My Knight: Lwandeka's Love

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Lwandeka has come to the city of Gold to look for work, but she finds more than what she was hoping for. Having a dark past that continually comes back to haunt her, will she ever move on or will she forever be stuck in the past?

Romance / Drama
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I hang up and continue resting there. I don't know if he notices me but Vuyo jumps into the pool. I try so hard not to stare but I failed dismally. He swims for a few minutes and comes out of the pool to my Direction. Jesus Christ, his body his eight packs. The devil is surely testing me. I end up choking on my juice.

Him: "morning princess, hope you slept well. You look good by the way."

Me: " thank you and I did sleep well." He sits on my chair and place my feet on his lap right after placing its how on his lap. I let him be even though I'm wearing shoes.

Me: "I spoke to my mum and she agreed so come with my siblings for Thanksgiving."

Him: "okay, i will tell Thandeka to book them flights and get everything they will need."

Me: "don't worry about that travel expenses I've got everything covered."

Him: "it's a seven hour drive from KZN to here, probably an eight hour bus ride. You don't want them to sit until their butts hurt like hell."

Me: "you can't just let me do this one thing Luvuyo? I am never gonna win with you. I give up."

I stand up and go inside the house. He follows me running. Zethu is in the kitchen and quickly moves the living room.

Him: "what have i done wrong now?"

Me: " no offence but I think you should allow me to take some responsibility for once Mr. Sithole."

Him: "you calling me by my surname, I really messed up. I'm sorry hey, you can pay for their tickets if that's what you want." I smile at him, take my backpack and go to the garage.

My name is Lwandeka Nkosazana Mnguni. I am from UMzimkhulu, KZN. I was raised by both my parents (Ntokozo and Nokukhanya Mnguni). I have 3 younger siblings: Lwandokuhle (13), Landesihle (13), they are twins and Londeka (19). Yeah i have been meaning to ask mom about her obsession with L. My father was a proud Swati man. He was a taxi driver, he died when I was 17 years in taxi wars.

My mother is a qualified dermatologist and has been planning on opening her own surgery but it's not easy when she has to take care of 4 children. She is a pure Zulu so we speak pure Zulu but we also know Our Father's home language. I actually love it's more than isizulu. It has that romantic effect nje if you get me.

I studied at the University of zululand for my agricultural Sciences degree and completed my studies at the age of 21. I graduated at the age of 22. I came here in Johannesburg at the age of 23 looking for a job and honestly any kind of job because I was tired of sitting at home doing nothing while I had a degree.

I am a size 32, I have a flat stomach and a big booty I have that Nomzamo Mbatha body neh I am a bit light skinned like Siphesihle Ndaba. I am my mother's daughter. If you see her and me together you would think that's she's my elder sister. She gave me her fine body and looks so thank you mama. I have had my fair share of Heartbreaks to believe that relationships are a waste of time. Something also happened in my past that will always be a reminder to me that no matter what no guy would ever stick with me after finding out about it so to protect myself I chose to stay single after my final year in varsity. I am allergic to some fragrances and body lotions so yeah I do have Flaws like any other normal person in the world. This Is My Story So sit tight as I take you through relationships, Heartbreaks, trials and tribulations, deaths and everything else.
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