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Self Esteem : It's Where You Place Yourself

Real self-esteem has to be earned. I also believe in virtuous circles, like, nothing is fun until you are good at it. It is great if you can instill in children the ability to not give up, to have a work ethic.

------Amy Chua

Discouraging words by a proficient coach were long forgotten as Piu enthusiastically went for her skating sessions, the limelight also encouraged her for there were audience parents at the tournament who threw a word or two in Piu’s appreciation.

Also a calm and friendly Shruti with no issues and accepting all the conditions good or bad was in good books and soon once left with no friends Shruti today had great friends like Rita, Anju, Sam and not to forget Lina.

Lina had just joined in skating with her four-year-old son and both Lina and Shruti gelled up quite well.

They both had good amount of respect for each other.

All other parents had stopped escorting their kids to the skating rink as they had their younger kids at home that needed to be attended too. So Lina joining in skating was a bless to Shruti who was lonely at the rink and the only piece of interaction that she had was with the coaches, her only social circle as she had left all other social activities due to Piu’s tight schedule in skating.

Also being protective about Piu she couldn’t leave her alone at the rink even though the rinks were quite safe for children.

Even Govind wouldn’t approve of that.

Where Shruti was quite and a good listener, Lina was naughty, impulsive and always had something interesting to share. So the opposite had a great bonding with each other. Being a bit senior to Lina, Shruti also educated her with the minimal knowledge she knew about skating and its tournament, various gadgets available, Shruti having a lot of lone time at the skating rink always studied about the same. Her interactions with coach Sabu and coach Irfan also were limited to skating, the technical, mental and the equipment related to skating.

Being a sincere, dedicated and humble parent, coaches were also happy to share all the information with her.

“Govind I went to check if Piu did so well in road then why she didn’t even qualify for the final round in the rink race.” Shruti said as she worked wiping the floor of kitchen, her work done.

Unable to resist his sexy wife wearing his favorite dress that was only a pair of shorts and tee. She avoids wearing such stuff often for the society they live in was very conservative.

His hands snaked around her tiny waist pulling her closer. He took in her fruity scent and kissed her where he knew she couldn’t resist.

He was tired listening about skating. Nowadays all Shruti would talk about was skating, being completely involved in the game.

Some where Govind was disturbed with the same.

The touch of his lips on her neck following by grazing of his teeth, the short bites that pained in the wet core of her body, she flipped around pulling Govind in a deep kiss followed by the refreshing love making right there and then.

“I thought you were getting late.” Shruti said as she worked on the kitchen again, if it was messy earlier now it was worst but that half an hour session with her husband made her feel it was worth. She smiled hitting her perverted head mentally.

“Can I leave now?” Govind’s romantic mood disappeared immediately as he glanced at his watch. His wife was a bit too distracting with her sexy curves even after delivering a baby.

He sighed even though she was conscious of the baby bump that was left post pregnancy but he still felt she is the most amazing person and was glad to have her in his life.

“Yeah I have this meeting, I need to rush.” He quickly fumbled with the car keys and rushed off without a proper good-bye kiss.

“But we needed...” to talk Shruti ate the rest of the words as Govind was gone out of the sight hurried as he quickly seated in his suv; a harsh pedal and off he was gone in full speed.

“Be careful. Drive safe.” She wanted to shout but he was far gone from the hearing radius.

Once Govind rested his back on the king size bed of her room he was flicking through the channels irritated not being able to locate the channel with latest updates of cricket match held today between his home country and his favorite team Australia.

These days were hectic for both Shruti and Govind. For Govind it was workload and for Shruti it was the added responsibility of Govind’s parents who were dearer to Shruti more than her own parents. But this conversation was needed.

Having loads of work with increased pressure of coaching in morning and evenings and also her mother in law being unwell that she had to maintain two houses together, Shruti still tried to maintain her cool temperament.

“We need to talk Govind.” Shruti demanded like a wife.

Govind turned around pulling Shruti who was lying beside him for a hug; his unconscious mind still lingering on the scores but Shruti was quite a beautiful distraction.

“Yes baby say. I can do more than talking for you.” He was high on desire now.

“It’s about Piu’s skating.” Shruti said immediately responding to his touch pushing her heated body deeper into him.

“Nay.” Govind didn’t want to talk.

“But Govind this is urgent.” Shruti insisted.

Govind gave in knowing Shruti wouldn’t trouble if it weren’t important.

Switching of the TV he listened to what his wife was saying

“Piu lost in rink race because she wore road wheels in the rink race.” Shruti explained.

“Road wheels and rink wheels” Govind tried to absorb her words and added “are they different?”

Govind was very anxious whenever there was something new to learn and therefore Shruti took the opportunity to describe how road wheels were different from rink wheels, being much harder and thin layer of acrylic compared to road wheels which were a bit softer, thicker and gave added bounce on the road but the same restricted the speed on the rinks.

“So you think we need to buy those for Piu?” Govind asked

Shruti and she nodded in acceptance.

Cursing something under his breath he muttered, “skating is one expensive game.”

Surprise at her husband’s reaction that she’d never experience before, she sat beside him, her shoulders touching his, Govind’s head lazily slouched on Shruti’s bosoms giving both of them tingles at right area which both were accustomed to and enjoyed too. Her fingers moving around his curly darks tingling him and the comfortable silence prevailed between them.

Shruti couldn’t resist asking, “is everything alright honey?”

“Yeah why?” Govind asked enjoying all of his favorite things, wife and cricket obviously former one was his priority.

“No I haven’t heard you ever cursing before.” She paused observing Govind busy with his game on the king of entertainer’s today- the idiot box.

“It’s just that business is under pressure and I guess this game is really demanding.” He shrugged his shoulders; his eyes drifted somewhere else lost in his thoughts wondering about some business traits.

“I understand. I do see that you are very busy these days, stressed too. Can I help in any way?” Shruti offered though she was completely oblivion about ways how she could help.

Melted with his sweetheart’s words of wanting to help he turned towards her giving full attention, the rectangular screen now dark dead as he uttered “Shruti you are already doing a lot. Let me handle money matters. And yes you can help me by giving me want I want.” He raised his eyebrows suggestively.

Shruti bit her lower lip; she too wanted him... Bad.

It’s been a week since they made love and lately Govind had also been in a sultry mood once he is back home and she tired.

Now even though she is tired it seems to be a great idea to recreate their bodies and soul.... So much in love they are.

Govind started working on her strappy nightdress where in Shruti’s fingers struggled till they reached the switchboard and one click and they were lost in the hidden world of love and pleasure.

“Govind mom suggested me to take English speaking classes. She says she loves my accent and speech in English. Sana also seconded the thought.” Shruti said casually as she finished writing an article for Piu’s school magazine.

Govind too was mesmerized about what Shruti had written about good parenting and couldn’t help agreeing to the wise thought of his sister Sana and his mom.

“That would be a great thing. I have heard English speaking on some non-English medium school suffers a lot. That would be a great help to the society.” Govind said broadening his shoulders proud of his wife’s amazing talent that he never knew could help others.

He was a very encouraging husband.

From offering financial support to shopping for the class with chairs, tables, books, study material and even a new set of speakers for the microphones she used for Piu.

Yeah Shruti was innovative in whatever she did. She made kids sing English songs on karaoke on the microphone to work with their pronunciation and accent, added confidence.

Within months she was successful in her classes with loads of students in the waiting list, not to forget her first student being her new and only best friend Lina’s son Rutwik.

The credit goes to Govind who was very encouraging and on her side always, he even was patient when Shruti got tired and short tempered due to over burden of classes, skating and household work but still he understood and pushed her that she was stronger than she believed she was and she could pull through, he always worked on her self esteem.

He made her believe that she was the best and she can do better than she thinks of herself.

Not to forget, the income from classes helped Shruti to gear up with the latest and updated gadgets for Piu which apart from gifting good speed to Piu also earned rival parents or Shruti who felt that she was spoiling both her daughter and the coach who looked forward for selling further goods to other parents.

Ragging in colleges was at peak during those days and Shruti knew about that.

With futile attempts to convince her parents to let her take off on the first day of the college, chicken that she was, so with jittery feeling she reached the college premises.

Hiding her face behind the folder of her certificate she walked through the gates of college trying to avoid being caught by the seniors who were ready like predators to catch the fresher’s.

Sing a song” instructed the tall guy from the group of seven smartly dressed girls and boys exactly that she’d seen in teen- fic movies who were laughing at mocking at the mere view of Shruti dressed in ordinary sweat shirt and a pair of misfit denims being nervous and ready for humiliation.

The pretty green campus which was well gardened with shrubs and plants of different colors and varieties seemed to fade away. The tall building where Shruti was supposed to reach one of the classes blurred as drops of tears stood on the rim of her eyes ready to spill any moment to embarrass her further.

Okay then sing a rhyme and we let you go.” One of girls with trendy spectacles though powered still looked elegant on her said pitying her scared figure.

Shruti begged with her eyes to let her go and remained quite.

Why should we let you go, ragging is healthy if you cooperate? You’ll get friends from senior classes.” A dark complexioned guy plopped in enjoying Shruti’s embarrassment.

NO NO ” all of them denied in unison laughing at her.

When they found another girl coming they decided to move ahead to her and leave the nerd Shruti behind.

Nerd Shruti eased at the moment but when she found the other girl who too was ragged in the same way was rebelling and answered back making them more frantic and desperate as they made her do things like lying on the ground and putting her heels on her head and cat walking, giving the seniors a sense of victory and loads of fun, Shruti learnt another lesson ’silence is golden’

Shruti today uses silence as she avoids parents disapproving her of updating Piu’s skates frequently.

A successful wife married for seven years, successful mother with a sweet daughter who loves her equally, good daughter in law and yes a successful entrepreneur with successful and progressive institute, Shruti had a high self esteem now.

She believed in herself and she also believed in her efforts for Piu.

Piu will win:)

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