the next time I would be in to work.

“Goodnight Melissa.” I waved as I headed to the door.

“Goodnight, Charlotte. Enjoy the rest of your days off,” she called out.

“Thanks,” I sung out as the door closed behind me.

I walked a block down, hailed another cab, and went home. Janie’s nagging words were still in my head and getting on my nerves. I spaced out the whole ride and up to my door. I only wanted to talk to KZ right now. On autopilot, I heated up some leftovers, switched the TV on and grabbed my laptop. Setting it down on the stand I had in front of my couch, I lifted the top, waking it up. The microwave beeped and I pulled out my shrimp and broccoli pasta. Sitting down, I logged on to check my email and chowed down on my dinner. I opened up my friend list and scanned for King Zeus’s name. My heart felt heavy when I saw the red light beside his username indicating he wasn’t on. It was times like this, when I really wanted to talk to him, that I wished I had his cell number.

Hours passed, as I did nothing. I moved from my living room to my bedroom, setting the laptop down at my workstation. The TV was on as I swiveled back and forth in my chair, not really watching it. I don’t even know what channel was on. I glanced at the clock impatiently waiting for it to read ten-thirty. Just three more minutes. I felt giddy like a little schoolgirl, but now that I have seen his face, it added a whole new aspect to us. I was beyond excited to talk to him again. And the small part of me that I’ve been trying to suppress all day wanted to think freely about china patterns. I didn’t like that he was having this effect on me. I’m sure these types of feelings were unhealthy. But I’ve never had feelings quite like this before. I’ve never been so comfortable talking with another person as I am with him. The only other person was Janie but there were things that even Janie didn’t know about me. It was mostly information about my sexual interest and curiosities but KZ knew all about them. I trusted him with that information. Looking at the chat application, I saw the green dot light up beside his username. Clicking on his name, a box opened up and I started typing.

KammiWithaK: Hey!

KingZeus: How are you tonight?

KammiWithaK: Good. Drained. I went into work today.

KingZeus: On your day off?

KammiWithaK: Yeah. I thought I would be with Janie but she made me mad and I didn’t want to hang around here.

KingZeus: That’s funny. I went into work on my day off today, too. I had nothing else to do. My plans fell through.

KammiWithaK: What happened?

KingZeus: You went home.

KammiWithaK: Oh! Sorry!

KingZeus: It’s alright. I’m still a stranger. We just met face to face for the first time.

KammiWithaK: I don’t think of you as a stranger. Do you realize we’ve been talking for over two months? That’s a long time. So what if we just seen each other for the first time yesterday, we’ve known each other for like two months.

Minutes passed before he responded to my message. I seriously wondered what was going on in his head. I wondered if his roommate was so against him spending private time with me like my best friend was with me spending private time with him.

KingZeus: Sorry. I was heating up some food. Yeah, two months is a long time. How was work today?

KammiWithaK: It was fine. Just had to check for spelling errors today. How was work for you?

KZ proceeded to type out a long paragraph about his day dealing with angry customers. Whether the person purchased the wrong item or just wasn’t that techno savvy, it was still his fault. He mentioned that he didn’t really mind the stress of it all. People will be people he typed. After that, KZ proceeded to fill me in on the latest comic stories he was reading as I told him of the three animes I wanted to start watching. Hours passed as we typed away.

KingZeus: I’m glad you came by last night. I was wondering if I scared you when I told you I got the room.

KammiWithaK: No, you didn’t scare me. I’m never scared, just cautious. There are some crazies out there. But I’m glad I took a chance. I’m glad of everything that happened last night.

KingZeus: I am, too.

KammiWithaK: Makes me wonder, though. Was it all planned?

KingZeus: No. I’m not lucky enough for that to have happened even if I planned it out. Something would have gone wrong. At best, I was hoping to maybe cop a feel.

KammiWithaK: Oh, really?

KingZeus: Yeah, you got a nice body.

KammiWithaK: ........ :-)

KingZeus: So I was wondering, how about instead of audio chatting tonight, we video chat??

KammiWithaK: You want to video chat…while we read?

KingZeus: …No…

KammiWithaK: Tell me what you want to do then.

KingZeus: I want to watch you.

KammiWithaK: Watch me, like you did last night??

KingZeus: Yup.

KammiWithaK: You know, I don’t think I’ve ever used my Webcam before.

KingZeus: That’s sad :-D

KammiWithaK: Oh, excuse me! I don’t have a reason to watch people. How many women are you watching??

KingZeus: Just you ;-)

KammiWithaK: Stop winking at me :-) What’s your username?

KingZeus: Same.

I closed the text chat application and clicked on the appropriate Webcam application. I typed in his username and was rewarded with the image of his gorgeous face.

“Can you see me?” I asked him through the microphone of my headset.

“Yes, I can beautiful.”

“What did I say about flattery?” I laughed.

He laughed back in my ear.

“So, since you suggested this, tell me what you want. This is your show. Or rather I’m your show.”

I heard him sigh in my ear and his lips curved into a peculiar smile. “That’s…kind of creepy don’t you think?”

“It’s not creepy. It’s adventurous. I’m putting myself in your control.” I spoke in a low sultry tone to ease his opinion on the matter all the while trying to hide my excitement. This would do well for my masochism interests.

His eyes softened. “Alright. I’m in control. Uh…get naked.”

“Starting off bold right away.” I took off my headset and stripped down slowly in front of the camera. I sat back down in my chair naked, placing my headset back on. “Done.”

“Damn,” he drawled.

“You just want me to sit here?”

“No, but I’m not sure what to do or say.”

“So you’re just going to leave me here dripping wet?”

“You’re wet?”

“I could be,” I purred.

He shifted in his chair. I saw him discreetly touch his clothed crotch.

“Well, what you could do is ask me how I’m feeling right now. And I could tell you that right now, at this very moment, I want to slide your cock inside my mouth. I want to feel every inch of you fill up my little mouth while I suck like a greedy little girl.”

“Shit,” he grunted.

“Maybe you could tell me to touch my breasts and play with my nipples the exact way I want you to touch them while you make me watch you stroke your cock?” I did as I described and started pinching my nipples.

KZ pulled his headset off and quickly stood, ripping off his shirt before dropping his pants. His fully erect shaft bobbed into view. I watched him adorn his headset as he sat down. His shaft quickly disappeared, his hand covering it with his stroking.

“Maybe now you could tell me to slide my hand down and tell you how wet I am for you right now? Then make me slide only one finger in to tease myself.”

“Do that,” he breathed out.

I moaned as I did. “I’m so wet, baby.”

I heard him groan in my ear. We continued to pleasure ourselves while we watched the other. I was so turned on by this. I marveled at how watching another while being watched excited me so. My muscles fluttered as I rubbed my jewel but I wanted more. Watching him stroke himself made me want more. My moans were becoming louder now.

“You sound so beautiful, beautiful. Moan more for me,” he breathed.

I allowed myself to moan freely, unabashed, excited by him telling me in his winded voice.

“Maybe you could give me permission to act freely right now?” I prompted.

“What do you want to do?”

“Something that will make us both happy.” I fought through my moans to get those words out.

“You have my permission,” he groaned.

I took my headset off and left his view briefly. I rushed to my nightstand and pulled out something I was sure he would like. Sitting back in front of my computer, I put my headset back on. With my legs spread, knees over the handles of the chair, I showed him my dildo.

“I bought this ’cause it reminded me of you, long, brown and thick.”

“Shit. For real!” I heard him blurt out in my ear.

I used the head to tease my clit briefly before easing it inside me. “Taking this inside me reminds me of when you were inside me. I can feel my walls stretching to take you all in.” I moaned out more. “You feel so good.”

I looked at my screen to watch him stroke himself roughly. His breathing increased greatly. I started moving my toy in and out of me too quickly, panting at the sudden sensations. “Too fast, baby. You’re gonna make me cum soon.”

“Shit,” he breathed again. His motions reached an even greater speed. “Don’t slow down.”

I moved even faster to add to our fantasy. “My legs are trembling, baby. You feel so good pounding me.” I gasped remembering the feeling of his thighs slamming against mine last night. My body shook violently.

“Damn, girl,” he grunted harshly.

Recognizing that sound, my eyes immediately stared intently at the screen. I could see his body tense. He grunted again. I saw the white ribbons shoot from the tip of his cock like a volcano. He blew out a harsh breath and I halted my motions, taking the toy out of me. I watched him with a smile on my face, his softening member resting on his thigh.

“I like the mess you made. I wish that was on my tits.” I used my sultry voice to tease him more.

He sighed and sat up looking around. I saw him use the shirt he had on earlier to wipe his stomach and thighs.

“You feel good?” I asked knowing the answer.

“Yup! That was nice.” He paused a moment. “Did you really buy that dildo this afternoon?”

I giggled. “Nope. I bought it soon after we started audio chatting and you told me your ethnicity, not after we…you know.”

“What the hell, girl,” he laughed. “That’s a tease.”

“It’s not teasing. Sex shows are all about the fantasy,” I laughed. “You should still feel honored. I bought it with you in mind.”

“With me in mind?”

“Yeah, I figured why not,” I shrugged.

“So you like being a tease, huh?” he asked me smiling.

“Maybe,” I drawled out as I flicked the tip of my tongue across my fingertip.

“You weren’t much of a tease last night. You were more of a pussy cat than a tiger.”

“I’m not a pussy cat.”

“You are, pussy cat. And I’ll show you just how much the next time I see you. I’ll have you begging.”

I shivered at his threat and throbbed with anticipation. I clicked my tongue and rolled my eyes. “When can you come over for dinner?”

“Is it just for dinner?”

“Shut up!” I let loose a hearty laugh. “When can you?” I asked again.

“Tomorrow is good.”

I licked my lips. My hormones were getting the better of me. I felt giddy again, more so than when he first asked could we meet in person.

“Oh, hey,” he spoke gaining my attention. “You didn’t cum.”

“Hhmmm, I didn’t, did I? I think I’ll let you handle that after we have dinner,” I purred.

“And handle I shall, pussy cat.”

I giggled and he chuckled in response with a yawn mixed in.

“Bed time?” I asked.

“Unfortunately. I have to stop into work for a bit to cover Steve’s shift in the morning.”

“But I thought you took Thursday off to have a four day weekend like me. It’s bad enough we both went into work today.”

“I know but he said he has a doctor’s appointment and there’s really no one else to cover the shift.”

“It’s a good thing you didn’t leave the city, but seriously, a doctor’s appointment on a Saturday?”

“I questioned that too but, that’s what he says.”

“For how long?”

“Four hours. Ten to two.”

“Not too bad. But four hours for a doctor visit? Sounds like fraud.”

“It really does but I don’t mind. I can use the extra money. Got some things in the works.” He smiled broadly, making me blush and smile back in return. “So, I’ll see you tomorrow. How’s seven o’clock?”

“Sounds great. I’ll see you then.” I blew him a kiss and exited out of my Webcam application.

Beaming like a grade-school-girl, I locked up the house. I twirled around my empty home smiling at vases and wall hangings. I was starting to scare myself but I liked it. The dull throb in my core was still present but I was resigned until waiting for tomorrow. After taking off my makeup, I flopped on the bed. The words “handle, I shall” looped in my ears causing my muscles to pulse. But the words “got some things in the works” also stood out to me. I wondered what that could be. Maybe he wanted to get another hotel room. I sighed into my pillow as I drifted off to sleep feeling curious and super optimistic for tomorrow.

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