Fated Exchange

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A violent motion jostled me awake. Rolling over I looked at the back of my…buddy. I didn’t really know what title to give KZ. The word friend seemed too small. Besides, I wasn’t one to sleep with my friends. I knew to introduce him as my friend to others but to myself, I didn’t know. I didn’t know if the title of boyfriend applied, either. The word boyfriend seemed too small for the way I felt when I thought of him. But, what I did know was that I wasn’t going to bring it up. I am not a go with the flow type of individual but I would have to with this situation because the answer I wanted more than likely was not the answer I was going to get. And that scared me. I knew this wasn’t more than what it was on the surface but I didn’t want to hear him tell me so. I couldn’t handle that right now and that scared me, too. I didn’t like that one bit.

I rolled over and eased out of bed. Grabbing my robe, I headed to the bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face to get rid of last night’s makeup and these deep thoughts. If I ignored them and just focused on the surface, I could just enjoy what was here now. Skimming the surface, I focused on the fact that there was a good-looking man snoring in my bed right now. I would not let my mind move deeper to acknowledge the fact that he came back to me last night. If I focused on him feeling guilty that I stayed with him our first night and he was ditching me, I didn’t have to delve deeper and think about the pained look in his eyes when he realized I wanted him to stay. If I only focus on the surface, I won’t have to acknowledge the way he looks at me and the way it brings elation to my heart. And more importantly, if I only focus on the surface, I won’t have to acknowledge the way I feel when he’s not in my presence. “Just the surface,” I chanted to myself over and over again in the mirror.

I entered my room to find KZ looking at his phone.

“Good morning,” he smiled looking my way.

“Good morning to you, too.” I returned his smile. “I don’t have an extra toothbrush or anything like that but I can wash your clothes if you like.”

“Thanks, but don’t worry about the clothes. And I brought my toothbrush with me. I got it when I went back home.”

“Oh OK. Well the toothpaste is on the counter.”

“Thanks.” He spoke as he threw on his boxers and went to the bathroom.

I sat on the bed waiting for him to return. My mind seemed to be against my whole just the surface plan. The thought of domestication entered my mind. I quickly shook that away. KZ emerged from the bathroom. He flopped on the bed beside me.

“So, I was thinking since I came to your home, maybe you could come to mine. And Rhett will be home tonight so you can meet him, too.”

I nodded my head. “I do wanna meet Rhett. He seems like a cool guy, especially since he was on my side.”

“Yeah, he is,” he chuckled. “Unfortunately, I can’t make you dinner or nothing like that. So it’ll just be drinks.”

“Why can’t you make me dinner?”

“Well it’s not that I can’t, I just don’t want to.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“I…I’ve never cooked an actual meal for a woman and I would much rather Rhett not be there when I do.”

I was silent for a moment. “Alright. Drinks it is. What time is good for you?”

“Is nine OK?”

“Yeah, nine is fine.”

“I’ll give you my address now. I probably won’t be online much today. I got some errands to run. And I have to finish helping Rhett.”

“I thought you did that last night?”

“Only part of it. He needs my help with some other stuff. He tends to procrastinate and has a ton of stuff to book and confirm for a shindig he’s having tomorrow.”

I grabbed my phone to input KZ’s address. “What’s your address?”

“Sky Creek High-rise Apartments. Apartment 410.”

“Sky Creek is on the opposite end of the city. You went all the way across town and back last night? That’s like thirty minutes one way.”

“Yeah, well you wanted me to stay with you.”

I chose not to delve deeper into that and kept it at the surface. “Aren’t you sweet,” I smiled. “So, breakfast?”

He took my hands in his. “I’m really, really sorry but I have to go now to help Rhett.”

“Alright. No problem.”

His eyebrow arched.

“I mean it. It’s fine. I’m fine. I get to see you tonight s….” The words were out my mouth before I could even think about trying to spin them. My face wore a horrified expression.

KZ grinned brightly at me. “Thanks for understanding.”

His hands slid away from mine and he dressed himself. I walked out the room toward to the front door. KZ came out soon after.

“So, I’ll see you tonight.” He stopped in front of me.

“Yup.” I looked up into his light brown eyes. They wore the same perplexity as last night. His lips pressed against my forehead just like last night.

“See ya,” he opened the door and left.

I watched him walk down the hall and turn the corner to the elevators. Walking back inside, a grin found its way to my lips. “Just the surface,” I sang out to my empty home as a warning to my heart. With no urgency, I loitered around the house. I took a shower, dressed in some shorts and tank top, and focused on not delving too deep. And when I was tired of that, I headed down to Janie’s.

“Where’s pumpkin?”

“Down for a nap.”

We hung out in the kitchen gossiping with music playing in the background. Janie was cooking dinner. I took a seat at her breakfast bar and watched.

“Isn’t it late for her to be taking a nap?” I asked noting the time.

“It is. I won’t let her sleep long. But we went for a walk earlier and she tired herself out. Randall will be here at eight to get her so I have to have her nice and full so she can fall asleep on the drive there. I’m so glad this is it. They will be back on Wednesday.”

“Me, too. You get to have your family back.”

“I know. Although, I did love the quiet time,” she giggled.

“Hey, why didn’t you tell me you were going for a walk?”

“I didn’t know if you were still entertaining your guest.” She gave me a snide grin.

“Are you really mad?”

“No, I’m just looking out for your safety. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I’m trying not to,” I smiled. “But I like him.”

Janie halted her movements, looking at me.

“You like him or you like the sex?”


“Why do you like him so much? You just met him last Thursday.”

“I just seen him for the first time last Thursday but I’ve been talking with him for two months.”

“Does he count that time?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Don’t you think you should know? What if you’re having fun and making connections and all the while he’s plotting to kill you?”

“He’s not like that. I know people have ulterior motives but that could be said about anyone.”

“Alright. I’ll believe you when you say he’s not a creeper or weirdo. But what if he just got lucky and fell into a nice piece of ass.”

I shrugged casting my eyes downward. I didn’t have answers to her questions because they were the same questions I had and I was afraid of the answers. Her voice interrupted my thoughts.

“But you like him?”


“Well don’t you think you should have answers?”

Words didn’t come to my mouth.

“You wanna stay for dinner? The Hamburger Helper is almost done.”

“Sure,” I paused hesitantly. “I’m going to his house tonight.”

Her back was to me at this point but I saw the tension in her body. She didn’t say anything so I continued.

“He wants to introduce me to his roommate.”

“It should be easier to chop your body up into little tiny pieces with two guys. Or maybe he’s planning to sell you.”

“Or maybe he likes me and just wants me to meet his friend.” My tone was laced with a bit of annoyance.

Janie turned around with a tiny smile on her face. “Alright, I’ll stop. Please make sure you keep your phone on you, answer my texts, and bring your blade and mace.”

“Yes, mom.”

“What’s his address?”

“Sky Creek Apartments, 410.”

“You mean I have to fly across the city to save you.”

“You don’t need to save me. I’ll be fine. You don’t even text me throughout the night, you know.”

She huffed. “I know I don’t. Deep down I know your body is safe. I’m trying to guard your heart. You fall for guys way too easy but they never fall with you.” She sat a plate down in front of me. “I’ll be right back. Let me go wake pumpkin.”

My thoughts took me back to my past encounters with one-sided love. I did give my heart and body way too easily. But if I don’t put myself out there, what do I gain?

“Aunt Char! Are you having dinner with us?” Sasha’s tiny voice interrupted my thoughts.

“Yes, pumpkin.” I got off my bar stool and put her in the seat beside me while Janie put a plate in front of her.

The three of us ate and giggled loudly. Sasha was funny. She was so tiny and needed help but refused, insisting she did everything on her own. She always put a smile on my face.

“Thanks for the meal, Jay. I have to get ready.” I turned to Sasha. “I’ll see you next time. You be a good girl for daddy, OK?”

“OK. Love you, Aunt Char.”

“Love you, too, pumpkin.” I kissed her on the forehead. “I’ll let myself out, Jay.”

“See ya. And be safe. See you in the morning.”

“’Night,” I waved and left.

I entered my home and went straight to the bathroom to freshen up and change. A pair of blue skinny jeans and a black scoop neck three-quarter length sleeve shirt found its way on my body. I grabbed my favorite pair of ankle booties and zipped them up. I put the necessary essentials in my purse and set out to my destination. The cab ride was way too long for my antsy state but soon I was there. I gave two strong knocks on door 410. Brown eyes and a beaming smile greeted me.

“Hello.” KZ’s voice was soft and low.

“Hi,” I smiled feeling a sense of relief wash over me.

Our eyes locked in an intense stare before movement behind him caught my attention. A tall, lean man approached us. His fair skin contrasted beautifully against his dark mustache and goatee. He was very attractive, like a male model with striking features. His dark slacks and light grey button downed collared shirt added to the clean look he was giving off.

“Don’t be rude now. Invite this lovely creature inside.” His deep charming voice penetrated my ears.

KZ stepped to the side and allowed me inside to their large living space. Dark brown furniture and shelving sat atop plush wall to wall white carpeting. Abstract paintings and beautiful vases littered the room that looked like it belonged in a furniture store showroom rather than belonging to two young bachelors.

“Kammi, this is Rhett. Rhett, Kammi.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” I smiled.

Taking hold of my hand, Rhett placed a tender kiss. “The pleasure is all mine. Forgive me but you are absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know how he stands to be away from you for a second.” His eyes slivered up and down my body.

The heat rushed to my cheeks. “Honestly, I don’t know how either.” I gave him a crooked smile, my conceit leaking through.

“Alright, let’s not gang up on me.”

“Please have a seat,” Rhett offered leading me to the small leather sofa.

“Kammi, would you like a drink?” KZ asked.

“Yes, please.”

“Damn, you are gorgeous.” Rhett spoke as he took a seat beside me in a matching leather chair.

“Thank you. You’re very good looking yourself.” I couldn’t resist the urge to flirt with him.

“What is this? You trying to take her from me?” KZ returned setting three glasses of some kind of alcoholic cocktail on the oval coffee table before taking a seat beside me.

“Is she actually yours?”

I looked at Rhett’s smirking face before turning to look at KZ. His expression seemed rather annoyed. I waited patiently for the answer. Rhett chuckled loudly.

“You’re funny,” was all KZ responded with before drinking from his glass. I followed suit.

“I’m not sure this guy could even handle me if I was his.” I smirked in KZ’s direction.

“Ouch!” Rhett laughed.

The three of us talked and laughed while consuming several cocktails. KZ and Rhett shared several stories and exploits from their shared past. The two of them grew up together and had been friends since grade school. KZ started school a year late due to his birthday and Rhett was skipped ahead two grades due to his intellect. This made Rhett the target for bullying but KZ protected him. The two parted ways after high school. KZ attended a college out of state and earned an associate’s degree while Rhett stayed here, putting some business courses under his belt. However, Rhett’s love of parties and alcohol kept him from getting his degree. After college, KZ came back home needing to find work and held several jobs before applying for manager at the electronic store.

“Actually, he came back home because Vanessa Hannon dumped him.” Rhett laughed loudly.

“Come on, don’t talk about Vanessa,” KZ’s words came out a little slurred.

“Who’s Vanessa?” The alcohol made the pitch in my voice higher.

“Vanessa Hannon was his high school and college girl for six years. But she dumped him when he couldn’t find work straight out of school and ran off with some doctor. This guy was so heart-broken, he became a recluse and locked himself away for over half a year,” Rhett spoke.

“That was a long time ago.” KZ shook his head. “She didn’t like that I’m into comics and shit. She said it was childish. We had nothing in common anyway. I don’t even know why I was attracted to her.”

I could feel the pain coming through KZ’s words. I glanced at him before Rhett’s voice pulled my eyes away.

“I know why you were attracted to her. It was that ass. This girl had a colossal ass,” Rhett laughed wildly. “I’m more of a breast man myself.” He blatantly gawked at my cleavage. “And you, my dear, have something we both like. If he keeps moving so slow, I may have to step in and snatch you up.”

I leaned toward Rhett, giving him an eyeful. “Maybe he needs a nudge.” My finger seductively ran across my bottom lips.

“Do you two want to be alone?” KZs voice was harsher than I’ve ever heard and it amused me greatly.

“That’s what I’m looking for. Show me you want her or else we’ll have to share her.”

“The only thing I’m sharing with you is the rent. Now back off.”

Rhett threw his hands up as I giggled uncontrollably. “I like when you boys fight over me.”

“That’s a war I would wage over and over again for you, my dear.” Rhett grabbed my hand and kissed it again.

“What did I just say to you?” KZ nearly shouted.

“I can’t help myself. This woman is gorgeous. Does he not tell you this?” Rhett asked me.

“I do tell her and she scolds me but I see you get free passes,” KZ interjected.

“This is my first time meeting Rhett. He can have several passes.” I laughed more.

“Whatever.” KZ got up to refill our glasses.

“So what is it that you do for a living besides flirt with gorgeous women?” I asked.

“I do life for a living while flirting with gorgeous women. Having fun while meeting exotic women in exotic locations is my occupation.”

KZ sat back down handing us our drinks. “This man has stepped foot on six continents.”

“Wow. That must be nice.”

“All in a day’s work but there’s nothing like being home. Plus, I have to take care of this guy. He’s like a brother to me. And I hope you can take care of him, too.”

“If he’ll let me,” I whispered to Rhett.

A small smile came to his lips as I watched his eyes cut toward KZ. He shot a look to him before smiling wider at me.

“I’m glad you weren’t too mad at him for leaving you last night. I told him not to come back here but he’s a stubborn one.”

“I told you I didn’t think she would be comfortable,” KZ spoke defending himself.

“And I told you, you have to be bold for the things you want.”

The two of them argued as if I wasn’t sitting between them. I had no qualms about it, though. I enjoyed being a spectator while sipping my drink.

“You need to listen to me more. People get rewarded for being daring in life and you were thoroughly rewarded.” Rhett gestured toward me.

“He was. I’m a catch and a half,” I added.

“That you are, my dear, and I’m glad ’cause this guy is terrible at flirting. And he’s a bad wingman. You should have seen him around these women and it was only getting worse. We went out on a double date and this woman was throwing herself at him but he ignored her completely. He ruined the night for everyone and didn’t even care. But, I discovered the reason why he was so distracted. He was talking to another woman.” Rhett’s head inclined toward me.

“That’s so mean. What woman could have had you so distracted that you ignore a chick who’s trying to give it to you?” I asked KZ, laughing hard.

Both of them fell silent and eyed me strangely as if I was missing something important. KZ’s eyebrow arched.


Still they said nothing.


KZ shook his head while Rhett just laughed.

“Why are you two looking at me like I’m stupid?”

“I think she’s buzzed enough and on that note I’m out. Seal the deal my pupil.”

“You know I’ve sealed the deal twice already.

“Go for the hat trick,” he chuckled and stood up.

My face flushed at their conversation. “Goodnight, Rhett.” I sung in a high-pitched tone. “It was really nice meeting you.”

“Same here, gorgeous,” he came over to place another kiss on my hand. “See you in the morning.” He spoke to KZ before disappearing into his room.

“You were trying to get me drunk to take advantage of me?” I grinned.

“Maybe,” his voice purred.

“You know that’s not necessary,” I purred back.

The sound of Rhett’s door closing seemed to bring on a great silence. I felt like we were the only two in the universe as I became overly aware of KZ’s presence beside me. I turned to him just as he was moving to look at me. Our wordless gaze went on for endless seconds before he broke the silence.

“Do you wanna go listen to some music?”

I smiled and nodded my head. We both stood. I felt wobbly from sitting for so long and from the alcohol. He caught me in my moment of off-balance.

“You OK?”

“Yup,” I grinned standing up and grabbing my purse.

“Did you drink too much?”

“Nope,” I sang out feeling tingly.

He smiled also and grabbed my hand leading me to his room.

I didn’t know what to expect but I didn’t expect what I saw. His room was a nice size for a two-bedroom apartment. The white walls were littered with wall hangings. There were posters of different comic book covers and some blown up photos of our city skyline. His full size bed to the left of us was covered by a dark blue and green checkered duvet with dark blue pillowcases. He only had a headboard, no footboard. He also only had one night table as his bed was pushed against the wall. The closet directly in front of the bed was a nice size and full of tote bins at the bottom. His workstation was on the opposite wall of his bed just like mine. One of his black dressers was to the right of his bed with the flat TV on top and the other shared the wall with his headboard. On top of that one, was a nice music dock for an Apple device. Aside from the posters and photos on the walls, he had several ledges for statutes, figurines and collectibles. There was also a large black bookcase with seven shelves full of comics and manga. He caught me observing his collection.

“A lot, right?” his voice came from right behind me.

I shook my head. “I like it. It shows your passion and appreciation for it all. There’s nothing childish about this.”

I turned around coming face to face with him. His proximity startled me. I didn’t realize he was that close. “So where’s the music?” I asked after another bout of staring at each other.

He pulled out his Apple iPod from his pocket. “Any requests?”

I stuck my hand out. “I’ll be the DJ.”

I scrolled through his selections. There was a good amount of music from multiple genres. I knew most of his music. Spotting one of my favorite songs, I sat the device on the dock and pushed play. The melody of Time Travel by Daley filled my ears.

“The sound is amazing. It’s so surrounding. You could get lost in this,” I awed.

“Thanks. I had to make sure the sound quality was good.”


“To drown out the noise.” He pointed in the direction of Rhett’s room. “Music and the TV give us privacy when we have company.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Oh, really?”

“Yeah, Rhett’s guests are always loud, like they’re shrieking. It sounds awful. I don’t know how he deals with that,” he laughed.

“I wonder what he says about you and your guests.”

“With work and all, I haven’t had guests in a while.” He sat down on the bed eyeing me.

I started to listen to my song and let the music move my hips in a sensual rhythm. Feeling his eyes on me, I turned my back to him and continued dancing. My hips rocked and swayed side to side. My pelvis and waist twisted seductively, beckoning him. My fingers played in my gold locks teasingly. Looking over my shoulder, our eyes met again. I smiled enticingly. KZ stood up and walked behind me. I braced myself for his touch but he went to the dresser to play something else since my song was ending. The song he played had my heart racing. The sexy voice of Ginuwine singing So Anxious filled my ears. Flicking the light off, he pulled me close to him. The blue light from the dock gave the room a nice glow.

“Do you dance?” I asked.

“Not really,” he whispered as his arms encircled my waist. Instinctively my arms went around his neck and his face went to the crook of my neck.

Completely flushed against each other, we swayed in his room. The bit of alcohol left in me had my eyes low but my vision remained clear. My leg bumped into his bed. I didn’t realize we turned around and he was backing us up. Losing my balance, I plopped down on the bed. He moved slowly and sat down beside me. He brought my ankle up to his lap and unzipped my boot.

“Why do you still have your shoes on?” He spoke in a low volume, pulling it off.

“You didn’t tell me to take them off.”

“You need to get more comfortable.” He repeated his motions and removed the other one. I watched his eyes roam up and down my legs. “Do you want to get even more comfortable?” he asked.

Another sensual melody invaded my ears as I nodded my response. Leaning back on my elbows, his hands slid up my thighs to the button on my jeans. Undoing it, he slid my jeans down my legs slowly.

“I see you have on panties this time.” He gave me a small smile.

“I wanted to show you I do own some.” I sat up and pulled my top over my head to reveal the matching bra. I stood up in front of him so he could see. The burgundy and black bra and hipster cut panties complemented my skin tone and shape nicely. “Do you like? They’re brand new, never been worn. I popped the tag on them this afternoon.”

“You could have just bought these.”

I shook my head. “They’ve been in my drawer just waiting for the right occasion.”

He delighted my senses with a smirk this time. “This is the right occasion?”

My voice refused to come forth as I just gazed in his eyes.

“I like them a lot,” he whispered.

KZ pulled me to him, his hands on my hips. My hands rested atop his shoulders. His lips pressed gently to the skin beside my navel. My breathing sped. He kissed along the helm of my panties. My fingers pressed into his shoulders. Our gaze locked again. I licked my lips to rid myself of the chapped feeling from breathing heavily. KZ stood up, towering over me now that my boots were off. He pulled his shirt over his head and stepped out of his sneakers. His eyes bore into mine.

“You are…so beautiful.”

My eyes soften hearing his declaration.

“No objection this time?”

I slowly shook my head as we leaned into each other, our lips finally melding. Our kiss was gentle, sensual in delivery. My arms laced around his neck and his arms came around my waist, pulling me closer. Our lips moved together in perfect harmony. I felt his tongue touch my lips. I eagerly opened my lips to allow his tongue to probe my mouth. A moan came from me as I tasted him. His tongue moved across mine sending electric currents throughout my body. I moaned into his mouth again and he moaned back in response. We parted briefly only to join again, our lips meshing several times until we were panting for air. Our eyes locked again. It was too dark for me to see his brown irises but his gaze was intense all the same.

Suddenly, he turned me roughly and I fell back onto his bed with a bounce. KZ stepped out of his jeans and hurriedly crawled over me. We kissed again, this time with a demanding need. My hands palmed his cheeks and caressed his neck. His pelvis pushed into me and I felt his stiff rod. My hips rose to meet his movements. Both of our breathing increased the longer our lips met. My lower muscles began to flutter, my body begging for him. I moaned out when I felt fingers dance down my side toward my hip. He squeezed and massaged the supple flesh. His lips left mine and moved down my neck. He brought his hand back up to rub my breasts through the fabric of my bra. I wriggled under him. My fingers moved across his shoulders and chest. Sliding one hand down, I caressed his clothed shaft. His mouth nipped the flesh of one of my breast. He maneuvered his body to reach under me to unhook my bra, discarding the article onto the floor. Slipping my hand inside his boxers, I grabbed his stiff shaft firmly and glided my hand up and down. His groan reverberated through my chest from his lips. His lips latched onto one of my hardened nipples as his fingers pinched the other. I moved faster on him. Using my free hand, I slipped it into my panties and pleasured myself. He sucked and licked feverishly on my flesh. I moaned out. A groan slipped through his lips and he bucked into my hand. His lips abruptly covered mine. I sighed into his heated kiss. Both my hands came back up. He quickly grabbed the hand I used on myself and licked my fingers. Moans sang from me as his tongue moved around my fingers. He released me and sat back on his knees. My eyes immediately went to his shaft that slipped through the split in his boxers, marveling at his impressive stature. He caught me staring. Instead of smiling like I thought he would, he quickly pulled his boxers down under his hips. He grabbed the helm of my panties and pulled them down, removing both altogether. His face went to the junction between my thighs. His tongue moved hurriedly against me, lapping at my throbbing jewel. My thighs pressed against the sides of his face and my fingers massaged his scalp. His hands caressed my hips and stomach, making my back arch against his touch.

“KZ,” I moaned over and over again.

KZ sat up, smacking my thigh. “Get up.”

I sat up waiting for instructions.

“Sit on my face.”

I grinned in excitement. I moved so he could lay flat on the bed. I climbed on top of him, lowering to his lips. He kissed my sensitive folds before delving deep inside. His tongue roughly moved against all of me, from my clit to my wet slit. Whimpers left my body as my hips rocked back and forth. His hands latched onto my hips holding me down. His twitching shaft caught my eye. Licking my lips, I took him into my wet mouth. Setting a quick pace, my lips glided up and down the smooth skin of his erection. His fingers dug into my hips, pushing me further down onto his face. I shuddered as he moaned into me making me moan around his shaft. Soon all I heard was the suckling sounds we made together. His hard rod in my mouth made me excited and the wonderful service he was giving made me wetter. My walls pulsed faster.

I sat up and rocked my hips harder against his face; an orgasm was on the edge. He squeezed my butt before smacking. I moved off him. KZ sat up and wiped his mouth. Sitting on my butt, I spread my legs invitingly. He leaned over and opened the top drawer of his nightstand pulling out something. He tore the tiny square in half, taking out its contents. He rolled the condom down his rod. I laid my head on one of his pillows. He positioned himself between my legs. Kissing me deeply, he eased his way inside me. I squirmed and moaned. Our lips parted.

“You feel so good, baby.” He licked my ear as he spoke to me.

“You feel good, too, baby.”

His pace was slow and deep as he took my body to new heights of ecstasy. My fingers dug into his back. My hips moved to meet his thrusts as we worked together. He moaned Kammi in my ear constantly and I chanted his name aloud. My body tensed and my muscles tightened as my climax fell onto my body. A harsh moan ripped its way out of me as my world went white. My Kegel muscles convulsed. KZ grunted into my neck and I felt him twitch several times inside of me, emptying himself. We panted together as we stared into each other’s eyes. My head tilted up, capturing his lips once more, my tongue sliding out to taste him. KZ slowly pulled out of me. Reaching between us, he removed the condom, tossing it in the wastebasket beside the bed. Still overtop of me, he smiled down.

“So, do you need money for a cab?”

My eyes widened, my jaw fell slack and my body went cold.

“I’m just playing,” he chuckled.

I shoved him in the shoulder. “That’s not funny.”

KZ shifted to my left side. “I’m sorry, beautiful.”

“What did I tell you about all that flattery?”

“It’s not flattery. It’s the truth. You really are beautiful. Plus, I still don’t know your real name.”

I rolled completely to my side looking him head on. “Thanks. You’re pretty beautiful yourself.” A small smile tugged my lips. “And I don’t know your real name either.”

His eyebrows rose expectantly.

“I think I’ll keep that a secret still…so you can keep calling me beautiful.”

He gave me his famous smile. “Alright, beautiful.”

A sigh left my body. “I feel clammy.”

“That’s cause of the alcohol.”

“I know.”

“Do you wanna shower?”

A crooked smile spread across my face. “If you shower with me. Wash my back, I wash yours.”


We ventured out into the dark hall in the nude. KZ assured me Rhett was sleep for the night, having locked up the house and outing the lights after we went to the room. Their bathroom was smaller than mine but still a functional size for two people to share. The sink was to the right with the commode beside it and the shower/tub combo in front of us. Their closet on the left side of us was also built into the wall like mine. He opened it up and pulled out two washcloths and some body wash.

“I’m sorry. I don’t have any girly smelling stuff,” he chuckled quietly.

“You’d be sorry if you did. I don’t like to share.” I winked before bending over to turn on the hot water. The loud swap of his palm striking my backside echoed throughout the room. “Ow! Why’d you do that?” I pouted turning around.

He shrugged. “You can take it.” His arm circled my waist as he used a hand to rub the flesh he assaulted. “Besides, I like the way it jiggles.” He let out a snicker, his rubbing turning into a grope.

“My booty isn’t here for your enjoyment.”

“Oh, I think it is.”

I shrugged out of his grasp. Grabbing a conveniently placed rubber band off the counter, I pinned my hair up into a bun high on my head to keep it from getting wet. We stepped in. The hot water felt great on my skin. Turning around, I held my hand out.


He grinned sheepishly. “I left them on the sink.”

“On purpose?”

“I swear it wasn’t,” he laughed.

I sighed and grabbed the body wash. “I guess we have to improvise.”

I squirted the gel into my hand and then in his. He followed my lead as we rubbed each other down. Our hands teased and fondled, arousing us both. KZ pinned me against a wall and hoisted me up, my legs circling his waist and my arms locking around his neck. His hands firmly held my ass. I moaned, feeling his erection press against me.

“It’s slippery.”


“Please don’t drop me.”

“I got you, baby.” His breath tickled my ear. Slowly he moved me up and down, the hard nipples of my breasts gliding across his muscled chest.

“Mm-mmm that feels good.”

“Yeah?” his lips brushed against mine.

“Can you make me feel better?”

“Yeah, I can do that.”

He repositioned his hold on me. My ass dropped a little, my thighs coming together slightly. His arms hooked under my knees. I pushed into the wall behind me to keep from sliding further down. With precision I’ve only seen in movies, he entered me. The angle he had me in allowed him to venture deep within. I moaned out over the roar of the shower water. The excitement and pleasure I felt had my muscles in a constant convulsion.

“You’re so tight, beautiful,” he breathed against my lips.

“I’m tight for you, baby.” I flicked my tongue out, licking his lips.

There was a glint in his eye I didn’t recognize before his hot mouth devoured my lips. His tongue moved across mine in rapid succession with his shaft. My mind was clouded in the shroud of pleasure he created. I couldn’t focus on anything other than his movements and the churning within me. The coiling feeling started, causing my hips to roll into his motions.

“You’re going to make me cum soon,” I breathed breaking our kiss.

“Cum for me, baby,” he rushed out.

“You feel so good inside me. You’re so deep.” I panted more. “Do me harder. Pound my pussy harder.”

He grunted and drove harder, going even deeper inside me.

“Yes, baby! That’s it! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

“I’m cumming, too, baby!”

I quickly found his lips, drinking in his pleasured cries. A wave of heat caused my entire body to shudder. We remained joined together for a moment before I squirmed. The wall was uncomfortable on my back now. He placed my feet down on the ceramic floor of the tub.

“Good thing we’re in the shower already. I’m sweaty again.”

“Yeah,” was all he said.

We both soaped down again. I took a generous portion of body wash and washed between my legs. Once the soap was removed, I cut the water off and we stepped out. KZ went for the plush black towel that was hanging on a hook behind the door. He quickly ran the towel over himself.

“You mind if we share a towel or do you want your own?” his eyes held a dejected gaze.

“I don’t mind. We’ve shared so much already.” I smiled hoping to get a reaction from him but all I got was a nod and the towel. He stood quietly waiting for me to finish. I wrapped the towel tightly around me. He opened the door and I followed him to his room. The music was still playing.

“Are you OK?” he asked after closing the door and cutting the lights on.

“Yeah. Are you OK?” I asked with urgency.

He turned his back to me. Digging in one of his drawers, he pulled out a pair of boxers and slipped them on. I clutched the towel closer to me feeling hollow. My mind swirled with thoughts of being unwanted.

“I’m sorry,” he started. “I got carried away. I should’ve pulled out. That was stupid of me.”

“Is that what’s bothering you?” I walked over to him. My hand gently turned him around to face me. “It’s alright,” I smiled. “I’ll go get something in the morning. They’re made for accidents like this. Besides my cycle is so irregular and inconsistent, I imagine it would be difficult to get pregnant anyway.” I tried to make light of this incident.

“You sure you’re OK?”

“It’s already been done,” I laughed aloud. “But yes, I’m OK. Besides, who could blame you? I did put it on you.”

“You put it on me?” he asked with an incredulous tone. “I’m the one who did all the work.”

I dismissed him with a flick of my wrist and turned my back on him walking toward the bed. I felt something soft hit the back of my head. I looked down to see a shirt. I laughed and pulled it over my head, dropping the towel. KZ picked it up and tossed it into a hamper in the corner. Picking up his iPod, I browsed his playlists.

“You have a playlist called Nighttime. Is that what you play when you’re putting in work with the ladies?”

He rolled his eyes taking it from me. “No, this is what I play while I’m falling asleep.” A soft melody played out. “They’re a bunch of instrumentals I found online.”

“Sounds nice,” I said lying back on the bed.

“Thanks.” He turned the light off before joining me. He climbed over to the other side of me.

“What if I wanted to sleep near the wall?”

“Well you don’t get the choice.”

“You’re mean.” My lip curled up.

He let loose a hearty chuckle as he stretched his long limbs.

“What’s wrong, old man,” I mocked.

“Your fat ass is heavy.”

I shoved him, appalled.

“Come on now. Fat ass is a compliment.” He laughed more.

I shook my head.

“Don’t be mad, tiger.” His lips pressed to my neck causing me to shudder. I smiled at the sensation.

“Now I’m tiger? What happened to pussy cat?”

“You tell me? Your teasing tiger spirit came out in the shower.”

I shrugged, my shoulder tapping his chin due to his proximity.

“I liked it, though. I liked how you talked to me. Had my mind all discombobulated with that sexy voice of yours.” He paused. “Sometimes when we’re reading a manga, I stop reading and just listen to you breathe and moan. It gets me off more than what I’m looking at.”

My heart raced at his confession. I smiled, feeling unbelievably good. “Maybe I should record my voice for you so you can wank. You know that’s not a bad idea. Ecstasy Sounds by Char-…Kammi.”

“What was that?” He sat up looking in my wide golden eyes.

“Nothing. That’s was nothing.”

“You almost said your name. You’re letting your guard down, Kam.” He smiled brightly at me.

“I know. I gotta stay on my toes, especially because I’m no closer to knowing your name. I kinda thought Rhett would slip up and say it.”

“Nope. Rhett is great with confidentiality.”

“I see.” A yawn slipped through my lips.

“You’re tired ’cause I wore that ass out?”

I nodded my head as the mix of another yawn and a laugh came out.

He snuggled into me. I rolled to my side so he could move closer.

“Goodnight, King.”

“I see what you did there.” His soft chuckle shook my body. “Goodnight, Queen.”

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