Be nice to me(Reddie oneshots)

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Oneshots of our favorite gay couple

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Chapter 1

Eddie was walking home from school when he suddenly felt two cold hands grabbing his shoulders. He jumped and turned around. Seeing the tall raven haired boy in front of him immediately calming down.

"You scared the living shit out of me" Eddie said, smacking the back of his head. Richie only smiled. "Sorry Eddie spaghetti"he simply said, ruffling the short brown hair of the shorter boy."Don't do that, i hate it when you do that"Eddie said causing Richie to chuckle.

"Oh you love it Eds"Richie stated, his smile so wide you could see his teeth. Eddie rolled his eyes and started walking again.

"Hey, where are you going?" Richie asked pulling him back by his arm. "Home, you wanna come? My mother isn't home"Eddie asked hoping he would say yes.

"Sure, too bad tho, I was hoping for some action"the curly headed boy said, causing Eddie to stick out his tongue at the boy.

"Ew gross"Eddie stated, disgust dripping off his face. Eddie started walking, still holding Richie's hand. Richie noticed that he didn't let go and smiled at that thought.

A few minutes later they arrived at Eddie's house. Eddie opened the door and walked in, still dragging Richie behind him.

Richie closed the door and let Eddie drag him upstairs.

Eddie opened his bedroom door, pushing Richie in and locking the door after that.

You see, Eddie has had a crush on Richie since fourth grade but he was too scared to tell him.

Eddie sat down on his bed, grabbing a comicbook from under his pillow. He pat the spot next to him, signaling for Richie to sit next to him.

Richie sat next to Eddie and looked at him. Eddie looked at him and smiled softly. Eddie handed him the comic book and layed his head in Richie's lap.

Richie blushed and opened the comic. He started reading the comic, ignoring Eddie.

Half an hour later Eddie sat up again and started poking Richie in his arm.

"Rich?"Eddie asked. Richie hummed, not looking up."Rich...."Eddie poked again.

Richie finally looked at him. Eddie pecked his lips and walked away before Richie realised what happened.

Richie ran after him, grabbing his hand and turning him around. Eddie looked down.

"I'm sorry, i didn't mean t-"before Eddie could finish his sentence Richie pulled him into a passionate kiss.

Eddie was suprised at first but kissed back.

They pulled back, breathing heavily, looking into eachothers eyes and smiling.

"I love you"Eddie said, being the first one to speak up."I love you too"Richie said, pulling Eddie back into a kiss.

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