Fated Exchange

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My eyes opened looking out into the unfamiliar but I wasn’t fearful. My mind and body was at peace aside from a dull ache in my legs. Instantly, I remembered where I was. I lay looking out into KZ’s room, his arm tightly binding my waist. I sighed allowing myself to be happy in this moment. Although, the more joy I felt in my heart, the more questions I wanted to ask him. What was the status of our union? Did we have titles? Does he count the two months prior to us meeting in person? Did he want to be my exclusive boyfriend? Did he not want children? I hoped he was having the same warring feelings inside his head. I would love for him to think I was his unofficial girlfriend but afraid to ask me.

I wasn’t good at picking boyfriends or partners. I was shallow, going for good looks and hot bodies. And after the deed was done, either we had nothing in common or he was just interested in my body as well. Noticing the pattern, I stopped looking, took myself off the market. I needed to reevaluate my taste in men. I thought about using an online dating website. Maybe it would be different if I met someone who I knew had the same interests as me before I slept with him. But some of the people on those sites can be sketchy and knowing my luck, I would find the creepers. That thought alone was enough to make me hesitant.

Then, I met King Zeus. I knew he had at least one thing in common with me. But it seems we have more in common than just our love of eromangas. He wore his heart on his sleeve as I did. Hopefully his heart was still there and not locked away because of his past. If it were, I would guard it with my own heart. Feeling him shift behind me caused me to roll over. I watched him sleep. Another wave of joy heated my being as I gazed at him. I definitely was rewarded for being daring, too. This was the second morning I awoke wrapped in caramel. KZ shifted again and opened his eyes. I watched them focus on me.

“Good morning,” I smiled.

“Morning.” He stretched and sat up, I followed suit.

“Sorry my bed isn’t as big as yours.”

“I think it’s plenty big. You just stayed latched on to me all night.”

His eyes shifted nervously. He opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off.

“I guess the magnet in my booty did its job.”

He chuckled as my head fell onto his shoulder. We sat that way for a moment. I wanted to ask him what he was thinking; how he was feeling. I wanted to ask him all the questions swirling in my head. My phone chimed. Leaning over the side of the bed, I dug it out of my purse. It was a message from Janie. She was checking in. I replied with a smiley face emoji. She also sent a picture of Sasha waving goodbye. Looking at her smiling round face made me remember an important detail from last night.

“So I gotta get to the drugstore. I also forgot my toothbrush.” I shifted to get out of bed.

“Hold on a minute.” KZ jumped out of bed and walked out the room.

I sat on the bed waiting. I kicked myself for not bringing a change of clothes or my toothbrush. I knew full well that I was going to stay here last night. But luckily for me my clothes didn’t get ruined so I could put them back on. I wondered what he was doing. Soon enough he came back, bearing gifts.

“A toothbrush and morning after pills?” I arched an eyebrow.

“Playboy Rhett is always prepared.”

“He just keeps these around?”

“Occupational hazard,” he shrugged.

I laughed and then realization hit me. “Is Rhett a ho?”

KZ laughed loudly. “He prefers the term escort.”

“Are you serious?”


“Oh my! I would just imagine it would be weird knowing what he does. Is it weird?”

“Nope. I thought it was odd but not weird. Plus, I know he’ll always have his half of the rent and then some.”

“He brings the women here? I thought escorts go to the client’s home or to a hotel.”

“Yeah, they come back here. He’s more of a date for hire than a ho. He takes them out to dinner and then come here. Apparently it’s a lucrative business.”

“Do you…do it…with him?” I struggled to find the right words.

“No. No. I’ve gone with him a couple times while he’s looked for new…clients, but I don’t do…that. You heard what Rhett said, I’m terrible when it comes to talking to women.”

“You can’t be so terrible. You do a good job flirting with me.”

“Maybe you’re just easy.”

My jaw fell slack and I chucked a pillow at him. He easily dodged it and laughed.

“Can you stay for breakfast?”

“You’ll cook while Rhett is here?”

“Rhett’s gone. He has to finish getting everything ready for tonight.”

“What’s he doing tonight?”

“There’s a function at Regal Resort and Hotel. It’s like a meet and greet for the newbies at his agency. But they also invite friends and sex enthusiasts along with potential clients to increase the legitimacy of the agency.”

“Sounds interesting.”

“Well I’m glad you said that because I was hoping you would come with me tonight.”

“What time tonight?”

“I have to be there by 10. There’s no food just a lot of liquor.”

“Sure, I’ll come.”

“Great. I’ll pick you up in front of your building at nine-thirty. And make sure you get dressed up. It’s really formal.”

“Got it,” I smiled. “So, breakfast?”

The two of us showered together again and dressed. We headed to their incredibly spacious kitchen where KZ made me pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon and sausage while I watched from a stool at the counter. I offered to help but he declined stating he wanted to return the gesture and cook for me. We ate together over pleasant conversations. Being here with KZ felt so right. I felt so normal. The nagging feeling to ask him questions clawed at me again. I wanted to ask him what he thought, what he felt; especially after the, dare I say intimate night, we had last night. But I fought against the notion.

From my cell phone, I texted my trusted cab company my location so I could head home. The two of us rode the elevator to the lobby and waited. We stood outside in front of the lobby doors.

“So I’ll see you tonight.”

I beamed brightly. “Yes.”

“I can’t wait.”

“Same here.”

The cab pulled up. Slowly, I headed for the vehicle but stopped in my tracks, turning around.

“Um…” I wanted to ask him any one of the constant questions floating around my head but quickly changed my mind. “Uh…” I couldn’t think of anything to say as I just stared in his eyes. Luckily, the impatient driver beeped the horn startling me. My body tensed hard with fright.

“You alright?” KZ snickered a little.

“Yeah,” I laughed too and slid in the car. I waved goodbye and blew him a kiss as we pulled off. I smiled at KZ’s waving figure.

I felt odd, unbalanced, now that I was home. I was strangely aware of just how big my apartment was. The feeling coming over me was strange indeed. I’d never felt like this before. I knew my home was a good size but I felt more alone than at peace. Noting the time, I ignored that notion and kicked it into high gear. I had to hustle to make it to work by noon. After quickly showering, I dressed, grabbed my essentials and headed down to Janie’s apartment. I knocked three times before she opened the door.

“Well hello, Charlotte,” she drawled out. “Haven’t seen you around these parts for some time.”

“Why aren’t you dressed, yet?” I ignored her faux-western speech dialect.

“I’m getting there. I’m having an off morning. I feel so tired.”

“Do you think you’re getting sick?” I asked as I walked into her home.

“No,” she sighed walking to her bathroom. I followed her. “Well maybe.”

“Then take some medicine,” I suggested.

“Medicine won’t work for this.”

“Eww, you need an antibiotic?” I panicked thinking she acquired some kind of infection.

“No silly,” she laughed. “I think I might be pregnant.”


“I haven’t taken a test yet but, I’m feeling the same way I did with Sasha. I feel off and not like myself.”

“Why haven’t you taken a test, yet? You’re not happy about it?”

“Oh, I’m happy. It’s just that so much is going to change if I am. For starters, we’ll have to move, and I’ll need a different job.”

“I didn’t think about that. We won’t be neighbors anymore,” I pouted.

“Don’t get all mushy on me. We wouldn’t be moving right away. I don’t even know if I am pregnant, yet.”

“True.” I suddenly remembered we had to go. “Hurry up and get dressed. We’re gonna miss the bus.”

Taking the bus ride to work was fairly longer than riding in the cab but it was definitely cheaper. I didn’t mind the long ride though; I had Janie to talk to or music to pass the time. I also had my imagination and wild fantasies of KZ to occupy my time. Granted, I wasn’t supposed to be delving too deep but it was still nice to daydream.

“Hey.” I nudged Janie with my elbow. “What are you doing tomorrow?”

“Nothing after work. Oh, before I forget. I’m working early tomorrow so you’ll be taking the bus alone.”

“That’s cool.”

“What’s up? You wanna do something?”

“I want you to meet him.”

“Him who?”


“Your porn buddy.”

“My friend.”

“That you touch your body with over the Web.”

I laugh. “He’s personally been touching my body.”

She laughed with me. “Why do you want me to meet him?”

“’Cause he’s nice and it would mean a lot to me.”

“He could be dangerous.”

“You know, what happened to the risk taker Janie I used to shop lift with?”

“That’s not something to brag about. I was being young and dumb.”

“I know but we had fun. Remember you, Randall, and I used to go drinking all night and then head back to the dorms and crash for a couple hours before going to an early morning class. That was reckless and fun.”

“Your parents and my mom died in that car accident and we had to grow up. We vowed to make them proud. Remember?”

“Oh, yeah. That’s when I stopped being irresponsible and focused on getting my degree.”

“But you were still irresponsible, letting every man with a great smile and hard body into your heart and you are still being irresponsible.”

“Sometimes being irresponsible is good. If I were being responsible, I wouldn’t be having some of the best sex of my life. And I wouldn’t have met a really cool guy who thinks I’m just as cool.” I paused. “So will you meet him?”

“Ugh!” she exasperated. “Why tomorrow? Why so soon?”

“I want you two to meet as soon as possible.”

“I don’t know. It’s just something about…”

“I told you he’s a really cool guy,” I interjected.

“No, not him. There’s something about you.”


“Yes, you. You…glow.”

“Glow? Like a pregnancy glow?” There was a shrill inflection in my tone.

Her eyes widened in horror. “Why would you say pregnant? Do you think you’re pregnant, too? You’re not using protection?”

“For the most part.”

She slapped my head.

“Ow! What the hell!” I rubbed my head.

“See this is what I’m talking about. You are so taken with him you are doing dumb stuff. You’re so happy you’re glowing and I don’t want to hate this guy if I don’t feel the same vibes coming off of him.”

“Well shouldn’t that be even more reason to meet him. If you don’t feel the same vibes coming from him about me then you can keep me from getting hurt.”

“That’s the thing. I think you’re already in too deep. You are a different woman Charlotte Webster.”

“I’m not different.” I shook my head smiling.

“You are and you’re forcing me to do this,” Janie sighed. “How about we do lunch and get this over with? Is two-thirty good?”

“I have to run it by him but that should be good. I’m so excited. You’re going to love him.”

“Love him?” she arched an eyebrow.

My face flushed.

Her shoulders slumped. “Seriously, you irresponsible little girl. You brought love into this?”

My voice hitched for a moment. “I don’t know if it’s love but it’s a lot stronger than like.”

“So you live him?”


“The mix of like and love.”

“Seriously? I live him? That sounds so stupid,” I laughed.

“Well it sounds better than saying you loke him,” she chuckled.

“Just stop. Who repurposes words?”

“I do!”

We laughed and chatted for the rest of the ride. Once off the bus, we walked our separate ways to our places of work. I walked in and greeted Melissa, our receptionist, and headed to my cubicle in the back. Slipping in my earbuds, I checked my agenda and got to work. The workday was nothing out of the ordinary. It was very quiet and uneventful especially since Julie was still on vacation. But that was alright. In fact, I loved this job for that reason alone. Incessant chatter was not a thing here. Everyone came in, did their job and went home for the day. No one tried to pry into your home life.

About four albums in, my mind started to wander. Thoughts of last night popped in my head. The way he made love to my body, the way he called me beautiful, and the way he held me as we slept were pronounced in my head. But also the many questions that I had no answers for swirled around my head. Those questions were present like the itch of a bad rash, always there no matter what. However, after last night, I was less scared of his answers to my questions; I was becoming more scared of my feelings regarding his answers. Sighing, I packed up my things and organized my proofs for tomorrow. I bid farewell to Melissa and walked to meet Janie at the bus stop for our 6:20pm bus. We took a seat in the back of the semi-crowded bus.

“How was work?” I asked Janie.

“Not that busy today. I was glad.”

“Do you feel any better?”

“A little. I just keep thinking what if I am pregnant.”

“It’ll be fine,” I assured her. “Are you going to tell Randall?”

“There’s nothing to tell, yet.” She smiled warmly. “How was your day?”

“Same old thing. Nothing exciting to report.”

“Uneventful is good.” She stretched her arms. “I think I’m going to bed early tonight.”

“That’s good. Rest will do you some good.”

“What about you? You have plans to see your porn buddy tonight?”

“I do actually. His friend, Rhett’s job is hosting a party tonight at fancy Regal Resort.”

“Wow. It sounds fancy indeed. So you’re going as his trophy date?”

“I don’t need to be his trophy. He’s sexy as hell,” I beamed.

“A sexy guy who likes picture porn?”

“Yup. And he’ll be with a sexy woman who likes picture porn.”

We continued to talk some more as we reached our stop, walked through the lobby of our building, rode the elevator and right up to our doors. Janie bid me a good night and a fun time before she went into her home. Once inside my home, I went to the kitchen. I popped a frozen meal in the microwave and undressed. Grabbing my laptop and taking it to the living room, I sat it down on the stand and woke it up. Switching the TV on, I sat down with my meal and checked my email. The chime of an instant message sounded.

KingZeus: Hey beautiful!

KammiWithaK: Hello beautiful!

KingZeus: How was work today?

KammiWithaK: Same old thing. How was work for you?

KingZeus: It was pretty ridiculous today. It seems the older people get the more they refuse to adapt to the changing times. All they do is yell and refuse to try.

KammiWithaK: I know what you mean. Janie’s grandmother is the same way.

We continued to chat over the Web as I prepared for the night. I brought the laptop into my bedroom as I pulled my dress from the closet. At the sound of every chime, I went back to the laptop. KZ was in the middle of telling me about a manga he was thinking about reading. One of his coworkers recommended it. In between our conversation, I took a shower, slipped on my strapless bra and panties, and did my makeup. I was currently in the bathroom in front of the mirror curling my golden locks with a one and a half inch curling rod.

KingZeus: So I’ll see you in about an hour. I’ll be right in front of your building. Remember to dress up. It’s really formal.

KammiWithaK: I remembered. Don’t worry I won’t embarrass you.

KingZeus: You could never do that, beautiful. I’ll see you soon. I have to get dressed.

KammiWithaK: See you soon.

I walked away from the laptop and finished my preparations. After curling my hair, I pinned it away from my face and let the curls fall down my back. Everything was done now, all was left to do was slip on my dress. But I waited until the last possible moment to do that. I inspected my finished look one last time in the mirror. I chose a red wine colored strapless dress with a heart-shaped bust line. The material of the dress was smooth and soft, clinging to my hips and backside. It also had a high low feature at the bottom, so it swept the floor behind me but was cut higher in the front to prevent me from having to lift my dress up as I walked. I completed the look with a pair of black t-strap peep-toe pumps and sparkling black clutch purse.

I headed downstairs at half passed nine to wait for KZ. Exiting the elevator, I was greeted by several glances and stares. I guess I looked as good on the outside as I felt on the inside. That made me smile. The night air hit me as I opened the door to wait outside for KZ. In front of the building was a black stretch limousine. My perfectly trimmed eyebrows arched in speculation. The door opened. A gorgeous man in an all-black tuxedo stepped out. Immediately, my heart rate sped and my arousal spiked. I wanted to give myself to him right on the spot.

“Damn. You look good,” I complimented walking up to him.

KZ flashed a sexy smile. “So do you, beautiful. You look amazing. We might have to be late for this party.”

His arms went around me as my hands went to his biceps. I angled my head up to capture his lips in a lusty kiss.

“My thoughts exactly,” I whispered after our intense exchange.

We slid in the car and headed to our destination. There was no one in the spacious car but us, yet we sat side by side squished together with his arm draped over my shoulders.

“Isn’t a limo a bit much?”

“Rhett’s agency sends it,” he shrugged. “It’s convenient, though. Now I don’t have to take a cab in a tux.”

“That’d be one sexy cab.”

He chuckled. “Look at you dripping with flattery tonight. I should wear a tux more often.”

“Are you implying I don’t complement you enough?”

“You don’t verbally but that’s alright. The look in your eyes is all I need.”

“What look?” I turned toward him meeting his gaze.

“That one.”

His lips pressed against mine and his tongue slid into my welcoming mouth. I pushed him back on the seat and climbed partially on top of him. His hands came to my ass and squeezed. I smiled against his lips.

“You ever have sex in a moving vehicle?” My words came out in a husky tone.

KZ shook his head.

“You wanna?”

He shook his head again startling me. I sat up.

“We really can’t be late. Besides, you’re coming home with me tonight so I think you can wait.”

“That’s mean,” I pouted.

“I know, beautiful,” he grinned.

We pulled up in front of Regal Resort and Hotel in a line of limousines. We stepped out onto a red carpet leading up to double doors. The letters R, R, and H were etched into the frosted glass. The lobby was draped in gold and deep purple fabrics and glass. The decor was reminiscent of the Victorian Era with a modern touch. We traveled up a large elevator to the row of ballrooms. Soft music filled the large room of tan walls and red and gold carpet. Multiple table rounds draped in red or gold cloths outlined a dance floor. The wait staff also matched the red and gold decor. We both took a glass of champagne.

“This is really fancy, KZ.”

“Yeah, they spare no expense. The appearance of wealth makes everyone comfortable. Oh, and call me King. The people here know me as King.”

“Is that your real name?” I smiled.

“Nope,” he chuckled. “Some of these people are quite the characters. I don’t want them knowing my real name. Plus, I like to pretend I’m more sophisticated than I really am. And that name fits perfectly.”

“Alright, King,” I laughed. “So, who do I pretend to be?”

“You don’t have to pretend. You’re already charming.”

“Thank you but I want to be called Camille.”

“Camille? That’s a lovely name. Is it your real name?” his eyebrow spiked.

“Nope!” I flashed a stunning smile that rivaled the one I received from him almost on an hourly basis.

We sipped champagne and made small talk with the people there. Many people were very pleasant and some were quite odd. In the midst of the people, I spotted an older heavier gentleman watching us. A pair of thin wire-framed glasses sat atop his chubby cheeks and a wispy mustache outlined his lip. He approached us holding a champagne flute of his own.

“Pardon me but I’ve been observing you two. You look like such a lively couple. And this woman, such a vivacious spirit. What is your name, my dear?”

“She is Camille and I am King,” KZ interjected.

“Camille,” he slivered. “What an exquisite name.”

“Thank you,” I smirked.

“I’m curious, how did you find each other?”

I looked to KZ.

“We actually met online on a Japanese comic enthusiast site. She left a rather opinionated comment regarding the artwork of a particular piece. I could hear the sincerity of her words coming through the screen. I totally agreed with her and just had to let her know.”

I giggled slightly and squeezed his hand. “From then on we began discussing and critiquing different works. And it blossomed into a relationship.” I added to KZ’s recount of our meeting.

“Such a charming and unique story. How long have you two been a couple?”

“We are approaching three months,” KZ quickly spoke.

I glanced over at him.

“Absolutely splendid. A wonderful length of time to learn about each other. I imagine things are getting serious now.”

“Yes, they are.” He raised our twined fingers and kissed the back of my hand. “She is a remarkable woman.”

I couldn’t stop the blush from heating my cheeks.

“Such passion. You two must truly be an extraordinary sight to behold. To be a fly on that wall.”

“Thank you, sir,” I grinned. “It was a pleasure meeting you.”

He grunted and gave me a lecherous eye. “The pleasure was all mine. I hope that one day our paths truly will cross again.” He bid a farewell and left us.

Our eyes locked and widened as we stifled our laughs.

“Everything was going good and then he got creepy,” I giggled.

“That’s how some of these people are. You hear some interesting stuff.”

“Nothing as interesting as what I heard from you.” I slanted my eyes.

“What? I only spoke the truth, just exaggerated a little.”

“I wonder which parts were exaggerated.”

“You would, wouldn’t you,” he smirked.

I chuckled and took another sip of champagne. “You do know that the rather opinionated comment was “That was hot. Really turned me on” and you replied with “Indeed. Same here”.

“Why do you remember the exact words?” he smirked down at me.

“You don’t?” There was a sly undertone in my voice.

“Oh, I do. And I’m glad you do, too.” He leaned down and pressed his lips to my cheek. “Come on. Let’s see if we can find more interesting people.”

He led me into another crowd of people to make small talk. By now, everyone was a little buzzed in addition to being pleasant. I normally don’t enjoy talking to people but I got a kick out of pretending to be more sophisticated than I actually was as well as being in an official relationship with KZ.

“So do you think this group of people would be opposed to us screwing in the coat room?” I asked into his ear.

“Not if they get to watch.”

“These are the kind of women Rhett brings home?”

“It’s the men who are the voyeurs. Most of the women are just lonely; single women or workaholics who can’t fit commitment into their schedules. If they can’t have the real thing, an illusion works just as well I guess.”

My mind drifted, putting myself in the place of some work obsessed woman with no children and a pretend boyfriend to take me to restaurants while he pretends to be interested in my babbling before taking me to his home to have emotionless sex. I didn’t want to end up like that.

“Is he at least nice to them?” I looked into KZ’s eyes with all seriousness.

“Yeah.” There was confusion in his tone. “That’s why they come back. Are you feeling alright?”

I nodded. “Just thinking.”

“Well I don’t like that.” He took my glass from my hand and sat it down on a nearby table. “Let’s shut that mind of yours off and focus on us.”

KZ led me to the populated dance floor.

“I thought you didn’t dance.”

“I said not really. But I know how to fake my way through it.”

The DJ played a song I instantly recognized, one of my favorite songs actually.

“How did you get the DJ to play Look Up by Daley?” I asked before he twirled me around to the smooth melody booming over the dance floor.

“I made sure he had it. It’s one of my favorite songs.”

I smiled brightly as we moved to the music, our bodies molding against each other.

“What’s that smile for?” he asked close to my ear.

“This is one of my favorite songs, too.”

“I knew there was a reason why I found you.”

No more words were spoken as the music carried us along. With my hand in his and our arms wrapped around each other, I felt like I was floating around the dance floor. This weightlessness in my body was also in my mind. Being near him, held tightly in his embrace gave me the same falsehood I’m sure those women felt. But I understood why they returned if it felt this good. This illusion was better than anything reality has ever given me.

We continued to move around the dance floor even after our song finished. The longer we danced, the closer our bodies became. Both arms were tightly around my waist now while my hands locked around his neck. Our eyes were only on each other as we moved. The world around us disappeared into black. I saw only him. Even as a small part of sanity tried to chant my just the surface mantra, my thoughts were over-taken by imagery of the two of us several years into the future, happy. And that thought made me hot. His arms held me tighter. My pelvis rubbing against his sent electricity throughout my body. I felt my body heat up as a shroud of lust came upon me. His lips drifted toward mine. I parted my lips in anticipation of his kiss but he pulled back slightly.

“So, how about I take you up on your offer to screw in the coat room,” he whispered.

The fervent look in his eye had a pool forming in my core. And the idea of doing that in this public setting had my pulse thumping. I licked my lips hungrily. The two of us snuck away discreetly. My heart raced as we stood alone gazing at each other in the small coatroom. The longer our eyes remained locked, the more I felt the heat rush to my core. KZ pushed me into the nearest empty wall. His tongue invaded my mouth hastily. I dropped my purse and KZ shrugged out of his jacket. My fingers clutched at his embroidered vest. His hands attacked my supple ass like a sex deprived teenager, groping, squeezing and pinching. I moaned into his demanding mouth. Soon my fingers made their way to his belt and without hesitation began undoing it. With no time for sexiness, KZ took over. He dropped his slacks down to his ankles. I unbuttoned the last three buttons of his shirt and pushed it up to make sure it wouldn’t be stained. Breaking our kiss, I flipped my dressed up over my booty and turned around. Hands on the wall, I pressed myself against it and tooted my backside up. I looked back at him over my shoulder.

“I’m ready for you,” I whispered licking my lips.

He pulled my panties to the side and pushed into my slit. “You’re so wet,” he whispered into my ear causing me to shiver and turning me on even more.

A hushed moan rumbled in my chest.

“You’re ass feels so good against my thighs.”

Our lips connected and our tongues swirled together as best they could given our position. I backed into him, meeting his thrusts.

“You like it, baby? He breathed out.

“Yes,” I moaned in response.

He moved faster, creating a friction I loved. I reached behind me to hold his shirt and vest out of the way, freeing his hands from doing so. They quickly latched onto my breasts and roughly fondled. I moaned more. One hand slid up and caressed my neck, turning me toward him. My breath hitched as I felt the acute pain of his teeth nipping into the flesh of my neck. My body stiffened then shuddered at the repeated pleasured pain.

“You like that, baby?” he asked into my ear, his warm breath tickling me more.

“Uh huh. Be rougher with me.”

The force of his thrust increased tremendously.

“Just like that, baby,” I panted matching his thrusts.

He squeezed my breasts even rougher through the fabric of my dress.

“Pull my hair,” I ordered.

His hand moved from my neck to lace into my hair at the base of my head. He pulled harshly, ripping a deep groan out of me. My head went backward and my back arched. This made my passage tighter. My muscles fluttered wildly. An intense orgasm was on its way. I moaned out some more and his teeth bit into my shoulder. KZ released a muffled grunt of his own.

“Cum for me, baby,” I demanded.

He grunted again and quickly pulled out of me. I felt his warm seed splat on the supple flesh of my backside, his forehead resting on my shoulder.

“You didn’t get my dress did you?” I panted.

“Nah,” he panted as he lifted his head.

I turned around slightly to see him take out his handkerchief and clean up his mess. I pulled my dress down over my bum and adjusted my breasts. KZ pulled his slacks up as I buttoned his shirt. He tucked in the shirt and I adjusted his collar and tie. Our eyes locked briefly before he backed me into the wall and kissed me again just like at the start of this exchange. My hands palmed his cheeks while his hands ran up and over my hips and ass.

“We have to get back to the party,” I panted when his lips left mine and went to my neck.

“I know but I can’t get enough of you.”

The heat of a blush warmed my cheeks.

“I owe you multiples when I get you alone. I want to hear you scream with that sexy voice of yours.” His breath tickled my neck.

“Sounds promising,” I beamed.

KZ picked up my clutch and his jacket, grasped my hand and we headed back to the party. No one seemed to notice our absence or reappearance. Maybe they figured we took a walk. I left KZ waiting while I made a quick stop in the ladies room. My heart was still thumping and adrenaline coursed through me. I never knew sex in public like that could be so invigorating. No wonder people liked doing it so much. Moving my curls to the side, I checked my neck for any marks from his bites. Not finding any, I smiled at my reflection in the mirror as I washed my hands in the sink.

A tall, toned woman walked up beside me to do the same. Her pale skin glowed in the warm light of the restroom. Her black cocktail dress clung to her modelesque form and black curls cascaded down her shoulders. I smiled at her when I realized I was staring at her. She smiled back.

“Hello. Is this your first time coming? I’ve never seen you here before.”

“Yes, it is.” I shut the water off and dried my hands. “Is this your first time?” I asked making conversation.

“No. I come with my friend, Alexandria. She drags me to these parties while she preys on sleazy old men. I don’t know how she does it.” She giggled and I did the same as she dried her hands. “I’m Chandra, by the way.” She extended her hand.

“I’m Camille.” I shook her hand briefly.

“Were you invited formally or by someone from the agency? You don’t look like the normal clientele.”

“I was invited by Rhett.”

“Oh, that’s nice. I know Rhett. Alexandria and Rhett have like this rivalry thing going on. They are always challenging each other to see who can sleep with the most people within the week.”

“That sounds like a lot of friction burns.” I laughed and she did as well.

“They get to be really argumentative. It can be a bit much. I think there’s some sexual tension there but I don’t pay much attention to it. I’m trying to work on his friend.”

My eyes widened curiously. “King?”

“Yeah, he is so hot. We went on two dates and things were going really well but the last time we went out he seemed distracted. He hasn’t called but I’m hoping to fix that tonight.”

Not knowing exactly what to say, I just stared at her with a peculiar jaw set.

“I’m sorry,” she giggled. “I tend to ramble when I’m buzzed. So, how long have you known Rhett?”

“I met him last night.” A wicked smirk came to my face. “I’m actually here with King. He’s my boyfriend.”

The pleasantness seemed to drain from her face. “You’re dating King?”

“Hm-mmm, we’ve been an item for about three months now.” I continued to smirk.

“Three months? Well I hope you know we went out three weeks ago.” She sneered looking me up and down.

“Oh, I don’t care.” I shrugged emphasizing my apathy. “You have a nice night, honey.” And with that I strutted out of the room.

“What’s that look for?” KZ asked as I rounded the corner, meeting him.

“Oh, nothing.”

“You wanna stay longer or get out of here?”

“We can stay here a little longer,” I grinned as I took his hand in mine.

As expected, Chandra came through the threshold. Her eyes widened at the sight of us.

KZ looked up surprised. “Hello, Chandra. It’s nice to see you.”

She glared at my smirking face. “Hello, King. I think you need to explain why you went out with me twice when you’ve been dating this woman for three months.” Her body language emphasized her ire.

KZ turned to me, his eyebrows rising.

“I was having a conversation with Chandra in the ladies room and when I informed her of the length of time we’ve been together, she told me that the two of you went out,” I explained grinning.

“Ooh,” KZ spoke with understanding in his tone. “Well I didn’t realize how much I wanted to be with Camille until we went out. That’s why I never called you back. I apologize for that, Chandra.”

Chandra’s lip curled in disgust. “Whatever, King. Lose my number.” And with that, she walked away from us.

KZ turned toward me. “I went out with her but just didn’t feel that connection. The last time we went out was that double date Rhett was talking about. When I went home that night, I asked to meet you in person.”

“I thought you were mulling it over and decided not to ask me.”

“That’s true. Rhett said ask you but I decided against it. So he asked me to go out with Chandra again cause that was the only way her girl, Alexandria, would go out with him. He said just fake it since I’d been out with her already but sitting across from her made me realize how much I really wanted to be sitting across from you.”

I leaned into KZ and pressed my lips to his briefly. “Come on. Let’s get out of here. I’m ready for you to give me my multiples,” I grinned.

Hand in hand, we found Rhett. I expressed my thanks for allowing me to come and left with KZ. I decided I wanted to go back to his place to settle his debt. After pushing my body to the brink of orgasmic overload and beyond, we laid in the nude, him partially on top of me with his head on my shoulder and arm over my stomach. One hand caressed his back while the other massaged his scalp. We laid in silence just enjoying the proximity. I knew I was going against everything that I told myself about keeping everything at the surface but it was just so easy to lose myself in him. I gazed around his room and grinned knowing he couldn’t see it. I felt good. I felt happy, happier than I’d ever remembered being with a man. A thought suddenly swirled around in my head. Deciding to be brave, I spoke out.

“Chandra is very pretty. You blew her off for me sight unseen. You were risking a lot. Seriously, what if I wasn’t attractive to you?

He didn’t answer. I thought maybe he’d fallen asleep but his stirring let me know he was awake.

“Would you have called Chandra back if I wasn’t as fine as I am?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe if I was desperate.” He sat up slightly. I thought he would look at me but his eyes scanned the room. “Probably not. She isn’t the type of woman who’s into this kind of stuff. I guess I’d have to buy another bottle of lotion and continue doing what I been doing.”

“But she’s gorgeous. You wouldn’t sleep with her even for the physical gratification?

“Physical gratification.” KZ chuckled softly before going silent for some moments. He laid his head back on me and tightened his grip. “I don’t need her for that. I can do that myself. I don’t need just a warm body in my bed. I’m looking for a partner. I’m looking for a wife.”

“I see.” I struggled to keep my voice even and my heart rate steady. A cheeky grin stretched across my face. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. We basically just met. But I couldn’t keep the image of me in a halo of white walking in that white gown with him waiting to receive me out of my head. “Aren’t you too young to be thinking about marriage?”

“I’m almost thirty. I would say it’s time.”

“Yeah, but I thought guys were scared of the idea of hardcore commitment.”

“Not me. I don’t mind. In fact, I like the idea of finding that one person to be your partner for life, to find that one person who makes you smile when they walk in the room, to find that one person you can be open and honest with about everything, even the childish stuff.”

“Honesty,” I repeated. “Are you being honest with me?”

“Yes,” he looked up at me.

“About everything?” I looked down at him.

“Yes,” he assured me.

“Tell me your name.”

I heard his voice catch. I moved to sit up which in turn caused him to roll to his side and sit up supported by an elbow.

“My name is Charlotte, Charlotte Camille Webster.” I smiled weakly.

“Wow. That’s beautiful.”

“Thank you,” I whispered.

“My name is Kenneth…Tiller.” He spoke in that low tone that sent heat to my core.

“It’s really nice to meet you, Kenneth.” I did my best to use the same tone.

“Same here, Charlotte.”

He abruptly pushed me down, climbed on top of me and hovered, staring into my eyes. My breathing escalated due to our closeness. My core pulsated in anticipation, my hips involuntarily tilting up, begging for his intrusion. He lowered his lips to mine with the same ravenous hunger he’d been showing me all night. Our tongues moved against each other’s in a heated frenzy, plundering deep for the treasure we coveted. My hand moved wildly against his scalp and neck while the other clawed at his back, my fingers digging slightly into him.

“Give it to me now,” I panted, knowing that I was ready for him.

Staring in my gold eyes, Kenneth pushed inside with ease due to the wetness he created within me. His thrusts were ferocious and deep. A lot of his weight was on me but I didn’t mind. His hand moved up and down my thigh igniting nerve endings before finally sliding between us to rub my hidden jewel fiercely. I moaned and wriggled under him. The intensity of his thrusts and deep strokes coupled with the frenzied movements against my clit was almost painful. But it turned me on so much. I felt him swell inside me.

“No time for the condom I see,” I panted wildly turning to look into his lusty gaze.

“I’ll just pull out,” he breathed into my face.

“What are we, irresponsible teenagers? You know that never works. The feeling is too good to pull out,” I smiled breathlessly.

“I can’t help it.” His thrusts were even harder now. “Being inside you like this feels so good. You make me so reckless and irresponsible.” His words were slow and steady as he fought to keep his voice level. “I lose my head when I’m with you.”

“So it’s my fault,” I moaned out gazing into his endless brown pools.

“Most definitely. All my logic goes out the window when I’m near you. I know we shouldn’t do it like this but I can’t help myself. I…Charlotte,” he groaned squeezing his eyes shut before burying his face in my neck.

The sensations he caused mixed with the words he spoke pushed me right over the edge into the sea of ecstasy. My back arched into him deeply as my nerves went into overload and my climax took me. I screamed Kenneth’s name out as he prolonged my orgasmic high with his intense thrusting. My fingers clawed the flesh of his back and my other hand kept his lips fastened to the tender skin of my neck as I clung to him. Another wordless scream left my body as he ignited my very soul. I fell heavy onto the bed panting, unable to catch my breath. Kenneth grunted my name one more time before he sat up and pulled out of me, emptying himself all over my belly. As much as I liked the feeling of those last erratic pumps before gratification, the sight of him stroking his swollen cock to completion was far from disappointing.

“See, I pulled out,” Kenneth smiled as his breathing slowed down.

“Took everything you had didn’t it?” I laughed lightly taking deep breaths.

He laughed with me as he used his boxers to wipe my stomach.

“You didn’t have to, you know,” I mumbled under my breath blushing.

His eyebrows spiked.

“I…think I’m still a little tipsy,” I laughed quickly.

Our eyes locked for an intense moment. He quickly kissed my lips before moving to his original spot of laying his head on my shoulder. I resumed rubbing his head and back.

“That was great. You put in work tonight, Kenny,” I chuckled.

“I hate that name,” he said lightly.

“Good. So no one will call you that but me.”

He laughed softly and yawned. “Charlotte Webster.” He said my name as if he was testing it on his tongue. “You know you’re name sounds like Charlotte’s Web?”

“Oh, I know,” I sighed. “It was my mother’s favorite book as a child. As luck would have it, she married a man with the last name Webster.”

“I like her sense of humor.”

“I did, too.” I smiled as an image of my mother appeared before my eyes. His voice broke through my thought.

“What you’re doing feels so soothing. I could fall asleep like this.”

“Then do it. I don’t mind holding you.”

“You’re warm.” He made a sound close to that of a coo. “Goodnight, Char.”

“’Night, Kenny,” I whispered, smiling, before closing my eyes.

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